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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 18, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Mcgovern builds Lead in delegates by Don Mcleod associated pros writer Washington a sen. George Mcgovern continues to build up his Lead in Delegate strength for the democratic National convention with some of his most Fertile ground still ahead. Despite George c. Wallace a sweep of first place in Maryland and Michigan primaries tuesday Mcgovern still managed to pick up another 44 delegates and push his total to 405. Wallace who reaped 113 delegates tuesday moved into second place with a 323 total. Sen. Hubert h. Humphrey has 271 i and sen. Edmund s. Muskie has 129. It takes 1,509 to be nominated at the july to Miami Beach convention. Mcgovern people Are talking about having 1,200 to 1,300 delegates secured after the last primary in new York june 20. That would leave him within reach of a first ballot nomination. The big prize that could put it Over for Mcgovern or keep Humphrey alive is californians june 6 primary where the Winner takes All 271 delegates. Humphrey is Strong in California. So is Mcgovern. Wallace who May have peaked tuesday has no place left to go where he will find the ingredients of Southern voters or volatile anti busing sentiment which have featured in his victories so far. Wallace a future in this Campaign depends on How Well he will recover from the Bullet wounds he suffered in Laurel md., monday and whether he can Campaign again. On the Republican Side president Nixon appears certain of the delegates needed for renomination Well in Advance of the cop convention which opens aug. 21 in Miami Beach. He has 507 already of the 674 needed for nomination. Bullet inside spinal canal Silver Spring my. Apr an area of the human spine known to doctors As a a Lone will be the target area for surgery planned to remove the Bullet that has partially paralysed George c. Wallace from the hips Down. The area May hold the key to Wallace a physical future. A a Lone is anatomical shorthand for a first Lumbar vertebral a the Topmost of five vertebrae that constitute the first half of the lower Back Region of the spine. The Bone is the 20th Down of the 33 vertebrae in the spinal column that extends from the base of the Skull to the end of the originally doctors involved in Wallace Scase did no to make Clear the precise location of the Bullet. But wednesday they announced it was inside the spinal canal which runs Lengthwise through the Core of the spine. The exact location is important not Only for the precision of the surgery but because it May hold the key to whether Wallace will be permanently paralysed. Here a Why stretching from the base of the Skull nearly to the Bottom of the Back within the spinal canal runs the spinal Cord a rope like string of nerve cells and fibres the approximate diameter of a Little Finger. The spinal Cord is equipped with thread like nerves that shoot off to the legs and arms major internal organs and other structures. The Cord and the brain constitute the Central nervous system. Acting like a Central Telephone Cable with various relay Points the Cord has two main functions a to conduct and relay nerve impulses to and from the brain including controlling the motions and sensations of the legs and arms. A to act As one of the body a major reflex centers such As prompting response on touching a hot object. Thus damage to the Cord by something striking it directly or even just involving the Bony vertebral structures surrounding the cords can at least temporarily impair the function of parts of the body fed by nerves located at and often below the area of injury. 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Ooi Daw. j poor roys Sill of iou Itiat Imi 1.13 Tea Chott Barf Tail ump in my Ilu Oom mute onions. Pickle. Pizza Burger giant 1.15 ran .6ft Cho Tea Bact with a Quak i pizza Tau Ca onion and Pickle. Ham Sandwich gnat is rag. Aft Ham and with with lettuce and a nub and with italian and to hound i lit and Dnita. The Hoggie Dent-1.is rag 49 three different and Dei tout italian mean topped with Petua mute and melted Chaehee. Roast beep Grisaf 1.15 rag. 4ft Chott roast beef with heavy natural Pavy and Pickle. Meat Bau. Hoggie gnat is rag. 49 meat Balu diced in halves garnished with spa Herti no a c Heieie and Pickle Choice fish pm. Bijj. Reg t re so Boneless fish. Choice of tartar Cauca Catnip of pizza Muc. Al poor boys read hot on our own i Tai an yeast Breed casseroles Spaghetti Ravioli settee Plain a. .i.2j meal balls mud Wasna i is meal sane . Is i bomb Rialina of 2. _____________________________2.10 of Batson Al j is Sasic plan. 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