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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Ait Independent newspaper 0. A. Rawley president mrs. C. H. Lockwood vie pres. Randall b. Terry treasurer David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Present of not voting Bage 4-a saturday May 27, 1972 from the twin City Sentinel a voice to heed mayor Roger Swisher of Kernersville is sitting on a Hotshot of commercial and Industrial development jammed among the three booming cities of the triad. His term of office has been marked by bold strides of Progress in town government. And generally his authority has been used to make Kernersville a place where planned growth is something to be valued rather than fought. He has a Little higher Rostrum to speak from that he is the new chairman of the triad Council of governments. So we should All listen when the mayor starts to talk about Urban growth within the triad. In an interview this week he said that he wants each City to retain its individuality and that he generally supports a report before the Laiad Council advocating ways to keep the cities Here from running together into a single megalopolis. Those Are important words from the heart of the triad. From the classic real estate viewpoint it would be just great for Kernersville to achieve total urbanization with the attendant inflated property values. But Swisher knows better thank goodness. And he s making Good sense when he urges each City to retain its ambition to remain medium sized and to lose its desire to Swallow up smaller towns. Managing development containing it to certain areas and forbidding it in other areas in the Only Way to Stop this insane scramble to urbanized every Inch of North Carolina. Small and medium sized towns Are manageable. But the nation s major cities have shown us that they Are beyond control. Crime squalor and ugliness Are their main features. It makes so much sense for Kernersville to remain Kernersville and Winston Salem to remain Winston Salem without the burning ambition to become just neighbourhoods in a Metropolis. If men like mayor Swisher can hold our eyes on that goal if the triad Council can keep that goal alive then the 21st Century might not be such a fearfully polluted and congested time after All. From the Louisville courier journal the Workaholic whereas that Leisure time that psychologists say we wont know to use when and if we get it professor Juanita Keps of Duke University said recently that More than a third of the a a achievement types she has interviewed about their work habits Are putting in a 55-hour week not counting travel or the business lunch. A less hectic work Pace she assumes would give these driven men a relaxed tranquil lifestyle and better family relationship. But what if the Happy family life is what a producing these a work addicts perhaps the men professor Kreps is talking to Are refugees from what our colleague Joe Creason recently called a a Honeydew weekends when no Napper Loafer or to watcher is Safe from the Call of the wild woman a Honey do this and a Honey do that. From the Raleigh news amp observer change the subject the officials at the Navy dispensary at Norfolk who found a direct connection Between Long hair and laziness have come up with the greatest scientific statement since a Raleigh zoological and engineering genious announced that if governor Worth s Pool did no to have rounded ends the fish would butt out their brains. According to the Norfolk scientists Long hair a carries connotations of laziness inattention to details recalcitrance or a Lack of Pride real or while the bullfrogs in the tar Are surf edited with talk about Long hair Many men who have worn Crew cuts and much longer hair thought the former entailed less trouble and less attention to details. Few Bald headed men thought Abe Lincoln was recalcitrant and if any thought Andy Jackson was Lazy none had the guts to say so. But America s penchant for Over re from the Milwaukee journal acting has completely exhausted All possible facets of Long haired talk. A former generation finally tired of repetitive jokes about the Model t and the Farmers daughter. So an old testament pox on any additional chatter. Let us Lay on to something new and damned be him who cries a Long hair again. This ridiculous chitchat Calls up the late Dorothy Parker a Couplet written at the apogee of another National fetish a a in a rather flunk my Wasserman test than read a poem by Edgar let us have peace in the Valley and Complete silence about the length of boys hair. And any violators will be required to count every single hair on the head of some boy whose locks Are As numerous and lengthy As were those on the conservative head of the late governor and u. S. Senator Clyde r. Hoey. Pulpit plagiarism the work from the pulpit May not be his own. To about 40.000 ministers and priests across the country who wrote the Sermon May be less important than what it says. For about $25, they can buy enough sermons to last a year. That eliminates the weekly struggled in the study to find something relevant that has t been said lately and will keep the congregation awake without getting it too riled. Texts or tapes to be delivered verbatim Are put out by about a dozen firms from the Charlotte news according to the Wail Street journal. Those who argue for canned sermons say that preparing an original text often takes More time than a Clergyman has. Detractors would rather hear a minister Bumble through an original struggle with the word of god than a Bland and inoffensive Sermon prepared in masses. Most people probably done to recognize the difference unless a Sermon is incredibly bad in which Case it is certain to be recognized As original. Science is outflanked our science marches on department reports that researchers have surrendered in the Battle with the common cold. The National institutes of health confessed failure in secret congressional testimony last March. A transcript has been released. The problem according to Nih official or. Dorland j. Davis is that there Are too Many different kinds of cold germs. A when we first started working on the he testified a we hoped that one or two or maybe to viruses could be the most common causes and then we might have hoped to develop a preventive from the Shreveport journal but As the years went by Davis said it was discovered that the so called common cold is actually caused by hundreds of different kinds of viruses. At present 113 cold viruses Are known and there May be As Many As too More yet undiscovered. Cold sufferers wont be surprised to learn that their agonies Are the work of not merely one Bug but an army of them. Why science should be surprised is something of a Puzzle. Or. Davis says in effect that no matter what you administer against one source of cold discomfort enough miseries remain to make the Effort pointless. Most of us could have told him that at the outset. Secret of Success tile boy who is voted by his classmates most Likely to succeed in t necessarily going to a Chicago professor says. The Oewy from Chicago May encourage the c student who has argued right along that he is brighter than his teachers think but it is to be hoped that it does t Dis courage the a student. Good grades and athletic prowess Are not always the product of High in and super physique alone. They Are often the result of hard work and there is no better recipe than that for Success in school or out. The watch list Washington the secret service in its desperate efforts to prevent political assassination keeps a close watch on More than 400 organizations ranging from the women a liberation movement to the chinese hand laundry Alliance. The Only trouble a Federal study of 81 assassination attempts reveals that the assailants were loners not joiners. For instance Arthur Herman Bremer who has been indicted for the Point Blank shooting of George Wallace does no to appear in the secret services computerized files of 180.000 potential assassins. But the liberated ladies and the Oriental scrubbers Are in the secret files along with the Quaker action group the nonviolent direct action group the Gay liberation front and other organizations that the secret service considers a of protective usually this Means the group has written to the president demonstrated at the White House threatened harm to some official or adhered to a nonconformist political ideology. The nonviolent direct action group for example is watched because it has a urged members to write pres and other govt officials to protest War in but not even the secret service seems to know Why the Gay liberation front is listed. Its a interest in prote tees acknowledges the secret service file on the homosexual movement is the file on the National welfare rights organization to cite another example contains a similar notation a interest in prote tees a but the liberation news service is kept under observation because it has been a highly critical of press amp postal watch any group that demonstrates in front of the White House apparently is automatically added to the suspicious list. When the National Alliance of postal and Federal employees picketed the White House on August 25. 1971, for example the Union probably had no idea that the secret service was lurking in the Bushes taking notes. In a confidential memo about the postal picketers. Special agent Louis b. Sims wrote that a a group of about 40 persons arrived at the White House and commenced the demonstration carrying various signs concerning beater wages and equal Job Sims attached to his memo a photographs taken of the group and a copy of one of the pamphlets handed the National american Indian youth Council was kept under similar surveillance outside the White House on july 17, 1970. A apparently they had placards under shirts a wrote special agent Robert r. Faison. A because they were not observed prior to the demonstration holding them he noted that a pictures of the demonstrators were taken by the visual intelligence not even the correspondents who cover the White House Are free of suspicion. Back in september 1967, representatives of the National association of broadcast employees and technicians set up a lonely picket across Pennsylvania Avenue from the executive mansion. A secret service report notes that at 1 20 . The protesting radioman unfurled a sign stating a Abc has a radio studio in the White House and we Are not permitted to walk across the the picketers apparently were banished to the opposite Side of the Street. Eavesdroppers report secret service eavesdroppers also reported overhearing a picketers make a statement to persons on the sidewalk to the effect that they Arentt getting enough its like the dark Ages any time the president wants to go on to they have to run around and get him on prime the secret service keeps the closest let by Jack Anderson watch however on organizations of ethnics students Blacks and other minorities. The cuban nationalist movement and iranian students association for instance Are among dozens of ethnic groups in the files. Among the Black groups under surveillance Are the Southern Christian leadership conference and the National association for the advancement of coloured people. Evens a Black owned Bookstore in Washington the drum and Spear is listed. The student groups watched by the secret service include the left Wing students for a democratic society and right Wing National youth Alliance. But even the National student association which until recent years received financial Aid from the Central Agency is on the list. Here Are a few other excerpts from the guarded secret service files a John Birch society a accused pres. Eisenhower of communist a Federal employees for democratic society a led Vigil at us Capitol bldg to protest abm a Young Chicano for Community action a have sponsored demonstrations in support of mexican american a Quaker action group a opposed to War amp the i be of nuclear a Congress of racial Equality a participated in Martin Luther Kings 1963 March on Washington. Letters biblical citations against Horoscope to the editor i strongly urge the High Point Enterprise to discontinue printing the Section of Jeane Dixon a Horoscope. These horoscopes Are demonic and Are the result of satan. They also go against the word of the lord. The word says in deut. 18 10-12 a there shall not be found among you anyone that Marketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire or that Seth deviation or an observer of times or an enchanter or a Witch or a charmer or a consulted with familiar spirits or a wizard or a necromancer. For All that do these things Are an abomination to the also Isaiah 47 12-14 states a stand with thine enchantments and with the multitude of thy so Ceries wherein thou Hast Laboured from thy youth if so be thou Shalt be Able to profit it so be thou Mayest prevail. Thou Are wearied in the multitude of thy councils. Let the astrologers the stargazers the monthly prognosticators stand up and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee. Behold they shall be As stubble the fire shall Burn and lastly revelations tells us in 21 8 a but cowards who turn Back from following me and those that Are unfaithful to me and the corrupt and the murders and the immoral and those conversing with demons and idol worshippers and All liars. Their doom is in the Lake that Burns with fire and sir i respectively request that you print this in its entirety so that All will read and know that a this is dealing in satan a realm and done to think you will escape untouched even if you do it in miss Karen Lee Northgate court g.00<1 afternoon by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus the above by Virginia Buser is reproduced from the sunday school times and gospel Herald a particularly Well printed nondenominational Magazine that is one of the prettiest of its kind we be seen. The thought expressed is Beautiful even without the embellishment Given it by the artists touch so much so that we feel it Worth sharing with this family of readers. George Erath who has built a flourishing veneer manufacturing business with plants at Rocky mount va., and Martinsburg w. Va., confidently feels the veneer business has a Bright future in spite of transitions within and without the Industry which cause some wed to its old concepts to mourn its demise prematurely. In fact he feels strongly the veneer business is More solidly based than Ever before because of increasing markets for its product. Nor is the Wood shortage of Supply a Cloud for veneer offers the one Way to make Wood go farther. True plastics and print finishing Are doing work formerly veneers but the vastly increased Market for goods of All kinds and especially Quality veneer has stabilized veneer manufacturing far More than was the Case when it was a feast or famine business. He notes that far More and larger new veneer plants have been built than have gone out of business indicating a modernization trend geared to producing More veneer because production is centralized in major Well coordinated units than in the smaller family Type business which succumbed largely from Lack of keeping abreast of changing times and marketing conditions. Erath who came to High Point College from Chicago and made a Fine record there trained under that Ablest of veneer marketers the late Jimmy Mitchell and went into business for himself Here a few years ago. The Davs when veneer salesmen could win commissions running Well into six figures in a Good year Are Oast. But instead have come better stabilized marketing conditions which Erath says presage a brighter future for those gearing themselves to serve it. Behrend Harwell and Henderson celebrating this year the 50th anniversary As the eldest Kaaa rated advertising Agency in the Southeast is moving into larger quarters it 10,000 Square feet As it takes Ever the entire second Fleer of the profess Lanai building. They have outgrown the Bennett building at 111 n. Main and will operate from their new base beginning monday. Richard Behrends president says the firm will hold open House in july in its new and larger base to celebrate its Golden anniversary. On of Canadas most unusual hideaway hotels the olde England inn at Victoria British Columbia advertises itself As a hideaway offering a Broad Choice of historic Beds to accommodate newlyweds in a wide variety of canopied four poster Beds dating Back to the Days of Good Queen Bess William Shakespeare and Charles ii. It causes recollection Here of the almost forgotten a honeymoon cottage a As it was known from the Early part of the Century. It was a five room cottage on Virginia Avenue just off West Broad and near the Early or. J. T. Burrus Home where at least 16 new couples who were married elsewhere started their married life Here. Many of them became prominent in the business and social life of the City and that a honeymoon cottage still has Happy recollections among Early citizens who began their lives together in that House which like most of its neighbors has Long been Tom away to make Way for Progress. Strangely that handsome new Book entitled a Tho first state University a pictorial history of Tho University of North Carolina by William s. Powell and published on the occasion of its 50th anniversary by the University press hts no evident High Point flavor except for the fact a end which in t noted that it was financed in part by the Samuel heed Willis and Gertrude White Willis memorial fund. The late or. Sam heed Willis was a High Pointer who went on to become a distinguished member of the faculty of unc Chapel Hill. Of yes there was a reference to Bunn Hackney new a High Pointer but at the time from Durham kicking a Field Coal from 30 Yards out to defeat . 3-0 in a hard bought Gridiron Battle. You d think with All the Long and Active a it Annec Tion High pointers have had with the University there d have been Mere direct reference to or buttons. John f. Bivins or. Has out a new Book entitled a potters of North Carolinas featuring pottery produced by among others those skilled potters of old Salem. Or. Robert Cecil Crawford has been accepted to the medical staff of High Point memorial Hospital to practice obstetrics and gynaecology in association with drs. Kay Williams and James Fulton. Masons Are already putting together their Louis t. Friedmon toy fund for bringing Christmas Joy to the children at the Oxford orphanage. Hie inter City . Board will meet for luncheon tuesday at the Emerywood country club. Camp Cheerio has filled completely its enrolment with 1,170 campers accepted for a new All time record. Strawberries the fruit we re fondest of were never better than this season a a lot of folks Are picking their own from commercial Fields in the neighbourhood and Are having fun saving Money and getting some mighty Nice strawberries that Way attorney Gilbert l. A a skipper Gates is opening his own Law office at 208 East Green drive where he will occupy most of the second floor As of june i. Enterprise advertising director Charles w. Patterson or. Is Back at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem and reportedly doing Well. A a a i a it it a v j have two Eye Quot awl Jim not my i have a Herf whose brat to Strong and have two feet a my amid if cheer thus i Ritter i hate two a it it it it amp 4. S Tot <�?�,.ow. A should rift of thew by. Thought a a nought a. In be f Rod a taught. T look around or Hun i tee As a. Vib whet treasures god Herb inn or. A a num 69 30 a Leif amp who

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