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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy and Cool Moro to on Pogo u �?�8th year a no. 148 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., saturday afternoon May 27, 1972 18 pages Call us circulation. 182-1719 clan Cifrod ads. Ms-2177 All Othor departments ms-2111 daily 10c, sunday 25c Nixon touring in Leningrad after signing by James r. Peipert associated press writer Leningrad apr his head slightly bowed president Nixon walked slowly and silently past the mass Graves of a half million russians who died in world War ii a 900-Day siege of Leningrad then said quietly a we Hope it is never repeated. His comment came within 12 hours after he signed in the Kremlin the first step Accord to curb the superpower nuclear arms race. The president paused in his Summit talks today to Fly on a russian Airliner to this former Imperial capital devastated in the nazi siege of 1941-44. Beneath a Leaden Gray sky and with rain drizzling lightly onto Green Mounds covering mass Graves Nixon and soviet president Nikolai Podgorny placed a red and White Wreath at the base of the Tomb of the unknown Soldier of Leningrad. The two president then retraced their Steps along the 200-Yard Walkway Between the Graves to the Entrance of Piskarev memorial cemetery. There As an umbrella was held above his head Nixon sat to write in the cemetery a guest Book a to Tanya and All the heroines of followed by his signature. Nixon signed the Book after stepping into a Small Stone museum where he saw the diary of Tanya a girl who died in the bitter siege. The cemetery visit came Early in Nixon s 10-hour trip to Leningrad where he and his wife were hosted by local officials at a luncheon. After the luncheon they visited the 18th-Century summer Palace built by Czar Paul i at the Leningrad suburb of Pavlosky. Badly damaged in world War ii. It has been painstakingly restored. An estimated 15,000 to 20,000 Leningrad residents had stood in the rain along Nixon a 21-mile motorcade route from the Airport. Almost All were kept at least 5 Yards Back from the Broad Roadway by lines of soldiers sailors and policemen. Besides Podgorny Nixon was accompanied to Leningrad by Anatoly Dobrynin soviet ambassador to the United states Vasily Kuznetsov first Deputy foreign minister and the . Secretary of state William p. Rodgers. Besides mrs. Nixon the Only woman in the official party was mrs. Dobrynin. The Nixon a one Day excursion to Leningrad brought them to the first of the two cities they will see besides Moscow in their eight Day Summit visit. The second will be Kiev capital of the Ukraine where the president will Stop monday night before travelling to Iran and Poland. ., russians agree to limit nuclear arms president Nixon arrives in Leningrad a wire photo by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Moscow a president Nixon and soviet communist party chief Leonid i. Brezhnev leaders of the worlds two nuclear giants have signed historic accords to limit their mighty missile stockpiles and pledged to seek Complete disarmament in the years ahead. The first step Back from the spiralling arms race that began in the ashes of Hiroshima a generation ago came 46 minutes before Midnight Friday in the glitter of a czarist Palace in the Kremlin. There Nixon and Brezhnev on the fifth Day of their Summit talks placed their signatures on a treaty limiting deployment of defensive missiles and on a five year executive agreement restricting offensive missiles. Under the treaty which requires Senate confirmation both sides will have the same number of defensive missile Sites and launchers. Under the companion executive agreement the soviets will have a numerical Edge in Long Range land and sea based offensive missiles. With the strategic arms limitation agreements wrapped up Nixon paused in his Summit negotiations today to Fly to the Scenic former capital of Leningrad known As St. Petersburg in the Days of the czars for eight hours of sightseeing. Such International issues As Vietnam and the Middle East still Are dangling and almost certainly wont be resolved at the Summit. But Nixon will return to an election year America on thursday with a major foreign policy Triumph on his record. That Triumph a the arms accords contains these major provisions air strikes ruin Bridge smash front line tanks by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a . Jets and helicopters smashed North vietnamese tanks attacking on the Central and Northern front of South Vietnam today and . Spokesmen announced american jets have wrecked the major Bridge on Hanoi a Northeast Railroad connection with China. An air Force general said the destruction on thursday of the 1,500-foot-Long Lang Giai Railroad Bridge 65 Miles Northeast of Hanoi with laser guided bombs will reduce North Viet hos 686 a Elegores president clinches 1972 Republican nomination by Don Mcleod a political writer Washington a president Nixon has wrapped up another presidential nomination three months before the Republican National convention meets in Miami Beach to make it official. Nixon already has at least 686 delegates according to the associated press poll of convention delegates. He needs Only 674 for a nomination to his second term in the White House. The president smothered All opposition within the Republican party and so far is the Only Republican with any convention delegates. The closest Challenge came in the opening new Hampshire primary March 7 where rep. Paul n. Mccloskey took 20 per cent of the vote but Mccloskey dropped out of the Campaign after that race. Rep. John Ashbrook also has opposed Nixon in the primaries but has never received a substantial vote. He is making his biggest Effort so far in the upcoming California primary. Selection of Republican convention delegates continues through the new Mexico gop state convention july 15. There will be a total 1,347 delegates at the Miami Beach nominating convention. Nixon a Clear majority at this Point precludes anyone catching him barring drastic switching by the delegates. Polling of recently elected delegates pushed Nixon Over the top in the a Survey Friday. In the democratic Delegate poll sen. George s. Mcgovern leads the Field with 4974 Delegate votes. Alabama gov. George c. Wallace is second with 323. Sen. Hubert h. Humphrey has 2954 and sen Edmund s. Muskie 160 it takes 1.509 to win the democratic nomination. Names ability to Supply its two month old offensive in the South. American helicopters firing electronically guided missiles knocked out four North vietnamese tanks assaulting the provincial capital of Korntum City in the Central Highlands Early today the . Command said. Three other tanks were reported destroyed by South vietnamese ground forces. It was the second tank assault in two Days on Korntum City. Twelve tanks were reported knocked out Friday to of them by . Guided missiles. Infantrymen were reported locked in close fighting in the Northern and Southern sectors of Korntum. Casualties on both sides were reported to have soared past the 1,000 Mark. South vietnamese spokesmen claimed More than 700 North vietnamese troops killed since the first assault on Korntum thursday morning and said government losses were 101 men killed and 296 wounded. Tank led North vietnamese forces launched their fifth assault this week on South Vietnam a northernmost defense line at my Chanh above hut. Field reports said they were thrown Back into occupied Quang Tri province with heavy losses. The air Force said a Fligh Lof f4 phantoms using 2,000-Pound bombs guided to their target by a laser beam with pinpoint accuracy dropped six of the la spans of the Lang Giai Railroad Bridge. The 18-foot-wide trestle was supported by reinforced Concrete piers and abutments. The spans were knocked from 100-foot-High piers the air Force said. Navy planes hammered the Haiphong area for the fourth successive Day Friday in a concerted Campaign to Cut the port City off from the rest of North Vietnam and Stem the flow of War materials South. North Vietnam claimed today the . Planes Are attacking irrigation and flood control dikes and said president Nixon is a War criminal under both International and Law. On the third front at an Loc 60 Miles North of Saigon bloody fighting raged into its 51st Day for control of Highway 13 and the besieged provincial capital. The . Command reported one american was killed and six were wounded in two fights near Saigon. Two jets were lost in the far Northern Quarter of South Vietnam but All four crewmen were rescued uninjured the command added. One . Soldier was killed and one was wounded when enemy troops firing Small arms attacked a South vietnamese militia command Post 23 Miles Northwest of Saigon. A patrol from the 3rd brigade of the . 1st air cavalry division clashed with a Small enemy Force 23 Miles Northeast of Saigon and called in rocket firing helicopter gunships. One rocket fell Short of the enemy positions and wounded five americans the . Command said. There were no reported casualties. Huh and Mcgovern get set for debate by Bill stall associated press writer los Angeles a today is sen. Hubert h. Humphreys 61st birthday and he plans to spend much of it boning up and resting up for sunday s televised debate with his opponent for the democratic presidential nomination sen. George Mcgovern. Friends and staff members were invited to a quiet birthday party for the Minnesota senator tonight at the suburban los Angeles Home of one of Humphreys key Campaign advisers. Humphrey and Mcgovern meet face to face for the first time in the California Campaign in a debate during a face the nation a on lbs sunday evening. The hour Long show will be aired live in the East at 6 . Edt and shown by video tape on the West coast three hours later at 6 . Put. Both men consider the june 6 California primary key to winning the nomination at Miami Beach in july although Hump Rey insists he will not be out of the running even if he loses in California. They will debate twice More before the vote tuesday and june 4. Campaigning in Palo Alto calif., Mcgovern said Humphrey has a a secret plan to furnish peacetime jobs in California similar to president Nixon a plan of 1968 to end the Southeast Asia War. A aerospace workers Are told that just believing in More jobs will make it come True that once the election is Over some mystical plan now secret will appear and put them All Back to Mcgovern pid. Entering private Industry Wernher von Braun leaving Nasa by Howard Benedict a aerospace writer Cape Kennedy Fla. Apr a cheer Rose from the crude Blockhouse As America launched its first ballistic missile aug. 20, 1953. But seconds later gloom set in when the Redstone rocket plunged into the Atlantic Ocean. A find out what went wrong a a ordered or. Wernher von Braun whose Crew of rocket specialists from Germany developed the missile at the army a Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Ala. A search of data traced the problem to the guidance system. A Mechanic suggested he might have made too tight a twist on a certain screw. Testing showed that to be the Case. Von Braun summoned the Mechanic to his office. Instead of disciplining him he gave him a bottle of Champagne. A i am always Happy to solve a problem so quickly a von Braun said a and i wanted to impress upon my men that absolute honesty is something you must have in a team Effort. You look ahead not Hie Redstone a difficulties were overcome and it became this nations first operational ballistic missile. Later von Braun a group used the Basic Redstone technology to launch americans first satellite and its first Man in space and to develop the longer Range Jupiter rocket the Saturn i Booster and the Saturn 5 which has hurled to men to landings on the Moon. Now after 27 years of service to the . Government. Von Braun is retiring to take a Post with private Industry. He announced Friday in Washington that he is leaving the National aeronautics and space Amin is ration to become corporate vice president for engineering and development at Fairchild industries Germantown my. The firm is building scientific satellites for launch in 1973 and 1974. A Fairchild spokesman said von Braun will concentrate on space projects that will Benefit people on Earth. He gave no specifics. For the last two years the Man who once built rockets for Adolph Hitler has been Nasa Deputy associate administrator for planning. For nine years he was director of the Marshall space flight Center at Huntsville where he and his group of germans formed the nucleus of the nations major rocket building team. Von Braun 60, said he is making the change because he wants to devote his time to help implement a some space projects i feel Are of particular importance. I think i can do this Best in Industry where the tools of Progress Are being von Braun s value Lay beyond his ability As an Engineer and rocket designer. He also was Leader of men and a super Salesman for the space program. Long before the soviet Union launched the first satellite sputnik i on oct. 4, 1957, von Braun said his team had the capability to orbit a payload by putting an upper stage on the Redstone. But the late president Dwight d. Eisenhower turned him Down on grounds the Redstone was a military rocket and he wanted to emphasize peaceful uses of space. Eisenhower ordered the development of a completely new rocket the Vanguard As a satellite launcher. After sputnik was launched. Von Braun pleaded with defense Secretary Neil Mcelroy a Vanguard will never make it. We have the hardware on the shelf. For gods Sake turn us Loose and let us do something. We can put up a satellite in 60 when a Vanguard exploded on its launch pad in december 1957, the nation was shocked and the von Braun team got its Chance. On Jan. 31, 1958, a modified Redstone propelled explorer i into orbit. A both nations will have Only two anti ballistic missile Sites with no More than too defensive missile launchers on each. One . Site will be the one under construction near grand Forks . The other will be near Washington . One soviet site will be the one in place around Moscow. The other will be at least 780 Miles away from the russian capital. Neither nation will be allowed to Start construction of additional fixed land based intercontinental ballistic missile launchers after july i. The United states now has 1,054 icbms launchers the soviets have 1,618. However . Officials said the two nations remain at rough parity in Over All nuclear punch. The United states has a 3-1 Edge in the number of offensive missile warheads although the soviets have roughly a 3-1 Edge in total Megatons. �?. Officials said the agreements provide for no onsite inspection to verify compliance with the limits. But they expressed Confidence adequate certification is possible with spy satellites. A the United states May have no More than 710 submarine based Long Range missile launchers it now has 656�?on no More than 44 modern ballistic missile firing submarines. It now has 42 such submarines. A the soviets May have no More than 950 Long Range sub Marine based missile launchers it now has about 700�?on no More than 62 modern missile firing submarines. It now has 25 such submarines in service and another 18 under construction. A under a Complex formula . Officials say the soviets can reach their maximum allowable submarine based Force Only by giving up 210 land based intercontinental ballistic missiles cutting the land based strength to 1,408. The treaty curbing deployment of defensive missiles anti ballistic missiles or Abms requires Senate ratification. What s inside armament 9a Bridge a classified ads 4-7b comics in crossword so editorials 4a obituaries 3a sports. I so television. A a weather a a presidential adviser Henry Kissinger predicted it will sail through with an overwhelming margin. But a senator with a key role in consideration of the treaty was More reserved John Stennis chairman of the armed services committee expressed the a a Hope he will be Able to support the treaty but withheld commitment until his panel examines it. Arms pact reaction is varied by Robert l. Campbell associated press writer Washington a the u. S soviet arms limitation agreement has been scorned by congressional conservatives but praised for the most part by both liberals and moderates. The agreement Banning the development of new weapons but permitting the refinement of existing systems goes a to the heart of the Security of the United states a said sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington. Jackson a democratic presidential contender said the pact will leave the United states with a four to one missile disadvantage. Rep. John m. Ashbrook of Ohio a cop challenger to president Nixon said the agreement announced Friday in Moscow will a doom the United states to a decade of the Accord was welcomed however by Sens. Hubert h. Humphrey of Minnesota and Edmund s. Muskie of Maine both like Jackson seeking the 1972 democratic presidential nomination. Humphrey campaigning in san Francisco for the crucial California june 6 democratic primary said he can to help commending Nixon for the pact although he is the Man Humphrey is trying to Knock out of office. At the United nations Secretary general Kurt Waldheim said he hoped the agreement would constitute the beginning of a process which would promote Complete disarmament. Muskie chairman of the sub see arms on Page a a von Braun right Rocco Petrone in 187 map wire photo

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