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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 18, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers cooler Friday More data on Page 5a 88th year a no. 139 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A thursday afternoon May 18, 1972 44 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads .115-2177 All other departments ss5-2h1 daily 10c, sunday 25ciron horse play q. I am trying to organize a Model Railroad club in High Point. There Are according to my inform Tio Many isolated individuals who a love their Iron the dealers around Here Tell me there Are Many purchases but nobody is organized. I can be caused at 882-3656 after 5 . I have a meeting place and a co operative dealer and if anyone is interested in working with h. O. Gauge or other gauge for the matter please Contact me because it is time that High Point had a Model Railroad club. . Sure action q. For the lady that wants to remove White spots from her table cover generously with White vaseline and let stand Over night and then wipe off thoroughly with a cloth and it works i have tried it. Enemy conserves strength later offensive expected from North for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or Ovon acknowledge every school move q. I would like to know Why the Little red school House was not put near the new museum of on antique i thought it was to be a part of it and Why was it turned Over to a private Enterprise . A. You be just made Antiques out of a lot of High pointers who remember it when it was Brand new. The possibility of moving it to the museum site was considered initially but it is not sufficiently old to be classed As an antique having been built in 1929. Museum director John Hamilton adds that the octagonal shape would have made transportation difficult and the Cost prohibitive. When the historical society moved to East Lexington Avenue it was Felt Best he says to permit private Enterprise to put it to Good use rather than allow it to stand Idle and deteriorate. Ewe nurseries available q. Would you put this in Tho paper where they keep children in Tho Oakview action in a Christian bom or Church or if they would keep a child and you could leave Thorn around 6 20 at i work in a Mill and have to to Thoro at 7, and would have to carry about 6 20 and i would have to cot Thorn around 3 90 or 3 45. Anon. A. Day nurseries Are listed in the yellow pages and Many who keep children in their Homes advertise in the classified Section of the newspaper or you might try placing an and of your own. It in i paging the Slammer q. I am calling for someone who would like Tho address of Golf pro Sam Snead. Thank you. Anon. A. Since same a whereabouts varies from week to week due to tour events it might be a Good idea just to address his mail in care of tournament players division of the professional golfers association Lincoln building 60 East 42nd st., new York. . 10017. To do a Telephone number is 212 682-2270 in Case you prefer to Call and inquire where you can Send the letter directly to Snead. It it into Trumps amp push q. My husband told to that Tho exorcising instructor for Tho Owca and Frank Deal Tho a Gap Weatherman plan to Havo a daily exorcise program. Would you please Tell me when this is to begin and answer in Tho paper for Tho Benefit of my Bridge club . A. A Gap to program manager Mike Styer says there Are no such plans at present on Channel i. In lieu of that the one ending up As Dummy can engage in vigorous calisthenic while the hand is played or you can do As one Bridge club we belonged to years ago did devote the last half hour to exercises sort of a Goren and groan club. In this Case the husband of the household should be forewarned lest he return Home unexpectedly As one did and nearly have a seizure at the spectacle. It it i Beauty Queens q. I visit America twice a year from Munich Germany and i noticed last year 1971, i was privileged to see miss America Beauty pageant and also miss Black Beauty pageant. In the miss America Beauty pageant i noticed there was one Black girl in the pageant held in Atlantic City and there was no White girl in the Black pageant and can you Tell me Why i have to go Back to Germany pretty soon and would appreciate it very much if you would print my question. A. Admitting to no knowledge or research on the subject we will take a wild guess that the Black Beauty pageant As the name would suggest is limited to Black beauties. A a Why Jack passed q. Why did t Jack Nicklaus play in the go this time thank you. A. Since the go Falls the week before the masters Nicklaus prefers to spend the time tuning up his game at Augusta rather than trying his Luck at Sedgefield. Apparently the strategy worked pretty Well this year As Nicklaus won his fourth masters title. It it it by Lewis Gulick associated press writer Washington a . Analysts Are guessing that North Vietnam will try to maintain enough military punch after its current offensive to make new efforts against the Saigon regime in 1973 and thereafter. The . Intelligence estimates of Hanoi a future capabilities formed part of the backdrop for president Nixon a May 8 decision to choke off North Vietnam a supplies from Russia and China. Nixon a bombing and mining measures Are slated to continue until there is an Indochina cease fire and . Prisoners Are returned a proposal again rejected by the enemy wednesday. . Analysts see no evidence that the present generation of North Vietnam a leadership is going to give up its Long standing ambition to Quot liberate Quot the South. North vietnamese forces Are believed to have enough manpower and Materiel on hand to continue their offensive at its current Pace into the summer months. Whether Hanoi will choose to do so is thought to depend on How the enemy assesses results of the current Campaign. If the North vietnamese rate their present strikes As highly successful they May want to push on into the lowlands to harass major cities in Hopes of collapse an Loc Relief Force makes big Advance by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a a South vietnamese Relief column advanced to within 2 Miles of the besieged provincial capital of an Loc today making its biggest Advance in six weeks Field reports said. The Carrier Saratoga joined the Battle to lift the six week siege of the devastated town 60 Miles North of Saigon. It was the carriers first combat since she was commissioned in 1956. Moving behind hundreds of bombs dropped by jets from the Saratoga and from . B52 bombers the South vietnamese met no determined resistance from North vietnamese forces the Field reports said. The . Command confirmed an earlier report from South vietnamese Headquarters that 300 North vietnamese troops were killed by a b52 strike two Days ago Southwest of an Loc. Despite no major opposition As the government infantrymen leapfrogged by helicopter from Point to Point South vietnamese Field commanders indicated they expected Tough fighting ahead As they try to Clear North vietnamese troops from Highway 13. The South vietnamese Field commanders were reported cautious because of heavy casualties already sustained in the bloody six week drive to open Highway 13 and lift the siege of an Loc. The equivalent of three South vietnamese divisions Are committed to the drive. Associated press correspondent Lynn c. Newland said the strongest opposition is coming from the West Side of Highway 13 where North vietnamese forces Are Well entrenched to withstand air strikes. The arrival of the 78.000-ton Saratoga from the Atlantic boosted the 7th Fleet to six carriers for the first time in the War and increased the offshore american naval Force to about 46.000 men aboard More than 60 ships. While the Saratoga was operating off the coast of South Vietnam three other carriers the Kitty Hawk Midway and Hancock raided North Vietnam from Battle stations in the Tonkin Gulf. The fifth and six carriers assigned to the Vietnam War the Coral sea and Constellation Are on port leave. A seventh Flat top the Ticonderoga sailed from san Diego for Vietnam wednesday. She is a Antisubmarine warfare ship so presumably the Navy thinks the russians or the chinese might use their submarines to retaliate for the mining of North vietnamese ports. On the Northern front South vietnamese infantrymen extending their defences around Hue clashed with about too North vietnamese just North of fire base Bastogne. The Saigon command said 32 of the enemy were killed at a Cost of 12 South vietnamese wounded. L3wfv wait for evacuation South vietnamese children sit among family belongings recently while waiting with their parents for evacuation out of Korntum in the Central Highlands. A wire photo opposing groups object education measure May die despite busing Compromise Washington a a coalition of civil rights liberals and anti using forces in Congress is threatening to undo a hard won Compromise on an $18. 5-billion higher education Bill. Both groups object to anti using provisions added to the Bill by House and Senate conferees one said because it thinks they go too far and the other because it thinks they done to go far enough. Whether there Are enough votes in the Middle to save the Bill the most sweeping higher education Bill Ever considered in Congress depends in Large part on the republicans. House Republican Leader Gerald r. Ford of Michigan who holds the key to the gop response declined to commit himself wednesday when the conference agreement was announced. Quot there Are Many Many questions to be answered and until they Are i am going to Reserve judgment Quot said Ford. One unanswered question is what position the Nixon administration will take. A White House lobbyist in chatting with newsmen indicated the Price of administration support will be congressional action on president Nixon a own anti using proposals. One of Nixon s Bills would fix remedies the courts could apply in desegregation cases permitting busing Only As a last resort temporary measure. It also would provide extra funds for inner City schools As an alternative to de segregating them. The other Nixon Bill would declare a moratorium until june 30, 1973, on any new court busing orders. The main Compromise amendment approved by the conferees wednesday would keep Federal court busing orders from going into effect until All appeals had been exhausted. The provision would expire dec. 30, 1973. Extensive hearings have been held on both Bills in the House education and judiciary committees but most of the testimony has been in opposition to them and neither committee has shown an inclination to approve them. The House and Senate conferees who hammered out the higher education agreement at Dawn wednesday after an All night session that climaxed nine weeks of meetings expressed Hope at a news conference that it would not be dragged Down by the busing Issue. The Bill would authorize $850 million a year for three years in direct Aid to institutions and $900 million a year in student Aid. Ing the Thieu government this year. By . Estimates however such a go for broke strategy would be highly costly to the North vietnamese. While Saigon forces Are hard pressed and have left wide areas of the Countryside thinly defended . Officials say Saigon a troops plus . Airpower already Are mounting a heavy toll on the enemy. Therefore analysts expect Hanoi More Likely will decide to hold Down costly frontal assaults except at some symbolically important Points such As Hue and to try to move into Little contested areas of the Countryside. They anticipate that Hanoi would accompany this military threat with a renewed offer at the Paris negotiating table of terms which in the . View would amount to a communist takeover of the South. If North Vietnam decides its Spring offensive has gained Little it could pull its forces Back into the bases outside South Vietnam to prepare for another drive later. Some units probably would remain dug in South of the demilitarized zone especially if Hue is captured. . Analysts say the North vietnamese think time is on their Side. Nixon a strategy counts time As in Saigon a Favory for Progress in Vietnam nation while . Air sea interdiction takes hold on Hanoi a Supply lines from the May have stalked Mcgovern Baltimore my. A Federal authorities said today they Are investigating the possibility that Arthur h. Bremer the Man accused of gunning Down Alabama gov. George c. Wallace May also have been stalking a second presidential candidate. Based on items found in a search of Bremers automobile Federal sources said it appeared Bremer May also have been following sen. George Mcgovern . An inventory of items found in Bremer s 1967 Blue two door Hardtop included Mcgovern Campaign literature As Well As Wallace Campaign literature. A on that basis Quot a source close to the investigation said Quot we Are checking out the possibility that Bremer May have been stalking Mcgovern Bremer 21, of Milwaukee is being held in Baltimore county jail at Towson md., under $200,000 Bond. Later Frank Mankiewicz Mcgovern a National political coordinator said he Felt Bremers Possession of Mcgovern literature was a probably just Quot we had so much literature in Wisconsin Bremers Home stated be surprised if he did no to have some a Mankiewicz said. Quot i Haven to heard anything other than that. A obviously the Man who shot governor Wallace is a disturbed fellow and when you re see Bremer on Page 2-a Wallace Given Little Chance to resume fight by Robert l. Campbell associated Prest writer Silver Spring my. Apr George c. Wallace is said to be in Good spirits and politically enthusiastic amid indications he will be unable to resume his fight for the democratic presidential nomination. Doctors say one of the 38-caliber slugs that ripped into his body May leave the Alabama governor a cripple. Doctors attending Wallace announced in today a medical bulletin that he had experienced a mild to moderate Quot Rise in temperature and a slight Rise in his pulse rate. But they said these were Quot anticipated Post operative the bulletin added that Quot his paralysis of the legs is it said Wallace is now receiving physical therapy. Further details were not Given. The bulletin also said no decision has been made for transferring Wallace to another Hospital for surgery to remove the Bullet lodged in his spine. Wallace shot five times at close Range monday was Alert and vigorous wednesday when visited by his family and a few friends but doctors attending the 52-year-old governor were becoming increasingly Pessi mistic about his chances of walking again. Or. James Galbraith a University of Alabama neurosurgeon called to holy Cross Hospital to attend Wallace said his chances of Ever walking again Are less than even. And if he can Galbraith said it will probably be Only with the Aid of braces. Galbraith said one of the bullets which Cut Wallace Down in a nearby Laurel. Md., shopping Center is wedged Between two vertebrae jutting into the Bony canal that Shields the spinal Cord. The Bullet did t shatter any part of the spine but the Shock of its Impact caused the present paralysis Galbraith said. The doctor told newsmen the Shock might Wear off but the longer Wallace goes without feeling in his legs the worse Are his chances for recovery. He said surgery to remove the remaining slug will be performed in another week or to Days and that it will be a full three months or More before Wallace can recover to whatever extent possible. Galbraith said Wallace wont be Able to get around even in a wheelchair for four to six More see Wallace on Page 2-a profits Rise markedly by Bill Neikirk associated press writer Washington a profits of corporations Rose $5 6 billion in the first three months of the year the biggest increase a a year the Commerce department said today. The department said the increase brought before tax profits of companies to a record -91.6 billion at a seasonally adjusted annual rate. The increase came despite curbs on profit margins established by the Nixon administration when the phase 2 economic controls went into effect last november. The Rise was far Short of the $11 billion increase in profits recorded in the first Quarter of 1971, but the record May be better since profits at that time rebounded from the general motors strike. Discounting last years artificial Rise in profits the increase was the largest quarterly step up in profits since the first Quarter of 1969. The bulk of the profit Rise was in manufacturing and was concentrated in businesses which make durable goods. Higher earnings were particularly evident in the automobile machinery and metals industries. The department also released a revised first Quarter report on Gross National product output of the nations goods and services and it showed that the Economy fared slightly better than had first been reported a month ago. Hiram Ward named Federal District judge Washington a president Nixon has appointed Hiram h. Ward a Lexington nc., attorney to be . District judge for the Middle District of North Carolina the White House said today Ward 40, who lives in Denton ., will succeed Edwin m. Stanley who died. A graduate of Wake Forest Law school Ward has been a member of the Law firm of Delapp Ward and Hedrick since 1952. Brooks asks Runoff for Labor Post what s inside amusements 8-9a Bridge a classified ads 4 Iid comics 3d crossword in editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 12b sports it television a women s news Sec. B weather. A Raleigh a charging that the North Carolina labor department has been controlled by management for 30 years John Brooks announced today that he will seek a Runoff in the race for the democratic nomination for labor commissioner. Brooks captured 145.059 votes in the six Way race May 6, running 153,065 votes behind w. C. A Billy Quot Creel. Creel however did not capture a majority. Brooks told a news conference a when my opponent began work for the labor department i was 5 years old. Today i am 35 years old and North Carolina has not improved its position relative to the rest of the he said he would Campaign on a a program to revitalize the department giving new emphasis to training our working citizens with employable skills and encouraging new Industry that employs skilled workers to come into North Carolina Quot Brooks said Quot i offer a candidacy that looks toward fairness to management and working he charged that Creel was the candidate of the present establishment in the labor department and that Creel had received most of his financial support from management London a the defense ministry said today bombs Art reported to have been planted aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 at sea and that four bomb disposal expert were being flown out to mid Atlantic to Deal with them. Unofficial reports in London said the Captain of the big liner had been advised bombs were planted in new York the ship s last port of Call and would explode if a huge Ransom was not paid. There Are 1,400 passengers aboard the 65,000-ton vessel Pride of the Briti a merchant Navy. Defense ministry sources said the bomb experts will be parachuted Down As close to the vessel As possible

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