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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four the High Poust Enterprise Piedmont Center no Industry High Point. North Carolina High Point Enterprise published afternoons and sunday mormons Mem j. P. Rawley publisher �?�1915-1937 or. B. Terry. President d. A. Rawley Sec a and Orcas. Hammett a. Cecil.,. Gen. Mgr. Capus m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve months. 110 40 Bix months. $ ii to three months. $ 26< one month .90 one wee. To carriers in nearby town Are not permuted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks a a subscription for s longer period la desired payment should be made direct to office. The associated Presa is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit by Reau of circulation entered As second class matter at the Post office in High Point n. A under the act of Congress of March i. 1872, National adv. Thi John Bidu co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City wednesday May 17, 1939. Trench ment is not irresistible. The House passed a Bill without a Roll Call vote that would permit each congressman to employ an extra clerk in his of ice. The measures goes to the Senate and if passed there will add at least $657,000 to the Cost of government. When a standing vote was demanded Only 95 members so dear or peace so Sweet As to be purchased at the Price of chains and slavery a Verdn Silay May 17, 10.19 the Charlotte observer wonders what Japan is planning to do about China. The observer says the late Arthur Brisbane was wont to reiterate occasionally that Japan would find it easy to voted against the measure with get into China but very difficult not a Ever to get out and that Complete o. Ujj Wuzhi that Beli Eveth in the son hath Vyrla Ting life and a that Beli Eveth not the son shall not Nee life hut the Wrath of god Nideth on s a. In love god. And he will dwell with you. Obey god and he will reveal to the truth of his Eerde Taoping a the truth of his deepest teach 237 voting for it. If this Bill becomes Law it will open the Way for More congressmen to place More members of their own families on the Federal payroll. Instead of increasing the clerical hire for the members Congress might do Well to investigate the services the people get now from clerks already on the payroll. Several years ago the scandalous selfishness Manifest in the distribution of the jobs permitted under the Law was exposed by journalists who bared the extent of nepotism practice by congressmen. This revelation embarrassed a few of thinner crusts but we doubt if it had much practical effect upon the custom of loading the payroll with relatives. We subjugation of China would require Many years. Much to her Surprise and Chagrin Japan is finding his predictions All too True. Harry Yip a local chinaman says a my people Are building a new civilization in Western China. Through the years they have Learned to suffer and be China never has been and can never be wholly absorbed. I m in the stamp business Farley i Wall Street journal a Relief appropriations Are Only a part but they Are a part of the Central and controlling problem of approaching budget balance. Not one pressure group but All pressure groups must give ground if the government is to return to doubt too whether the taxpayers the Wyt of fiscal there will regard the increase of the is sanity or Good a horse sense in you you it son. Clerkly Roll As something needed to improve the service connection Between them and their representatives. Perhaps a Telegram of protest to ones senators who now have the Bill is indicated. That Wmk guests within of h Gates an association which comprises some of the states Best merchants is in convention Here. We refer to the North Carolina pharmaceutical association. High Point is pleased to have these convenors Here. The metamorphosis of the apothecary a shop from the dingies to the brightest on main Street a occurred All Over a intr Lea. One May go to the smallest of country towns with Assurance that he will find a clean attractive drug store with Well filled shelves of merchandise regardless of How dreary the rest of the retelling housing May appear. Quips Art made it the expense of the pharmacist As he is accused of Selling virtually All comm Orth in other than drugs. Truly he has become an Impi Octant outlet a for goods to the consumer in a wide Range of commodities but he has not neglected the original service of the apothecary. As a matter of fact while he needs and has Many assistants the Man with the pharmacists schooling and skill remains a fixture in the Moilen Ding store and is perhaps a better chemist than his prot Otylie of the Dingy diggings. Pharmacy a beginning is lost in the prehistoric experiences of Man. Prescription formulae Between 5,000 and 6.000 years old attest the ancient Ness of one of the services required of the pharmacist. The beginning was in the borderline bet Wen superstitious Healing rites and the germinating science of Medicine. Originally the greek word from which pharmacist was derived meant interchangeably the use of Medicine or the practice of witchcraft. The modern pharmacist signifies the ancient arts eschews the ancient Superti Tutins and makes himself one of the More important agents for the amelioration of life a harshness in general. His store is a place where Many kinds of merchandise can be bought Whene helpful counsel May be secured on Many matters and where quite frequently something close Akin to club and forum is maintained. It is both social and business inst tuition almost peculiarly in our country. Hob houses Harmonica a a bobs House the folks est executive in the states scholarly realm spoke Here this morning. It were More accurate to report that he played the Harmonica and spoke Here. The late Erwin Avery Charlotte observer columnist wrote about the Banjo picking of a distinguished College professor of his Day As peculiarly endearing him to the people. He was right in saying that North carolinians feel they can understand a Man who can pick tunes out of a Banjo. The same observation May be made respecting the Harmonica especially that Brand of Harmonica played by blowing through the instrument. That is or. Houses a it ind. With that a Mouth Organ he could make a Dull dry speech acceptable and there is nothing dreary or pointless about his Spet Hes. One of the clearest and friendliest judgments on american journalism particularly that portion of its represented by the Small localized papers was incorporated in a speech made by or. House Lief Ore the newspaper Institute at Chapel Hill last year. Combined in him Are the understanding mind and the understanding heart. Bob House is not forced to the Harmonica to please his audiences but w Here he is Well known the Harmonica is in definite demand. We did not hear him this morning As he played and spoke but we would Wager a pretty that he made an impression on those who did hear him that will linger. This Youngish Dean of the University of North Carolina is Rich in those characteristics which we like to believe represent Independent spirited Friendly unpretentious North Carolina at its Best. Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people the other Day while waiting in the Little outer office to see a business Man. I heard something that shocked me. The Boss was a bawling out his Secretary. She tried to explain her Side. But be would not listen. He had the upper hand and was taking every a Anta a. A irk Walter winched on Broadway copyright lilt. Doily Mirror. Inc. Win of Moke nepotism tile administration which went in office pledged to reduce the costs of government at least Twenty five per cent has permitted spending to reach a height in which both the Promise and the old spending landmarks seem overwhelmed and lost. What will come out of the presidents a a streamlining process under the reorganization of government act remains to be revealed but an action in Congress yesterday indicates that the passion for re in the Neus the Winston Salem journal commenting on the conciliatory speech of Mussolini sunday says a ill Duce frankly stated that there is no Issue of War in Europe today which would justify War. Undoubtedly he spoke the truth. The issues that vex the nations can lie settled without resort to War provided there develops on each Side a spirit of give and this statement deserves a Little looking into. England and France gave to Germany a Good slice of Czechoslovakia Hitler took it All Italy had been granted certain rights in Albania Mussolini completely took Over the Little nation. To say nothing of Hitler s seizure of Austria the a give and take in Europe has been a one sided affair and All at the expense of these countries that have had to give up their Freedom to serve appeasement. War should by All worthy Means he avoided but the words of Patrick Henry still ring True a is life when she came out. She was greatly upset and i think she had been crying. But when i went in the Man was of very affable. I said to myself. A no smiles please. I know the kind of Man you really i got out As soon As i could How utterly needless it All was. What possible Good did the Man accomplish by reducing the girl to tears n t we be kind and considerate other in offices and Why can t men be considerate of their secretaries when a Man has to a bawl out his stenographer it s an almost sure sign he is potty. Big men done to complain and find fault. They guide due it and encourage. They Point out mistakes Only to show How they can be corrected. The Small Man finds fault to show his priority. Look around in your office and see if this in t True. William h. Meadowcroft a private Secretary to Thomas a. Edison for 21 years. Their desks were Side by Side in Edison a Library in Menlo Park. New Jersey. Sometimes he spent 18 hours a Day in Edison a company. Edison worked at High tension and often his nerves were on Edge. On top of this people were constantly hounding Edison for interviews. Reporters flocked to Menlo Park. Cranks and crackpots came. It sometimes seemed As if whole world on one pretext or another tried to see Edison. Meadow Croft s task was to sort out the ones Edison wanted to see and to get rid of the others. Sometimes he made mistakes. Bad mistakes. In addition. Meadowcroft had to shout at the top of his voice into Edison sear to make himself understood. Sometimes Edison thought Meadow Croft had said one thing when As a matter of fact Meadowcroft had said something else. In All those 21 years Edison never once spoke sharply to his Secretary recently i we ent in to interview Joseph p. Day. The real estate auctioneer a the Only Man in the world who has sold a billion dollars Worth of real estate. He has had the same Secretary for 32 years her name is miss Mcconnell. While i was waiting to see or. Day she told me that her a a Bossy had never been really Cross to her. Sometimes they had had misunderstandings but the moment she explained her Side and he saw she was right the trouble was Over. What a Fine record of course we can tall equal that but Ive can All try. Try it today. Just for one Day. Of you can be kind and considerate for one Day then you can be for another. I won t Cost you a Penny in the worm. Begin today. Begin now these harming new yorkers the time Square Salesman who Sells song sheets with old recordings of musical masterpieces for two bits. The actresses who Barge into nightclubs throwing kisses at their acquaintances and then go Home and throw kisses at their mirrors. The waitresses in the third ave. Beanery who Are always smiling for All the customers but Are Seldom Happy. Lucius Beebe who is the country a Best known dude a and Bern Bernie who is the country Best known Dud. The errand boys in the garment District Rushing off to evening classes at High schools and colleges. All hoping that More education will Lead to a better Job. The Well dressed women in the fifth ave., Swanky shops who consider it a Days work buying Silky things for themselves. George Jean Nathan whose hair is always Wispy and Jay c. Slippen whose hair is Ai ways tired. The baseball bugs mostly office boys who think that the Only worry in the world is the condition of Carl Hubbell Arm. The boo atmosphere of the South Street waterfront sector in the Middle of the night a it hurries your heartbeat. The terrible dreariness of everything about the bowery a the stink of new York. The brokenhearted unemployed actors mingling with the horse players at Lindy a who Are just broke. Mayor la Guardia As important to new York As the sky scrapers. The Beautiful hopeful actresses who Lead dreary lives trying to keep the Wolf away from the door. The lovers along Riverside drive at Midnight telling each other their dreams. One of the Nio to Boring jobs in town the people who sit in those change Booths in subway stations All Day. Changing changing dimes quarters dollars the eardrum shattering symphony of noisy Broadway and the Broadway whiskers that shatter hearts. The youngsters of every race Creed and color happily pouring out of Public schools every Day around three p. In. A As american As a Home run. The two for a Penny Guys w to stand in front of Cigar stores thinking of ways to make easy Money and become easy Marks for Guys Twenty Yeako a ago who need help on Shady deals. The unemployed sprawled Over subway Sta new briefs a Al Capone of Chicago was sentenced today in Philadelphia to serve one year in prison for carrying a concealed weapon. A the presbyterians discussed divorce today in their general Assembly meeting in Montreat. A the Cleveland clinic recently destroyed by fire will be rebuilt. Lion benches Parks and in the doorways of stores de of the richest City in the we orld. Makes you a Little Asham the sep lans along Harlem Way who put More zip and zing in their clothes any sunday than the Well to do on easter Sabbath. The Debs who say they hate publicity and Are full of envy because of All the publicity that Brenda Frazier deserves. The mob of autograph hounds Rushing visiting Hollywood celebs. Making the myth of new York sophistication seem even More myth. The Tough routines that the gae Foster kids at the Roxy go through week after week. Its enough to discourage any girl who thinks being a Chorine is All Mink and millionaires. The big shots who relax after dark in 52nd Street swing Dens swaying to the Tom Toms of the hands. The Man with the Long White Beard at City Hall who Sells Penny candies. If you refuse to take the piece of Candy he refuses your Coin. Lie simply refuses to take Charity. And we believe he really Means it the Penny pinching booking agents who depend on actors for their living but very few of them think an actor deserves to make one. The theatre impresario who show Only one foreign language movie yet do As Well financially As managers of american twin Bills Bingo and dishes. Young secretaries All flush and Gay excitedly discussing their week end dates we Ith girl friends on monday morning subways. The theatre lovers with frayed suits in the fifth ave. Library drama room hungrily devouring the make believe literature. The bookies with lanky stogies in their kissers standing around various restaurants with a silent prayer in their eyes for suckers. The drama producers who have a Tough time finding a Good dramatic Story at any Price a and the newspapers that Are full of dramatic stories everyday a that you can get for a few cents. The cab Driver at grand Central who plays symphony recordings on a portable phonograph while waiting for fares. Yawn filled Chorine scurrying along the gloom drenched Early morning main Stem carrying their tired frames to Homes and hotel cells after trying to make people Happy All evening. The half Mast human beggars at the silk and Satin first nights. That Street scene outside the theatre usually packs Blore drama than the mediocrities inside the theatre. People with so what lives along tenth Avenue crowding the cheap movie houses on Bingo nights. Hope Hope Hope that s w hat keeps them living. The Wall Streeter who throw away Money in nightclubs in order to impress women or friends and underpay the clerks who work for them. The Hundred percent stinkers who give out vicious anti american handbills in the Yorkville sector. Many of them contain phoney quotes attributed to George Washington. The so called intellectuals at Greenwich Village who think they can solve the biggest International problems but no Way to earn a living. Local new a the Interior of the first Baptist Church is undergoing repairs. The congregation we ill worship at the High school auditorium on sunday. A Rev. Vav. A. Lambeth and Fred n. Tate addressed a workers meeting last night at Wesley memorial Church on the importance of the Centenary collections. About people a miss Lillie Rankin for a number of years with the North state Telephone company has accepted a position As Book keeper with the v. Vav. Idol company. A the Pike property on North main Street oppose the Mechanicsville Supply company we ill to sold May 31 by Penny Brothers auctioneers of the american land company. A Thomas j. Murphy of Greensboro former City manager of High Point is in the City today. New Brief a n. C. 4, the lame Duck among the naval planes has reached the azores. A five prominent figures in the protestant episcopal Church of the United states were cordially received by the Pope of Rome people today held mass demonstrations against the acceptance of the Allied peace terms. Singing in the Bathtub helps build a Happy family life says a musical authority. That makes it Good fell around for the act s value in a room House has already been verified. Bruce Catton in Washington by Bruce Catton paging father. Time ten years ago local new a the Terry Smith raw Ley company have purchased five iou on South Hamilton from the Durham hosiery Mills. The Mill buildings were included in the miss Louise Alcorn. 37. Member of the High Point High school faculty died last night at a local Hospital following an operation for appendicitis ten Days ago. She was a native of Rockingham county. About people a mrs. T. J. Gold was was a visitor to Winston Salem today. A miss Rachel Donnel of Greensboro is spending the weekend in this City. A bom to or. And mrs. Vav. C. Hammond a son Vav. \ Hammond or. Where is the Safe How much Money is there in it write Down the amount. Have you any More Money i confiscate the Money. A German czech military phrasebook allegedly supplied to German troops before the invasion of Czechoslovakia. Boi a p1 Snow this to dad when he irs to grab off the big helping at liner. A i 1-month-old Rhode Island ize baby eats pork chops. To put our own House in order is Tim Best plan to meet any threat from without our Borders. A James a. Farley postmaster general to the brotherhood of railway trainmen. Grover Whalen who is never without a boost for a Knocker a flashy smile a Gardenia and a photographer. The adults getting As much fun out of the fair As the kiddies. A sunny sunday in Central Park with Gay people Happy tots boys with their Best girls a the City showing its heart in the heart of the City. The streamlined figure gals buying everything their hearts desire in the Swanky shops a because they have a charge account and some wife a husband. The 6th ave. Job seekers Matching pennies trying to make the Long jobless Days seem Shorter. The once exciting Chinatown now full of Almond eyed jitterbugs and baseball fans. The ticket brokers another crime without punishment. The Lovely lookers who work As waitresses Salesgirl. In ticket Booths at movies a All stage struck. Song plugged trying to make a tune popular by having it played again and again until its unpopular. The Street Salesman lingering Over a cupa Calfee in the automat waiting for the rain to Stop. The Little old lady Gardenia paddlers sitting in passing patrol wagons looking into nowhere. The music lovers editing from Carnegie Hall into the nerve jangling noises of the City a streets. Helen Hayes the actress whose performances always show How Nice critics can really be. The workers in the fur District who sweat during the summer months making Coats that will keep your Best girl warm in the Winter. The singing favorite who when she is a Little blotto looks exactly like Charlie Mccarthy the Dummy but who is bothered incessant by men. The Gal who Michigan a legislature is considering a Bill which would Han All advertising by Barbers. Here a hoping it stops that practice of putting perfume in a Guys hair. Dwells on the ground floor near West end Avenue and 84th Street who never Lowers the shades and retires at la p. In. Nights on the Dot. The Debutante who do the Stork club Coq Rouge and other Midtown menagerie who have a new Way of signalling a pal that her slip is show ing. They say a so you re getting your pm. Aitch Dee being the initials of a Petticoat hangs Down. The chorus girls however use this signal a its snowing Down Washington May 17. A the movement to scrap the Central part of the administrations farm program and set fixed prices at a level which would guarantee the Farmer against loss is by no Means dead. The Senate a recent passage of the $1,218, 000.000 farm Bill May even have helped the movement along. For the fixed Price plan has a talking Point it does not re quire heavy annual payments or Loans to i Farmers. Nor for that matter does it require subsidizing of 8 exports. It finances the itself out of taxes of the processors a and whatever these might Braw cow. No to the consumer they at Lacast would take a Load off of the Federal Treasury. The fixed Price plan takes two forms tile Cost of production plan and the Domestic allotment plan. Similar in effect these two schemes seek to reach the same goal by slightly different routes. A Cost of production plan introduced in the House by congressman Sam Massingale of Oklahoma has been pigeonholed by the agriculture committee and a petition to discharge the Hill from committee and bring it to the floor of the House for debate and a vote is now being circulated. A similar Hill is pending in the Senate. Differences in schemes Domestic allotment Bills have been Ini induced in the Senate by senators Wheeler of Montana and let of Oklahoma. Domestic allotment Bills have been introduced in the Senate by senators Wheeler of Montana and Lee of Oklahoma. The fundamental idea in All of these Bills is that it is perfectly possible to figure out Bot the average Normal coat of production of a Given farm commodity and the average Normal amount of that commodity we hich is consumed annually in the Domestic Market. With those two figures worked out the proposal is to fix a Domestic Price minimum apportion to each Farmer his share of the Market and permit him to sell his share at the minimum Price level. Whatever he had to sell above his pro rata share would be sold in the world Market for whatever Price he could get. Differences Between the Cost of production and Domestic allotment plans Are chiefly these 1. The Cost of production Bill Cox Era All crops with an annual value of $10,000,000 or More. The Domestic allotment plan thus far covers Only two a wheat and Cotton. 2, a under each plan the Secretary of agriculture would fix the percentage of a Given commodity needed for Domestic consumption. Say he put this at 80 per cent. Under the Cost of production scheme the Farmer could get the fixed minimum Price for 80 per cent of his crop whether it was 1000 bushels or 10,000. Under the Domestic allotment plan he could get the Price for 80 per cent of his a production basis a a figure which would be based on his farm s average production Over a period of years. If his production basis was 2000 bushels for instance he we Ould get the Price for 1600 bushels and no More. 3.�?the Domestic allotment plan was a sliding scale provision which would try to Reserve More of the Domestic Market for the Small Farmer the Cost of production plan does not. I under the Cost of production plan it we Ould be to the Farmers interest to sell his entire crop promptly. For his percentage would be Fig ured on his actual sales at the elevator. Under the Domestic allotment plan the Farmer would have a fixed quota and could if he pleased withhold the rest of his crop from the Market a storing it on the Chance that the world Price might Rise using it for Stock feed or keeping it As a carry Over in Case of a crop failure the following year. Agriculture Racks Bills senator wheelers Bill deals with wheat and senator Lee s with Cotton. Both Are backed by substantial farm organizations including the Farmers Union. The National Grange has endorsed the Cost of production Bill. A both the Cost of production and Domestic allotment Bills a says senator Lee a agree As to the farm Price level a they agree that it ought to be higher. They also agree on the fundamental principle that the american Market should be guaranteed to the american Farmer at this higher Price underlying the whole movement for some sort of a fixed Price policy is a widespread feeling among farm Belt senators and representatives that the administrations farm program has failed. They Praise its soil conservation features and most of them give the administration credit for making an honest Effort and practically All say that they will vote for the administration program if no alternative is offered on the ground that it is better than nothing. But the Effort to put through a program which will put farm prices up More effectively than the Wallace program has done is still being made and the final showdown is yet to come. My definition of writers As a Cli is that they Are a race of gifted babblers whose chief service or contribution to the state is their nuisance value. Lin Yutang gifted Chines philosopher author

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