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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Another addiction High Point Enterprise Friday May it 1972 to walking dead writes Bishop a dear or. Bishop a a Man writes from Texas a i read an article of yours published in the caller times of Corpus Christi about drug addiction and the a walking dead it is of special interest to me for you see i have been placed in prison and Given a 99-year sentence for my addiction. Yes in Man addict not the kind you refer to but closely related and i have just joined the walking dead. A let me bore you with a Little about myself. I was one of three children one brother one sister born of poor parents. I served in the air Force 1951 to 1955. I married in 1955 while my wife was still in High school. I put a both through College in Oklahoma by working. A we have five children two boys three girls. No one in our family has Ever been in jail. Anything i have or used to have i earned i say this not bragging Only to show that addicts come in All sizes shapes and forms. A on september 7, 1969, i had a coronary occlusion. It can happen to anyone. Hospital a 7 weeks Home 6 weeks. My business began to fall apart but it be helped. Health comes first. A speaking of health i was on the bed with my oldest son who is twelve years of age watching . A commercial came on from one of our Home stations warning about narcotics. As i say he was Only twelve but to make conversation i asked if he knew anything about drugs. A sure dad a he said candidly a there is All kinds of dope around i see it every a was i slowly sat up in bed in horror he rattled on about All kinds of pills heroin Weed and pot. He sounded to me like a pharmacist. A Pat i said casually a have you Ever taken any. V he hesitated. Then he grinned. A a in be smoked pot a he said. In a afraid my voice began to crack a a a where do you get it a i said a of a he said a at the school Here at the apartment or the drive i begged him to Tell me who was pushing it. A dad he said. A i can t. Those people would really Hurt i had a twelve year old son who was terrified of his a emotionally i Wen overboard. Out of my mind. I told my wife we would sell out business and apartment and move out into the country where the air is clean and Bray to god we weren to too Ite. I was Panicky to leave at once. I went to my Bank and tried to borrow Money on a farm Home. No Money was tight. I tried ail the Bankers and savings and Loans. They had no Money for a farm. The doctor looked me Over and said if i did no to quit worrying and smoking i would not live another year. He did t know that my heart was the Small problem. I went after the pushers. On two occasions i called the police and told them where the Pusher was. Nothing happened. I furnished his name and address. Nothing. One Day at the school i watched him make Contact with la kids. No police car answered my Call for help a two boys were arrested for using pot. No one arrested the Man who sold it. I kept telling myself that i had to get my children away from it. I had to. On August 2, 1970,1 bought a gun. Two men and i robbed a Bank of $81,000. I took $40,000 to my lawyer and told him my brother was helping me to buy a farm Selling for $28,000. A i done to know How they do it but the Fri men were waiting for me. I begged the lawyer to take the Money Quick and at least buy the farm for my wife and kids. He . No one was Hurt in the robbery and the guns were empty so in a in for 99 years. I done task mercy. The Guy who dances must be ready to pay the fiddler a we have the most intelligent religious and wonderful country in the world but we have fallen asleep and do not recognize our enemies. Dope has done More damage than the attack on Pearl Harbor. In a broken. In a helpless. I can to fight in prison. But you can. Organize against organized crime. We re bigger than they Are. America needs prevention not cure. A still there is a Happy ending to my Story. My brother has a Good farmhouse. There my wife and children Are Content. School grades Are up behaviour and discipline Are Good. They Are All much closer and spend More time together. A my twelve year old i s fourteen. He a a bus boy. After Only three weeks he was promoted to head bus boy a think of that he bought his own clothes a Bike and had his Teeth fixed. He a saving up for two tape recorders so that we can speak directly to each other. A if i Ever get out in a going to become a probation officer and try to turn out hundreds of bus boys. A a. Davidson schools summer session plans Are approved by Board Nanci Coble accepts award Ragsdale deca s announce awards Jamestown the Ragsdale distributive education club held its ninth annual employer employee banquet wednesday night. Max Meeks was the featured speaker and his talk was entitled the clubs employer appreciation award went to Ernest j. Of Bannion who is the innkeeper at the Holiday inn downtown in High Point and Nanci Coble of Sedgefield received the student improvement award. The . Appreciation award was Given to mrs. Henry l. Coble. Drama review a big a slow pitch Lexington plans for the upcoming summer school session and teacher allotments for the 1972-73 school year were approved Here wednesday night in a meeting of the Davidson county Board of education. Under the coming years state teacher allotment the county system will lose one teaching Post. Supt. E. Lawson Brown said that under the state allotment three elementary teachers will be lost and two High school posts will be gained accounting for the net loss of one position paid for by state funds. The state allotment is based upon projected enrolment. The summer school program will involve the use of All elementary schools in the system and Central Davidson High school. At the High school the summer curriculum will include math science English social studies typing health and physical education. Band will also be offered if there is enough demand. Tuition for the High school summer work will be $40 for the term from june 5 thought july 19. Pre school programs will be offered at All elementary schools june 5-30. Summer Library programs will be of a the lion in Winter a comes on As a fast curve Ball. The new production at the Bam dinner theatre is brilliantly staged. The cast performs valiantly the direction by James Erie is generally Superb. The sets and the costumes designed by Andra Weddington impart the sparseness of life in a medieval Castle. So the setting is nearly perfect like an immaculate infield. So Why is there a rising sense of impatience and frustration watching this performance because no one Ever hits the Ball. Playwright James Goldman pitches his lines furiously As he imagines a family confrontation in the Royal household at Chiron in France at christmastime in the year 1183. So fast does the dialogue Flash by that the closest attention must be paid to savor the humor and grasp the nuances of character. Then nothing happens. At the last moment that curve Ball comes across again. The tension is lost the characterization is thrown awry. Time and place Are shattered a the lion in Winter is neither comedy nor drama it is the playwrights conceit. For example. In the final scene of the second act Henry ii confronts his Queen Eleanor in his Chambers. They argue furiously Over which of their sons is to be his successor. Henry has a new mistress. He is confronted with demands from the Young King of France that alais be married to Richard in accordance with an agreement Between Henry and Louis. Henry does not want Richard to be his successor he does not want to give up alais. Equally Strong willed Eleanor plays her own game in the Royal intrigue. She holds her own in the argument with Henry finally he storms from the room. Alone Eleanor pauses and then shrugs. A Well what family does no to have its ups and Downs a she says. Again. In the second scene of the third act Henry is raging against his three sons whom he has imprisoned in the wine cellar. With sword drawn he seems to threaten their lives. But he does not harm them and As he puts his sword away Eleanor comments a you spare the Rod you la spoil the i do not know what to make of this play with such lines As these being spoken by these characters in this particular setting. There Are Many Good things in the barn production the scene in the Chapel at the conclusion of the first act crackles with its dialogue and action. And when Shannon Terry As Henry ii Bellows a my god i love being King a i Well believe him. But it is Goldman a throw away attitude that bothers me. He has written a sleight of hand a Virginia Woolf in a medieval setting. The mixture does not work neither As comedy nor As drama. The fault is not that of the barn production however i have already mentioned Terry As Henry ii. Others in the excellent cast Are Rachel Bard As Eleanor Dawn Laner As alais Craig Spradley As John James Whiting As Geoffrey William Raulerson As Richard and Christopher Ballant As Philip. Robert Marks it Janusz so theatres i Stanley Kerrick s6�h we a a clockwork Orange a Janus i ooh to it to Janus ? too to to a concert for Bangladesh 7, 9, i i Charlie chaplins 1 a modern times Quot g ? Quot City lights a i to i a ill la Pepsi kiddie show sat. 10 . Admission ?5�?~ and 3 Pepsi Caps Quot All hands on Dock Quot e Pepsi cola w Register for Kmart super Bike $ doctor Zhivago Geraldine Chaplin Omar Sharif Julie Christie the Baru dinner theatre with new Tork cast the magic Stace now haying a the lion in Winter a comedy extra every wed. Night a dinner music = a when your husband walks out there ate three things you gotta do. Get a Job get a lawyer and get a girls girls girls carnival burlesque adult entertainment at it s Best located on Prospect St. At 1-85, High Point . Each night 7 pm. 12 Midnight. Now thru sat. Night sponsored by West end vol. Fire dept of Randolph county color time 7 00 . One i is a lonely number color in Martin twin i to i Westchester drive bus 009 7 time 7 10-9 00 a Joo is that rare movie you simply have to see toot inc to Quot Joe Quot is the Quot easy rider Quot and Quot Bonnie and Clyde Quot of the year a time Magazine shows twice Tonitte at 8 51 and 12 22 the great american obsession a gets Lak to rest. Playboy Magazine a an a Quot omm what a Learned in school today recant comedies drown it puff in Doid of of Fox vol min guess what we Learned in school Loday a Colora Diu a a. A Cannon am the 2 most asked for Tbs 2 Mott talked about Tho 2 most controversial hits of the year is showing at 10 5011 a mrs Only 1"�? my Hal theatre a a it cartoon Ipp i i Barite at Mir re Jap Xieo Pomtree wig Midway a starts tonight it both first outdoor run a All in color a a a ifs Here. The movie that has everyone wanting to go Back to school a isl run a to them life is a Bau Bau after Ball after Ball class they taught More than they Learned St Pat wooden a Marki Bey a Sandra Currie a Barbara Caron color i. F Athar Mottler ass Ghert Hind Story of the sensuous family color Columba pictures presents a Joel Stemberger production porn movie no Ottyce Ort no Umoh ii mounts mint too i show at i 40 pm. Coming next the a Adamy award Winner for jest. Pc pictures and a most actor Quot the French connection Quot it feed at the elementary schools Central High and Denton. In addition a federally financed Reading program is to be held june 19 july 21 at the elementary schools and at Denton for educationally deprived students with Reading difficulties and third and fourth Grade pupils needing remedial instruction. Other items on the meetings Agenda included discussion of the teacher tenure act a report by Brown of increased costs of insurance for the system and adoption of fees for the next school year. Fees for grades 1-8 will be $5, and those for the High school students will vary according to the courses. The Board agreed to the Usa of two schools As centers for the Davidson county Community actions summer feeding program which involves free lunches and various cultural activities to youth. S to if9f i he a 1 c h i j of r i i hah in Quot Gigi 0 a also a Quot forbidden flesh Quot continuous showing a night owl late show Fri. Amp sat. 11 30 pm a the love Garden Quot Ali seats51.50 doors open 11 . Rated x no on under 18 Tow be t heat re a a when your husband walks out there Are three things you gotta do. Get a Job get a lawyer and get a Man a is a lonely number Mem presents a David i Wolper production one is a lonely number stirring Trish Van Devere a Monte Markham a Janet Leigh and Mervyn Douglas screenplay by David Seltzer music Michel Legrand produced by Stan Margulies directed by Mel Stuart a me trocolor Martin twin ii it afo 10 1 wish i s it k Kivi a Huv is in open 8 00 show at dusk now 2 great movies on one giant program summer of�?T42 the summer of 72 could be your summer of 47 we dont miss written by Arthur Hailey v. I a single exciting \ minute of summer of �?�42&Quot or Motel Quot jul both Are just great \ quote in Rte Iii everyone a life there s a summer of �?T42 Jennifer o Neill a Carv Grimes Jerry mouser a Oliver Conant i from Arthur Hailey the Man that wrote a a Airport behind doors things up Sod and breathed shaking off a hangover of Emo tii and passion. Also with to will in Quot vanishing Point a in o based on the novel by Arthur Hailey i Spaak Mal Oen Oberon

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