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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy mild Moro data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 138 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A wednesday afternoon May 17, 1972 84 pages Call us circulation. 1121719 classified ads. Ms-2177 All other departments tt52hi daily 10c, sunday 25c i Michigan and Maryland double primary win scored by Wallace for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Poinsettia purloined q. I am compelled to write concerning the article i am enclosing from your action line column about poinsettias. I know you do not divulge the name of the person sending it but Here s my explanation. On saturday night april 15, someone took a Poinsettia Plant from the Side of my front door. We had kept it for 7 or 8 years and it grew to 3va or 4 feet tall. Everyone that saw it admired it. It began Blooming in november and had one Bloom on it when stolen. Two people had to carry it and it could never get in a car being so tall. When i saw this question i Felt sure this one is mine. This incident really sickened me. I know there s nothing you can do about it but i feel better just telling you. Mrs. . A. We fairly regularly receive Calls from those trying to locate something that has been lost or stolen. The list includes raincoats bicycles catchers mitts witnesses to car accidents dogs cats even a Green Turtle. Especially sad Are the tales of children left in tears from the theft of their Christmas bikes a two Brothers on Aldridge Street and an eight year old girl in Kearns being the latest to be victimized. We Hope you parents have reported these to the police and keep an Eye on the abandoned bikes the police collect. An and in the paper might re unite some of these lost possessions and their owners but anyone who a pilfer a prize Poinsettia or break the hearts of youngsters with their thievery is pob3bly too incorrigible to be moved by appeals. Incidentally How to care for poinsettias in their Post Blooming period is an annually asked question so the timing of its appearance and your loss of one was purely coincidental. A Pepsi s calories q. I am just As mad As i can by Etc Aust i have been going to weight watchers and trying to do All they said to do. I have been getting diet Pepsi cola which says in big letters on the Bottom Quot less than one calorie per at weight watchers they said you were not supposed to drink this because of the calories. I said Quot it says one calorie per bottle Quot and then on close examination in Little Small letters on the Cap of the bottle it says up to to calories per bottle. I think this should be outlawed because it certainly is false advertising and a false impression at first glance. I wish action line would do something about it. . A. The answer to our february and March inquiries to the Penis cola bottling co. In Greensboro came not by letter but in a statement now appearing on the Cartons of diet Persis. You May have noted the words to disregard the calorie Content indicated on the bottle if it differs from that on the Cap. So ignore that Quot less than i calorie per bottle a printed on the bottle and. If your eyesight a Good enough go by the Cap inscription of Quot less than 6 calories per Al. a a Home with the braves q. Could you give me the list of the Ball games that the Atlanta braves will play in june thank you. Anon. A. We assume you mean Home games. If so the braves have nine Home dates in the month of june. The mets Are in town june 12, 13, 14, followed by a doubleheader with Montreal on the 16th and single games with the expos on the 17th and 18th. The Phillies Are in Atlanta for a three game series on the 19th, 20th, and 21st. Of you re interested in any a a away Quot games the braves have in june just Call the sports department. A a a Side Street sanitation o. Would you please find out Why the Side ditches on Ashland Street in Archdale Are not boing kept cleaned. I understand that the City is supposed to do this and it has t been done since Archdale took it Over almost three years ago. Thank you. Anon. A. Ashland Street was checked by John Brown of the Highway maintenance division and what appeared to be the trouble spots have been cleaned according to District Engineer Richard Siler. Or a re action q i would like to make a complaint about the article recently in action line that concerns a woman not being Able to buy pampers. I think the City code that prevents people from buying something like this on sunday is absolutely ridiculous. I am not saying that All stores should be allowed to stay open but the fact is the City of High Point is losing Revenue by not allowing these things to be sold and this is a necessity pampers. Come on now that is something that should be allowed to be sold along with food items and necessities. It is absolutely ridiculous for people to be prevented them from buying stuff like this r l. Q. I just finished Reading pampers and furniture and i guess you Call this a reaction i think it is so hypocritical for them to allow the Selling of furniture sunday when you can to buy a Box of pampers and there Are lots of things people do on sunday that Are not regulated by City codes and totally against this Blue Law. I wish that some City councilmen would do something to Correct us evil by Walter r. Mears a political writer gov. George c. Wallace has scored overwhelming victories in the Michigan and Maryland presidential primaries and his managers Are mapping new contests in behalf of their wounded candidate hoping to deadlock the democratic National convention. Sen. Hubert h. Humphrey was resuming today the Campaign he suspended when Wallace was shot sen. George Mcgovern said he would take up the race again thursday. Felled by a gunman and partially paralysed Wallace received 51 per cent of the democratic vote in Michigan to score his first Northern Victory As a presidential campaigner and paralleled that with a 40 per cent Victory showing in Maryland. Mcgovern ran second in Michigan with 27 per cent of the vote Humphrey third with 16 per cent. In Maryland Humphreys second place share was 27 per cent Mcgovern trailed him with 22 per cent. The South Dakota senator said he was pleased with what he termed Strong showings in both states. Humphrey congratulated Wallace but said he could draw no conclusions from tuesday s two a Bright spot amidst tragedy Charles s. Snyder National director of the Wallace Campaign Cente listens As his assistant Frank Daniel right reads results from polling places in tuesdays Maryland presidential primary. George Mangum a Wallace aide is on the left. Snyder and Daniel came to the Campaign Headquarters in Baltimore from the Hospital where George c. Wallace lies wounded the victim of a gunman monday. Wallace scored victories in both the Maryland and Michigan primaries. A wire photo Alabama governor improves reads vote results belatedly by Don Mcleod associated press writer Silver Spring my. Apr George c. Wallace elated by presidential primary triumphs in Michigan and Maryland showed continued improvement from gunshot wounds today. But there was disagreement in medical circles regarding his Chance of escaping permanent paralysis. A medical bulletin giving the latest word on the condition of the Alabama governor partially paralysed since being shot monday during an election rally said Quot the governor spent a comfortable night. He is very Alert and aware of his surroundings. He is Reading the paper avidly. He is continuing to improve. A paralysis of the legs remains unchanged. Quot at this time despite reports to the contrary the exact nature of injury to the spinal Cord cannot be determined until surgery is the bulletin issued by or. Joseph f. Schanno appeared to Challenge published reports Gardner supported by gop chairman Raleigh apr state Republican chairman Frank Rouse said today he was taking a Quot three week leave of absence to Campaign for gop gubernatorial hopeful Jim Gardner. Rouse breaking party tradition of neutrality by the state chairman said in a speech prepared for delivery at a news conference that he was taking the action because of personal convictions against the candidacy of Gardner a opponent Jim Holshouser. In the statement Rouse a Kinston attorney who succeeded Holshouser As state chairman last fall said he would a remain As state chairman but i reiterate that i do support Jim Gardner As the nominee of our Holshouser Headquarters in Raleigh said there would be no immediate comment on rouses action. Rouse said he asked republicans during an executive com Mittee meeting last january to a speak no evil of another Quot both of our major candidates for governor publicly and privately stated that they would run clean High level Rouse said. A while or. Gardner was talking about party Unity or. Holshouser aided by Gene Anderson put on a Low level mud slinging show never before seen in modern North Carolina Republican politics a he continued. Anderson is Holshouser Stop aide and his press Secretary. A although i have nothing personal against Jim Holshouser. A Rouse said Quot his name on our ticket would mean a virtual wipe out with the Democrat voters in North Carolina especially in the Eastern half of our state where 40 per cent of the november vote comes from. A the has grossly misled the republicans in North Carolina concerning his party allegiance a Rouse said. That Wallace already faced permanent paralysis from the Hios Down because of damage to the spinal column. The Washington Post in today a editions reported that the Bullet had severed Wallace a spinal Cord. It quoted unnamed medical sources As saying chances of the governor Ever walking again Are a Zero a earlier Billy Joe Camp. Wallace a press Secretary told a reporter that the Post Story was Camp said the governor had asked him this morning to get the latest vote totals from the two primaries. Quot he was in Good Camp said. Quot he was already aware head won the primaries a there had been indications that Wallace a gunshot wound affecting the spine might not be As serious As had been feared. Wallace had been paralysed from the Waist Down since he was shot at a Campaign rally in Laurel. Md., monday afternoon but his Campaign manager said tuesday night the governor has a some slight sensation in one the encouraging news came As Wallace was receiving word of his big doubleheader primary victories his first outside the South. Wallace who has been heavily sedated since undergoing five hours of surgery monday night awakened briefly to be told of his primary victories. Aides said Wallace a wife Cornelia gave him the news he nodded and grinned. A the knows he has won both states a Campaign manager Charles Snider relayed later. Quot and he a very Snider said the votes in Maryland and Michigan were a mandate to go on a we be got to continue a meanwhile Arthur Herman Bremer the 21-year-old, White Milwaukee Man accused of sea Alabama on 2-a primaries. He said his prospects of winning a second democratic nomination had not been damaged by the outcome. On the Republican Side in both states president Nixon won easily Over Token opposition. Wallace had been the favorite in both contests with his opposition to school busing for desegregation a big plus in Michigan. And with the electorate in much of Border state Maryland clearly receptive to his kind of democratic protest. But his margins were bigger than expected and it appeared that votes of sympathy for a felled campaigner and a stiffened resolve among his supporters had bolstered his showings tuesday. The democratic ballots in both states were crowded la entries in Maryland seven in Michigan but Only Wallace Mcgovern and Humphrey gained significant shares of the vote. In Michigan voters could choose the ballot of either party. And democratic leaders said a massive crossover of republicans had inflated the Wallace vote. With 99 per cent of the Michigan precincts counted the votes lined up this Way Wallace 791.321 or 51 cent. Mcgovern 416.671 or 27 cent. Humphrey 246.546 or 16 cent. National convention votes were awarded there on the basis of the primary vote shares of candidates who polled at least 5 per cent. Those figures translated into 72 convention votes for Wallace. 38 for Mcgovern. 22 for Humphrey. Humphrey thus was falling Short of the goal he said would be a satisfactory outcome a 25 per cent share of the Michigan delegation. In Maryland virtually Complete returns gave Wallace 216,019 votes or 40 per cent. Humphrey 144.849 votes or 27 per cent. Mcgovern 118.311 votes or 22 per cent. Gun control Bill May be forced out of hiding by h. L. Schwartz Iii associated press writer Washington a the attempted assassination of Alabama gov. George c. Wallace May Force the Nixon administration to introduce gun legislation it has been sitting on for months. A gun Industry source said tuesday he received private assurances from an administration official several weeks ago that the White House would continue to delay introducing legislation it promised to propose last fall and reportedly completed drafting in february. But within hours of the shopping Center gunshots that felled Wallace and wounded three others monday a Senate subcommittee scheduled a closed session for this afternoon to consider a series of Tough Bills. The meeting was called by sen. Birch Bayh d-ind., chairman of the Senate subcommittee on juvenile delinquency. None of the administration officials most closely involved in gun control could be reached for comment tuesday. But a source on Capitol Hill said he understood the White House was considering unveiling its own delayed proposals perhaps within a Day or two. Former president Lyndon b. Johnson was Quick to Call for Tough new gun control legislation after the assassination of Robert f. Kennedy in june 1968. But the gun control act which finally passed Congress months later was far weaker than Johnson sought attesting to the election year muscle of the country a 40 million gun owners Many of whom traditionally see any legislation As another Small step toward confiscation. High Nixon administration officials repeatedly have said they oppose restrictive legislation but favor the goal of most current Bills in Congress which Are aimed at eliminating Small cheap handguns known As a saturday night the administration was Quick to announce after the shooting of Wallace that Only because of the gun control see gun on 2-a per per per busing pact is reached what s inside Washington a a Compromise school busing amendment that would keep court busing orders from going into effect for 18 months was agreed to by House and Senate conferees today. Tile provision which came under prompt attack both from civil rights groups and ardent anti using members was added to a $20 billion higher education Bill shortly before Dawn during an All night bargaining session. Spurred by the agreement House democrats meeting in party caucus a few hours later Defeated. 125 to 87, a re Solus on aimed at forcing much stronger anti using legislation to the House floor. Speaker Carl Albert who said the proposed legislation would violate the separation of Powers Between the legislate and judicial branches made amusements. 7d the motion to table the resold Bridge. In Tion. Classified ads id the Compromise reached by comics 4d House and Senate conferees crossword ii broke a deadlock that had tied editorials. 4a up the massive higher Educa financial 2a Tion Bill since last november. Obituaries. 2c the Bill would provide a wide sports my variety of Aid for College Stu television 7d dents and the institutions they women s news. Mob attend establish a National in weather 3a statute to Foster research in California tells Story education and authorize $1.5 billion to help schools desegregate. In reaching agreement however the conferees softened three Tough House anti using amendments which could make it difficult to pass the measure on the House floor. The House by two overwhelming votes has insisted the conferees stand by the House provisions. The key anti using amendment agreed to would prevent court busing orders even those already issued from going into effect until All appeals have been exhausted. As adopted by the House the provision would have been permanent Law. The conference agreement puts a Jan. I 1974 expiration Date on it. Supporters of the Compromise Hope by that time the supreme court will have further clarified the busing controversy. It is scheduled to hear arguments in a Denver school Case this fall and a decision is expected by the summer of 1973. The agreement also includes language from the Senate Bill urging the courts to place limits on busing based on the age of the children and the distance they would be required to travel. And it would prohibit busing a student to an inferior school. Humphrey s Campaign runs into deepening trouble an a news analysis by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Detroit a sen. Hubert h. Humphreys Campaign appears to be in deepening Hubert Humphrey funds running Short trouble As the race for the democratic presidential nomination moves West towards californians crucial primary june 6 Short on funds the Minnesota senator has Cut Back in some states to put virtually All of his resources into California where he Hopes to halt the momentum of sen George Mcgovern a drive if he can to the nomination May be Mcgovern a. Humphrey and Mcgovern meet in a head to head Battle in the California primary where gov. George c. Wallace of Alabama is not on the ballot. The Winner of the California primary takes away 271 National convention Delegate votes. The results in tuesdays two primaries illustrate Humphreys increasing problems. In Michigan a state he carried in the 1968 presidential election Humphrey finished a poor third More than 100,000 votes behind Mcgovern of South Dakota. He did especially poorly in Blue Collar and suburban areas. In Maryland Only an overwhelming majority in Baltimore a predominantly Black 7th congressional District enabled Humphrey to finish ahead of Mcgovern for second place behind Wallace. The results were the latest in a series of weaker than exp e c t e d performances by Humphrey in the Industrial heartland that was the Center of his 1968 strength and promised to be so again this year. In Pennsylvania though the Clear Winner of the preference vote Humphrey v on 55 delegates to a Strong showing of 39 for Mcgovern. In Ohio a Bare 20.000-vote statewide majority saved Humphrey from a disaster by giving him 38 at Large delegates for a total of 74, to Mcgovern a 66 Only a Strong showing in a Black congressional District in Cleveland saved Ohio for the Minnesota senator. Similarly Black votes were responsible see Humphrey s on 2-a

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