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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina High my Enterprise Friday May 19, 1972 Jacoby on bridge1 no safety play foolish North is 1063 Vii a a63 ak964 West East kqj97 52 Vjio 3 vj9742 1072 4j985 q8 Jio South d ass Vaks a kq4 7532 both vulnerable West North East South i hot. Pass 3n.t. Pass pass pass opening Lead k a Oswald a Jamas Jacoby an expert looks foolish any time he makes an unnecessary safety play. He looks foolish but he Only feels foolish when he neglects the safety play and loses his contract As a result. A Hie Ordinary Bridge player holds up his Ace of Spades until the third Lead of the suit. Then he plays Dummy Sace and King of clubs. The Queen Jack Ami ten drop nicely and he claims the rest of the tricks. The expert also holds off twice on the Spades. Then he leads a Low club and carefully covers West a eight with Dummy s nine. East wins a Surprise trick but can to do anything about getting his partner on Lead and expert South makes the rest of the tricks to wind up with four no Trump As against the five no Trump made by those who banged out the top clubs. Of the game is match Point duplicate the expert South feels a trifle guilty about getting a poor score instead of a Good one. In fact expert South might Well have made the simple play in clubs on the theory that it could Only Hurt him if West held three clubs in addition to his five Spades. In a rubber Bridge game expert South regret the lost 30 Points at All. He would know that he had made a play designed to insure game and rubber and expert rubber Bridge players pay no attention to Over tricks that Are Only made by jeopardizing the contract. Janus Jet theatres i my Wood ill ill we by kid a eke to Quot a clockwork Orange Quot i of t m 11 m in a a my soot i a i concert for Bangladesh to it it 7,9 la so to in. I. To. La mid nil of i Lei of of i Center a it Kuth Mam til sat. J 9.30-11 30 it s our saturday morning Mcdonald movie party. Free with a ticket a rom Mcdonald s or so at our Box office under 14 yrs. Old a Tess of the storm country Quot prizes too dining out a emf to previews plink across 32 gallon a a _. 33 main courses i repast 37 shelf 5 appointment 41 weekday a for dining out 43 Chart f artistic dance 44 bitter vetch la mixed Green 45 High Cost of 13 appetizing flavor 14 Genus of shrubs 15 one Scot 36 High priest is Knight of Bath commander a 19 Midwest state a 20 bad prefix 21 Wapiti 22 one of the Fords 25 separates 28 biological duct 30 yugoslav City 31 adjective suffix living a 46 Madame a 47 make lace 48 assert positively 51 roof of Mouth 54 required 55 wild celebrations 56 press 57 sea eagles Var Down 1 Baccante 2 feminine name pm 3 Arab name a French ask Andy article pm 5 father Coll 6 pub drink 7 spoke 8 suitable for eating 9 Thicket 10 those people 11 moving with the wind 32 bags 27 boy 23 always 24 narrow Road 26 Small bottle 27 Small Island 29 stopped flow 33 masculine name 34 centers 35 Bank worker 36 famous Uncle 38 keep in custody 39 rasps 4 0-Park, Colorado resort 43 seedy Gourd 49 nigerian tribe 50 genesis a 52 exist 53 late greek a to ask a question of Andy address postal cards a not Lofters a to ask Andy Caro of Tho High feint Enterprise. To sure to include your name ago name of your parents and address. Valuable p of Are Given to the Whoso questions selected for Tho column. Dioso Ore 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 a g it the ii of la of 15�?o hit 21 22�?o 23 24 2t 26 27 a 28 29 a 30 h 21 52�?� it 34 5r 36 a 37�?� 38 39 it if a u 4f it a i i 3t 49 so St 52 53 or St or r it Andy Send a Complete 22-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Ginger Cross age to of Muncie Indiana for her question do the colors of our Reg have any special meanings this paragraph is for those adults who feel downhearted about the so called youth generation. Please regard today a question As typical of Many. The mail to this column reveals the unusual majority of solid citizens and the usual percentage of rebels. The problems seem More numerous because we have a bumper crop of children. As usual it is up to the adults to take the major responsibilities and enjoy them As privileges. Our bumper crop is the same As always with these exceptions. The children Are aware that they face More serious problems a and somewhat unaware of How much they need the maximum from their entire adult generation. Ginger says that she wants to Start a collection of respectful statements about the Flag. She asked the right person but respect is one of those words with deep Down meanings. Andy can Only try to do it Justice. Other such deep words Are Honor and courage patriotism and loyalty. Everyone has to think hard to understand them. Certain unfortunate Folk can never really grasp them though they often use them to sound holier than they really Are. It also takes a lot of deep Down thinking to understand the Flag. The original one of 1777 and 13 stars and stripes. The Young founding fathers respectfully regarded it As a new Constellation. But they did not explain the meaning of the red White and Blue until five years later when the Congress used the same colors to design the great Seal of the United states. We can read what the colors mean in the original description of the great Seal. The red stands for hardiness and valor. These Are the Tough qualities of endurance and courage standing right b y us when the whole world seems to be falling apart. The White stands for purity and innocence. The deeper meanings of these words include our Good intentions and True honesty toward ourselves and others. The Blue background is hardest to grasp because it expects us to consider others fairly and sensibly. It stands for vigilance perseverance and Justice. Vigilance is a special kind of watchfulness. It expects us to show our Good intentions and wisely Waits until we do. Perseverance is disappointed when we give up because something worthwhile seems too much trouble. The hardest word is Justice the Quality of fairness. It expects each of us to think a lot about what is fair and sensible for All of us a including ourselves. The words used to describe the colors in our Flag give us a lot to think about. It has other proud and Noble meanings that need no words. Perhaps the Best one is this. Our country a Flag represents each and everyone of us while at the same time representing All of us As one nation. The More 11-county area to have staggering amount of waste from now 2000 school report Trinity High by Debbie Macaluso these last few weeks will be very Busy for the seniors at Tsas. Announcements Are being addressed and mailed senior week is coming up and of course there Are exams. Trinity has come o u t winners once again. The time it is our variety baseball team. They finished the season with Only two losses and won the or conference. In the last game the team Defeated West Davidson in a double header. The first game in the state playoffs was with it. Holly in which Trinity downed the Hawks 4-3. Also in baseball our varsity coach or. Larry Wall was named coach of the year. Congratulations team and coach. This past week has been election week. Student Council officers were selected. These president Gail Scotton president Tommy Mitchell a no Secretary treasurer Marsha Marsh. Congratulations Are also in order Here. As mentioned before next week is senior week. Each Day there will be an Assembly or some other kind of activity especially for the seniors. This will be an extra Busy week. And starting Friday a exams. This too is especially for seniors. Are vice by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer the 11-county Piedmont triad Region is expected to produce More than 114.600,000 tons of solid waste in the 30-year period Between 1970 and 2000 according to a report handed members of the Piedmont triad Council of governments wednesday. The report suggests that the Region will need about 2,000 acres every year As Landfill Sites in order to Bury the refuse the area produces. Presentation of the report during the Council of governments May meeting at the Greensboro High Point win Ston Salem Airport prompted Kernersville mayor Roger Swisher chairman of the committee which supervised preparation of the report to emphasize the need for regional control and regional planning in the area of solid waste disposal. Swisher later in the meeting. Was elected the new chairman of the Council of governments to replace David Darr chairman of the Forsyth county Board of commissioners. Greensboro mayor e. S. Jim Melvin was re elected vice chairman. In other activities Council of government members approved and sent Forward to state and Federal agencies 16 High Point Model cities proposals for the third action year of the program. The programs have a total value of $3.5 million and include approximately $1.7 million in Model cities funds. The third action year will begin in August. Council o f governments members adopted a 1972-1973 budget totalling $204,330. This includes $117,200 in Federal housing and Urban development department funds. Communities which belong to the Agency will pay dues amounting to $61,000 or about the same level As at present. The new budget compares to $219,088 budget used for the current year. In addition the Council of governments program Calls for spending of about $159,000 for the on going comprehensive health planning program. The solid waste disposal study prepared by the research group inc., consult ants is the first of two phases the second phase is expected to establish a plan for handling of solid wastes. The study showed that the Region in 1970 produced l l million tons of solid waste this is expected to grow to an annual production of about 7.1 million tons in the year 2000. Guilford county alone in 1970, is estimated to have produced a total of 427,100 tons of solid wastes by 2000 this is expected to increase to 2.7 million tons a year. Over the 30-year period the county is expected to produce 42.6 million tons of solid waste. The study said that without a technological breakthrough the Region will use about 43.770 acres of land for disposal of wastes Over the 30-year period and urged that the state conduct research and establish a state wide program. It also urged that local governments conduct solid waste collection programs and that All of these operate under Well defined standards and that carefully maintained waste disposal Sites be maintained. The report notes Progress being made in Guilford county where High Point Greensboro and the county have joined in an Effort to Purchase grinder units and to establish three major stations. The first of these is being planned in High Point Early in 1973. You think about All its deep Down meanings the More you just have to respect it. Andy sends a world Book Atlas to Paul Gibson Aga 12, of Salt Lake Utah for hts question do they know what causes auroras scientists As you know refuse to say they know something until they can prove it. As a Rule they Are satisfied when a known set o f circumstances can be depended upon to repeat the same results. Given a certain set of circumstances the auroras can be predicted to occur on schedule a time after time hence we Are just about certain of what causes them. The prediction begins of a1 places in a special Observatory that checks events on the face of the Sun. Aurora prophets wait for the solar flares that usually accompany a rash of sunspots. These enormous gaseous eruptions shoot streams of High Speed ions far out into space. When one is observed on the face of the Sun its charged particles Are expected to strike our upper atmosphere in a Day or so. There they created electrical activity with the Gas molecules in the thin air 60 to 600 Miles above the Earth. Aurora displays then shimmer out from the Polar regions and Ion disturbances aloft disrupt our communication systems. For delicious family sunday Brunch and Buffet fran Jota 230 com to Tho Greensboro i Albert Lack motor inn interstate 40 Airport ish and . By a free parking o i doll facility for Mitt matting conferences and Athar burners battering. A a Barbecue for 4 Barbecue Slaw hush puppies All for 2.50 take out Only 9 movie ratings for parents my tour people thah attn Al the ratio it ii in intern Parent Shaw Tea Mita Lihty Al Maria Cement Tai Eie Winf of thatt Thil Tatt g a Ages admitted Lenerel audience o non Lau Ages admitted by Pere melt guidance Ivy faded some Mot nol Lucy not by notable Tor pre tee Ogea r restricted under t 7 it new a Ercer be Altaf pet pm at Advt Oue a in o no oni Unoura i a admitted i of a inn. Mar a a a in ter am read 0 it 55 my Nim Nisho a Aalt Quot a "4�?Trn mat in mum a the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise Sonny amp Cher live in concert Sun. May 21-2 . $7-$6 $5.00 Good seats still available. Coliseum Box office Greensboro coliseum Wong s chinese restaurant 2872 n. Main Tel. 885-8862 open 7 Days week serving the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Caff 885-8862 l&essl86bi�l Culpepper Scattie co. Pm -21 20th Century Fox i of or by do luxe shows a 7 la 9 00 i sat Suh i a 3 a 5 7t> 7 ii 9 00 Towne theatre Iii m i Mph Matt coming soon 3 Days Only june 6 7 8 of Calcutta Quot Alt Siats Ris tvo a mat i. To to j of in a to am s of to Iascu Patton Thorf in Jas 3 Winner 0f6 Academy awards Center pc Imp i my returns special limited engagement 11th floor a Green drive ing Southern furniture exposition building Public dining of its finest Mondo a Friday luncheon Buffet 11 30 a m. A 2 00 dinner 5 30 . A 10 00 . Fresh seafood each wednesday night 5 30 . 10 of . Saturday dinner 5 30 . A 10 00 . We will be closed each sunday beginning May 21, 1972 to give our employees this Day with their families. Geouge Seoul 4. I Cai j. J pro Kari. Malden Geraldine Chapin a Julie Christie to Courtenay Aik guinness so Mckenna a Ralph Richardson Omar Sharif Rod Steiger Rita Tushingham smut. A am Nom Robert Solt David lean in Pana vision Ano me Roc com i Martin twin i a Wiz is Igor Westt Nostia of Etui Ais oot in Patton color it of luxe Tunnia in i up Al i a re in a a wee shows at 2 00-5 00-8 00 Billy Jack Quot returns june 2nd o n a three locations to Servo you 2000 n. Main St. Tai. 885-8197 Southgate shopping Conter Tel. 885-2063 516 National Highway Thomasville Tel. 475-6514 7 to

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