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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly door mild Moro data on Pago 3a 88th year a no. 147 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A Friday afternoon May 1972 32 pages Call us circulation. 112171? classified ads .115-2177 All Othor departments m5-216i daily 10c, sunday 25e88 ��2@5i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every problems q. I have a bad Back problem because of rheumatoid arthritis and need a firm mattress so i can sleep. I just Don t have the Money to buy one. Do you know anyone who could help me get one . Q. I need to find a Job but can t because my Oyes Are so bad and i need glasses but i can t afford them. Is there anybody who could help me get some t. W. A. Both of these appeals were directed to vocational rehabilitation. Evelyn Morales of that office reports that both cases were evaluated and the mattress secured through the Courtesy of the Jaycees and glasses fitted. The latter party was also advised on where to find a Job. When help is needed because of a temporary or permanent physical disability the vocational rehabilitation office phone 885-6811 is the Best first Stop. Each Case is evaluated on its own merits on the basis of need and they do their darn est As these cases attest to help either disabled homemakers or workers get Back on their feet. A a no Bloom on the Lilac 0. What can you do to got a Lilac Bush to Bloom that used to Bloom but hat not bloomed for about Throe years. X. Y. A. Late freezes Are usually the cause of bloodless lilacs says a Garden shop proprietor. Lilacs prefer an alkaline soil so if that is lacking he suggests you might add some Lime. Trash schedule 0. I live on Roosevelt drive in Thomasville end want to know Why they Don t get Tho trash but once a week and everybody else gets it twice i pay City taxes and think i should Havo the trash picked up to i would not pollute the air by burning my trash. A. Thomasville director of Public works states trash is picked up at least once each week and sometimes twice when possible while residential areas get two garbage pick per week. When garbage is missed or the trash has not been picked up for several Days says Mitchell please make a Call to the City office 475-1321. You forgot to leave your name or House number so there was no Way to Render Aid in this instance. A dream interpreter q. Will you Prooso toll to How to write for a dream Book. I had one but it got misplaced. I am vary concerned. Thank you. Mrs. B. M. B. A. Try Straughan a or will a Book stores or the Public Library. Hie first said there is a handbook titled �?o10,000 dreams interpreted or what a in a dream a by Gustavus Miller and there Are several other titles in paperbacks. This reminds us of a dream we had years ago that we were attending our own funeral loudly protesting All through it that we weren to ready to go. We mentioned this to a Friend who said a Well everybody will attend their own funeral some the simple truth of the remark made us laugh and fast dispelled the Black Cloud of port ending doom. A see a doctor first 0. I Hod rather not give my Nam and Hope you will answer this As quickly As possible and is abortion Legal in North Carolina and can it be done in High Point and what other states have it what time is it done and the period of confinement and approximately How much would i have to pay thank you so much. Anon. A. Since you would have to see a doctor anyway it would be better to get All this information from him. Under certain conditions it is Legal in n c. And it can be done in High Point. Day care centers q. Where can i get information on starting a Day care Center i am a registered Guilford county teacher. Mrs. T. A. The department of Socail services can give you information. Mrs. Isabelle of Neal is coordinator of Day care services. It it i not Law but policy q. Is there a Law that says teachers Aren t allowed to give students medications such As aspirins it Cetera girl. A. There is no Law but the policy is not to without a doctor s order. It it i soviet subs in South China sea by Fred s. Hoffman a military writer Washington a four russian missile firing submarines have been reported in the South China sea. The a class nuclear powered subs were located some 700 Miles East of the vietnamese coast defense department sources said. That would put them Well out of Range of most of the american warships patrolling off North Vietnam a mined ports. But these soviet submarines could sail close enough in about a Days time to bring their 200-mile-Range Shaddock missiles to Bear. One of the 5,000-ton Long Range soviet submarines in the South China sea carries six surface to surface missiles. The other three subs Are somewhat More advanced models of the same class armed with eight missiles each. All four subs also can fire torpedoes. Russian submarines have been in that general position for Days Between the parcel islands and the Philippines. Like another group of at least six soviet surface naval vessels to the Southwest of them the submarines appeared to be in a kind of watch and wait holding position. . Officials appear Unwor ried about the presence of the russian submarines a Light Cruiser a guided missile frigate and several destroyers in those Waters. So far the russians have made no military Effort to Challenge the . Mining of seven North vietnamese ports and have diverted freighters and tankers bound for those ports when the mines were sown More than two weeks ago. American officials have not dismissed the possibility that the soviets might make some sort of naval demonstration off Vietnam after president Nixon ends his current visit to Russia. As a precaution the Navy has sent the Antisubmarine warfare Carrier Ticonderoga from the . West coast to the Waters off Southeast Asia. At last report the Ticonderoga and a group of escorting destroyers were still in route across the Pacific. The . 7th Fleet has mustered More than 60 ships off Vietnam including four big attack carriers and another 30 or so ships Are in neighbouring Waters on Call if needed. Signing scheduled tonight final agreement reached on limiting nuclear arms by Frank Cormier associated Prats writer Moscow a the United states and the soviet Union reached a final agreement today on a two part agreement to limit the deployment of strategic nuclear weapons the White House announced. Signing of the Accord was scheduled for a Kremlin ceremony late tonight following president Nixon a dinner for his soviet hosts. Nixon a press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said the Accord was reached at a two hour afternoon Summit meeting with the three top soviet leaders communist party chief Leonid i. Brezhnev president Nikolai v. Podgorny and Premier Alexi n. Kosygin. The agreement culminates 2xk years of negotiations. Word of a Salt agreement came after a Day of on again off again reports of the prospects for a Friday settlement. One part of the agreement limiting defensive anti ballistic missile Sites in each country takes the form of a treaty subject to ratification by the . Senate and was agreed upon first. Under the terms of a companion executive agreement which will take effect without legislative action deployment 7get out of vietnam7 interrupts Ballet by Saul Pett a special correspondent Moscow a usually Tchaikovsky a classical Ballet a Swan Lake a is performed without words. Thursday night it got three heard around the world. A via dal Vietnam a italian for a get out of Vietnam a or was it a Freedom for Vietnam shouted in English in any Case the sentiment expressed was not unfamiliar to Richard Nixon As he sat with the president and Premier of the soviet Union in the Gilt and red Box once used by the czars when a woman in the Balcony let go. Witnesses said the cry came from an italian woman who lives in Moscow. Shortly thereafter president Nikolai v. Podgorny was seen whispering into president Nixon sear and Nixon nodded smiled and shrugged in the manner of a Man saying a Well that a the Way it goes these it was the first discordant Public note since Nixon a arrival in Moscow. But on leaving the Century old Bolshoi theater he thanked Podgorny and Kosygin for a a marvelous shortly after the shout the House lights went up and the presidents Box was flood lighted. One was told that it is Normal for the lights to go on so that just before the last act the audience can applaud the conductor. This was done but in the process Many spectators turned Back toward the Central Box As they clapped. A witness reported that shortly after the woman shouted a number of soviet Security agents appeared in her area of the the Ater the sixth and top Balcony somewhere to the presidents left. While the House lights were still on. This source said the soviet plainclothes men did nothing. They just stood there. Then about to minutes into the last act of a Swan Lake a which is basically a tale of Good triumphing Over evil they summoned a russian woman next to the shouter for questioning. After a few moments the russian was allowed to return to her seat. Then according to see get on 2-a the candidate hugs and kisses Hubert Humphrey who la kiss a baby As fast As any other politician modestly turns his face and takes a Buss on the Cheek As he encounters a Friend at a reception thursday in los Angeles California. The Minnesota senator is in a head on fight with sen. George Mcgovern for the states entire 271 democratic convention delegates. The primary is june 6. A wire photo Are soviets deliberately letting Iron curtain slip an a Newt analysis by William l. Ryan a special correspondent the american soviet Summit already has accomplished much toward creating a different sort of International Cli mate. Is the Kremlin changing is the soviet leadership mellowing with age is it turning away from the notion of inevitable world revolution is peace about to break out will the Summit affect the Middle East and Vietnam some striking facets of presi Dent Nixon a meeting with the soviet leaders provoke such questions. One line of speculation for example is that the Kremlin under the leadership of the communist general Secretary Leonid i. Brezhnev seems willing to surrender some of the cherished russian secrecy that has been a hallmark of the soviet posture toward the capitalist West. The joint space flight program agreed by the two sides will require each to be privy to some of the others secrets. Even collaboration on environmental problems and in the scientific technical Arena suggests a Retreat from past soviet attitudes on secrecy. Also Given the traditional Moscow suspicion of inspections and verification any agreement on a satellite Check of compliance with a missile pact would have a Milestone look. Are the soviet leaders really mellowing there is no reason to ascribe the new Moscow atmosphere to a developing Benevolence toward the United states. Rather under Brezhnev the leaders seem intent on enlightened soviet self interest. Both russians and americans can gain from expanded contacts and cooperation. For the Kremlin there is particular attraction in an atmosphere of detente in the West. Along with a new economic relationship with the United states it could help them Speed the building of a consumer Economy More in keeping with the soviet image As an enormously mighty superpower. That would be popular with the soviet Public and new missiles Stop tank sound off q. Dear action line please allow space to express appreciation to the sanitation men who pick up garbage for us. Three years in the City of High Point and i can not find one thing to complain about. Thank you or. Wills and your department for a Job Well done. Resident of Boulevard How High the Coin q. Is a Cain made before 1?54 valuable boy. A. To find out the value of old things you have to show them to a dealer. Glenn a Coin shop on e. Green drive can help you and others who Call a bout old coins and currency they have. Saigon a . Forces firing electronically guided missiles newly introduced in Vietnam broke up a tank assault on Korntum City in the Central Highlands today. A dozen tanks were reported destroyed. On the Northern front South vietnamese marines beat Back the fourth assault this week on the northernmost defense line at my Chanh North of Hue. The Saigon command claimed 192 North vietnamese troops were killed and said South vietnamese losses were seven killed and 34 wounded. In the air War against North Vietnam american planes pounded the Haiphong area thursday for the third Day in a Campaign to isolate the major port from the rest of the country. Pilots reported destroying Hie Span each in two Bridges and attacked a Power Plant near Vinh 145 Miles North of the demilitarized zone. A Navy a4 Jet was lost near Vinh and the Pilot was missing. Heavy fighting continued in Korntum for the second Day and Field reports said the North vietnamese were trying to capture their second provincial capital. The country a northernmost provincial capital Quang Tri fell to the enemy May i. A number of North vietnamese troops were reported still in the northeastern and Southeastern sections of the City but South vietnamese forces were reported to have them contained and under attack. The . Command said american helicopters firing Tow missiles destroyed to of the 12 enemy tanks that were knocked out. . Sources in Plesku said three of the tanks were american m41s captured from the South vietnamese army a month ago. Tow is an acronym for tube launched optically traced wire guided. The missiles Are guided by american operators who keep the target entered in a telescopic sight. Overcast skies and poor weather kept . And South vietnamese fighter bombers away from the area until noon. And . Officers said the Tow helicopters were the primary weapon in turning Back the tanks. Meanwhile More than a score of . B 52s dropped 600 tons of bombs on All four sides of the City hitting at enemy troop concentrations. The South vietnamese command claimed that 244 North vietnamese were killed in the Korntum area thursday. Field reports said 20 South vietnamese were killed and 80 wounded. No . Helicopter losses were reported in the tank engagements but two were shot Down on thursday in the Korntum area the . Command said. One crewman was killed and two Are missing the command said. In an Era of somewhat diluted authoritarian Rule soviet politicians must be More attentive to popular opinion. Brezhnev May have taken a political risk by his Summit decisions. He seems to have a firm hand on the controls but he has cautiously reassured the conservative communist Hawks that he is not being soft on his March 20 speech was an important clue a every step toward detente. Is taken in the interests of an a diminishing struggle against forces of militarism and he assured his colleagues he was vigilant against Western military intrigues. The words seemed directed to soviet military men. Their newspaper red Star has grumbled All along about natos intentions toward the communist Camp. Military men the paper said a Well appreciate that As Long As imperialism exists there also re see Are on 2-a what s inside amusements 4-7 b Bridge 14b classified ads mob carnies Isa crossword 7b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries .2b sports. 3-5b television. 7b women s news 10-14a weather 3a of offensive nuclear missiles will be Frozen at the present level so far As the United states is concerned. The russians will be allowed to catch up with the . Lead in launching platforms. The Accord permits both countries to replace existing offensive missiles whether on land or aboard ships at sea with More sophisticated weapons As technological advances permit. However snags were said to persist in talks Between Secretary of state William p. Rogers and Premier Alexei Kosygin on broader questions of Trade and commercial relations. . Summit negotiators had made no secret of their Hopes for the signing this evening of a treaty and companion executive agreement to limit the deployment of offensive and defensive nuclear missiles on land and at sea. Ziegler declined to say what was holding up the pact nor would he confirm reports that technical snags persisted. He even refused to repeat that there was a agreement in principle a As he had said shortly before the Summit talks began this week. Gerard Smith and Vladimir Semenov the chief american and soviet arms negotiators had been expected to arrive thursday after successful conclusion of their talks in Helsinki. But Smith postponed his departure from the finnish capital and a source there said there was a some Little Sticky last minute Leonid Zamyatin the chief soviet press spokesman for the Summit talks told newsmen this did not indicate any major obstacles had developed. He said had that been the Case Smith and Semenov would have come to Moscow to put the issues before Nixon and the top soviet leaders. However a soviet television commentator Valentin Zorin said in a broadcast thursday night that a there Are problems which still require much Effort and much some american observers suspected that the Nixon entourage would prefer to unveil the arms agreement in time for publication in the widely read sunday morning newspapers Back Home and were attempting to create an element of suspense after four Days of signing ceremonies for agreements concluded to Days to three months ago. The Nixon went to the Bolshoi Ballet thursday night to see a Swan Lake and encountered their first Public expression of opposition to the presidents Vietnam policy. During a hush just before the last act a woman in the top Balcony shouted either a via dal Vietnam a get out of Vietnam in italian or a Freedom for Vietnam in Trade commission to be set up Moscow a the soviet Union announced today president Nixon and Kremlin leaders have agreed to set up a joint commission to a promote the development of mutually advantageous relations in the communique was distributed by the official news Agency Tass As Nixon met with the top three soviet leaders. It signalled the first break through on difficult Trade issues which have seen intense negotiations since the american president arrived Here monday. There was no immediate confirmation from the american delegation. The Tass dispatch said the leaders a have agreed to Institute a soviet american commission on questions of the russians also Are seeking multimillion Dollar Grain purchases from the United states As Well As . Credits to expand Industrial production to meet rising consumer demands. I i i

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