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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Mim Chine of rain 88th year a no. 142 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation m2-1719 classified ads ms-2177 All other departments ms-2111 High Point n. A sunday morning May 21, 1972 164 pages daily 10c, sunday 25e q readies for talks Nixon arrives in austrian City for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every one. A tip for the cops q. I would like to know Why is allowed to run a liquor House at. She Sells dope White whiskey tax paid whiskey Beer. She runs a regular club. Why in t something done about it anon. A. This was turned Over to the police for investigation. They appreciate such tips from citizens. A kit it just soul Brothers q. Are Joe and Walt Frazier any Kin a. No. Or it we Tell the truth q. What is the address of Tom Newton he was on Quot to Tell the . A. Write a to Tell the truth a Leo Gutman inc., 7 East 47th Street new York . 10017. Or or or drug action required q. I have asked this before and i want to have the address of drug abuse. I Don t Taka dope but it is very dangerous. Girl. A. We re not sure exactly what address you want but the High Point drug action Council located at 506 n. Wrenn St., could probably give you what information you Are looking for. It it it camping brochures q. How can i get a state camping manual or North Carolina anon. A. Camping equipment dealers have manuals showing Campground locations in this and All the other states. A a a not ours anyway q. Of i applied for a marriage License Here in High Point would it to in the paper thank you. . A. Not in the Enterprise. It it it it s Supply amp demand q. What is the fee for a Babysitter these Days Babysitter. Q. Hew much is Domestic help in the Home supposed to get an hour . A Domestic help and babysitters Are not covered by the minimum wage Laws so its a matter of Compromise Between what the person is willing to work for and what the employer is willing to pay. A Zzz q. Of anyone has a remedy for keeping bore bees out of a garage i would really like to know As they keep sawdust All Over everything in the garage thank you. A. Douse them with an insecticide Spray and run for it. Protect yourself Well beforehand. If that does no to Appeal to you a professional exterminator can do them in. It it it Cap info o. Hew would one go about joining Tho civil air petrel or to get to civil air patrol meetings . A. You can join the group which meets monday nights at 7 of clock at St. Christophers episcopal Church 225 Eastchester or. If you want More information you can Call the Ervin Roberts at 889-2553. Or All about wills o. Where does one have to go to have will made and How much dots it Cost and also who dote one Contact and what has to a Dona for Chapel Hill to Havo your body after doth for Experiment . A. Anyone can draw up their own will and have it attested by at least two or three witnesses. It is better to have an attorney do it because you might leave out or forget something that is important. The fee would vary according to How vast your worldly possessions Are and How much time is consumed in planning the disposition but it is usually quite reasonable. If you do draw up your own it would pay to read up on the subject beforehand in material at the Public Library. If you want to will your body for research after death you May secure forms from any medical school through their departments of Anatomy. It it it Atlanta g a q. I would Ilka to go a Atlanta and Hava Hoard Puoplo my it is a Groat City but would Liko to boo a Ama brochures and whore can i writ to got Tho so on this City . A. You can write the Atlanta chamber of Commerce at 1300 Commerce bldg., p. O. Box 1740, Atlanta a. 30301. The local chamber has a directory of addresses of All such offices in the country. In fact you could probably get the information you want right Here at the High Point chamber of Commerce. A or or re action q. This is in reply to Quot Union sought in action line i am in local 1865 in High Point and of the Anonymous person would Call 2631 i would try to help him As much As possible after 5 of clock. By Eric Waha associated press writer Salzburg Austria a president Nixon stopped in this Alpine resort City saturday night for 36 hours of rest and preparation for his Summit meeting with soviet leaders in Moscow. The presidential Jet the spirit of �?T76 will take him to the soviet capital monday morning. Nixon a plane landed about a hour after steel helmeted police with clubs drove an estimated 200 leftist demonstrators from the Airport Landing area. As the president left the plane and approached a cordon of Smock coated Salzburg riflemen. Police pushed and carried another clump of demonstrators from in front of the Airport terminal about 50 Yards from Nixon. Nixon did not appear to notice. He and mrs. Nixon accepted bouquets of Flowers from austrian children then stepped toward their Black limousine. Before taking off on the spirit of 76 for the eight hour flight to Salzburg Nixon said his Mission in the soviet Union would be a search for Quot a world of peace a world of Progress for the trip began three months after the presidents historic visit to communist China. Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky is Host to president and mrs. Nixon during their stay in this rail Industrial and North Viets beaten Back at an Loc by Michael Putzel associated press writer Saigon a South vietnamese forces trying to Clear the Road to the beleaguered provincial capital of an Loc fought off a Day Long attack by North vietnamese tanks and infantry saturday. An american army officer called it in All probability the enemy a Quot last stance for an a rubber Plantation town 60 Miles North of Saigon that has been virtually destroyed in a 44-Day siege. A government Relief column had pushed to within sight of the town before the counter attackers struck at Dawn. In the Central Highlands where the North vietnamese offensive centers around the provincial capital of Korntum. Enemy troops probed government defense lines less than two Miles from the City but no major attacks were reported. In the air War Over North Vietnam the . Command announced that american warplanes had intensified their daily pounding of enemy Supply areas and transportation routes. The command reporting on attacks of thursday said air Force bombers destroyed a fuel tank farm containing More than five million Gallons of Petroleum 3�?Ti Miles East of Hanoi. Spokesmen said about 75 per cent of the depot was wiped out. With bombs leaving Quot one huge a communique said the strike Quot further depletes North Vietnam a supplies used in support of its invading armies in South the bombers also Are carrying out sustained raids against the rail lines linking Hanoi and China. The railroads must be attacked almost daily to keep them out of operation the command said because North Viet Nam mobilizes workers to make Quick repairs. A Navy a7 attack plane was reported shot Down Over the North and its Pilot listed As missing. This raises to 22 the number of american planes lost Over North Vietnam since the resumption of Large scale bombing april 16. Twenty six crewmen have been listed As missing in this period. North Vietnam said . Planes bombed the Periphery of Hanoi again saturday and claimed two were shot Down by North vietnamese gunners. The Vietnam news Agency added in a broadcast from Hanoi heard in Tokyo that Quot Many Civ i i i a n s a a were killed or wounded. In Paris another Vna dispatch distributed by the North vietnamese delegation to the peace talks said . Planes severely damaged part of a lock Friday in an attack on an installation and Dike in thai Binh province. Explosive and antipersonnel bombs were used it added and two lock workers were wounded. The North vietnamese assault on Highway 13 leading to an Loc a was a completely abortive attack a said col. J. Ross Franklin a senior american Field adviser. Quot they spent the first half hour in attack and the next two hours associated press correspondent Lynn c. Newland reported that fighting continued throughout the Day however and the enemy kept up its shelling of an Loc and the Relief Force trying to Clear the Highway. The town reduced to rubble by Allied bombing and the heaviest sustained enemy bombardment of the War has been ordered held at All costs by president Nguyen Van Thieu. A battered Garrison Force remains dug in supplied by air. Tourist Center overlooked by a medieval fortress. Kreisky a son or. Peter Kreisky 28, was among austrians who planned anti Nixon demonstrations to coincide with the presidents visit. The Chancellor commented before Nixon a arrival Quot we disagree but i think my son is old enough to have his own the president and mrs. Nixon and their official party were welcomed by Kreisky and other austrian officials As a local band played martial music. Before entering his car the president paused with the Chancellor to face a Bank of photographers and then to wave at a crowd of several Hundred standing nearby. The Nixon drove to the 18th-Century Lessheim Palace where they Are staying. At one Point on the motorcade route police linked arms to keep Back an estimated 2,000 persons. Some in the crowd shouted at the passing limousines. Away from the motorcade about 500 demonstrators paraded through the downtown area chanting Quot americans get out of Security in the City was tight with an estimated 1,500 police on duty because of the leftist demonstrations aimed at the . Role in Vietnam. As he left Washington Nixon said he hoped for Quot very important substantive talks in Moscow to Lay the foundation for a new relationship so americans and russians can live together in peace in the world and. Use their great o avoid those situations that Lead to conflicts anyplace in the . Officials have indicated that a first step agreement limiting . And soviet nuclear weapons will be announced Dur. Ing Nixon a Moscow visit. They also looked to an agreement on Trade and space cooperation. During the 4,350 mile flight from Washington Nixon stayed in his Cabin aboard the presidential Jet conferring with advisers and Reading from 14 briefing books containing material on his soviet visit As Well As his stops in Austria Iran and Poland. Nixon wife inspect austrian Honor guard a wire photo Queen Elizabeth 2 arrives in port without incident Cherbourg France apr the Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth 2 docked intact saturday night completing an Atlantic crossing enlivened by a $350,000 bomb blackmail threat. The Pride of the British merchant Fleet reached Cherbourg with 2,350 passengers and Crew. Search teams were still looking for the six bombs that an Anonymous Call in new York said were hidden aboard the 65,000-ton liner. The caller said that unless he was paid $350,000, the bombs would be detonated aboard the ship by an sex convict and a terminal cancer patient. He did Call Back however to give further instructions. Cunard officials maintained that no Ransom Money was paid. Capt. William Law 61, said at a news conference in one of the Queens first class lounges that he kept the bomb menace a secret from the passengers from wednesday night to late thursday afternoon. The threat was announced barely an hour before a team of British bomb disposal experts parachuted to the ship to Hunt for the six devices. Quot we were very much averse to telling the passengers about a suspected bomb explosion Law said. Quot we did no to want our passengers to become Panicky. So quite deliberately we did no to Tell them. Quot if it Wasny to that the world was taking it More seriously than we were they have Learned. A British broadcasting corp. Newscast heard on Board the ship gave some passengers an inkling of the growing drama before the Captain announced the threat. Law said he Learned about the bomb threat wednesday evening in a Telephone Call from a Cunard official in new York. Quot he spoke very guardedly to me Law recalled. Quot he did no to want the world to get the As for the captains own reaction to the threat Law told newsmen Quot i thought it was extremely but he added Quot i was very Happy to see the parachutists. I was glad to have somebody on Board who knew what they were capt. Robert Williams 29, who led the bomb squad was making his first Quot operational Parachute jump. Quot i just went a he said. Quot i was scared stiff. The bomb squad went first to what they called the ships vulnerable areas not specified to newsmen for Security reasons then widened their search throughout the huge vessel. They said they found no indication that the ship had been tampered with in any Way. Williams said the search was continuing on the last leg of the voyage from Cherbourg to Southampton. Tanker is damaged by blast in Harbor Baile Reading Bremer s Odyssey. Page 14a pc graduates Page 2a breath of life. Page id editorial. Page 4-a women a news. Section b sports. Television. Page 12-c entertainment. Pages i Mac obituaries. Page 3d classified. Pages 3-20d Newport i. A an explosion of unknown origin damaged a Small coastal Tanker and ignited a Brief fire aboard the vessel in Newport Harbor saturday. The blast came As the ship approached the High level Newport suspension Bridge which links Newport with Jamestown Island near the Entrance to Narragansett Bay. The explosion was inside the ship the coast guard reported. It apparently had no connection with a letter sent earlier in the Day to the Newport newspaper by a Quot liberation front which claimed it had Quot mined Newport Harbor during the night. A Row of balloons anchored by cords to half bricks was found across the Entrance to the Harbor some distance from the scene of the ship blast. Members of the Crew brought the fire under control quickly As the ship lost Power and drifted toward the East Shore of the Bay. One Man was brought ashore for treatment after being overcome by fumes but it was not known whether he was one of the Crew of the ship or a coast guardian from several boats sent to assist the ship. Officers on duty at the Jamestown police station said that they witnessed the explosion and that the blast Shook buildings on Jamestown Island. The coast guard sent boats to the scene. A witness on the scene said that the ship was half hidden in the rain and fog. But that a half hour after the explosion there appeared to be no fire. The Newport daily news reported that a letter hand printed in Pencil was pushed through its front door letter Slot during the night. It was addressed Quot dear citizens of Newport Quot and said Quot this is to inform you that quite Early today your Harbor was mined. The mines Are of the common red and Black balloon variety and Are timed to activate in three it said the mines would not be activated if the War in Vietnam was halted if the Navy left Newport and if All prisoners of War were released. Newport police said there appeared to be about too coloured balloons stretched across the Newport Harbor Entrance from the South end of Goat Island to fort Adams. The coast guard sent a boat to investigate. Hawkins throws support to Pat Taylor Pat Taylor gains endorsement Raleigh a the Man who ran third in the democratic gubernatorial primary May 6, Reginald Hawkins saturday endorsed it. Gov. Pat Taylor in the june 3 Runoff. The Black Charlotte dentist urged the 65,950 persons who voted for him to support Taylor in his second primary race against former state sen. Hir Grove Quot skipper Bowles. Bowles captured 44 per cent of the vote May 6, leading Taylor by 62,523 votes but falling Short of a majority. Hawkins with Taylor in Raleigh again saturday morning before making his tinal decision then telephoned the associated press with his statement. He had with both Taylor and Bowles on other occasions since the first primary. Asked if he intended to Campaign actively for Taylor Hawkins said he would do Quot whatever the candidate feels i should do to help elect him a Hawkins said Quot no Deal has been made Between himself and Taylor. Quot my decision to support or. Taylor was based on the following reasons Quot i. His integrity his past service and my belief that he is not tied to any political action "2. His commitment of see that All of the people have a voice in the decision making process of his administration including the Blacks the Young and the women. Quot we strongly feel that the office of governor of this state should not be bought and sold As was the situation to the first primary nor do we feel that a candidate should be packaged by those who have the most Money. Quot the office or governor of this state should be open to All yes even the least of these our citizens a he said. Quot therefore we shall support it. Gov. Taylor in order to get him Hawkins was asked if his decision meant that state Al Cio president Wilbur Hobby who captured 58.990 votes and ran fourth in the first primary would also endorse Taylor. Hobby had said earlier that if he and Hawkins endorsed anyone they would endorse the same candidate. Hawkins said he could not speak for Hobby. Hobby reached at the Al Cio office in Raleigh said he expects to make an announcement by tuesday. He said Quot we be been meeting with our people and have been Quot in communication with Hobby and his supporters have also been meeting with both Bowles and Taylor since the first primary seeing which candidate might adopt some of their major platforms. Taylor announced when he called for the Runoff monday that he would seek to change the tax Laws so that persons making less than $5,000 a year would not have to pay income taxes. Hobby had called for income tax Reform during the first primary but he said monday that Taylor a stand did not necessarily mean he had won the labor leaders endorsement. Reginald Hawkins denies deals

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