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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina J it do acidic Jii i re unit i m Haliburton of Thomasville by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville on dec. 6, Jim Haliburton who has served 3v4 years Here As administrator of the chamber of Commerce will attain a significant Milestone. He will turn 35. At that juncture Haliburton will be forced to retire As an Active member of Jaycees. But he will not be severing his relationship with the Jaycee organization. Tomorrow he becomes Public relations director of the National Jaycee organization in Tulsa okla. Presumably his superiors will permit him to remain on the Job even though he will soon be Over the maximum age for Jaycee members. Why because Haliburton will be working for the Jaycees solely in a precessional capacity. He will head an eight Man staff that includes professionals in both print and broadcast Media. Haliburton a life history could be mistaken for an Horatio Alger Story. A son of a Texas sharecropper he finished High school with top grades attended Wake Forest University and later did graduate work at North Carolina state University and the University of North Carolina. While he was studying at s o u t h astern theological Seminary in Wake Forest Haliburton became pastor of Charity Baptist Church in Boonville. Arriving there he found a country Church with a part time minister. Haliburton decided to Volunteer his full time services without demanding an increase in salary. For a Baptist preacher Haliburton had some progressive ideas about social change. A when i went to the Seminary a Haliburton r elated a i roomed with a negro. I chose to room with him because it was an Opportunity to broaden my own View of life. In Rural North Carolina it just Isnit particularly the popular thing to do. A so i planned a special kind of Sermon one sunday night. I taped my thoughts about certain subjects As they relate to the Church. I took my pulpit out and set up my desk and chair like an office scene. And i just propped my feet up and turned the tape recorder on Over the Public address system. A i wondered what the people of the Church would say if they knew How i Felt about certain things. The fact that i was Rooming with a negro. So i informed them of the Jim Haliburton Haliburton added he never was pressured to change his Point of View nor were there any suggestions that he resign. A a my belief about christianity is that its a set of relationships based primarily upon the kind of love that surrounds the life and the teachings of Jesus. This love is totally when he left the ministry in 1967 and returned to College to get his degree Haliburton did not repudiate his religious teachings. As a graduate student at Chapel Hill where he earned a 3.75 Grade Point average out of 4.0he served As a planning and development consultant at Mcduffie memorial Baptist Church. He remains a member of the Baptist Church. But he does not subscribe to All of the tenets of the Baptist Faith. For instance last summer Haliburton led the unsuccessful Campaign to establish Abc stores in Thomasville a even As a Baptist minister a he explained a i believed in the temperate and controlled use of alcoholic beverages. I believe that the consumption of a i co h o i i c beverages is basically a personal Choice which individuals should make for themselves. A i believe that Temperance is the Only logically defensible of ethic governing the use alcoholic having disposed of the moral Issue Haliburton cited important factors for his support of legalized liquor. Chief among them was potential tax revenues to be derived from the Sale of alcoholic beverages. Despite his progressive social viewpoint Haliburton holds rather conservative political convictions. This circumstance is to be expected a Radical would be most uncomfortable running a chamber of Commerce office. He believes in the free Enterprise system and in the concept of individual initiative. On the other hand he is certainly not a dogmatic reactionary. For example he does t consider the a a Bootstrap theory of social advancement applicable t o everyone even though he himself got where he is by a pulling himself up by his seemingly Haliburton a drive to Success has paid off supremely. But he did have to Swallow one bitter Pill with All of the Lotus petals. Seven months ago h separated from his wife whom he married As a student. Neither she nor any of the couples three children will accompany him to Tulsa. An editor s notebook Good news from America by Jenkin Lloyd Jones Jones if i were a soviet strategist i would think this the Good news now coming out of America is almost unbelievable and the possibility that the United states will shake itself to pieces never before looked so Bright. Consider these Happy items on May 5 the american Assn. Of University professors voted to condemn the regents of the University of California for firing prof. Angela Davis t h avowed communist. For our purposes it is important to establish that citizens of the decadent democracies have no other Choice than to pay communist teachers to radicalize youth and advocate the violent overthrow of these states. On May i the new York times was Given the pulitzer prize for publishing the secret Pentagon papers which revealed official government disquietude with the vietnamese War. There was some huffing and puffing about this by the pulitzer trustees but the jury award went through. From time to time in the future our Side May find it useful to steal and publish secret government documents. The fact that the times not Only got away with the Pentagon papers publication but was actually Given a prize for it should eliminate any danger of troublesome prosecutions in the future. On april 28 the United methodist conference in Atlanta turned Down by a vote of 534-405 a minority report that objected to branding the president As a a War criminal and offered a vote of Confidence in a the Many thousands of americans and vietnamese who gave their lives for a instead the conference adopted a Resolution confessing americans a complicity in violence and death a and its a crime against this was even better for our purposes than the actions of the Berrigan Brothers or the defense fund for Angela Davis voted by the presbyterians last fall. Organized religion in America need no longer be frontally attacked As an a opiate of the indeed before it self destructs it is probable that it May be More useful to our Side than otherwise. Americans growing image before the world As a flabby giant that has lost the will and the capability of self defense is most helpful to us. On May 6 the Young marxist Hijacker who ordered a plane from los Angeles to Havana stated that a the skies of America will not be Safe until the United states ceases its aggression in he added that the president himself is marked for death. This ability of single terrorists to cow american authorities and to impose the most fantastic orders upon american citizens has greatly lowered american prestige in tile eyes of Hie world. The electronic Media in America continue to perform Well. When the capitalist Lackey j. Edgar Hoover died on May 2 one television network spent As much time interviewing his detractors As it did his mourners. This he deserved for his embarrassing Book a masters of deceit a and his Long hostility to our movement. Our friends continue to improve their ability to command National coverage of their commotions and disruptions. Plans Are going Forward satisfactorily for carefully staged riots at the two National political conventions this summer that will give the world the impression that the american political process is about to be submerged in chaos. The belief by our theoreticians that no society can survive utter licentiousness is apparently being proved in America. Pornography drugs and promiscuity Are rampant and the a underground press a which generally supports our ideology is Ever in the forefront of the Battle to spread permissiveness. One can hardly fail to look Forward to the Day on which american hooligans and idlers will get the Shock of their lives when we can impose our healthy disciplines upon them. But in the meantime they serve. Thene War by Robert d. Heinl or. North american newspaper Alliance Washington the most important aspect of the communist invasion of South Vietnam is that it has completely and perhaps irreversibly transformed the character of the Vietnam War. From 1965 until holy thursday 1972, the Day the enemy jumped off in Force the War was a revolutionary guerrilla struggle supported in various places and degrees by regular North vietnamese forces. For the last six weeks the War has been a massive invasion by heavily and conventionally armed regular units with Only marginal guerrilla support whose major objective is the classic Clausewitz Zian rather than Leninist one of smashing an opposing army the South vietnamese Arvn. All wars have political objectives especially those waged by communists. And it was Clausewitz after All who defined War As the Extension of politics by other Means. This new War. Therefore is heavily political in objectives and implications but no objective is More obviously important to the Arvn in the Field. If the Nova North vietnamese army succeeds in this aim. Hue the old Imperial capital will fall As a matter of course. This would add a glittering political Bonus to a decisive military Triumph. For parallels to what is going on in South Vietnam today we must look to the Well nigh forgotten korean War and particularly to its most desperate year 1950. The korean War was a sledgehammer invasion of a South by a Northern communist regular army whose offensive was timed launched equipped and prepared by Russia. The scale of invasion in each Case a Korea and Vietnam a was and is virtually identical. The North koreans attacked with 13 divisions the North vietnamese with 12. Both invading armies were made up of hardened Long trained carefully Hus banded communist Veteran regulars. The ultimate objective in each Case was to attain by naked military Force what had proved to be politically unattainable the Conquest and subjugation called a a reunification by the same individuals who mis called each War a a civil War of a no communist government by its communist sibling. While communist violation of the 17th parallel by invasion in Vietnam presents Sharp analogies to communist violation of the 38th parallel in Korea. The second and equally striking comparison Between 1972 and 1950 is to be found Between events of the past six weeks and those when China suddenly intervened in Korea. Historians will Long differ As to whether China crossed the Yalu into Korea because she Felt menaced by Macarthur drive northward in autumn 1950 or because she Felt obligated to assist a communist North korean neighbor whose initial War had been turned around by the belated Success of the United states and United nations forces after Inchon. Very Likely the two motives were mixed and mutually reinforcing. In the present easter invasion the Nova has obviously been committed to redress a and if possible nullify a the increasing Progress of Viet Nami nation of the Arvn and the remarkable Success of pacification within South Vietnam both occurring since tet 1968. Of allowed to Progress unchecked. Vietnam nation and pacification would and May yet mean final defeat of Hanoi a cherished goal of subjugating the South. What is striking analogous Between the North vietnamese invasion across the Doz and China s equally fierce entry into Korea 22 years ago is that each operation wholly transformed the War. It is accurate to say that a new a second Vietnam War has now been launched just As China launched a second korean War. Applying these comparisons each bearing certain marked resemblances i e., initial communist invasion of Korea and chinese assaults across the Yalu a what can be said about the present state of affairs in Vietnam today the enemy invasion of South Vietnam is nearly six weeks old. What have the communists attained now by comparison to where they stood after six weeks in the two climactic communist invasions of Korea High Point Enterprise sunday May 21, 1972 a unrest in the school by Robert Marks North Carolina has had its share of trouble in its High schools this year. The trouble that has occurred has not been catastrophic. The unrest has been severe enough however to disrupt classes and even entire schools. Classroom time has been lost when schools have had to close for several Days until tensions eased. School officials have been harassed parents have been upset. No one can say clearly whether the problem will be worse next year or suggest clearly what can be done to prevent the disruptions from happening. The citizens committee on the schools is trying however. Appointed by gov. Bob Scott late last year the committee divided itself into to subcommittees to study unrest in the schools. These sub committees have attempted particularly to determine the causes and offer suggestions for dealing with the unrest. The initial report by the committee summarizing the work and findings of the sub committees was released in Raleigh last week. It is not surprising that this initial report is imprecise in pinpointing the causes of unrest in the schools and in proposing programs to prevent such unrest. Some general conclusions do emerge however. From its contacts with educators parents students local government officials and others in various parts of the state the committee reported that a Lack of communications is regarded As the major cause of unrest in the schools. A Challenge to authority was in second place following by a influences of outside agitators increased demands and pressures and a great Deal of emphasis is placed in this first report on open and Quick communication among students the faculty and administration within the school and Between the schools the parents and the Community at Large. Proposals were made that students be brought More fully and actively into leadership roles. The organization of a student task Force for student involvement within each school system was urged. Another suggestion proposed the implementation o f student leadership workshops and the encouragement of Young people who Are 18 years of age to Register and vote. At the same time greater communication Between the school system and the Community was urged. State funds to provide for a full time Public information officer for local school systems was proposed. School administrators should meet periodically with representatives of the news Media to discuss Mutual interests and concerns and school boards should pursue an open policy covering the release of school news and information the committee said. Other proposals offered by the committee dealt with changes in curricula codes of conduct and dress representation on school boards the effectiveness of student government. Nevertheless the committee indicated no Quick and easy solutions. At one Point in its report the committee comments. A it should be noted that these topics Are still rather Broad and general and will be refined As we continue our meetings. There is still the possibility that we will have recommendations for areas n o t specifically the year of the Locust i read the other Day that the year of the Locust is upon the Piedmont. Those blasted things or cicadas Are those Little pests which make a lot of fuss in their Short five to six weeks life Span. When i read the Story of that life Span from egg to Nymph to a 13-year-sleep underground i wondered if the Cicada was another name for Katydid. It is not. A trip to the dictionary disclosed that the Cicada name belongs to a any Large Homo Petrous insect of the family Cicada Idaet the male of which produces a shrill sound by Means of vibrating membranes on its the same source identifies the Katydid As a any of several Large usually Green. American Grasshoppers the males of which produce a characteristic so. It seems that the Only similarity Between the two families lies in the fact that the males make All the fuss. That it appears to my View is a Little by Braxton Younts different than who makes what noise in the human species. And it goes without saying that that discoloured Eye i probably will Wear after certain parties read the above paragraph will not be self inflicted. That trip to the dictionary also changed a longstanding idea of mine. Since Early childhood i had read with enjoyment the comic strip dealing with the Katze Jammer kids. Until the other Day i thought the term Katze Jammer was simply a word coining by the artist who Drew the strip. The compilation of words and their meanings said differently. The word a Katzen Jammer is defined As the discomfort and illness experienced As the aftereffect of excessive drinking a hangover. I guess the artist pretty Well knew his words though the antics of Hans and Fritz were enough to cause the Captain to wish his Katzen hammers were caused by Over excess alcoholic rather than by those two mischievous brats. I surely Hope that the Weatherman s opinion of today a weather issued last Friday is erroneous. He said then that the Outlook for sunday was for showers and thundershowers. Reason for the More that usual Hopes for Clear weather for the weekend is the Fly in slated yesterday and today at the Burlington Airport. My informant said that members of the sponsoring group Are expecting a goodly number of Home built planes and some of the older commercially built jobs which have been restored and rebuilt into flying condition. I Hope to roam around that Field today in Hopes of seeing some of those old biplanes which used to be so much of the Piedmont scene. At least you could see those slower planes As they went Over. Today you gotta have three people to announce a jets passage a there it comes Here it is and there it goes a All at the same time. Davidson dateline More than just parking by Ven Carver Thomasville undoubtedly the Thomasville City Council will carry out the wishes of the downtown merchants and declare a 12-month moratorium on collections from parking meters. The Central reason for Thomas Vilies a flagging business District however May not be the parking tolls. Other problems have emerged at recent civic meetings. For example at last mondays session of the City Council mayor pro tem Bob Holladay upbraided some of the downtown merchants for their poor response to shoppers needs. A a in be talked with quite a few of the employees at the company in a associated with Thomasville furniture industries As to Why they Don t shop downtown. In fact Many of them done to shop in Thomasville not even at Southgate shopping Center. A a in be found out that Many of them on Friday afternoon get in their automobiles and go Over to High Point to buy their groceries and buy them some Beer in the package shop and probably Stop at some other place and buy their shoes or clothes and so Forth. A was i say in talking to some of them i asked them about that. One of their complaints is not parking but the fact that the merchants Are not open when they get off from work. They work until 4 40 in the afternoon. So by the time they go Home and clean up and have something to eat ifs 6 of clock. A and they come Back downtown and except on some occasions a lot of the stores Are closed up. So they head on Over to Westchester mall or some place like that. A i ask you gentlemen the merchants at the meeting to think about that because it May be that we can create parking of they know you re going to be open too when they leave these factories in the of getting in their automobiles and going to High Point or somewhere else stay right Here in Thomasville. Ken Wilkerson a former president of the merchants association admitted that downtown businessmen Are partly to blame a More merchants should be open at nights a he said. A fall the furniture stores in town close Down tuesdays. And we have merchants that close tuesday afternoon. And we have merchants that open at to of clock. We have some that close at five of clock. And this makes bad relations with your Wilkerson seems to be proposing a major change in Thomasville a merchandising custom. For years All the stores downtown have closed on tues wednesdays in other towns throughout the South. The shopkeepers in the Southgate shopping Center Are less phlegmatic and hidebound however. Few of them heed the tradition of taking tuesday afternoons off. Some of the larger stores downtown have dispensed with the tuesday siesta but these Are the stores with enough personnel to assume the extra work Load without undue Strain. Evidently though a Radical change in the habits of the businessmen downtown is necessary if the meter moratorium is to have any effect. Some merchants Are still leaving their own cars in the choicest parking places forcing customers to walk Many blocks unnecessarily. At a special meeting last tuesday of those interested in revitalizing downtown another important deficiency was exposed. Fred Alexander also a merchant declared that some dominant a theme Mold or character for the business District is essential for any redevelopment program to be successful. A you can have All the parking you want a he said a but if you Haven to got the stores there a no reason to come perhaps he is right. But improving the parking and shopping conditions Are Forward Steps tiny As they May be

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