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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather file warmer Friday More data of Page 3a 90th year a no. 282 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon october to 1974 40 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depth. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Ford defends proposal several Gor candidates Back away from surtax Washington a a number of Republican candidates in next months elections have disassociated themselves from the ant inflation surtax that president Ford contends would Cost taxpayers Only a few cents a Day. Criticism from gop Senate and gubernatorial candidates came As the senior Republican on the House ways and Means committee rep. Herman t. Schneebeli r-pa., said he believes the Fate of Ford s 5 per cent surtax proposal a rests on the american Public and what they Tell us when we go Ford who has conceded that Many thought the tax proposal a politically unwise just four weeks before the nov. 5 elections tried a new approach in defending it wednesday at his outdoor news conference in the White House Rose Garden. A family of four with $20,-000 Gross income would pay $42, or 12 cents a Day while a family with $16,000 income would pay Only $3 a or less than one Penny per Day Ford said. And he said that Only 28 per cent of the nation s taxpayers would pay any additional tax. He said enact ment of the surtax and the rest of his anti inflation package could produce a a meaningful reduction in the rate of inflation by Early 1975. Ford went to Philadelphia to boost Republican candidates wednesday night. He told a fund raising dinner the surtax is fair and equitable. The american people a want to step up and do what a right. Politicians ought to do the same thing a Ford said. But just before the president arrived the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania Drew Lewis told reporters he opposed the surtax and suggested closing tax loopholes instead. And Republican sen. Richard s. Schweiker of Pennsylvania also up for reelection denounced the surtax. In Kansas gop sen. Robert Dole declared that Many people in the state who made $15,000 were suffering economically and a the last after record increases wholesale prices Rise Only slightly Washington a wholesale prices Rose Only one tenth of a per cent last month As falling farm prices offset increases in the Cost of Industrial goods the government reported today. The modest september Price Rise followed near record increases in july and August. The september increase was the smallest Price Advance since whole. Sale prices declined a tenth of a per cent last october. Consumers still face Sharp retail Price hikes in the coming months because of big wholesale Price boosts during the summer. Also the drop in farm prices last month is Likely to be Only temporary with Adverse weather expected to drive prices higher once again. Earlier this week the White House predicted that food prices would continue to increase at an annual rate of to per cent or More Over the next 18 months. The september increase adjusted to discount seasonal influences works out to an annual rate of 1.2 per cent a Sharp contrast to the 46.8 per cent annual rate in August increase adjusted to discount seasonal influences works out to an annual rate of 1.2 per cent a Sharp contrast to the 46 8 per cent annual rate in August. In absolute terms without seasonal adjustment wholesale prices actually declined a tenths of a per cent from August to september. Wholesale prices remained 19.7 per cent higher than a year ago with the governments wholesale Price Index at 167.2. Translated into dollars that Means it Cost $167.20 to buy the same volume of wholesale goods that $100 purchased in 1967. The labor department reported that farm products processed foods and feeds fell a seasonally adjusted 1.9 per cent in september following increases of 6.4 and 7.6 per cent in july and August respectively. For answer to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. On the Job injury q. Of you Are put on Workman a compensation due to being out of work and under a doctors care where do you Contact them anon Man a. Workman a compensation claims Are handled through the North Carolina Industrial commission Raleigh but reports of injuries to employees Are filed by the employer. If this is an illness like the flu and not an injury which you suffered on the Job. You should Contact the company office. Any benefits would depend on what kind of group health insurance plan they May carry for employees. Copyrighted work q. What is the address in Washington. D. To Send songs to get a copyright and what is the fee anon a. The Public Library has government publications on copyright Laws or you can write the Register of copyrights Library of Congress Washington d. 20540. You should describe the work clearly enough so they can Send you the appropriate form. When you file this application you have to Send $6 with it. School bus shelters q. I am calling about getting them to put Sheds up for the children. How would you go about getting one put up they stand in the rain and they get sick. Some Are just starting in the first Grade and they have to wait As much As 4 an hour for the bus and would you please hurry and get this in action line so we could find out How we could get one of those Sheds thank you. Mrs. Mcd. A. This May not be As simple As it sounds because it involves private property. Not everyone would like a shelter erected on their land and if they should agree who would pay for the materials and labor and Upkeep. The schools because it be on their property. You could take it up at a Pat meeting but adequate rain gear is a simpler solution. Calling him again q. As concerns the serving of jurors in the Superior and Guilford county courts i noticed the article in which miss Betty Withers administration assistant to the clerk of the court said one could not be called within two years the second time. Some to or 12 years ago i was summoned to the Guilford county Superior criminal court to serve As a juror and exactly the same month one year later was summoned again to the same court. I asked the judge at that time to be excused if such was the Rule at which time he said that was no excuse and to have a seat and perhaps i would not be called so soon next time is it a matter of Law that one cannot be called within the two year period or is it the usual custom thank you for your answer. Or. W. B. G. A. In 1967 the general Assembly re wrote the provisions of the general statutes concerning jurors. The list of qualifications for prospective jurors includes persons. Quot who have not served As jurors during the preceding two years. Prior to 1967, there were about 40 statutory exemptions from jury service. All of these were repealed by the 1967 general Assembly. The Only other grounds for disqualification Are non citizenship in the state non residence in the count being under age 21 conviction of a felony or having pleaded nolo contender to an indictment charging a felony physical and mental incompetence and having been adjudged non compos Mentis. Fuel clause okayed Duke Power s rates approved thing they need is an additional surtax to Ford also said at his news conference a he believes a one year surtax will be sufficient instead of a two year tax suggested by rep. Al Ullman d-ore., the acting head of the House ways and Means committee. 450 police quell riots in Boston Boston a a Force of 450 state and metropolitan policemen patrolled school Yards and Street Corners in South Boston today to help quell racial violence and enforce court ordered busing of school children. Busloads of Black children quietly entered schools in the neighbourhood. The extra policemen outfitted with riot gear were ordered into the area by gov. Francis w. Sargent after a Federal judge rejected mayor Kevin h. Whites request for 125 Federal marshals to help keep the peace. A they will protect the buses the children and the schools a Digrazia said. . District judge w. Arthur Garrity jr., in turning Down the request for Federal Aid told White to seek Aid from local Law enforcement agencies. A the problems Here Are no different from those which have been solved in 200 other cities and they Are going to be solved Here. It is just a question of How Long and How much heartache it will take a said Garrity who had issued the busing order in an Effort to integrate Bostons Public schools. In Washington president Ford told a news conference wednesday that although he personally disagreed with Garrity a busing order the order should be carried out. A there has been a nothing to change his inclination to run for the presidency in 1976. A he will meet oct. 21 with mexican president Luis Echeverria in Nogales Mexico his first trip outside the Continental United states since becoming president. A he does t think there was anything improper in gifts by vice president designate Nelson a. Rockefeller to several individuals including Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger before Kissinger joined the government. A he would meet with soviet Leader Leonid i. Brezhnev prior to a scheduled Summit meeting next year if there is need for an earlier conference. A he declined any new comment on his Pardon for former president Richard m. Nixon prior to Fords appearance before a House judiciary subcommittee on oct. 17. Newsmen beaten lbs correspondent Haney Howell is helped to his office in Saigon thursday by lbs reporter Peter Collins r and an unidentified Man. Howell and other Western newsmen were beaten by police while covering demonstrations against president Nguyen Van Thieu a government. See Story on Page 2a a wire photo Raleigh a the North Carolina utilities commission today approved new rates for Duke Power co. Estimated to bring in $61 million annually. However the commission arranged Dukes rate schedule so that rates of Industrial users will be More than the company had proposed while the rates of some residential customers will be rolled Back. At the same time the commission approved a fuel adjustment clause under which Duke s rates Are adjusted monthly to pass on the increased Cost of fuel. The commission also denied a Duke application for a second rate increase filed last May. In approving the new rate schedule the commission said the Public interest requires that the state continue to be provided with Quot adequate and reliable electric service to maintain a sound Economy and that Duke be financially Able to continue the operation of electric service which is essential to the health and welfare of the people of North the commission said its order requires that interim and temporary rates the company now has in effect be rolled Back to the original rates for residential customers using less than 350 kilowatt hours a month that they be partially rolled Back for residential customers using less than 1,300 Kwh per month and the Bill for usage Over 1,300 Kwh per month will be equal to Duke s temporary charges now in effect. A on the average approximately 122,000 households in North Carolina will receive a decrease Back to their prior rates and approximately 422,000 More households will receive some reduction in their present rates a the commission said. Quot All customers will be affected by the automatic fuel clause which results in increases or decreases on the Basic rate varying with Fossil fuel the commission added the con Mission said that increases on Industrial customers larger than Duke had requested Quot will cause the Industrial class to More nearly pay its fair share of Quot i have consistently oppose a Trines i forced busing to achieve cornering Stock analysts s till Uncertain cd forced busing racial balance As a solution to Quality education. And therefore i respectfully disagree with the judges order a Ford said. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., later attacked Ford saying Quot. The timing of wednesdays remarks can Only give Aid and Comfort to those who would flout the courts decision at this difficult time for our at a news conference today Thomas Atkins head of the Boston Branch of the National association for the advancement of coloured people also criticized the presidents comment. A the presidents statement will probably Lead to violence in Boston and if this happens he now shares that responsibility a Atkins said. What s inside i amusements.5d Bridge. 3d classified ads6-1 id comics4d crossword 61 editorials4a financial2a obituaries .3d sports1-5c television so women a news1-8b weather. 3a Detroit a a mood of pessimism and uncertainty has dominated a semiannual meeting of Stock analysts. Reflecting the gloom on Wall Street one analyst said his colleagues were searching for the catalyst a that will turn this Herd of bears heading for the chief among the topics of discussion at the meeting of the 14,000-member financial analysts federation that ended on wednesday was the future of their Trade. Quot die people i be met Here Are puzzled a said ted Dilley president of the 14.000-member federation. A a they re gritting their Teeth and talking about buying bars of Gold to put under their Beds a the analysts Are Market advisers and an unusually Large number of top executives from major companies attended the confere Ilce partly to boost Confidence in their industries and firms. But by and Large they ran into Strong resistance. Quot at last night s cocktail party it became Clear that anyone Here with Over $100 million to invest is sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen Quot said Frank Cappielio jr., president of monumental capital management inc Quot the question is what will be the catalyst a he said. Quot somewhere along the line something will turn this Herd of bears heading for the the analysts agreed generally that by rights there should be As much a or perhaps More a work for the analysts in bad times As Good. In fact Many smaller investors simply pull out of the Market in bad times. Quot incomes in our area Are Down a said Lilley of new York. And attendance at the see Stock on 2 a Mills unseen after bizarre incident Washington a rep. Wilbur u Mills spent at least part of the evening drinking dining and dancing with friends hours before he was involved in a bizarre incident in which one of his women companions was rescued from drowning by police. The manager of a Washington night club where the Arkansas Democrat has been a frequent Patron said Mills three women and another Man were in the establishment for about three hours on sunday night. During that time they had dinner and drinks which Cost about $80 in All and then left according to George Bertran 47, manager of the junk Anoo restaurant on fashionable Connecticut Avenue. None of. The group appeared intoxicated when they left about 9 30 p in., i said. The whereabouts of the influential 65-year-old congressman chairman of the tax writing ways and Means committee remained a mystery Between that hour and the 2 . Incident at the tidal Basin near the Jefferson memorial. Mills himself remained in seclusion late wednesday As the . Park police disputed a claim Mills made through aides that he was not present at the incident and knew nothing about it. Mills is currently involved in a re election Campaign and facing his stiffest Challenge in years from a woman Republican candidate. As recounted by police the tidal Basin incident occurred when two officers stopped a 1973 Lincoln Continental that was travelling at an unreasonable Speed with lights out at 2 a in. Monday. Five people spilled out. The car was registered to Mills police said they said one of the men identified himself to the officers As Mills and the police report according to Franklin a. Arthur assistant chief of the Park police described this Man As his face was scratched and bleeding they said. While police questioned the group a woman identified As Anabella Battistella crying and shouting in mixed Spanish and English ran to a Bridge and leaped into the water. She was rescued by an officer who Dove in after her. Other officers threw a spare tire into the water and pulled miss Battistella and the officer who Dove in after her to Shore. The Washington Star news today quoted sources As saying that Mills threatened to use his congressional Powers against a Park policeman unless police allowed him to drive miss Battistella Home the Star news quoted sources As saying that Mills told Park police pvt. Thomas Johann a a in a a be Mills on 2a rep. Wilbur d. Mills mileage goal jars Ford men Washington a president Fords pledge to improve automobile mileage 40 per cent in four years was a jarring Surprise to his own Federal Energy administration still coaxing Auto makers to agree to a 30 per cent improvement in six years. Fords proposal tuesday would require an average fuel use of at least 20 Miles per gallon in the 1979 new cars. But Fea officials told a reporter wednesday that Fea had planned to reach the 20-mile-per-gallon Standard either in 1985 through a voluntary program or in 1982 through a standby plan for mandatory mileage standards. Ford said in his economic message that he would meet with the Auto Industry Stop management to arrange a 40 per cent improvement within four years a either by agreement or by but the reactions of Fea officials raised doubts that this goal could be achieved that fast either Way. They also raised the unanswered question who really is running Energy activities these Days Peter Griskivich director of feat vehicle efficiency program has been negotiating plans to improve gasoline mileage Ever since Fea administrator John c. Sawhill proposed the idea to Auto executives in a series of personal meetings last summer. Griskivich said the companies still were asking a lot of questions and Fea was trying to answer them. The whole program he said a is still in the very formative but if Fea did not originate president Fords abrupt acceleration of the timetable for Auto efficiency then who did said Griskivich. �?�1 honestly done to know. Ford s a Miika i on i a

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