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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair warmer More data on Page a 90th year a no. 283 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. Cd a Friday afternoon october la 1974 24 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 8852181 daily 10c, sunday 25c Radical measures mandated Wilson wins in Britain by Fred Coleman associated press writer London apr prime minister Harold Wilson has carried his labor party to a narrow Victory in Britain a general elections on a platform of Radical measures aimed at rescuing the nation from its worst economic slump since the 1930s. Official returns today said the Laberite took at least 318 seats the number needed for an Over All majority in the 635member House of commons. Labor held Only 298 seats in the previous com Mons and its legislation was hobbled by minority Rule. Even As the returns came Trade department announced a $900 million foreign Trade deficit for september continuing a year Long trend. It said higher costs of importing Oil accounted for much of the deficit. A i would have liked a bigger majority a Wilson told supporters in transport House Headquarters of the labor movement. A but this parliament is interesting and viable and can continue until the labor government has done everything it was elected to he said he would appear on nationwide television and radio monday to outline his administration s program a to bring the country through to economic As Wilson spoke a bomb scare forced the evacuation of transport House which is near the parliament buildings he quickly drove away under police escort. Labor campaigned on a manifesto the renegotiate Britain a membership in the meal prices to Rise in 75 european common Market to bring key industries under state control to bring about voluntary wage restraint and to tax the Rich a until the pips Wilson favors keeping close ties with the United states. With 618 of 635 seats decided the labor party held 318 seats Edward heaths conservatives 273, the liberals 9, and splinter groups 18. Even before the results were official Wilson declared a i will soon be lawyers dispatched to Boston Washington a a big loss in Grain crops this year because of bad weather will Send meat prices up again next year and has stirred debate in the Ford administration about How food prices will act Overall next season. The agriculture department said thursday the Corn crop will be 6 per cent less than forecast a month ago mainly because of killer frosts. And it will be Down 16 per cent from the record 1973 Harvest. Soybeans another livestock feed needed to produce the nations meat milk and poultry will be 4 per cent less than the september estimate and p5�2�i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Stamp of approval q. Would you please print a worthy organization that could use savings Stamps such As family savings and Sah Green Stamps or the Bonus coupons As i have some i would like to give to a worthy organization and please print who could ase them thank you. A. If some group wants these give action line your name and Telephone number and Well print the list. No unworthy organizations need apply. Blood is License no q. If you get your blood test and marriage License in one county and get married in another is it Legal a. In North Carolina the blood test and physical papers Are acceptable from any county but the License must be bought in the county in which the marriage takes place. Down 19 per cent from last year. Don Paarlberg. Us a director of economics said the reduced harvests a even farther below what experts had expected six months ago a will mean higher meat prices next year. But Paarlberg refused to predict How food prices generally might react in 1975. Those Are expected to go up 15 to 17 per cent this year one of the sharpest climbs since world War ii. Agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz has been saying for six weeks that 1975 food prices would be held to less than a to per cent gain from this year. Paarlberg was asked about that. A we have not made an official estimate a Paarlberg told a news conference after thursdays crop report. A this is Secretary Butzu a judgment. And he May simply hold to that figure he May revise it he May wait until the analysts have themselves reviewed the in other economic developments thursday Federal Reserve Board chairman Arthur f. Bums said the nation is in a recession a an assessment contradicting the one stated by president Ford at his wednesday news conference a although he disagreed with those who forecast a deepening recession in the year ahead. A United mine workers president Arnold Miller said a nationwide Coal strike is Likely to begin nov. 12 unless a negotiating impasse with the Coal Industry is broken. Boston a five Justice department lawyers have been assigned Here to insure prompt enforcement of Federal civil rights Laws in connection with court ordered school busing. The Fri announcement thursday night came after what gov. Francis w. Sargent called a a relatively quiet Day in Boston. City officials said there were few of the incidents of violence which have marked the first four weeks of a . District court plan to desegregate Boston Public schools by busing 18,200 of 92,000 pupils. James o. Newpher. Special agent in charge of the Boston Fri office said the Fri has been investigating alleged civil rights violations and cases of possible interference with judge w. Arthur Garrity busing order. A we have sent some information to Washington for a decision on what further action to take a Newpher said in an interview thursday. A when the lawyers arrive tomorrow Well present our information to them and they will expedite whatever action is meanwhile mayor Kevin h. White said he would not support a wider busing plan until the Federal government gives a better guarantee of safety for school children Here. He accused president Ford of inflaming resistance to integration. There was no direct White House response to White s remarks but a spokesman said citizens should obey the courts ruling. The spokesman also said Law and order in Boston is a state and City responsibility. Forming my fourth he is the first Man in this Century to serve four times As Britain a prime minister. Wilson looking relaxed but tired after staying up most of the night watching the returns flew into London from his Home District near Liverpool As computer projections predicted a five seat majority for labor in parliament when All returns Are in. The labor party has been in Power with a minority government since last february when a narrow labor electoral Victory returned Wilso As prime minister and ousted Heath. The conservatives had Only 184 seats 134 away from a majority. Nevertheless former prime minister Edward Heath his career As party Leader in jeopardy with another election loss refused to concede. Despite polling almost a fifth of the total vote so far counted the liberals held a Mere five seats. Nationalist and splinter groups had won to. Six of these went to scottish nationalists who were expected to emerge As a parliamentary Force with As Many As 20 seats the Early Laberite Lead was certain to be Cut Back by late returns from scattered Wilson mobbed by youngsters thursday a wire pm Rural areas which country a most critical elec traditionally vote conservative. A whatever May happen in the remaining results the tories can t take it away from us now a Wilson told reporters before going to bed after Midnight a Light voter turnout was reported although party leaders had called this the tion since world War in there Are about 40 million eligible voters both major parties campaigned mainly on inflation and other economic problems. Britain has an annual inflation rate of 16.9 per cent and expects this year a foreign Trade deficit of $10 billion Justice Dep t will defend Nixon aides in civil action by Margaret Gentry associated press writer Washington a the Justice department has offered to defend former president Richard m. Nixon and three of his top advisers in civil suits accusing them of improper political harassment department officials say. Assistant att. Gen. Henry e Petersen made the offer about two weeks ago in letters to attorneys for Nixon former atty. Gen. John n Mitchell and former presidential advisers h r. Haldeman and John d. Ehrlichman officials said thursday night. Mitchell Haldeman and Ehrlichman currently Are being tried on charges of trying to cover up the watergate scandal which forced Nixon s resignation. All five pending civil suits involved in the department offer stemmed from aspects of the watergate scandal. Petersen s Deputy Kevin Marone said in a Telephone interview that in one Case a similar offer was made to William c. Sullivan a former assistant director of the Fri. Maroney said some of the five men have accepted the offer but declined to say which ones. A a it a Normal to represent a former official who is sued for acts when he was an official of the government a Maroney said though acknowledging that the department is not required to do so Maroney said a the theory is that the interest of the government is not so much to represent that particular Man but the continuing functions of the Maroney said the offer was not discussed with president Ford or other White House officials. White House press Secretary ron1 Nesson indicated that Ford knew nothing about the offer until Reading news accounts of it thursday night. Nessen did not describe the presidents reaction. The department did not consult special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Said Robert Havel the departments Public information director. But Havel added. A if Jaworski is interested in any possible prosecution in any particular area then we would not represent Nixon a he said the offer would apply in future suits against Nixon a if the department determines that Nixon was acting within the scope of his authority at the time of the challenged acts. Maroney said the move developed Atter Nixon s resignation because a we were trying to get our representation of the various people in Betty Ford Mills delays scheduled for release return family thawing it out q. I have peaches plums strawberries and blackberries in my Freezer some of it three and four years old. It has never been thawed. Would it be Safe to use mrs. C. J. A. The usual recommendation is to rotate Freezer contents so there a a turnover every six months otherwise there May be a loss of vitamins and flavors. If the fruits have been kept at 0 degrees or minus they re probably Safe enough. We d let appearance and taste be our guide on each package As it is thawed. A recipe Book had the statement that permitting the temperature of a Freezer to Rise to 25 to 30 degrees for even one Day does More damage to nutritional value and eating Quality than holding it at Zero for a year. Estate executors q. What Are the duties and responsibilities of an administrator in the state of North Carolina does she sell All land and personal property anon. Q. Can an estate be investigated by the state and also How can the lawyer or administrator be checked out for honesty of this can be done Bow do i go about doing so anon. Q. What can you do when you find the administrator of an estate and the lawyers bundling the estate Are dishonest anon. A. Since this Trio of questions were received on the same Day we assume they re from the same person rather than evidence of an epidemic of skulduggery. You can present any evidence you have of mishandling to Joseph Shore clerk of Superior court at the general court of Justice in Greensboro. His office is in the governmental Plaza and it is better to Call ahead for an appointment. He says he will be glad to discuss with anyone any aspects of an estate a what the Law requires the duties and responsibilities of in administrator Etc. Of something seems amiss he will get All the parties involved together and straighten it out. Abortion clinic q. I was calling about a number that was in the paper about three or four weeks ago about an abortion clinic in Winston for Young girls. Anon woman. A. The Forsyth pregnancy termination clinic is located at 3010 Maplewood ave., Telephone 768 2980 it is open tuesday through saturday. Cover up trial jury is selected Washington a a jury of nine women and three men was chosen today to hear the watergate cover up trial. For the first nine Days of the Mal. . District judge John j. Sirica had questioned hundreds of potential jurors on what they know and think about watergate the tedious and painstaking process was the result of Sirica s fears that two years of news coverage of the watergate scandals May have persuaded Many perspective jurors that the defendants were guilty before the trial began. While the 12 members of the jury itself have been picked prosecution and defense lawyers continued picking an additional six alternates in so can a crowded courtroom once that is completed the jurors and alternates Are to be taken Home to make personal preparations for the trial which is expected to last three or four months the jurors Are to be housed in a nearby Motel and will be allowed no Contact with anyone else outside the presence of . Marshals. Washington a first lady Betty Ford is be ing discharged from Bethesda naval medical Center today two weeks after cancer caused the removal of her right breast mrs. Ford 56, obtained her surgeons approval to be released from the Hospital. She will continue her recuperation at the White House. A a she a raring to go a president Ford reported thursday after visiting his wife. And he told a Republican dinner in Detroit later that he was just As anxious to have her Back Home. Quot it has often been said that being president of the United states is the loneliest Job in the world a Ford said a for me tomorrow that Job becomes a lot less lonely. Betty is coming Home from the mrs. Ford s surgeon or. William Fouty said All of the sutures from her sept 28 surgery had been removed and that she a has excellent use of her right Lymph nodes in her right armpit and some Chest Muscles were removed during the operation. Has a Bug almanac foresees food shortage Bone chiller Dublin n u. A a food shortage a Bone chilling Winter and a searing summer Are in store for 1975, according to the old Farmer s almanac which has been predicting american weather with a claim of 80 per cent accuracy for 182 years. The 183rd annual edition of the almanac a not to be confused with the banners almanac a Mere 158 years old a says a Mother nature is still in charge and we Only try to forecast what is already ordained a last years almanac predicted the drought in several areas of the country and the mild Winter of 1974. The almanac s weather tables that begin with november predict a generally warm thanksgiving and a cold Christmas even in Florida for 1974. But there will be a snowy thanksgiving in the Rockies and Pacific Northwest and a White Christmas is Likely in parts of the Northeast great lakes and great Plains the almanac says. And the old Farmers almanacs disagrees with the Farmers almanacs forecast of an average Winter. The old Farmers Alina nac k is predictions by a babe weather Wise use a secret formula developed by its first editor and takes into account Sun spots Moon phases Jet streams and Ocean currents the Farmers almanac published in neighbouring Maine gets its forecasts from Harry Buie an Inverness Fla astronomer a a almanac on 2 a by Edmond Lebreton associated press writer Washington a rep Wilbur d. Mills who has not been seen at the Capitol since he was involved in an episode during which a woman jumped into the Washington tidal Basin will not after All return to his legislative work today. An aide said Mills and his whole family a have a bugs and that it was not known when Mills would be Able to resume congressional duties or go to Arkansas to resume campaigning for re election Congress is scheduled to recess for a month at the close of business today. Mills described himself thursday As embarrassed and humiliated by his involvement in the affair. But he said in a statement he was returning to his Capitol office and the Active chairmanship of the House ways and Means committee and that he would soon go on the Campaign Trail. Mills 65, and Long considered one of the most powerful and respected members of Congress has not been seen on Capitol Hill this week Park police said they stopped his speeding unlighted car driven by someone else Early monday. They said a woman passenger Quot obviously intoxicated emerged and Mills stepped from the car with his face bleeding smelling of alcohol and intoxicated. They identified the woman As Annabel Battistella no charges were filed in the incident. In a written statement on thursday Mills said mrs. Battistella was one of a party of neighbors and friends he was entertaining that she became ill he tried to have her taken Home there was a struggle and her Elbow broke his glasses causing facial cuts Mills administrative assistant Oscar Eugene Goss said tuesday that Mills had told Brin he was not in the automobile and knew nothing of the episode. Mills said in his statement that Goss had misunderstood him when he said merely that a news account of the affair was inaccurate Goss agreed in a separate statement. In his statement Mills said he and his wife Polly became close friends of mrs. Battistella and her husband Eduardo when the Millnes moved to a suburban apartment Complex in Arlington va., where the Battistella already had an apartment. Mills said the events of sunday evening and monday morning began when he arranged a Bon voyage party for Gloria Sanchez a Cousin and House guest of the Battistella who was returning to her native Argentina because mrs. Mills had a broken foot he said they could not entertain at Home and at mrs. Mills insistence he arranged to a take our friends to a Public place we had frequented before a his statement did not specifically mention drinking but continued a we then visited another Public place and after a few refreshments mrs Battistella became ill and i enlisted a a Milis on 2a comedy of errors related Santo Domingo dominican Republic apr Barbara Hutchison tells of being crunched into a Small car beneath the guns of her abductors and the two week Long comedy of errors and near tragedy that ended almost in Friendship Between kidnappers and hostages. A i feel no rancor toward them i feel they were sincere in what they believed they were doing a the american Diplomat said about the seven leftist rebels who held her and six other persons captive in the venezuelan consulate. Miss Hutchison director of the . Information service Here sipped a Vodka Martini thursday and discussed the ordeal which ended when the terrorists were Given Safe passage to Panama on wednesday it began she said in the interview shortly before noon on sept 27 seven men with automatic weapons grabbed her outside her office threw her into the car and drove wildly around looking for a place to take their hostage. The original destination was the venezuelan embassy she said but a we got out of there fast because a police jeep was parked outside for a change of Security guards the alternate target was the consulate but the kidnappers apparently had t planned carefully and could t find it. They stopped so a comedy on 7a what s inside i amusements so bridge118 classified ads 18-15b comics ,.7b crossword1ib editorials a a a a a a a a a a a 8a financial. 2a obituaries 3b sports. ,4-ib i envision a a a a a a a a a a Ibi women a news a w rather a

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