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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers mild Mort data on Pas 3a �?�8th year a no. 140 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A Friday afternoon May 19, 1972 28 pages Call us circulation. <82-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every one. Easy going parking q. Who collected Money from Tho furniture men for parking in the lot for Tho new Post office did this Money help the taxpayers or go to the pockets Al the postal higher anon. A. Neither a not even the postal lower Downs. Postmaster Crissman says they get no Money for its use. They have an arrangement with Bowman Oil co. To get it in condition for parking As a Courtesy to furniture men at the Spring and fall markets. In return for their work and to defray what costs there Are in labor and liability insurance they keep any parking fees they May collect. Since you a probably like to know if this is a Semi annual Windfall we asked Bill Bowman who said they a a done to make much for these reasons the lot is operated or manned Only two Days for each of these two markets the parkers usually get there before they do to collect if parkers object to paying anything they done to argue but let them Park free and they never charge for High pointers who wish to use it. A poisoning penalties 0. Somebody poisoned my dog with strychnine and i would like to know what Tho penalty is for poisoning dogs. Please publish this in Tho paper what Tho penalty is for Tho Benefit of those who might to putting it out to keep Thorn from having to Servo time. C. P. A. Here is the Law pertaining to cruelty to animals contained in article 27, sections 76-79 a any person who wilfully sets on foot instigates engages in or in any Way furthers any act of cruelty to any animal or any act tending to produce such cruelty or by any act conduct neglect or commission wilfully causes permits or suffers any animal to undergo any species of torture or cruelty shall be deemed guilty of a Misdemeanour. A a any person partnership or corporation being the owner possessor or custodian of a dog cat or other Domestic animal who Abandons such animal or drops or leaves such animal on a Street Road Highway or in a Public place or on private property with intent to abandon it shall be deemed guilty of a Misdemeanour and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a Fine not to exceed Hoo. A the words a torture or cruelty shall be held to include everything whereby unjustifiable pain suffering or death is caused or permitted and the word animal shall be held to include every living creature except the Guilford county humane society a investigator mrs. Rhonda Bost says this includes traps Poison a anything that maims or kills or tortures the animal. Judges she says take a dim View of anyone poisoning animals. Children can get this Poison from grass the dog drags through. Any kind of Poison is bad she says. Even a con labels warn to put it in nailed Down boxes up High for rats. Mrs. Bost adds that if the person who does this can be pinned Down he or she will a sure go to court a win or a prize freeze complaints q. I would like sumo information on a Ford that i bought in Thomasville August 23, 1971. Tho Price was Frozen when i bought it and i understand i am to got a tax refund since they took Tho Federal excise tax on it. I Haven t heard anything from the Ford motor company yet. I called Thompson Auto hero in Thomasville several times and can t set any satisfaction and i wrote to Dearborn mich., several times. That was March and have Hoard nothing from that. I wondered what would Bot a next step to take. . Q. We Are having trouble with the Ford motor company concerning Tho excise tax due on the new 72 Model cars bought in october. My car was bought in Lexington and we would like to know which Federal office should we report this matter in order to receive Tho refund duo us. . A. Write a letter which includes the Model and serial number of the car the Date purchased and where it was bought and mail it to Federal excise tax refund unit attention j. A. Adams room 273 Ford division of Ford marketing corp. P. 0. Box 1530 Dearborn Michigan racing sponsor wanted q. Someone wanted to sponsor a race car in the paper on april 7th and i am building a race car and would like to get the name of this person or information on How i could get in Contact with Thorn. Thank you. Jake Bodenheimer 882-5380. 0. Will Tho person who wanted to sponsor a race Ca real 885-2398 after 5 o clock. Terry Beasley. Or or o sound off q. I saw the boy scouts on the highways and would like to take this Opportunity to thank them pers Nauy to try to make our City More Beautiful and i am going to try to be a Little bit More careful when it comes to littering. I thank them very much for giving their time. Or. J. Force of blast in Pentagon bathroom pushed Wall outward this views shows investigators conferring in a corridor a wire photo bomb shatters restroom in Pentagon no injuries Washington a a bomb exploded in a restroom at the Pentagon Early today blew out two Interior wails and sent tons of water from broken pipes gushing through offices and a shopping concourse. A n Antiwar organization claimed responsibility for the blast. Few workers were in the area at the time and officials said this prevented injuries. Police aided by a dog specially trained to sniff out explosives continued an exhaustive search of the sprawling military Headquarters Complex even As the Pentagon a 28,000 employees showed up for work six hours later. No More bombs were found. The fourth floor women a washroom was demolished fixtures were shattered the ceiling caved in and a 2%-foot Hole blasted through the floor. Most of the damage from the blast was confined to the bathroom area. Despite the problems. Brig. Gen. Daniel James said a a it a business As usual James is the Deputy assistant enemy driven Back at Korntum Saigon a some 2,000 North vietnamese supported by seven medium tanks assaulted an outer defense of Korntum. In the Central Highlands in five Waves thursday night but South vietnamese forces and american aircraft drove them Back spokesmen reported today. The enemy infantrymen drove to within two Miles of the provincial capital and at times the fighting was hand to hand. But it appeared to be a probe or show of strength. Like a similar attack last sunday rather than an assault to capture the City. South vietnamese spokesmen reported 92 of the attackers killed Many of them by the . F4 phantoms and b52 bombers that supported the defenders. They said three Saigon troops were killed and Sev a were wounded but the casualties were believed to be higher. Spokesmen said seven t54 medium tanks were supporting the North vietnamese but remained about three Miles Back. One was reported knocked oat by a . Gunship. An hour before Dawn the North vietnamese troops pulled Back after eight hours of fighting spokesmen said. Field reports said the attack was made on positions less than two Miles Northwest of the City the same sector that was the target last sunday. These reports said the first wave detonated antipersonnel Claymore mines sowed to guard the perimeter and the steel fragments thrown out by the mines a a decimated the attackers. In the air War against North Vietnam the . Command announced that two Navy f4 phantoms from the Carrier Midway shot Down two mig19 interceptors thursday 35 Miles Northeast of Hanoi. The North vietnamese jets came up from the rep air base to Challenge . Bombers attacking the Northeast railway Between Hanoi and China. The phantoms were escorting the bombers. . Planes flew about 250 strikes against targets in North Vietnam thursday and another 250 today informed american sources said. Pilots reported flying through heavy fire from antiaircraft missile and artillery batteries. Radio Hanoi claimed five american jets were shot Down thursday but the . Commands announcement made no mention of any losses. What s inside amusement 8-7 b Bridge 83 classified ads 8-1 so comics a crossword 8b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports 3 so television 7 a women s news 8-10a weather 3a Secretary of defense for Public affairs. The restroom is located on the Pentagon be ring the outermost of five rings in the five sided building. Fri agents sifted through the rubble looking for clues and James said that until the investigation is completed they were not a prepared to say what Type of explosive device was used. The explosion came six hours before stringent Security provisions requiring inspection of All packages and briefcases brought into the Pentagon the worlds largest office building were to have gone into effect because of planned Antiwar demonstrations in Washington. The defense department said the scene in a no restricted area is two full City blocks away from the office of air Force Secretary Robert c. Seamans or. In the building that covers More than 30 acres. Master sgt. Jack Pickrell was one of to persons working in the air Force message Center 300 feet Down the corridor at the time of the blast. A you could smell the powder a he said indicating the blast was caused by some Type of explosive powder. He Aid dust in the corridor was so thick he had trouble finding the restroom to see if anyone was inside. No one was. A you could actually feel the building shake a said capt. William f. Kelly also working in the message Center. A was soon As it went off people in the message Center rushed into the Hall and saw what looked like a big fog Hank coming Down the at 1 05 am., five minutes after the blast a caller identifying himself As a the Weatherman a told the new York Post a we have just bombed the office of the Secretary of the air Force in the a note found in a pay phone Booth near the Post building in new York said the blast was in retaliation to . Bombing in Vietnam. Similar Telephone Calls went to the new York times and radio station a bin pm in Boston. An organization known As the a a weather underground a claimed responsibility for the March i 1971, . Capitol bombing that caused $200,000 in damages. Most of the Capitol damage was in an ornate restroom. Arms control pact ready for Summit by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Washington Apas administration sources report a .-soviet strategic arms control Accord virtually ready for announcement president Nixon is moving into a final round of conferences prior to departure saturday for his Moscow Summit talks. An unusual secret session with the soviet ambassador to the United states preceded Nixon a planned meeting today with congressional leaders and with vice president Spiro t. Agnew just Back from a far East tour that included a Vietnam visit. Accompanied by presidential adviser Henry Kissinger soviet ambassador Anatoly f. Dobrynin flew by helicopter in the wee hours thursday to the secluded Camp David md., Retreat where Nixon had been since tuesday preparing for his talks beginning monday with soviet leaders. Dobrynin and Nixon conferred for about an hour on thursday White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said in disclosing the trip after Dobrynin and Kissinger flew Back to Washington. Ziegler divulge what was discussed but the Mountaintop conference was believed to have included the movement toward an agreement to Check the missile race. Administration sources said they anticipate a strategic arms control Accord will be ready for announcement during Nixon a eight Day soviet visit. The president flies saturday to Salzburg Austria where he will rest until monday when he travels on to Moscow. He has scheduled Brief stops in Iran and Poland in route Back to the United states. Administration sources said agreement has been reached in principle on a first step arms control pact. They added that . And soviet negotiators Are working at an intensive Pace in Helsinki with a goal barring any last minute snags of completing drafts in time for the Moscow Summit. The proposed Accord is said to be in two parts. One is a treaty which would limit . And soviet anti ballistic missiles. The second is an interim agreement which would put ceilings on land and submarine launched missiles. The United states and the soviet Union joined thursday in ratifying an International treaty barring emplacement of nuclear weapons on sea Beds outside the 12-mile territorial limits. Ratification by the sponsoring Powers the United states the soviet Union and great Britain brought to 30 the number of nations which have approved the treaty and the ceremonies held thursday in Washington Moscow and London placed the pact into Force. At the state department ceremony Secretary of state Wil patient Alert Ham p. Rogers represented the United states and joked with Dobrynin who was just Back from Camp David. At one Point Dobrynin said a a i have some other treaties to a later later a Rogers responded. Besides arms limits Nixon stalks in Moscow with communist party chairman Leonid i. Brezhnev Premier Alexei n. Kosygin and other soviet leaders Are Likely to Range Over the sources of East West conflict or tension Vietnam the Middle East and Europe. Nixon pays visit to Goy. Wallace Washington a president Nixon visited Alabama gov. George c. Wallace today at holy Cross Hospital and said the governor convalescing from gun wounds looks very Alert. A the has not been depressed by this terrible Nixon said of his visit to the governors bedside. The president told reporters after the 45-minute meeting that the main topic of conversation was Nixon a upcoming trip to Russia and the health of the governor. Wallace was gunned Down late monday at a rally in Laurel my. He was taken to the Hospital in Silver Spring md., for treatment. Nixon said he reiterated Bis offer to let Wallace stay at the presidential suite at nearby Walter Reed Hospital. The president said the governor told him that he might at a later time but he was eager to get Back to Alabama. In his wife a eyes Wallace is a scrapper who May walk again just because his doctors Tell him there Isnit much Chance of it but who a a does no to need a pair of legs to use his mind or speak out and say the things people want to Quot the thing about George a said Cornelia Wallace a is that he must have a Challenge and what god has Given him is the Challenge of his already he has begun to meet it mrs. Wallace told the associated press in an interview. And if the final verdict from his doctors is a probable lifetime of paralysis she said a the will take that As a Challenge to show them they re the 52-year-old Alabama governor a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination was shot Down in an assassination attempt at Laurel md., on the eve of Maryland a presidential primary. He won that election tuesday and the Michigan primary the same Day. But a 38-caliber pistol Bullet which struck his spine left him temporarily at least without the use of his legs. The operation to remove that Bullet will probably come in a week to to Days doctors said thursday but it will he at least two or three months before Wallace is Able to get around much. Or. James Galbraith University of Alabama neurosurgeon on the medical team said Wallace was a resting Well and feel ing a Little better thursday. Wallace volunteers opened an office in holy Cross Hospital where he is being cared for to handle the deluge of mail and Flowers. The bouquets How see Nixon on Page 2a .-soviet space flight agreement to be signed by Howard Benedict a aerospace writer Cape Kennedy Fla. Apr the United states and the soviet Union Are ready to sign an agreement on a joint manned space flight during president Nixon s visit to Moscow next week space Agency sources say. In addition there Are reports the russians have solved the problem which killed three cosmonauts last year and Are ready to launch their second salyut space station possibly while Nixon is in the soviet Union. . Space sources say several preliminary meetings with soviet experts on the joint space venture have been very successful and that barring political changes both sides Are ready to announce a go ahead. The Mission is expected to take place in june 1975 with three american astronauts scheduled to Fly a modified Apollo spaceship to a linkup with a manned salyut station in Earth orbit. For two Days the astronauts and three cosmonauts would remain in space together working in both spaceships. Scott losing political grip in democratic party an a nows analysis by Melvin Lang associate press writer Raleigh a gov. Bob Scott is becoming a political outcast of his own party As democrats Hargrove a a skipper a Bowles and la gov. Pat Taylor Man Euver for individuality in their bid for the gubernatorial nomination. Its not unusual in North Carolina for a candidate to disavow any connection with the incumbent governor who by Law is barred from attempting to continue his own administration. But in Scott Scase the disassociation combined with the waning influence of a lame Duck governor Borders on ostracism. Four years ago outgoing gov. Dan Moore intervened As head of the party to negotiate the nomination for Scott by successfully halting Mel Broughton consideration of a second primary. Moore a action generally was accepted As the proper function of the party a titular head. A week ago Scott went to Taylor with a similar Sugges Tion in the interest of party Unity it would be Best to avoid a Runoff with Bowles. Scott a move was rejected by Taylor who has served As the governors second in command for nearly four years. Taylor intimated he considered the Scott action undue interference and then announced plans for a second primary. Since that time Scott has retreated again proclaiming neutrality until after the Runoff. It was the same stand he had taken publicly during the Campaign leading to the first primary on May 6. The governor now rejects any discussion for the record of his role in the electioneering process. Neutrality and its merits flared this week when Frank Rouse state chairman for the Republican party publicly declared his support for gubernatorial hopeful Jim Gardner and joined the Gardner Campaign Scott publicly has followed tradition in refusing to endorse either candidate. Instead he announced Early last year he would invite candidates of All parties to a briefing on state of see Kott on Page 2a gov. Bob Scott then the americans would separate and Fly an Earth orbit Mission of about la Days surveying Earth s resources. The cosmonauts would remain aboard their station for an indefinite period. At least three . Astronauts Are taking russian language lessons in the event they Are tagged for the historic flight. They Are Thomas p. Stafford Veteran of three space trips John l. Swigert who has flown once and Donald k. Slayton one of the original seven astronauts who until recently was grounded by a heart murmur. Russians first salyut Mission was launched april 19. 1971, and was joined in orbit five Days later by three soyuz to cosmonauts. They had trouble stabilizing the pressure Between the two vehicles and returned to Earth. Engineers worked out a solution and on june 6, the three Man soyuz la Crew was launched to rendezvous with the same station. They remained in space a record 24 Days but died during their return to Earth because of a defect in the spacecraft Hatch. Space Agency sources say reports from Moscow indicate the soyuz 12 Crew will be composed of Only two cosmonauts and they will Wear pressurized spacesuits which . Experts said would have saved the soyuz ii cosmonauts. \ i

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