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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Artno a. May 17. 1930the High Point Enterprise Pinla on t Center no Industry High Point. North a Rou Page three Louse committee gives final approval to social Security changes ver billion i benefits Lext 5 years proposal mild increase id vie pension in Early i Imp of Iphi Washington May 17. Pm the House ways and bans committee has Pivon a1 approval to proposed Ian pres in the social Security a add intr $1,200,000,000 to befits in the next five years in aired and for widows. In is and dependent parents. Members disclosed today thai committee had rejected a Ilion by rep. Robertson a i to delete the new or add j Inal benefits from legislation Ler cons Deratto. The p Opo Sals which were a ived would increase Oid Agi talons in the Early years of Security system and would re them later Benefit pay j into would Start next Jan. I Stead of Jan. I 1942. K i no k Kask of ii 11 j a it in Eye a social be j pity Board chairman said there in id a no increase in the Cost the a Rem As a whole. Hile the increase proposed in j Hill would Cost $ 1.200.ooo.ooh ire than Hie present Law from to to 1 944 inclusive. Momeyer j dallied that soc Lay Security i is would cover it. Furtha ire. He said a Reserve fund uld ont continue to build up to use it would he used More Hie Early years and their in i he is Drain in the later getting the Low Down Section of brain discovered that enables Man to stand in by St Al his j. Mein it it Mph associated science writer St. Louis mo., May up a discovery of the specific part of the brain which enables Man to stand upright was announced today before the american medical association. It is a a strip area of brain cells lying just under tile front part of the Skull where a person scratches his head when puzzled. In humans Only the frontiers of the area have been touched by persons exploring tile brain but it has been definitely outlined and investigated in monkeys and subhuman apes ski Neida l differ in be this narrow strip apparently Marks one of the principal differ vanillin crackers which control voluntary movements such As running throwing and swimming. Cultivation of a a poker face among persons afflicted with twitching of the face Muscles following operations or infections was recommended to the physicians by or. Edmund p. Fowler of new York City. Training actors and others who use their facial Muscles continuously to express themselves May be particularly susceptible to the facial palsy. After it develops the Best known method of Relief is coach-1 ing and training the victims not to use the Muscles which set off the twitching. Cancer is More frequent in of Here a the English equivalent of the american youngsters w to slide under circus tents. At a recent military spectacle at Portsmouth these children seized Vantage Points at the very feet of the guard Ian British marines. Ira. Instead of going up to in Estt led $47,000,000,000 by 1980. Said the Reserve would reach Ira mum of $ .700,000,000 in a. Fin the next is years he said. Increased benefits would Agate . Under the new plan a work who becomes <55 years old. I 1940, and who has been King an average of $ i of a a a nth since the old Ane insur-7e program went into effect on h. I 1937. Could retire on his today in 1940 and get benefits $26.75 a month for the rest his life. Under present Law would get Only one Lump sum Zinent of $12 5 of ills w Ife also w Ere <55. He Laid receive 50 per rent More. A total of $38 6.1 a month. On death the widow would get ree fourths of the amount of husband s Benefit or 119.31 Athly while she lived. I Noer to Idowu benefits also would be proved for younger widow and Bor children. The widow of a ill who had earned an average $100 a month for three years d wild led on Jan i 194&Quot. Mid gel $ in i s it nth of she i i in Iii mite la id re la she mid get $ i "7 nut ii the Chi in were 16. Or until they were if they remained in school. The widow. With or without Alldren would get an additional Nelt at age 65 of $19.31 Willy during her life time. Of the same worker died Arn i no widow or children but j survived by a dependent lessons n English Modem etiquette by w. Ii. Gordon words often misused do not say. A when i am convinced that i am omit the first 1 am. Say. A when convinced that i am often mispronounced family pronounce Fain 1-1 i. Three syllables. And not fam i. Often misspelled Dane native of Denmark deign to condescend. Synonyms temperate moderate. Sober abstemious abstinent self denying. Word study a use a word three times and it is i it us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word gratuity a free gift or donation. A tile gratuity was sufficient to make her financially by Roberta Lek a in t patience a virtue that every one should do his Best to acquire Iii order to get the most out of life a. Yes. A the who a patience Best enjoys the world a i says an old proverb. Q if a woman a stationery is i engraved mrs. Arthur Davit and he signs a letter Ethel Davis is it necessary for her to write mrs. Arthur in parentheses a. No. Q. What would be a Good Toast to give at a birthday dinner a. A May you live to be a Hundred and after that make up Var own look and learn by a. C. It a it him once Between Man and the lower curing in areas along the oceans and the great i Akes or. Joseph w. Mountin of the in s. Public health service told the physicians. After adjusting the cancer rate figures to account for other factors it was still apparent that such states As new York and Rhode Island have almost twice As much cancer As Arkansas and new Mexico. A new warning against the use of sulfanilamide except finder medical supervision was issued by or. Curtis f. Garvin of Cleveland. O. In addition to its triumphs in controlling infections the drug has its dangers he said and frequently causes weakness bes dizziness depression Lack of appetite and nausea. Sometimes it causes mental confusion and in about 90 per cent of All cases a bluish discoloration of the skin results fro mits use. Animals since it is the Antl Grav try an it a which enables Man to stand upright or. John f. Fulton of Yale University new Haven. Conn., told physicians meeting Here for the 90th annual gathering of the american medical association. Without it Man might still be a water living animal or at most a slithering amphibian capable of Only Brief excursions on land those brain jells control the a extensor Muscles of the trunk legs and arms which enable Man to resist the pull of Gravity or. Fulton explained. They Are automatic in action since few people Ever need to exert any mental Effort to stand up. They also act As a Board of directors in the functioning of the other parts of the brain since they stimulate other cells nearby we re tipping you off that this in a trick question. Take an Ordinary Sheet of 8 a by i i Letterhead paper. Fold it 50 times each time in half. Time out for i ii Experiment you see. It and the done. Rut if it could How tall would your paper be. Comparatively speaking at 20 folds at 30? at 50? answer Oil want and Cage investigation ordered into crash of dirigible St n. J., May 17. A cup a a four Man Board of inquiry investigated today the crash of the k-2, the Navy s newest and largest non rigid Airship. Which struck a tree while Landing at the naval air station after an overnight observation flight. Commander Jesse l. Ken worthy and a Crew of eight men escaped injury yesterday when the Blimp collapsed on the Field after branches of the tree had punctured tile helium filled Gas hag of the ship. Kenworthy said Lexington juniors seniors Are feted Lexington May 17.�?approximately 300 Happy juniors and seniors turned out for the annual Junior senior banquet held at the Davis Gobbel skating rink last night. The attendance was counted the largest in the history of the local High school. The vast floor space of the skating rink was filled with tables. Above was streamers of Green and yellow paper balloons and Flowers. Around the floor was placed Evergreen Trees at regular appointments. Various types of entertainment and speeches were made throughout the evening. Miss Mary Gordon. President of the Junior class served As Toast mistress. She delivered a Short Welcome to the seniors. Her address was replied to by miss Joan sink. Other officers of the classes and several faculty members also made Short talks. The senior girl received favors of compacts while the boys were presented tie clasps. After the feasting the floor was cleared and the guest enjoyed dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Ned Betts and his orchestra from Albemarle damage was slight and the k-2, furnished the music for the of could lie repaired at Little Cost a Calion. Pension system for aged in Florida is Defeated Tallahassee Fla. May 17. A up a state pensions of $200-a-month for aged persons in Florida a Haven for the elderly appeared indefinitely delayed today following overwhelming defeat by the Senate last night of a hotly debated proposal. Senator Spessard Holland read a Telegram from or. Francis e. Townsend promulgate or of the Townsend pension plan disclaiming individual state efforts As a doomed to soon afterwards As scores of elderly persons watched tensely from the gallery the body voted 28 to 8 against the proposal to finance pensions with a two per cent trans actors tax. The Benefit would have gone to persons 60 years and older at least five years resident of the state with provision they spend it within the month. A a Tif summer s most important fashions in Satin slips $1.59 Parent the latter would receive $12 .88 a month. A single Man with 40 years coverage and an average monthly wage of Hoo during that pc j Rod would get Only $35 a month i under the new plan compared with $51 25 under present Law Hail Seldom Falls at night. Tor the same reason that it Seldom Falls in Cool weather. The Earth being cooler at night does not then furnish enough rising air currents to Force raindrops to a sufficient height to freeze them. 1. In astronomy what is the a Equinox ? 2. In which of Shakespeare a plays in Portia the heroine 3. Who appoints thou a Cabinet officers 4. Who is considered America s first financier 5. In what country is Antwerp ans ebs 1. The Quot time at which the Sun is directly Over the Equator and night and Day Are of equal length in every part of the Globe 2. Tho merchant of Venice. I. The president. 4. Rohert m or Ria 1734-1806. One of the signers of tile declaration of Independence. 6. Belgium. Capital shorts by Hen by Averill Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh May 17.�?�?ocharlie Johnson state treasurer and thud kure Secretary of state have More titles than i have but eve got the longest a bragged state auditor George rooms Pou. To prove his Contention he pointed to his positions As a chairman of the Board of commissioners of the Law enforcement officer Benefit and retirement All three officials Are by virtue of their posts members of ail sorts of Hoard commissioners and bureaus. Raleigh is still getting its share and More of conventions conferences and get together of various and sundry sorts. The North Carolina youth exhibit and conference will be Eon ducted of the memorial auditorium Friday and saturday of this week. Thursday and Friday the 10th annual statewide Industrial safety conference organized in 1930 by the North Carolina Industrial negro who operates the supreme court building elevator commented thus on your correspondents j casual and conversation making query a when will we get some real Spring Quot when de Law gets ready to give it to note 2 a Raleigh resident who once lived in Wilmington made this observation about the City on the Cape fear Quot ifs the Only place in the world where you can get up in the morning feeling like you done to have to work when you know All the time you be got to labor like How can i ? by Anne Ashley q How can i remove grease from a Stone Hearth or Stone Steps a. Pour on a Strong solution of washing soda in boiling water. Then cover the stain thickly with a pm in the of fullers Earth and hot water and allow to remain overnight. Repeat this process if Nessary. Q How Long should Mutton or Lamb he cooked a. To Cook a leg of Mutton Well done will require about if Teon minutes a Pound. A leg or a shoulder of Lamb should be cooked from eighteen to Twenty commission will be held Here j minutes per Pound with Headquarters at the sir Walter hotel. This years conference is to a celebrate a decade of Industrial safety Progress a according to the program. Gloomy Gus was Down and out till Happy Hooligan told the scout to smack his gloomy Grouchy ills with Carters Little liver pills. Of. Tut it it pm tar. Or. Carl Reynolds reelected state health officer by body Winston Salem. May it Opi or. S. I. Craig president of the state Board of health announced Here last night that or. Carl v. Reynolds had been unanimously reelected As stat health officer for a four year term. Governor Hoey approved tin re election. Or. Reynolds a native of Asheville was named to the health Hoard in 1931, and in 1933 to succeeded or. T. Burnt As the boards president i Quot 193-1. Or. Reynolds succeeded or. James m. Parrott As health officer. The extra smoking in every pack = enjoy the smoking thrill and camels extra mild Ripe tast no tobaccos. There is More tobacco by weight n camels compared to the average weight of 15 other of the largest Selling brands tested. Besides camels Burn slower than any other Irand tested �?25% slower than the average inc of the others. So camels give you the equivalent of 5 extra smokes per Mck on top of that you get the Mellow goodness the smoking thrill of camels Ostler tobaccos in a matchless blend. Pop Ascare it Lus Economy made Camel americans Cigar cute no. I. Why not yours too the cigarette of costlier tobaccos Penny for Penny your Best cigarette buy two notes on climate and weather. Note i the aged and genteel this min 3/ by Howard Meerut the words you Are about to look at in the split seconds that they hit your Eves form a new kind of reporting this will take sixty seconds to read White Vii Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth. A world is in molten. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading every sixty seconds Over Nineteen thousand sanitary tin cans Are manufactured in the United state of America. Iii one minute this nation makes nine Hundred pounds of soap chips the soldiers in the u. 8 army Deposit three dollars each minute on an average in government savings accounts. Texas is this country a largest Wool producing state. The Lone Star makes a Hundred Anil sixty pounds of it every minute of the hour. Keep Broom q How can i Tough and flexible a. Scald the brooms for a minute or two in boiling soap suds once a week. It is said that the Guten Lorg Bible printing is far better than much of our modern work. Many of its pages have delicate mar Kina decorations or illuminated scroll work which give it the effect of being entirely hand worked. four thousand units of electricity Are generated in Scotland every time a minute passes drainage and erosion by the Danube River in Austria deposits two Hundred tons of sediment in the River bed each minute of the year. Tannin extract is produced from que Bracho Trees in Paraguay South America. Used for tanning dyeing and Medicine two Hundred pounds of it Are produced every minute so one minute goes into eternity. While you moved your eyes from ibis columns first word to this Point the Dominion of Canada manufactured five hand Quot a chocolate liars Stop Reading. Copyright 1839, Esquire features inc

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