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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper 0. A. Rawley president mrs. C h. Lockwood vice pres. David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Randall b. Terry treasurer Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Page 4-a sunday May 21, 1972 thoughts for today v my ton your father s instruction and reject not your Mother s teaching far they Are a fair Garland for your head and pendants for your neck. A proverbs 1 1,9 a the object of education is to prepare the Young to educate themselves throughout their lives. A Robert Maynard Hutchins educator. On to the Summit his reach for a a generation of peace in our time takes president Nixon to Moscow this week for a Summit meeting with the leaders of Russia. President Nixon has been to Moscow previously. He was vice president when his personal confrontation with Nikita Khrushchev in the a Kitchen debate occurred. His visit to Moscow now Marks the first time an american president has Ever gone to the russian capital. The historic first will not be lost sight of by president Nixon in this presidential election year. The Moscow Summit will be a turning Point however in the relationship Between Russia and the United states. The russian leaders want to meet with president Nixon As badly As he does with them. The Moscow meeting appeared to be hastily scheduled after president Nixon announced his trip to peking. For one thing Moscow did not want to seem to be taking second place to peking in dealing with Washington. But that there Are compelling reasons for the Moscow Summit is evident by the mild russian reaction so far to the mining of the Haiphong Harbor. During the eight Days he is in Moscow. President Nixon and the russian leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Alexei Kosygin will discuss the whole Range of issues relating to soviet american relations. The War in Vietnam the Middle East Europe arms limitations cooperation in space exploration and increased Trade Are some of the major topics to be discussed. Immediate results of the talks May be negligible however. An initial agreement placing some limits on the strategic arms race is Likely to be signed. Doors May be opened for increasing Trade Between the two countries. Russia appears to be anxious to Purchase from the United states automotive machinery computers and machine tools. To do this Russia must first Settle its a blend lease debts left Over from the second world War. The course of International Trade sometimes moves slowly but greater Trade Between Russia and the United states May Well be one of the principal changes flowing from the Moscow Summit. One area in which Little agreement is Likely is the War in Vietnam. President Nixon has indicated he will protest strongly against russian arms shipments to North Vietnam. Russian leaders will respond soothingly but if the past is an indication they Are not going to help any american president extricate the United states from its vietnamese dilemma. Toward stability suggestions of a new policy which would Cut Down on the frequency in shifts of school assignments will be Happy news in most High Point Homes. Over a Long period since Well before the problems of racial integration and busing were considered we have observed the anguish produced by changing of schools. There was a period of years when residents of one Little neighbourhood pocket were bounced Back and Forth Between Tomlinson and Johnson Street on an almost every year basis. To its credit. High Point moved resolutely into the solution of segregation problems even though it meant massive reassignments. Most reasonable people agree that children absorb dislocations with a great Deal More resilience than do their parents but the parental anxieties Are no less real because of that fact. When orders comes Down that Junior must go to a different school than the one anticipated a feeling of being persecuted by the system is a natural result. A motion before the Board of education on thursday seeks to ensure that school attendance zones will not be changed More often than every three years and that further stipulations As to family splitting should be drawn to reduce these dislocations. Knowing where ones youngsters will attend school from first through 12th Grade would lend a great measure of stability but shifting deputations and other major considerations. Including court required racial balances make this virtually impossible. Most people we believe would warmly Welcome any fraction of that whole stability. Sermon the acid test Quot by their fruit Shell be know Matthew a 14. What is the final proof of orthodoxy of the correctness of the Christian religion of your own Faith in god How shall we judge any Man s moral and spiritual living we oftentimes ask does the final judgment lie in the logic of his Creed or the proper set of doctrines in which he states his position or is it in the authenticity of his ritual or ceremony on sunday morning or does it depend on the membership of the Church to which he belongs and to which he gives his time and talent0 Well these matters Are All Good and in their places help along with the condition of the individual s Faith in the unseen but after All they Are not the acid test of his religious life. There must be something deeper than outward forms creeds and statements. Christ always went to the very heart of the matter and revealed to us the final proof of a Many sinner nature. John the Baptist in his last hours of crisis lest word to Jesus with some doubting ques ions As to his Messiah ship. A a Are you the due who is to come or shall we look for anither0�?� that must have surprised our lord o have a Friend like John ask a ques Ion. But in reply Jesus sent Back a de scrip Ion of the acid test of his ministry and qualifications. A a Tell John that the Blind see he lame walk the lepers Are cleansed the Leaf hear the dead Are raised up. And Best of All the poor have the Good news preached o them a yes the gospel of salvation. In Short the master wanted John to know the nuts of his heart and hand in everyday life a those in need the very works of the i Rine Savior. No not his words and theories us theology and doctrines or any creeds hat he might propagate no. But the labors in was doing for the human race even the weakest and the worst. Christ a Church today must learn again hit underlying principle of All True Faith. I Jiovo a Man who boasted he had read the Little through thirty two times. Well and Ood. But that Man still was selfish stingy la natured argumentative and always con ravers Al in Bdl relationship with his fellow Den. He showed very Little of the Christian spirit or manifested the fundamental life of love. No he has never met the acid test of real christianity the mind of Christ and the daily labor of unselfish hands. As a consequence ail his boasting is vain and useless. The Church that is to win in this world regardless if the name and doctrine it bears in spite of denominational prestige or numbers of its members or the wealth of its people is that Church that manifests the most of Christ s Loving spirit and is dedicated most devoutly to his will and Way. It was the priest Telemachus of the Early Catholic Church who by his own life and death broke up and brought an end to the gladiatorial combats in the roman Arena. It was the timid Elizabeth Fry the quaint Quak Eress who brought transformation to the wretched prisons of England. It was the never to be forgotten John Bunyan who spent twelve years in Bedford jail for his Devotion to Christ and there produced that immortal classic the pilgrims Progress for the churches of ail Christendom. It was another Baptist William Carey by name who pioneered protestant missions into the Orient. It was persecuted Puritan congregationalists who sailed the wintry seas and founded new England its cities colleges universities and a Host of benefactions for our America. Yes and we could go on and on telling of the abundant labors of lutheran Episcopalian presbyterian. Methodist moravian and Many Many others who manifested gloriously their hearts and hands for the blessed Christ. As Long As the Church can reveal the drunkard made sober the lewd made pure the thief made honest the quarrelsome made gentle the selfish Man turned to love a then we have a Church producing the acid test for a by their fruits can they be known As May All the churches unite their efforts in one great on going movement for the producing of Christlike men and women working together in unceasing love for the kingdom of god upon this Earth. This will be the acid test this will be the final proof Yea the Victory m him we Call Alpha and Omega. Ceh violence cultivated by Capus Waynick the attack on gov. George Wallace is symptomatic of a deplorable cult of violence in our country. I have been inclined to oppose Federal legislation that is calculated to a a abridged the americans right to a Bear it is too difficult to enforce a Law leaving the resourceful criminal with weapons while denying them to the Law abiding. But incidents As that which endangered the life of or. Wallace Are in themselves an argument helpful to those who want a prohibiting Federal Law. America cultivates the spirit of violence. We dramatize the a fastest gun a creating heroes where shoddy heroics Only prevail. American boys grow up in this atmosphere of false values and undoubtedly the training has some causative bearing on the assassinations of Public men which make an extremely ugly record. The British tried to reduce the Public taste for violence by having policemen preserve order in London armed Only with cudgels. The great City a murder record was much better than those of Large american cities. London a police were safer than new Yorkus for instance and it is a reasonable theory that the de emphasis on violent police methods was largely responsible. In the difference prompt punishment for crimes of violence probably also had a benign effect. The wounded Wallace who lies in paralysis probably never had a real Chance of becoming president the attack he suffered a senseless bit of brutality did not reduce his political stature. Because of natural human sympathy for a courageous Man it May have increased it. Wallace was wont to denounce judicial weakness in Law enforcement. His own broken body is a new plea for More Resolute efforts to make the punishment fit the crime and discourage the Crim Inal. The cult of american violence demands reduction by its very own savagery. A of this its my acupuncture treatment relieve his uhf growing advice is spurned Washington a it can now be reported How the Senate a most prominent Dove foreign relations chairman William Fulbright tried privately to work with president Nixon to end the Vietnam War. Fulbright a peace initiative toward the White House failed and he subsequently has become the target of some of the administrations most vitriolic personal attacks. Vice president Agnew for example said Fulbright was a dedicated to frustrating the foreign policy of every president he has served far from trying to frustrate the president however Fulbright went quietly to the White House on March 27,1969, for a private meeting with the president and his foreign policy chief or. Henry Kissinger. The meeting which Fulbright has never publicly mentioned was arranged by or. Franklin Murphy a Mutual Friend of the two men who is now president of the times Mirror publishing company of los Angeles. The three met in the president s Oval office for about 90 minutes late in the afternoon. The session came at a time of heightened military activity in the combat zone. Fulbright gave the president an 11-Page memorandum summarizing his suggestions on How to end the War. The memo has proved remarkably prophetic in View of the administrations present plight in Vietnam. A the Siren song of those who would turn that last Corner seeking the Victory which has eluded Vietnam policymakers for so Many years will Only lure the United states into a deeper and More devastating War a Fulbright wrote. A a. If the president is to avoid becoming a prisoner of events he must take Steps to insure that our military actions in South Vietnam Are carefully geared to advancing in a Compromise solution in Nixon Thieu divorce the senator urged that a we begin the painful but essential process of divorcing our interests from those of the Thieu the president of course has pursued a policy of bolstering the military strength of the Thieu government while reducing . Ground troop involvement. The failure of that program is dramatized by the current North vietnamese offensive which has caused president Nixon to raise the military stakes by mining enemy harbours and bombing enemy Supply lines. Round by Jack Anderson in Short the president has become precisely what Fulbright feared he might a a prisoner of events a trying to avoid a loss of prestige from Saigon a defeat. Fulbright seemed particularly sensitive to this possibility three years ago. He then said the a political and personal prestige of the new administration was a not at but he added a continued delay in thu initiation of a new policy cannot but have the effect of associating the new administration with the old the Fulbright memo by the Way was buttressed with quotes from none other than Henry Kissinger himself who had made numerous Public statements on the War before joining the administration. Since the 1969 meeting the president has not sought the advice and consent of senator Fulbright a nor for that matter of Congress a in pursuing his Vietnam policy. Instead he has made his moves first and told Congress later. Vice president Agnew has been unleashed to make personal attacks on leading congressional critics of the War. The administrations attitude toward its constitutional responsibility to seek the advice and consent of the Senate in foreign policy is perhaps Best illustrated by a recent comment from White House aide Harry Dent. A today if you go to Congress and consult them a Dent said a a in a not saying ifs like consulting Hanoi but ifs footnote the Fulbright Nixon meeting parallels similar private meetings the Arkansas Democrat had with president Kennedy on the planned Bay of pigs invasion and with president Johnson on Vietnam. G00� Borning by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus decision of Charles Froelich to give up his veneer lines Here and go into a training program for furniture Selling emphasizes anew the changing condition of the veneer business hit hard by shortness of Supply closing of Many Mills and by plastics and other substitutes in furniture making. Charles Froelich younger son of one of the outstanding earlier figures in the business Here will close his firm at the end of this month. Pete Armstrong will take Over his foreign and Domestic line while John Wall and Paul Godfrey will take on his Central veneer line. The closing of Many veneer manufacturing plants has brought on somewhat chaotic conditions in marketing of a product that had Long been a Bonanza business supplying a burgeoning furniture Industry. But As furniture makers turned to printing finishes on so much of their Wood As veneer Plant after veneer Plant succumbed to higher costs and shortage of both Wood and markets for Fine veneers As marketing plans and commissions were revised a new Day came into a business in which it is a far different game than it was in earlier a and brighter a Days. Only three or four mahogany veneer Mills survive where there had been a dozen Walnut Stock is being gobbled up by foreign sources and Japan has pressed Maple prices sky High to a figure that makes it prohibitive for competitive furniture in this country. The japanese yen for Bowling has drawn off Maple Stock while pressing upward prices destructively in this country. But it is the cheaper processes enabled by plastic that has the appearance of Wood and print finishes that Are being used on the greater percentage of Low and medium priced lines that Are cutting heavily into veneer demand. However there is yet a sizeable Market for Fine veneers in higher priced furniture lines which Are substantial users despite increased costs. So successfully has proved Tho air injection control device which Jack Thompson maintenance Engineer for High Point College developed that a has applied for a Patent. It appears to be a simple installation bid Thoro is nothing simple about Tho Way it Breaks Down fumes and bums up All the fuel in those two Coal fired boilers. Engineers who have soon his device Tell him it is Mort efficient than installations anywhere that Hava Cost More than $100,000, while his Cost Only $2,000 to make and install. He really has something ingenious Thoro. West German industrialist Willy Korf brought a pair of German Bankers with him for visits the past week to some of his North american operations and to attend the annual meeting of National Springs corporation which is his base Here. In a four Day swing they got quite a View of his varied operations in steel making Spring and wire manufacturing and even his cattle farm Here. The Frankfurt Bankers sat in at the meeting of National Springs at which formal organization of Korfus newest unit a Spring manufacturing Plant at Edwardsburg Michigan was implemented As a wholly owned subsidiary of the firm Here. Karl Ockershauser will be president while a. C. Denisio vice president for production at National Springs Here will become vice president and officer in charge at the new Plant production by August 15. Korf and his banker friends were honoured at a dinner Here wednesday evening after a Day in which they had visited his plants at Georgetown and Andrews s.c., and Gallatin tenn., and then conferred with North Carolina National Bank officials at Charlotte before coming Here for thursdays meeting. The seventh annual songs for a Spring evening with voices of the Wesley memorial Chancel their featured music of George Gershwin to the elation of Gershwin fans but the program was so comprehensive is to rank it As certainly one of the Best in that interesting series of Benefit events. The big dining room s capacity of 500 diners was so overtaxed that a Ables had to be set up elsewhere to accommodate the singers who defied the time honoured practice by eating before rather than after their program to no apparent diminution of its Quality and Charm. Singer has completed removal of its operations Here to Monroe in Wake of the merger with another firm based there. That old fire engine circa 1900 which High Point College students pulled to the High Point museum is on loan from the College to the museum and is a gift to the College from Delos Hedgecock a trustee of the school. High Points retail sales for february jumped nearly 25 per cent to a record $23,284,955 for that month. Or. James g. Huggin superintendent of the High Point District win conduct the Western North Carolina United methodist conferences annual memorial service at its conference on june to. Nido Qubein is going with the group from the Florida conference of the United methodist Church on a Young adult cruise to Nassau sept. 1-4 and Hopes some Young adults 18 to 20 will accompany him from this area Burlington is moving into the plastic furniture Market with products from its High Point Plant of the Burlington House division with Cecil Gurganus As production manager. Nomination by president Nixon of Davidson county attorney Hiram h. Ward of the . Middle District judgeship meets with High favor Here where his sister mrs. Kathryn Spencer has ban associated with High Point memorial Hospital for 3s years and is now its purchasing agent. Tho wards lived in Thomasville whore their father o. L. Ward worked for Tho Southern railway but after his death they moved Back to the family farm at Denton. There seems Little doubt but that the nomination will be readily approved in the Senate for his record As a staunch and to spaced member of Tho bar at Lexington where he has practice in partnership with Republican Leader Sim Delapp is Well and widely known to win Tho nomination for which powerful bids wort Modo by William Osteen of Greensboro and Robert Gevin of san i Toro. A doctor in fort Lauderdale has developed and patented the Back support mabley chair already dubbed the upholstered aspirin and it is finding More Market than its producer heirloom can produce. Shown at the recent show Here the chair has been vastly restyled from its less attractive inaugural design to Promise comfortable sitting for people with anatomical disabilities people who must choose a straight backed rather than a lounge chair. The concept Back of the chairs design says or. T. K. Arbuthnot its orthopaedic Developer is to provide the organs of the Thorax and Abdomen the same Freedom in a sitting position they have while standing. When a person stands his Thorax and Abdomen Are free to function without hindrance from compression or any circulatory obstructions

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