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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 9, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy Cool More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 281 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon october 9,1974 80 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. R85 2161 daily la sunday 25c higher tax less Energy use asked by president president Ford wears win Button a wire photo Washington a congressional approval of president Fords proposed tax surcharge will depend on what constituents Tell their congressmen in the next few weeks the administration was warned today the warning came As Treasury Secretary William e. Simon took the administrations Case to the tax writing House ways and Means committee. Ford proposed the sur charge generally affecting family incomes Over $15,000 and individual incomes Over $7,500, in his economic message tuesday. He offered it As part of a Broad plan also including appeals for Belt tightening on Energy and proposals for broadened unemployment compensation actions to stimulate food production and to encourage investment. The committees senior congressmen balk at More taxes for Middle incomes Washington a congressmen have indicated Little support for president Fords Call on Middle income families to foot most of the Bill for the fight against inflation. Although there was general Praise for other Ford initiatives for relieving the depressed housing Industry and spurring business investment Many democrats and some republicans were critical of the presidents proposed 5 per cent surtax on family incomes above $15,000. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said the presidents economic package is a a move in the for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Record telethon q. How much Money was collected from the people at the Jerry Lewis telethon i need this answer As Quick As possible. Thank you. a. A. Roger Shaver of Xii to who helped emcee the Jerry Lewis telethon for Channel 12, provided two figures. The total pledged for their viewing area came to $127,049, which was $17,000 More than last year. The nationwide total which appeared on the pledge Board at Las vegas was $16,129,213. Do people pay their pledges last year they certainly did $12.5 million was pledged $13 million was received for the cause of muscular dystrophy. Last year 151 stations carried the telethon compared to 172 this year and it ran 90 minutes longer this time lasting 21 is hours. Shaver says he does no to know which is harder a the telethon itself or getting ready for it. They begin preparations in april with planning sessions in Las vegas. Right direction a but is not comprehensive enough. He said he wished it had included wage and Price controls and standby gasoline rationing. Mansfield said he would support the 5 per cent surtax proposal but Hopes that the starting Point can be raised to incomes of $20,000 or $25,-000 for families and $15,000 for individuals. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott suggested the surtax take effect above the $20,000 level Republican sen. Jacob k. Javits of new York suggested $25,000. House speaker Carl Albert urged a staggered surtax sen. Paul Fannin rariz., ruled out the tax entirely until every Effort is made to Cut Federal spending. In an address to a joint session of Congress tuesday Ford outlined the inflation fighting proposals that he said will require sacrifice by All americans. At the Center of what the president called his grand design was the suggested 5 per cent Levy on taxes paid on family incomes above $15,000 a year on individual incomes above $7,500, and on corporations. The special tax on individuals would bring in an estimated $2.6 billion of the $4.7 billion necessary to pay for Public service jobs when the National unemployment rate exceeds 6 per cent and for other anti inflation programs. Sen. John c. Stennis d-miss., and sen. William Brock r-tenn., pledged support for the surtax. Other congressmen said they cannot justify further taxation of Middle income families until loopholes that allow the wealthy and the major Oil companies to avoid their fair share of taxes Are closed. Business leaders applauded Ford s proposals. A a we congratulate the president on his Broad program to win the fight against inflation a said Richard c. Gerstenberg Board chairman of general motors corp. Henry Ford ii of the Ford motor co. Said a a the presidents program appears to me to be a comprehensive Start in a unified attack on the most serious problem facing the United states and All the nations of the world right a a it sounds like a vigorous Well thought out program a said Donald t. Regan chairman of Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner amp Smith inc., the nations largest brokerage House. J water cure Jacksonville . Apr Onslow county Farmer Vern Shepard got tired of someone stealing his gasoline from his farm so he filled his storage tank with water. Tuesday night it happened again. Shepard heard someone at the gasoline tank and found two men helping themselves. The men fled in a car with Shepard in Pursuit Only to have their car soon sputter to a halt. They ran from the car but were later apprehended by the sheriffs department. Both were charged with larceny of gasoline. Needs some help q. I have this staph germ and have called four medical doctors for medical attention. My financial condition is in a bad state and i done to have a Job or anything like that and each doctor i called and talked to had waiting lists. I need immediate medical attention and done to have the Money to pay for emergency room costs or doctor costs. I would just like to know what in the world would happen if somebody was dying and did t have the Money what would happen Thep i Hope everybody in High Point gets the staph. Thank you. Anonymous Man. A. After your wishing a plague on All our houses followed by a a a thank you a we done to know whether to say a a you re Welcome a or a the same to you but then you re feeling Rotten enough As it is. You can Call the Hospital out patient clinic at Extension 241 and arrange for an examination. They can determine if you Are eligible for Public assistance or you can make arrangements to pay when you get Back to work. Parachutes for Sale q. Where could i find a surplus Parachute for use by some elementary children in their fifth Grade education program and this is a sixth Grade class in Jamestown. Mrs. B. A coach Tony Simeon suggests you Contact either George Rottman or Gordon Holt with the Guilford county schools and ask them to order one from the . Federal surplus property Agency in Raleigh. Sound off i for one would like to compliment the City on the Little papers they be been putting out in the Light Bills. I think the information they have distributed is very Good. I would like to see it continued. Also while i m talking i d like to suggest that somebody do something about re routing the traffic from football games on Friday nights. They be got the biggest mess in the world up there. I Don t know who designed which Way they re coming out bul when you be got a four Lane Highway leading out of the stadium and not a bit of traffic on it and they route traffic up a one Lane dirt Road to get out to main Street and Block All the traffic on main Street somebody Isnit doing any thinking ahead of Tim. Dairy Farmers ask Price hike Chicago a Dairy Farmers say skyrocketing costs for everything from baling wire to feed will drive them out of business unless they get a better Price for milk and the housewife could end up paying for it As Early As next month. Farmers and their representatives presented the message tuesday at a hearing on a proposal by the us. Department of agriculture to guarantee a floor Price of $7 50 per too pounds of fluid milk. The floor would mean an increase of 1.7 cents a quart Over september prices to Farmers and previous pricing patterns suggest it would probably be passed on to Consumers. Witnesses at the hearing which continues today said that Many Dairy Farmers Are now falling to turn a profit because general inflation has been aggravated for them by lower milk prices earlier in the year and by higher prices for feed the latter caused by Early Spring Rains a summer drought and an Early freeze the proposed Price floor would be a temporary measure until March i when prices Are traditionally near their annual Peak. The earliest the proposed Price floor could become effective Republican member rep. Herman t. Schneebeli of Pennsylvania told Simon a a i think the Fate of the surtax rests on the american Public and what they Tell us when we go Congress is scheduled to begin a months recess Friday. Schneebeli was questioned on How Many persons would be affected by the proposed surtax and How the revenues it raises would be used to better Gas mileage is goal by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a if president Ford gets his Way automobiles will carry their passengers an average of five Miles farther on a gallon of gasoline in 1978 than they do now. Outlining Energy policies tuesday in a wide ranging economic address to Congress the president said he will personally meet with Auto Industry top management to seek a 40 per cent improvement in gasoline mileage within four years. That pledge elevates the administrations Effort from the Agency level a Federal Energy administrator John c. Sawhill has been after the Auto makers since last summer a to the presidential level. And Ford added that he would go after the mileage improvement a either by agreement or by Law a a warning that he might seek something like a horsepower tax or a mandatory fuel Economy Standard for automobiles if Auto makers done to cooperate voluntarily. Automobiles in the United states now deliver an see better on 2a assist business. One ingredient in Ford s economic prescription is an increase in the investment credit which businesses May take on capital put into new productive facilities. There were estimates that More than $2 billion of the approximately $5 billion raised by the tax program would be offset by the increased credit. Simon said the Treasury estimates 28 per cent of the tax paying Public would be hit by the surtax. Those affected might number about 23 million he said. This figure was challenged by rep. Charles Vanik a Ohio who said that counting All family members the figure of 23 million is a on its face a a this would affect the lifestyle buying Power and ability to fight inflation of 60 million people a Vanik said. A i am aware that any proposal for new taxes just four weeks before a National election is a to put it mildly a considered politically unwise a Ford said tuesday at a nationally televised and broadcast joint session of the House and Senate. A but i do say in ail sincerity i will not play politics with americans future. This is the acid test of our joint determination to whip appealing Over the Heads of the lawmakers in the floodlit House chamber he asked his nationwide audience to a grow More waste less. Drive less heat less. Share with congressional leaders moved fast on two measures Ford targeted for immediate action a Resolution to hold spending at $300 billion $5 billion under earlier estimates and legislation he said would Clear the Way for the government to pour $3 billion into the ailing Home Market enough for 100,000 Homes by buying conventional As Well As government insured mortgages. Leaders conferred on ways to Cut procedural Corners and Send these two measures to Ford by Friday the Day Congress is scheduled to begin a months campaigning recess. Some said they would consider postponing the recess but plans were being made to avoid a postponement. Ford a s longer term program ranged Over the issues of taxes food production employment Energy capital building and Price raising practices both of the government and the private sector. The proposed surcharge would apply to corporate income and to private incomes above the specified Levels. An individual taxpayer would compute his tax in the usual Way then add 5 per cent to the tax on that part of his income above the specified Levels a $7,500 for a single per see higher on 2 a Little Chance of food Price Cut before 76 Washington a even if president Ford delivers to Farmers All he promised in his economic message to Congress the deck is stacked against substantial food Price Relief to Consumers before 1976. Ford said soaring food and Energy prices Are a a primary inflationary factors and noted the country depends in part on foreign Supply for Oil. A but we can grow More than enough food for ourselves a Ford said. A a to halt higher food prices we must produce More Ford promised that the government would do All it could to assure Farmers they can sell what they grow at a a reasonable prices Quot and pledged muscle to see they get enough fuel and fertilizer to do the Job. But he could not Promise Clear skies next april and May when Farmers want to Plant Corn and soybeans. He could not pledge an essential two inches of rain needed next july and August. Too much rain last Spring delayed planting and too Little last summer Cut deeply into 1974 Grain production. Early freezes this fall have killed much of the late planted Corn and soybean crops. And Consumers will see still higher food prices because feed is too expensive for Many Farmers to produce additional quantities of meat milk and poultry. There is Only one wheat crop a year. Only one Corn and soybean crop. Those already have been or soon will be harvested. They Are sharply reduced from prospects six or eight months ago a and they will have to last for another year. Thus regardless of Ford s encouragement to Farmers the current food Price situation is something Consumers will have to live with through 1975. Agriculture department economists say food prices will continue rising next year. But Farmers can be encouraged by Fords vow to a a allocate All the fuel and ask authority to allocate All the fertilizer they will need next year. Would be nov. I. Last March Farmers received a minimum of $8.15 per hundredweight but by july the Price fell to a 1974 Low of $6.29. The Price has risen somewhat since then. Herbert r. Forest director of the us a s Dairy division in Washington said minimum prices could be Well above the proposed $7.50 minimum guarantee by March. He said the proposed floor s purpose is primarily to assure Farmers of the a guaranteed level until Normal seasonal conditions work the Price upward. Agriculture and Industry officials tried to respond to anticipated consumer concern by telling newsmen milk prices Are expected to Rise steadily Between now and March anyway. J what s inside amusements 18c bridge.8�, classified ads 12-17c comics .6e crossword by editorials. 4a financial 2 a obituaries so sports. 1-5c television .15a women s news 6-14a turkish Aid funds suspended Washington a defying a veto threat the Senate passed today a Money Bill suspending military Aid to Turkey. The 62-16 vote cleared the item for president Ford s desk. The president tuesday called the Turkey Aid cutoff reckless and misguided and said it would reduce . Influence in seeking settlement of the greek turkish dispute in Cyprus. Language in the continuing Resolution adopted monday by the House cuts off funds for further military Aid to Turkey until the president certifies that Turkey is in compliance with . Foreign Aid Laws and that a substantial Progress toward agreement has been made regarding military forces in the continuing Resolution provides operating authority for foreign Aid rep. Mills secluded after 2 . Incident Washington a House ways and Means committee chairman Wilbur d. Mills remained away from Capitol Hill today two Days after a car in which he was said to be Riding was stopped by Park police and a woman occupant leaped into a Pool in front of the Jefferson memorial. Mills passed up an important meeting of the ways and Means committee today and his office said he was not expected on Capitol Hill. Mills denied through a spokesman that he was in the car at the time of the 2 . Monday incident in which police say they stopped the car for a Check when they saw it driving a at an unreasonable Speed with its lights however police said one of the five passengers in the lat Model Lincoln Continental identified himself As Mills. A local television station also ran film of the incident in tuesday news programs and identified a Man shown walking away from the camera As Mills. Larry Krebs the newsman for Wal to who shot the film said a a in a certain of the identity Quot of Mills. The Washington Star news said in today s editions that a witnesses insisted that Mills had been a passenger in the car and was present throughout the incident. They said he had blood and scratches on his Mills an Arkansas Democrat and one of the most powerful men in Congress As chairman of the tax writing committee has not been seen on Capitol Hill since the incident. 4 Mills was not present during president Ford s economic message to a joint session of Congress on tuesday which included tax proposals of direct concern to the ways and Means committee. George Berklacy assistant to the director for Public affairs of the National capital Parks said the occupants of the car identified themselves to officers. A they were not asked to produce identification and one occupant identified himself As rep. Wilbur d. Berklacy said. A obviously they officers checked out the the car with Arkansas tags is registered in Mills name. Berklacy said a there was no indication of pressure to have the incident suppressed although no charges were tiled. Year s unemployment required by Robert a. Dobkin a labor writer Washington a some workers apparently would have to be unemployed tor a year to qualify for the new Public jobs proposed by president Ford Ford recommended tuesday that Congress create a new Community improvement corps to provide Public service jobs when unemployment exceeds 6 per cent nationally. But the president specified that to be eligible tor a Public service Job an individual first would have to exhaust All unemployment benefits. The president also recommended an extra 13 weeks of special unemployment insurance benefits for those who have used up their credits and 26 weeks of benefits for those not now covered by a regular unemployment insurance program. The proposal indicates that some workers would have to go without work for up to 12 months before they can apply tor Public jobs because the new unemployment insurance will extend maximum benefits up to 52 weeks for experienced workers. In general the combined state and Federal programs iwo provide jobless benefits up to 39 weeks ranging from $50 to $109 weekly. The Public jobs that Ford proposed would pay no less than $80 a week and no More than $134 to a week assuming they were tor a 40-hour week. Under the Ford plan state and local governments would receive up to $2 2 billion to pay for the creation of 374.000 Public service jobs for such projects As conservation Community beautification and the improvement and expansion of health education and recreation services. The Money would be in addition to $1 billion already distributed which the administration estimates will provide 170,000 jobs this Winter. The nations unemployment rate climbed to 5 8 per cent of the work Force in september with an estimated 5 3 million americans out of work the labor department reported last week. According to Ford s proposal the Federal government would provide $500 million to pay for 83.000 More jobs if the unemployment rate reaches for three consecutive months an average of 6 per cent another $750 million for 125, too jobs if it reaches 6.5 per cent and an additional $1 billion tor 166,000 jobs at 7 per cent

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