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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 18, 1972, High Point, North Carolina A High Point into polio tour toy May ii 1971brezhnev remembers Nixon Well from 1959 Kitchen debate to William l. Ryan a special correspondent the soviet Leader waved a stubby Finger under Richard m. Nixon a nose. Sputtering indignantly the russian bombarded his visitor with yet another tirade against the United states and its policies. That was in 1959 when Nixon then vice president locked horns with Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev in Moscow during tour of an american exhibition. A Hie event is known in history As the Kitchen debate. At the Peak of his Power As head of both communist party and soviet government Khrushchev disliked the idea that russians visiting the . Exhibit were so obviously and hungrily interested in american consumer goods. Nixon and Khrushchev sparred verbally while the party moved from display to display. As they reached a Model Home they squared off in a Kitchen of the sort that would make any russian drool. The words became hot and angry. A a Well answer your threats with our threats a shouted Khrushchev. A we have Means at our disposal that can have bad consequences for editor s note a when Richard Nixon visited Moscow in 1959 to was Vici president of the United states. Leonid Brezhnev was about to become president of the soviet Union but that would be strictly a ceremonial of. Today Brezhnev is general Secretary of the communist party and with Nixon is one of the world s most powerful men. Next week the two meet to represent the two mightiest nations in history. Tho path to that Summit mooting is further traced in this third of a series by a specialist in communist affairs. A so have we a the vice presi As the party left the exhibition Dent retorted. Khrushchev was his old self. A hours Are better a snapped Tough words gave Way to ban Khrushchev. Ter. Perhaps Khrushchev Felt the Duel continued like that he had diverted attention from for about an hour but As soon the Model Home. At Khrushchev s Elbow All through the Battle of words hardly noticed by the principals a dark haired Bushy bowed russian took it All in silently measuring both his chief and the visitor. This was Leonid i. Brezhnev then just beginning to emerge As a possible successor to Khrushchev a Power. Five years later Brezhnev would be a Leader in the coup that deposed Khrushchev As a a share brained this time As president Nixon is to be talking with Brezhnev. The meeting is Apt to be a Good Ideal less entertaining. Khrushchev a sober sides successor not Given to the sort of theatrics Khrushchev displayed not to Idle amiable banter. But much of what Nixon and the russians will discuss will be of the legacy Khrushchev left. The Khrushchev decade began about a year after Stalin breathed his last March 5, 1953. It ended abruptly in october 1964. Changes wrought in soviet american relations by that decade were deep. But although soviet foreign policy May have had a new look basically it was not much is different from the policies of Lenin and Stalin. The real change under Khrushchev was in Domestic policy in his dramatic denunciation of stalinist dictatorship. That in turn had a Strong Impact on the development of relations with the United states. But like Stalin before him in foreign policy Khrushchev put soviet National interests ahead of All other considerations. He used the International communist movement As an instrument to Advance those interests. He used a peaceful coexistence As a tool with its suggestion that nations could live together under differing social systems. Like Stalin he was uncompromising in denouncing any notion of ideological coexistence. A a already Khrushchev d i d More than Stalin to ease relations with the United states and More than Stalin to Worsen them and create immensely dangerous situations. 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