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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 28, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy and Cool today and monday 88th year a no. 149 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A sunday morning May 28, 1972 108 pages Call us circulation. 112-171? classified ads 115-2177 All Othor departments m5-2hi daily 10c, sunday 2sc i More agreements to be pursued Congress expected to approve pact for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or oven acknowledge every one. Admission charges q. I was admitted to the Hospital in january with a minor illness. I was discharged eight Days later. About february first i received a statement from my doctor for him. The statement contained an item of $50 identified As an admission charge. I called his office and asked for an explanation. The nurse informed to it was a charge All doctors Are now charging All patients to have Thorn admitted to Tho Hospital. I asked her to specify exactly Tho service i received for Tho $50. She stated she had to Call Tho Hospital and request a room for to. When asked about any additional service she said i Hope that action Lino will to Able to say that my experience was an isolated Case and this Quot alienable form of gouging sick people is not widely practice by Tho medical profession. . A. The Hospital makes no charge for admitting patients. Some doctors use the word a admission while others designate a Complete physical and treatment regardless of what it is called says an m d., a great Deal of Effort goes into the a entering procedures by the doctor. Such things As the Complete history and physical examination the dictating of the records appraisal and ordering tests and a rays and finally the summary. Blue Cross and Blue shield has allowances for this a first Day work up a a then there is a daily charge for each Day in the Hospital. The individual he says who thinks he is being gouged by an admission charge should consider what a Complete history and physical costs outside the Hospital. A medical Roulette q. It there anything that we can about ticks they Are especially bad this year already. Can you Spray the Yard effectively for them i have found two on my Little girl and my neighbors in the Flint Hill area Are complaining about finding them on their children. Mrs. W. Q. I need an answer on this real Quick. I think my daughter hat Geeky Mountain spotted fever but she won t go to a doctor. I want to know what the symptoms Are and How soon after a tick hat bitten you could you tee the symptoms. Anon. A. When we read the second question we conjured up a cartoon picturing a woman in the Jungles of the Amazon with a giant Anaconda coiled around Here the caption Reading a action line i need an answer on this real Quick a this is not to imply tick bites Are any laughing matter but calling this number for any medical emergency instead of a doctor is like playing russian Roulette. The victim would either have expired or be perfectly Hale and Hearty by the time it gets in the paper. The report of the death of a 13-year-old girl in South Carolina recently should be enough to Stop any debate about seeing a doctor if symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever appear. It is characterized by chills fever which lasts about two weeks severe pains in the Muscles and Bones. A spotted rash appears after three to five or six Days mottled Bright red in color scattered first Over wrists and Ankles. Later the rash becomes Darker and spreads to the Abdomen and Back until it disappears. The Brown pigment remains for a time. If the disease is recognized when the rash appears cure is almost certain. Before Antibiotic agents were introduced the fatality rate was around 20 per cent in the United states. All Wood ticks or dog ticks Are potential carriers and its a Wise precaution to inspect the body or the family dog after a walk through Woods or tall grass remembering to Check ear canals where they May have crawled. Any found should be removed with a piece of tissue not touching it directly or crushing it. Spraying the whole Yard with an insecticide would kill the beneficial along with the bad bugs and would be Only a very temporary measure. Aberdeen paving q. Pitas when Art they going to part the new Aberdeen Road that runs off lanyard. Tho dust is a a Ting it up. I Havo counted Tho cars that Hava passed Hart on Tho Road in front of my House a number of times and within an hour Thoro Art from 40 to 50 so you can imagine Tho dust War having to my with. A lady. A. Oscar Lambeth of the state Highway commission in Greensboro says it is on schedule to be paved this season and work will begin possibly within a few weeks. The Model game o i would Liko to become a Model and who would i Contact and need this information immediately thank you. A. Three studios Here who May use amateurs occasionally Are Alderman subs and Norling a but Call first to see if they Are interested. Washington a administration sources said saturday they expect the Senate will approve the Salt agreement and that negotiations for further strategic arms curbs will begin this summer. While no timetable has yet been set preliminary planning is underway for Senate foreign relations committee hearings to Start perhaps shortly after the democratic National convention ends the second week in july. The Senate armed services president places Wreath Moscow a president Nixon carried a message of peace saturday to Leningrad a City that suffered much in a 900-Day siege during world War ii. Nixon a first act in the old capital of Imperial Russia was to place a Wreath in Pis Kireyev memorial cemetery where 470.000 military and civilian victims of the siege Are buried in mass Graves. The president accompanied by mrs. Nixon on the first sightseeing Outing of his Summit visit was shown the diary of a 12-year-old girl named Tanya who along with All members of her family perished during the nazi encircle ment of Leningrad 1941-44. Asked to sign a guest Book. Nixon wrote a to Tanyi and All the heroes of then he said softly a i Hope it will never be repeated in All the thousands of residents of the picturesque City Russia s second largest waited patiently in a drizzling rain to catch a Quick glimpse of the presidential motorcade. Police and soldiers kept most of them a goodly distance from the route. Entertained at luncheon in Marzinsky Palace by the executive committee of Leningrad a Council of workers deputies the visiting president talked again of Tanya. A i Only Hope that the visit that we have had at the highest level with the soviet leaders will have contributed to that kind of world in which the Little tanyas and their Brothers and their Sisters will be Able to grow in a world of peace and Friendship among people All people in the world a he said. Then he added that he wanted to raise his Glass a to Tanya who stands for the heroism of a great committee and possibly other congressional groups also will be taking a close look at the offensive defense missile Accord signed Friday night at the Moscow Summit. The defensive anti ballistic missile Abms part of the package is in treaty form requiring Senate approval by a two thirds vote. The legislators win in effect be passing on the offensive weapons executive agreement too since it cannot take effect until the treaty does. The administration sources predicted Senate approval for the package though perhaps by a thin margin in View of the constitutional two thirds vote requirement. One estimate placed the prospective a a not votes at about 25, which would fall nine shy of killing the treaty. The move Active criticism so far has come from conservatives who say the strategic arms limitation talks Salt Deal would hand the soviets an unbeatable missile Lead. The administration acknowledges that the russians get the Edge in numbers of missile launchers but say . Superiority in deliverable warheads will continue during the five year life of the offensive pact. Bolstering administration optimism about Senate approval is expected support from Senate democratic and Republican leaders from the Senate foreign relations committee and from chairman John Stennis miss., of the Senate armed services committee. Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird moved promptly saturday to carry out one of the provisos of the abm treaty. The treaty limits the United states and the soviet Union to two abm Sites apiece one around the National capital and one shielding intercontinental ballistic missiles icbms. Laird ordered the army to halt construction of the safeguard abm base at Malmstrom air Force base Mont. He also directed suspension of All abm research and development programs barred by the treaty. A we want to move with prudent Speed to abide by the obligations of the historic arms Limi tation agreements a Laird said in a statement. Work at the Montana abm site was in its Early stages. Still proceeding is construction of the safeguard abm at grand Forks n.d., which is nearly completed. No work has been started on an abm shield for Washington. Laird halts work at missile Sites according to pact Washington a Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird today ordered the army to halt construction of the safeguard antimissile base in Montana and to suspend future work at other abm Sites. Laird a order came a Day after president Nixon and top soviet officials signed an agree ment in Moscow to limit deployment of antimissile systems. A we want to move with prudent Speed to abide by the obligations of the historic arms limitation agreements a Laird said in a statement. Construction work at the first safeguard site located at grand town which lost Many in War to hold service _<9 a widow remembers a grateful nations tradition of remembering her War dead on memorial Day is expressed by mrs. Suzanne Warner of mar Vista calif., who places a Wreath on a grave saturday in the veterans administration cemetery in West los Angeles where the body of her husband a world War ii Veteran lies buried. A wire photo Coweta okla. A Coweta okla., which has been publicized As the american City that has lost the most men per capita in the Vietnam War will be the site of a special ceremony memorial Day. Tile northeastern Oklahoma town of about 2, persons has lost eight Young men in the Indochina conflict. And some say it has brought the town together. A they hate it and All that a said r. A. Page adjutant of the towns american legion. A a they re very elated about the ceremony. They re a Vry patriotic town now. I think More than before. Its always been a patriotic town but i think it has brought them More Ogeth m or. Enemy hits ammo dump . Jets blast Railroad Saigon a North vietnamese infantrymen fought their Way into Korntum again saturday blew up the main Cyclone threatening . Eastern coast Miami apr weakening slightly As it travelled southward off the United states South Atlantic coast a subtropical Cyclone saturday whipped up dangerous seas and heavy Rains. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said the Center of the Cyclone appeared to be forming about 90 Miles due East of Jacksonville Fla. Packing wind gusts up to 60 Miles an hour the Cyclone caused Gale warnings to be posted from South of the Virginia beaches to Cape Kennedy Fla. Small Craft warnings were hoisted along the Atlantic Seaboard from Stuart Fla., to Cape May . Weathermen said the Cyclone could cause dangerous surf with rip tides and undertow in areas where Gale warnings were displayed. Ammunition dump and engaged Saigon a forces in Street fighting in several sections of the Central Highlands provincial capital. In the air War . Jets knocked out the major Railroad Bridge linking North Vietnam s Northeast rail line to China . Spokesmen reported. The South vietnamese threw Back another assault near Hue on the Northern front and fighting continued at an Loc North of Saigon. South vietnamese spokesmen have claimed for three Days that the North vietnamese Advance at Korntum was repulsed but each Day the fighting has grown More severe. Associated press correspondent David j. Paine reported from the embattled City that North vietnamese gunners atop a water Tower had hit the ammunition dump on the Northern Edge of town with recoilless Rifle fire at Daybreak touching off an explosion that destroyed 60 per cent of the munitions stored there. Government troops had been trying for two Days to Knock out the water Tower firing 155mm howitzers at Short Range but they succeeded Only in peppering the Concrete reinforced Structure. By saturday afternoon however the Tower a was pretty Well smashed and the guns inside apparently silenced. Col. Be Tong a commander of the 23rd infantry division charged with the defense of Korntum said his troops had been taking heavy fire from enemy troops in the residence of the most Rev. Paul Seitz roman cathodic Bishop of Korntum who had moved to More secure quarters three weeks ago. A said his men held their fire for two Days but suffered a Many killed from recoilless Rifle rounds and finally directed tank fire into the House and drove the enemy out. The South vietnamese occupied the religious compound including the French Bishop s residence a school and orphanage. Col. A said More than too enemy bodies were found in a sweep of several blocks. The North vietnamese appeared to have pulled Back from that area in the Southern Section of the City into a residential area closer to Kon Tum a Airstrip which has been virtually closed due to heavy ground fire and shelling. Enemy troops also military compounds Are located and shot Down two South vietnamese single engine a1e sky raiders on Friday and saturday. Both planes were hit Over the Northern perimeter. One Pilot was reported killed the other ejected and was rescued unhurt. . Advisers dubious repulse of n. Vietnamese at Korntum far from sure re action q. If you win Tell this Man that is having trouble with this Root under his House if he win bore a Hole in it and fill it full of Salt and keep it Fuu the Root will die and his problem will be Over. Rian you. Or. Anoa. By David j. Paine Amoco noted press writer Korntum Vietnam a senior South vietnamese officers insist that the attack on Korntum is being repelled at every Point. But the North vietnamese Are still making frequent new breaches in the City a defences. A a they re working their Way steadily in toward us a said a . Sergeant. The South vietnamese boosted by their Success in repulsing the initial attack on the City 13 Days ago say they Are confident Korntum will be held. . Advisers who shared this View a week ago now Are generally More cautious and some admit the outcome is in doubt. The popular american expression that the enemy a has shot his wad a is being heard less frequently. Whether Korntum stands or Falls seems Likely to depend on How much longer the North vietnamese can keep throwing troops at the City a defences. The government troops Are mostly holding their ground in defending the perimeter and if reports of the number of enemy killed even approach the figures Given the North vietnamese Are suffering heavily from Allied air strikes and artillery. But still the North vietnamese strike. While one Hole in the perimeter is being repaired another appears. 4 Roo a porn is m Reading Cates b cooking p091 2a College try. Desegregation Eton. Page 208 editorial women s news. Sports. Television. Page 19c entertainment. Pages 16-19c obituaries Page Isa classified. Forks air Force base n.d., will go ahead As planned the announcement said. His order Calls for stopping construction of a safeguard site at Malmstrom air Force base Montana which is in its Early stages. The agreement permits both countries to set up two antimissile complexes one to protect their National capitals and the other to protect a Field of intercontinental ballistic missiles. A total of too defense missiles would be allowed in each site. Laird said the army was told to plan deployment of an abm defense of the . National command control and communications in Washington Quot on the fastest reasonable a we recognize that these actions will cause some temporary economic hardships a Laird said a but the department of defense will everything it can to help alleviate those he voiced Confidence that a fall americans support these first Steps to control the growth of strategic Laird a order also directed suspension of All abm research and development programs prohibited by the treaty which must be ratified by the Senate. For two and a half years while . And russian diplomats hammered out a strategic arms limitation agreement construction workers in North Dakota and Montana have been digging holes for the safeguard system. Arms pact bypasses bombers Washington a the new arms limitation pact with the soviet Union leaves the United states free to equip its strategic bombers with about 1,000 new nuclear missiles More powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. The agreement announced in Moscow Friday deals with land based and submarine launched missiles but carries no curbs on bombers or their armament. The two superpowers Are expected to try to develop restraints on strategic bombers in future rounds of negotiations but the new . Air to ground missile will be part of the american Arsenal Well before that. The missile called srams for Short Range attack missile will be mounted on b52 and fb111 bombers and on the advanced by bomber if that plane Ever is built. The missile is designed with a Range of Between 50 and too Miles. Its Mission is to help bombers penetrate defences by knocking out radar and antiaircraft missile Sites. Once past outer defences the bombers would use their remaining srams to strike soviet population centers and military complexes from beyond the reach of close in defensive Shields

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