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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1939, High Point, North Carolina We to i ii e r tartly Cloud tonight and Sliu nudity. Thi High Point Enterprise Fol it la i a of Iii Industry it Llull Point offers Good Opportunity for year around work vol. 55�?no. 137 Memije it associated press High Point n. A. Wednesday afternoon. May 17, 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cent British Royalty North America last minute bulletins sign up Knoxville tertn., May 17. It it a Southern appalachian foal operators signed today a Union silo Peon tract with the i idled mine workers. No women delegates Fayetteville n. It May 17 to the Lgth annual convention of the episcopal diocese of East Carolina voted overwhelmingly today against any change in the Church Constitution relative to admitting women As Lay delegates to diocesan conventions. Hazard county operators sign Union contracting George i and Consort 7,000 return to 40 mines immediately Only tin Harlan county operators remain out of fold hah lanky May 17. Map a the Hazard county Coal or craters employing apr i proximately 7,900 men signed to Cut jew s in Roia Lani a Union shop contract at it x London May 17. A <.1> a the British government announced its intention tonight to Esta Huish an Independent Arab dominated state of Palestine Iii which the jews would be limited to one third of the population \ White paper setting Forth Britain a plan for the future of the holy i and said jewish immigration into Palestine during the next five years veil he at a rate which xxx Wil bring the jewish population up to approximately one third of the total population of the country. Slot machines violating Law r in ton with the i riled mint i workers today a 400 additional National retard troops i were ordered in readiness to move into this strife torn Eoal i area. Announcement of the signing of the contract was made Simul i to Neoushy by j. E. Johnson a member of the heat d operators group and Sam Caddy president of the Hazard District u. M. W. Forty Quot Yunes the agreement covers 40 mines. All of those in the area operated i by 27 companies. These mines produce about 7,000,000 tons annually. Caddy said he was wiring an order for the miners to a Start work immediately and added i that some May be in the pits before the end of the Day. Signing of this agreement the i same a 15 other operating i groups approved in new York i last saturday left Only the har still unreported a t sea flying the smallest plane Ever used for a trails Atlantic hop. Carl Hackman 8a-.vfaroid i swedish aviator took off from hot Wood v f., for a High to native country. Ile is shown at left Alane standing before a plane similar to the tiny 90�horc Power single motored Job in used for trans a flan tic attempt. London talks with russian negotiators great Britain willing to make great concessions London May 17.�? apr negotiations for soviet russian i adherence to the French Brit ish Cabinet and a Call by the russian ambassador at the foreign office. Britain was described in responsible Quai tees As willing to make important concessions to bring Russia into the front and i one reliable informant said a new i offer to Russia for a russian British military Alliance had been considered. Talks Progress a a no consultations Are Iii i Progress both in Moscow and j London a foreign office spokesman said. Soviet ambassador Ivan Mai sky called at the for Fri office at noon. Earlier the Cabinet discussed i the negotiations and was believed to have drafted Britain s answer i to russians rejection monday or i the previous British proposals prime minister Chamberlain. I throne Center of Britain s National life new York May 17.�? to a Charles Back Man swedish aviator attempting a transatlantic flight from Newfoundland to Stolt Holm. Sweden was still unreported at 2 of clock this after Evenue Ava new of Tilini in birr a Doon t to into effect i Mil june i Dis-1 noon. If he maintains is Dale land Airport of he were Able to maintain top cruising Speed of 110 Miles an hour he could have covered 2,ti40 Miles or a Little than the distance of hi., i planned course. He had estimate Okholm w angina the utopian. Made mistry possible by of Small he would land in Stockholm Raleigh. May 17.�? up a Revenue commissioner a. J. Maxwell said today state had no collected atty taxes on so called j a amusement Slot machines a and j that it was against the Law to operate such machines in North Carolina before june i. The 1939 legislature legalised j a amusement Slot machines which i do not automatically vend coins j slugs or tokens. Many of the j machines Are now1 Iii operation j Iii the state and some Here have a county and City licenses attached j Field deputies of the Revenue i department w ill meet Here May i 29 to consider the changes in the Revenue Laws for the next j two years Maxwell said Especial-1 Lyas they co Nee. N Slot machines. The deputies will be told the i commissioner added that licenses i for Slot Mach nos will hear the i serial number and location of each machine. The licenses will not he sent direct from Raleigh to the applicants hut will lie s n. I to Field deputies who must per squally inspect each machine and if it conforms to the Law the License will he glued to the machine so that it cannot he transferred. A it is not the duty of Field deputies to Hunt Down illegal machines in the state a commented Maxwell Quot but i shall Reques them to make a notation and in i form the sheriff of the county when they find an illegal machine Lan operators in Kentucky Kerning from the Union shop contract. The Hazard Field adjoins i night. Harlan. At Ashe land yesterday carried no radio however the other dissenting Kentucky reports of pros group. Big Handy Elkhorn Coal j on Monople association signed the i by a liner at sith operators contract. Peace negotiations Here Are not to be resumed until Mon Tome land Point along at 2 4ft a in. Est. Was 24 hours out of Ess would in s being or from route. Bimi uned however enough fuel of flight should h vary the course. Chicago a Brothers of Char closed Here the aviator s Takeoff flight from in he he amen 4,000-mile forced to Brothers gust and an said Washington officials fused the 34-year-old Avia a Init Ion to make the flight Cek they added Backman cd by Telephone to sell the i Wea i Nackman i he Chica to attend Holland the to Hazard operators Merit saying that still opposed the issued while Union would he eco non t to in statement de the a Sti they shop it suicide n Caddy elated a the agreement was signed As the result of collective bargaining. We used the pen instead of bayonets As they Are trying to do in Harlan county. Condemns Ait Quot Union labor in Kentucky condemns the amazing act of governor Chandler in sending troops continued on Patch 2 Lumpkin is named to s. Judgeship Senate committee okays Navy Money h to a Friend in qualifying it for itry. Ins ostensibly bar ing a transoceanic an air plane to a Germany begins unusual census it. J answering questions Iii commons i on the British russian negotiations. Said a the foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax received a further communication from the soviet government on May 15. It is now under consideration by majesty s government and i can i not at present give any details. To id ment he refused to comment on the statement published May 12 in j Izvestia the soviet government Organ describing the Sov irm leu in pre of Brita Aud for ally include lab id by that did t. Hamn if my inv As they inspect the machine connection with licensing the it is the duty of the so and chiefs of police of the to see to it that no illegal Chines Are Chase in favor of War ballot s in in. Riffs Date a Washington May 17. A Pic president Roosevelt today nominated Alva m. Lumpkin of j South Carolina to be Federal judge i for the Eastern and Western Dis 1 Tricia of South Carolina. Other Southern nominations in j eluded Leslie a. Darr to a new i position Asfe literal judge for the j Middle and Eastern districts of j Tennessee. Francis la. Inge reappointed As i United states attorney for the Southern District of Alabama. Lumpkin 53-year-old Columbia 1 attorney is a former special Justice of the South Carolina us i preme court nomination was recommended by senators Smith j j and Byrnes of South Carolina. His name Val agreed on about 1 j two weeks ago settling a year i old question of who would Suc a need the late judge j. Lyles Glenn i Lumpkin was named to fill a i a a roving judgeship subject to Asj sign men t for duly in both the Eastern and Western districts of i the state. Accepts House approved move to prohibit Navy purchases of Argentine beef w Ashington May 17. A i the Senate appropriations com i Mittee approved the $773,000.-j too naval appropriations Bill to i Day after accepting a House approved provision prohibiting Navy i purchases of Argentine canned i corned beef. On a show of hands the committee voted 9 to 7 to retain the j prohibition against Argentine beef which has stirred a controversy Between president Roosevelt who authorized a 48,000-i Pound Purchase and Western senators. Senator o Mahoney do Wyo testified in its support i shortly before the committee i acted. Navy officials had urged that it he eliminated and or Roosevelt had said that Argentine canned beef was Superior in Quality and cheaper in Price. Prompt consideration the Navy measure which sets j a peace time record was expected to receive prompt Senate consideration. It carries funds for i 500 new fighting planes us 23 ban quotations of u. S. Bonds on London Mart will in belter Regit Nate program of nation 1/04 her to it a ooh no a i i asked whether t Able to make a stat negotiations during fairs debate Friday let gov an amid k us no Bonn Asker act to discus-11 lord Geneva Laid. Ltd be on the in of in for Chamberlain by Louin p. Berlin May 17. Untener army of 70,000 g began work today on a which will afford the nazi r information on which to further regimentation of the of the nation. \ vol census regime i base life i replied that a could not say. Young philadelphian nabbed climbing White House Fence was going to kill Roosevelt Washington. May i 7�? i Stuart Cha a economist Aud writer who favors the War referendum proposal asserted today that a a contemptible and selfish economic desires were a leading this nation towards he stated those a grave economic temptations thus a shall we kill a million boys to give stocks a ride in Wall Street and a temporary Boom to business a a Lull we Kili a million boys to give our excess savings and j by Wilham it. Ardery outlet in War investment be Washington May 17�? up a cause we Are too stupid to and member8 of president Roosevelt a adequate channels in peace Iii Vest me ill a new warships including two 4 >t-000 ton battleships two cruisers eight destroyers eight submarines two Small seaplane tenders and one repair ship Money also is included for alterations Ami repairs to two Bat Cunt inned on Page 2 for is Given conflicting advice on farm measure testifying before a Senate judiciary subcommittee which is onside tag a proposal that the people decide whether America go s into a foreign War Chase added a these bloody and cowardly put is out of business depression Are not Good enough for me gentleman not nearly Good enough. I profoundly doubt if they Are Good enough for the majority of the citizens of America. I would like them to pass on the question.�?T1 Moi Lider Quebec. May 17. A up a King George \ i declared today Iii tile first speech a reigning British Sovereign Ever Ila,4 made in America that on this continent during the last 200 years a through loss and through gain. The British Commonwealth of nations has been largely moulded into its present official family were reported on Capitol Hill today to he a Lfering conflicting advice on whether to sign or veto the $1,218,000,000 agriculture department Bill. The president s preliminary discussions of the record breaking appropriation measure it was said authoritatively have been based on the possibility that the House will accept most of the $383,000,-000 added by the Senate. Among other unbudgeted items the Senate wrote in $225,000,000 for parity payments designed to raise Farmers purchasing Power and $113,000,000 for surplus crop disposal. The Bill now is awaiting House action on the Senate amendments. Well informed persons said the president brought up the Hill at a recent Cabinet meeting where one group of advisers led by Secretary Wallace was reported to have urged that he sign it. Another group which included return the farm problem to Congress with a request that it either hold to the budget estimates or raise additional Revenue to finance the Senate approved benefits. Gainer Long an Economy advocate was described As believing Minikin a it it. A lha seeking to Stem the Export of British capital principal to the United states Maiden mock broken today reached an agreement not to quote american securities until further notice. This move followed a statement in the House of commons yesterday by sir John Simon Chancellor of the exchequer cautioning Fri Tiki investors against sending their funds Alt Road. London financial circles also said that an unofficial request to desist from quoting trans Atlantic i listed states shares had Lieen sent to brokers by tin Bank of England in tile form of a note tailing attention to sir John s statement. The Chancellor of exchequer told commons it it Ster a it that he had asked one insurance Costian to cease issuing a circular advocating the sending of funds to the United states. A i have taken definite Steps about it and i think they will in effective a he said. I ii 21 sir John said Itiat a tin Good sense of ill is tors will indicate to them dial tile extort of capital at tile present time when the requirements of National defense an so great it would he deleterious to the National Laguardia noted in again anyway new one Imp count it w to Detent it1 t runes prot of labor a to satisfy int purpose stated off tartly what shins or in scantily of tile ally in ailing tranches applied it needs of the nation and which ones a overcrowded from the National viewpoint. Measures designed to make individual talents and achievements r serve the dominating interests of the Reich Are expected to follow. Meanwhile the Axis Powers. Germany and Italy emphasized a colonial Solidarity a United action for overseas gains As a new phase of their policy. Simultaneous Tours of fortified Frontier zones overlooking Frame by Chancellor Hitler and Premier Mussolini underscored the Axis Unity. Figures revealed by Germany a census Are expected to have decisive effect on German education Aud vocational training of the future. It is possible that Young men and women will not be permitted to enter any a Jling they choose hut will he assigned to tasks considered essential to the nations welfare another phase of the enumeration to produce material for Ipa Ganda in International iou Iver sies is a series of three est ions i. Of what country is the individual a citizen 2. What is Inot Iier Tongue 3. Of what a Folk Dom does he feel himself a party v polish newspaper raps nazi system of census washing a a 22-Yea arrested As Fence at the with a Rock held in Gallinger for mental Obser the Man Book soph twers told ton. May 17. A car old Philadelph la ii he tried to climb a White House armed and pen knife was Hospital today action. D As Frank to sergeant Elmer Lewis of the metropolitan police. Lewis said that he intended to kill president Roosevelt because a the is not Good to the poor and a what this country needs is a incorporated Saratoga n. C., May 17.�? up a Saratoga citizens voted yesterday to incorporate their Community. N. M. Shackelford was elected mayor. Quebec May i Quot a zip a prime minister w. L. Mackenzie King told King George and Qiu in i be i ii town that a today a never before tile throne has become the Center of our National the prime minister and Tress Welcome was delivered at the Dominion government s luncheon for lie King and Queen. A we would have your majesties feel that in coming from tile old land to the Lew von Bavy in left one Home o come to another that we Are All of one household a Mackenzie ing said. A free institutions and Democrat in ideals an As dear to the hearts of it our people in 4 Anada a to tile Peoples in any other part of the Empire. We regard their preservation and or a total Ion As tin common concern of All. Xxx a greater than our sense of tile splendor of Vojir state is our affection for two voting people who hear in so High a spirit a responsibility unparalleled in live Raoul Dali Piirand government Lender Iii the Senate welcomed tile King Aud Queen a in the capital of new Fra need an i said that franc i speaking canadians a from to Al hearts Greet the King with a Vive is murder ring suspect taken Federal Gerits Nail Dom h Olio Iii jew Laud at it tune of sister Cleveland May i 7.�? up a Dominie Rodio. 51, of Philadelphia sought by Federal agents in their investigation of an interstate Poison murder ring s operations was arrested Here today at the Home of a Elater. Rod to is one of two persons for whom warrants were issued to Federal agents last night. Detectives Ralph Kennedy and Vincent Morrow arrested at the Home of or. John i Francisco where he wan asleep. Detectives said they had received a pick up order for apprehension from superintendent of police Edward Bubba of Philadelphia. Detective sergeant James Hogan said Philadelphia authorities were notified of Rodion a apprehension. Arresting officers reported Rodio told them he came to Cleveland last sunday a to forget about the death of 17-year-old son. Killed in a traffic Accident May 5, the warrant issued for Rodio charged with being an the Ory to murder in the drown of Joseph Arena off the new by coast near sea Isle City 932. Reach Quebec first time in history reigning ruler of Empire has put foot on l itis font input Quebec May 17.�? aim j King a Corge \ i today became the first reigning British Monarch to set foot on North american soil when he Ami i Queen Elizabeth landed at que i Bec for their tour of the United states and a Anada. The King and Queen made their Landing from the liner Empress of Australia at 9 34 a. In. Est., to be welcomed by prime minister Vav. L. Mackenzie King and leaders of Canada and the province of Quebec. The ceremonial Welcome took place in the Shadow of the giant Cliffs which general Wolfe a army scaled 180 years ago to win a new France for the British Crown. Admiral s uniform King George wore the uniform of an Admiral of the Fleet. The Qiu men was dressed in a Pearl Gray ensemble with an off the face hat of the same color. King George made Way Down the Flag decked Gangway just a step ahead of smiling Consort. A tremendous Welcome arose cheering. Pealing Bells screeching ships whistle the Roar of air planes. Canada s first View of her sovereigns was one of pleasing and unexpected informality the King and Queen smiling and waving from the it s rail to no is below just before the Landing. Prime minister Mackenzie King awaited their majesties at the foot of the gangplank Astl by came ashore at 9 34 a. In. Est. The Landing was delayed a few minutes because the King and Queen stopped to say goodbye to the liners officers and men. An t the 21-gun Royal a Ron r nor into ship. The arrival w Hind the origins cd by fog and it North Atlantic. The crowds go their Maje e Hies left the to Days nodule delayer is of thu re i in i be in their first Good View of the King when he left the welcoming Hals and. With an officer took Long Quick strides j across the hollow Square to inspect the guard of a company of Canadian grenadiers. Inti posit Fox he moved quickly Down the i front rank then the rear. Meanwhile the specially built Royal j automobile with the Royal stand Jard flying moved into position before the Dias. The King and Queen entered i the open car a Gray Robe was thrown Over their laps and they moved off on the route to the continued on Page two Palestine jews protest scheme holy Lind newspaper blinds jews have lust Faith Iii British i of eminent May continued on Pisac 2 of sailors land at Kun Wangsu to protect . Interests Shanghai May it Topi the 1 endangered in an incident Iii which United states Cruiser Marblehead a chinese was fatally wounded landed a patrol at Kun Wangsu inter the Landing however was Fol National settlement today to pro Lowed by sweeping demands for tem american interests against j japanese control of the Kun Wangsu 17.�? up a a dieted tempera Ion o defeat a the future of Palestine prepared for disclosure this afternoon. A front Page edit Post. The Only daily Jerusalem the Palestine Post p Day a an Era of non a by jews in an Effort British plan for trial it in the any infringements arising from the japanese naval occupation of the area. Dome japanese National news Agency said in a dispatch from Amoy that both British and american sailors had landed at Kun Wangsu Island which is off the Mal settlement ivern York that farm Aid was imperative hut a it or i1s to that Congress could do a better i la Glaidia Job of legislating if or. Roosevelt vetoed the pending measure. The or vice president has said nothing j slates olm May 17.�? up a mayor Fiorello was re elected unanimously today As president Tor the fourth time of he United Nee of mayors. Warsaw May 17 up protesting methods employed in taking the census of population Iii Germany the socialist newspaper Robotnik charged today that Only polish citizens and poles speak publicly about farm or any other legislation this year. The president told reporters yesterday that there had been no discussion of new taxes to finance mayor Edward j. Kelly of Chicago who had been slated for the office although the nominating committee had not yet reported took the floor and pro Southeastern China port of Amoy j Lan forty three sailors were in the Marblehead Landing party. The Cruiser arrived at Kun Wangsu today joining the United states destroyer Bulmer. Four of five British warships were believed to he in Amoy Harbor As a consequence of the japanese invasion of the International settlement which is established by intern meat. The Marblehead left Tsin Tao monday night. Captain Thomas Moran was expected to Send a group of officers to Confer with Karl de g. Macvitte the United states Consul at Amoy on knit. Paper Genev holy said. Land published in English. A jews will lie launched tomorrow on an Era of non cooperation which is forced on them in order to devise Means to defeat tin policy which is about to he the plan. Set Forth in a White to lie released in London i Washington the Arati tates and Palestine was believed Advance to Call for gradual transition of Palestine into an Independent state 60 per cent Arab and 40 per cent jewish. Britain was reported to have decided to free herself in 1944 of any obligation to facilitate a pales in ing classical polish would lie a. Fitted to Register As poles in gee-1 treaty with China As International farm payments in talk with j posed the re election and mayor congressional and Treasury tax i Daniel is. Hoakon of Milwaukee authorities monday. He has argued a ailed for a vote previously that the Senate add j a organizations Tyint change their presidents every year never amount to a tinkers dam a said that the Senate Addi dons made new levies necessary. Some members of the Senate finance committee said there was Little Chance that the Senate would approve extra taxes for farm benefits. They argued that if taxes j were to he raised for these expenditures. New levies also should be imposed to reduce the Federal j vice president Garner was said to deficit requiring from that Active live suggested that he veto it Aud ties. Mayor Koan. A and those that have the sense to keep a Good Man grow. All in favor of drafting la Guardia for another term a a a done to do that a said mayor i Glaidia. The voting mayors drowned voice. A Trtany a regardless of what race their papers might signify. Newspapers also charged that j Germany was trying to establish statistical proof that Tho polish minority in Germany is negligible. J census taking started in Berlin i today. E n in h the to i. S. Horta. The azores May 17. Alha the lieutenant de Vas a seau Paris French air liner i landed at Horta today Enro Ute to j the United states. The flying boat left Lisbon at t 42 a. In 11 42 p. In. Tuesday est and reached Horta at 1.04 p in. 8 04 p. In. Est. J territory lauding of the american sailors which was reported to Admiral Harry e. Yarnell commander in chief of the United states Asiatic Fleet placed the United states in the position of taking a direct hand in the Kun Wangsu 0fi 54 j a the United states and Britain Are the chief Powers concerned in Kun Wangsu the first International settlement to he invaded by japanese thus far in the japanese chinese War. Japanese termed the Landing of their marines at Kun Wangsu Friday a measure of self defense saying consular reports on the sit via jewish National Home in Tion were being sent to washing Tine through further jewish Beton. Migration. She holds a league it the British Cruiser Binning-1 cations mandate Over Palestine. Ham with Admiral Percy Noble j the Post declared no amount aboard departed from Kun Wangsu of persuasion or pleading could for Swaton without Landing any i stay Britain in her a headlong marines. Course of robbing jews to enrich the Kun Wangsu municipal coun Cli was reported to have told the a though the jew has lost Faith japanese there was no basis for m the British government of to the demand for administrative j Day a the Tost continued a the control in the settlement the retains Faith in the British people Council protested it was said and the British Empire of to against what it termed use of kit Day x x 4 a japanese naval commander was and methodist. Wangsu As a base of operations against the chinese. The Council was reported to have told the japanese that the assassination of a chinese a Factor Iii the japanese demands was not a political crime. A japanese naval commander had been endangered by the incident. The japanese air Forte continued raids along the coast. Tints bombs fell close to the foreign settlement at Soochow narrowly missing two churches Catholic Kin Emust arabs in Palestine also expressed opposition to the plan and jews announced a 24-hour strike to inaugurate tin policy of noncooperation. Extremist organizations said jewish in Mig action would continue Audi Protection of jewish arms it necessary. The Chiel Rabbinate Callet world jewry to devote tomorrow to lasting and prayer. British troops were placed at All St Altaic Points to Deal with any disorder

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