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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two tue High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry chg ii Point. North Carolina weather North Carolina a partly Cloudy tonight and thursday slightly warmer tonight to extreme West portion. Winds Hatteras to Jacksonville a Light to moderate winds mostly northerly and partly overcast weather tonight and thursday. Sandy Hook to Hatteras moderate northerly winds fresh off the coast diminishing tonight and fair weather tonight and thursday. Charlotte. May 17.�?i apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. In. In the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station Atlanta Augusta Charlotte Chicago. Columbia Denver Detroit Evansville Galveston Hatteras. Jacksonville key West Little Rock los Angeles Memphis a Meridian Miami. Mils St. P a a Mobile. It Mitchell new Orleans new York. Raleigh. San Antonio san Francisco Spartanburg Tampa. Washington Wilmington h. L. Bali 68 52 .01 74 54 of 74 58 .02 78 60 .16 74 58 .00 70 51 .00 62 56 .00 74 56 .00 72 48 .00 66 48 .00 74 56 .00 78 74 .04 70 44 of 58 50 of 76 62 .00 84 74 .00 82 64 .04 68 58 of 80 68 of 86 64 of 86 66 .00 72 50 of 80 68 .01 54 38 .02 88 70 .00 60 44 .00 72 48 .00 88 74 .00 62 52 .00 68 56 .00 80 62 .00 64 44 of 72 52. Of Church officials to speak at Colfax governor Hoey refuses to Grant further clemency in Famou s Charlie Smith Case president William t. Tew .lr., of Louisville ivy., Ami apostle George Albert Smith of snit Hoke ult hah both important officials Iii tile it Hun ii of latter Day saints will be speakers Iii a meeting open to tin Public at Colfax school building. Tonight. At 7 110 of clock it was announced today. President Tew is said to be an authority on religious education. Ile represents his Cli ii Tell in a presiding capacity in this District which comprises five states. Hider Smith of the a quorum of the twelve a is a former missionary in the South. Ile recently returned from a tour of Australia new zealand Hawaii and tin missions in tin South sea islands. He has for several years been a member of the National Council boy scouts of America it Cong prominent Iii the organization of the scouts in tin West. Raleigh May 17�? pm paroles Commissi Mer Edwin Gill announced today that governor Hoey had declined to Grant further clemency to Charlie Smith now serving a life term in states prison through commutation of a death sentence imposed in Columbus county in August 1936 for first Degre burglary. The Smith Case was reopened after mrs. Sarah Lyles the prosecuting witness visited Gill last october and made the statement a i admit i made a mistake xxx Charlie Smith is recently Gill s statement said an agent of the paroles office talked with mrs. Lyles again and a she frankly stated that she had lied to the commissioner of paroles when she came to Raleigh and reaffirmed her belief that Charlie Smith was the guilty with Clarence Lyles 14-Yoar-old son of the prosecuting witness who does not now live with his Mother and the youth reaffirmed his trial testimony that Smith was the Man that came into the House and attacked his Mother. Quot although mrs. Lyles has varied her statements from time to time Quot said Gill Quot the Young Man. Clarence Lyles has never faltered in his identity of Charlie Smith. After a careful study of All the facts and circumstances we Are of the opinion that the status of this Man should now be left in Gill pointed out that the commutation was in the main Quot predicated upon the vague and indefinite attitude Quot of mrs. Lyles hut that Quot in the Light of All the Evi Denoe the governor Felt that a commutation to life imprisonment Consort reach Quebec continued from Page i Quebec provincial legislative i buildings. The Royal procession consisted of two open cars and several Clos i cd cars of officials. The King and Queen Rode alone. Cheering came in great Waves. I punctuated by welcoming cries in Quebec French and the pealing of murder ring suspect taken continued from Page i Hogan a Ald Rodio admitted his i Many Church Hells As the Royal identity. Up eral Bureau of investigation set out today on a search for the no. I fugitive in an interstate mass murder ring investigation an attractive widow known to police As the ring s Kiri of death Quot member. She is mrs. Rose Carina for whom a murder warrant was issued weeks Avo. Police Captain James Kelly raid the often married widow acted As a Quot lure for the ring and was wanted in connection with the murder of a grocer in whose exhumed body traces of two types of Poison were found. England imports matches from Japan and Russia at a Price including import duty of two cents for 11 boxes. Car climbed the narrow winding Cobblestone streets that Lead from i March til Quot opened a said the 400 i the riverfront to the a upper i a to dips had not Hen camped to duty hut Quot alerted for possible Quick movement. There Are almost 800 Multi amen Here adjutant general Lee Mclain i was Here to Confer with general Carter. Further than to say he was merely Quot an observer Quot the adjutant general declined comment. William Turnblazer. President of the Harlan District of the United mine workers who yesterday wired president Roosevelt a protest Over the presence of troops charging the soldiers Are being Quot used As a strike breaking Agency Quot and asking the president to do something to Quot relieve the was Back at his Home in Jellico Tenn. Or. Roosevelt at Washington 7,000 return to 40 mines immediately Hollywood. May 17.�?there Oil inned from i age i j Are it Jewat 28 men in Hollywood into Harlan during the time Quot to Don t drink. And strangely when there was every possibility enough the most Likely places to and reason to believe a sat Sac find them Are in cocktail bars and torn agreement could be reached the Plush nig Terles. A we no longer regard him i and i Don t mean bartenders. Tho governor As a Friend of la these abstainers Are mostly Tol Bor regardless of his statement to the brigadier general Ellerbe Carter in command of the state troops ordered Here by governor Chandler As mines closed since Gill then had a Contact made was sufficient Harrison in Hollywood tee totalling talkie own Cavaliers play nursemaid to drunks at profit College men organized by mrs. Maynard guide fun makers Over Hollywood Pitfalls Sfa in h Foh i Dow Philadelphia. May 17. A i a Pep Man Hunters of the fed at 10 10 a. Inest., the procession reached the rambling legislature buildings for the Welcome to Quebec province by Premier Maurice Duplessis. Thousands thronged the lawns around the buildings and cheered As the King and Queen entered the Empress of Australia left her overnight Anchorage off the Island of Orleans at 7 15 a. In i Estand started her 18-Mtle voyage to Quebec. The liner had spent the night off the Village of St. Jean. The big White liner headed upriver to the accompaniment of Marine whistles and a deafening chorus of horns from motorcars parked along the shores. Many motorists had slept in their cars All night to be on hand to see the Royal ship pull it. Before Day Light legs men and they Call themselves the Cavaliers. They make a Good business of seeing that people who have Bent the Elbow too Many times become tight loopy or just Plain stewed get Home safely and without having ruined their social standing or endangered the lives of other motorists. In other words if a Celej us feels he Lias had too Many or those just one More libation lie can Call Wyoming 0807 and a handsome Young and Brawny gent will dash right Over drive him Home and even put him to bed wind the clock and put out the cat. The same goes for feminine clients except that the Cavaliers just shove them in the door and wish them a pleasant Good evening and a not too painful morning after. Its against the rules for any Cavalier to Cross a lady s threshold. Hand in g1x>yk with gendarmes this escort service for the bib Ulous was conceived and organized told a press conference he had no intention of intervening in i by mrs. Ken Maynard sex wife of the cont Over by Over the use of j the Cowboy Star. Mrs. Maynard i throngs began gathering on j troops in the Coal Fields. He said j searching for a Means of livelihood the Heights above Wolfe s Cove the use of troops primarily was after her separation from the a i before Daylight to get a Bird s up to the governor. At the time j Tor he said he had not received the Turnblazer protest. I Eye View of the arrival. At different Points on the Cliffs which general Wolfe a army scaled 180 years ago to win Canada for his Britannic majesty hundreds were i clambering to gain Vantage Points. Stringent precautions were taken to prevent any mishap in the j Docking of the liner Empress of Australia Complete clearance of a five Senate committee okays Navy Money continued from rage i fleshes a the Lexington and the Saratoga. As reported to the mile Long area f the Quebec liar naval measure totalled $773,-Bor was ordered by the depart 049,15, or $371 090 less than went of transport to permit free voted in the House last Xenia mane vering of the big White liner i appropriation was $623,526,194 and her Convoy of four British the Senate group eliminated and it acadian Waraft. I from the House measure a $500, one we Ord nil c,odlo0o allotment for dirigible con Iii i lest auction but this decrease was to general traffic on the w Ide St Law Tern e Kiwi Sonu ,. Urn before Tho arrival of or he. A mrs Hgt a a a Quot info Aara Empress of Australia from her realized that the death and i Accident rate due to traffic accidents in los Angeles is terrific. And Nile had real somewhere that in per cent of the traffic violators hauled into night courts and hospitals were Drunken Drivers she concluded that something might is done about the situation to help the Public and profit herself. So two months ago she began Senath a i collecting the aforementioned a sober and dependable Young men and tonight she has a business that a really booming in Hollywood. The Cavaliers have the enthusiastic co operation of the gendarmes. And just As a precautionary Assurance she has registered her men with local and state police. And has put their fingerprints on file. They handle finances too there Are several ways of using her service. On does t have to be intoxicated he May merely anticipate it. Visitors to talkie own sometimes realize that in making the rounds of the night spots they re Likely to spend a Good Deal More than they can afford. So As a Cavalier is called to act As guide and treasurer for the part. He fakes clients Here act they want to go pays All the Hills and acts like one of the no try except that he drink Only Ginger ale with Ginger ale chasers. When the budget is exhausted he says firmly Quot sorry but this is where we come he then takes the people Back to their hotel and produces receipts for every Penny spent. This is a Good Way says mrs. Maynard to convince oneself that guzzling in night dubs in t Worth what it costs. Bulwark against Huynh trouble sometimes wives can to handle husbands when the menfolk have a ski full so a Cavalier comes in Handy to get everyone Home safely. That a Why the escorts must Bergdoll Enro Ute to United states Philadelphia May 17. A <7p a the evening bulletin said today it had Learned in a trans Atlantic Telephone conversation that Grover c. Bergdoll world War draft dodger who has expressed a desire to return to the United states had left Weins Berg Germany. The bulletin said Bergdolld smother in Law. Mrs. Emanuel Franck told them Quot Grover is Linter Weg Grover is under Way Quot replying to a when is Grover coming Hack to the United states a the bulletin also quoted boudoir attorney Harry Weinberger of new York saying Quot Bergdoll has not been in Wei Neberg for two months and he has not been in Germany for several weeks. Just where he is i cannot Bergdoll wife Berta received a letter from her husband yesterday saying a i will see you a Bill to prevent Bergdoll from returning to this country and serve out a five year prison term already has been passed by the National House of representatives and is before the Senate. Wednesday May 17, 1930 won t solicit u. H. Issi is new York. May 17.�? pm the decision of London brokers not to quote american securities was interpreted in Wall Street As indicating primarily that business in american issues would not be solicited. No nudist Camps in n. C. Rules attorney general Raleigh. May 17.�? top a North Carolina nudist cult devotees will have logo to some other state to distort themselves in the raw attorney general Harry Mcmillan ruled informally today. Answering r. B. Sanford. Jr., Davie county attorney in a letter Mcmullan said that under the state Law a nudist Camps Are unlawful and a violation of the criminal Law and any person or persons operating such a Camp in this state is guilty of a Sanford asked what could be done regarding such a Camp recently established in Davie. Monday the Davie a it Oard of commissioners adopted a Resolution of opposition to the Camp and solicitor a. E. Hall of the 17th judicial District is reportedly investigating. Perfect Thomasville May 17. A special miss Elizabeth Owen a member of the graduating class of the Thomasville High school and a daughter of or. And mrs. Will r. Owen is completing a Moi to unique record in school by having attended school in Thomasville for la years without a single absence or a single tardy Mark to mar her record. Miss Owen started her school career in the colonial drive school going from there after graduating from grammar school to the main Street school. She will receive her diploma thin week. Miss Owen has made a High Scholastic record during the la years and is an Honor student in the High school. Stories in Stamps j a in in in in in in a at my in in How o Book started the red Cross $ Domai Eire Charleston. W. A. May 17.�? a fire swept the David son Brothers poultry hatchery near Here today destroying 72,-000 chickens 56,000 eggs and causing damage estimated by be huskies they must be polite owner Jim Davidson at $100. Overnight Anchorage. Motor launches in charge of Royal Canadian mounted police were ordered to keep the area Clear of straggling Craft. French Canadian Farmers on the Island of Orleans working at Dawn with their oxen were the first to Hail the Royal vessel today. In several items. Another phase of the big National defense program disclosed War department plans to put nearly 300,000 officers and men through intensive military training this summer in 132 locations in the Continental United states. Simultaneously this announcement was made simultaneously with Secretary last night Beacon bonfires j Woodring s disclosure that the sex burned along the great waterway pending army air corps would meet some of its needs for aviation mechanics by training 1,000 and Bells pealed in Welcome from Riverside Village churches. Here a. Aud there were the noisy Salute i enlisted men for a year at seven ranges at which the bulk of the but firm and Are confident of their clients gratitude next Day. Or. Maynard told about one wealth Man who pin ii nod to take some friends around the Colony but before dinner in got flogged Down Ai the beachcombers. W Hore they serve a potion called a a a Zombie which makes people climb tin Walls. The Man realized he d soon be out of control but he still wanted to make the rounds for his guests Sake. So he called the Cavaliers and the Captain of the group a or. Evans rushed Over to act As Pilot. Evans chief difficulty during the evening was preventing the wealthy Man from picking up a Blond. When he finally got the client to Hod at 5 a. Rn., he put ail the receipts in one shoe and All too. Davidson said he had not determined How the Maze started. One u. S. Horse London. May 17.�?f/p a William Woodward hypnotist was the Only american owned horse among the 29 three year Olds entered for the Derby at Epsom May 24 when the final acceptances were posted. Full term Washington May 17�? a a president Roosevelt nominated i Eon Henderson of new Jersey today for a full term on the securities commission expiring june 5, 1944. Henderson recently was confirmed for the remainder of the term of William o. Douglas now a member of the supreme court. Latest farm Market report fruits and vegetables the remaining Money in the other. Act erts resignation Washington May 17.�?</p, j a president Roosevelt has accepted. Effective May 20, the resignation of Brien Mcmahon assistant attorney general in charge of criminal prosecution. Mcmahon. Whose Home is at South Norwalk. Conn., has been Active in recent months in the Mckesson and Robbins drug firm Case. North Carolina shipping Points information and tuesdays sales on the principal wholesale markets As reported by the la. S. And North Carolina departments of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the of automobile horns. I at the sight of the Stock and Good Merchantable Quality and condition solid. Stra cherries Chadbourn n. A demand Light and Market weaker. Auction sales monday. 24-quart crates Klon j civilian schools. A of. W. A moving in the House Wing of the Capi lights of the liner and her Convoy j Tol the rules committee granted persons along the Shore called legislative right of Way to a Bill out Quot Vive be roil. Vive la 0 authorize construction of three line Quot a Long live the King j new cutters 15 seaplanes and a j. Long live the Queen combination Cutter and air plane i Cit Ken .2.50 to 4.40, few higher. Canadian Quot mounties Quot patrolled i for the roast guard at Ko-1 mostly fair to Good Quality and Diak Island Alaska. The projects condition. 3,40 to 3.95. Would coh a Ioli of $14,223,000, w n c. A my cd uht in Noil via .7�i�.iv a Quot it Larket Waker Axially in to i Kodiak. Lemoon. Minion Law monday. Tho rules comm co granted or a a a. Missionary and preferential status a men in. It Blakemore Early sales 2.50 to y to legislation to author maj Mon in a and Ordinary or overhaul., of five Bat Leahlia a a 3# to of a a. Tho tenons., California. Col Quot 1 to . Raw non Rado Maryland and West Var the nearest Shore of the Island of Orleans and the British cruisers Southampton and Glasgow and the Canadian destroyers Sapiien a ail Skeena Lay astern tile Empress of Australia keeping watch while their majesties slept. Was the first night the liner s in Gities had been quiet for j i Days it a i % a Rialto a the amazing doctor Clitte House a with Kew. G. Robinson tenth Roosevelt grandchild expected to arrive in june Washington. May 17. A up a president and mrs. Roosevelt expect to have a tenth grandchild probably in july. Mrs. Roosevelt told her press conference today that the former Anne Clark wife of the youngest Roosevelt son. John would be unable to be in Washington when i the King and Queen of great Britain visit Here because she is expecting a baby. The John Roosevelt were mar Ginia. Other Washington activities included the monopoly committee hear testimony from John w. Barriger i of the rec that the most important source of Railroad capital since 1921 had been the Carrier s income rather than new investment. Senator Lee a okla introduced a new Cotton Bill which he said would assure growers a fair income and pay its own Way. It was described us the Quot domes t. Tic allotment income certificate the National Farmers Union. Ried last Jim in Nahant a. I r to nhil1 a us a a by and Are making their Home in Boston where John is employed by a department store. A Palace theatre is Salem Street Al Tot but 7 la Comfort i Btu enjoyable Thomasville i coming tomorrow and Frid % y the flying irishman with Douglas Corrigan last times today fighting thoroughbred with Mahy Carlisle a a Ako serial and comedy admission in o c or except adults Ioc l of a of saturdays children. 10c a j a a six killed in Tokyo Tokyo May 17. But a dome. Japanese news Agency reported from Fukuoka today that six persons burned to death one was critically Hurt and four were Foj j uninjured when a Korea abound if j Airliner struck some wires at the Airport and crashed. Bauk Home kill a it Manv t May 17. Units of the German which for several weeks it been mane vering and making in of Courtesy Calls in Spanish and portuguese Waters returned to orally Good Quality High As 3.00. New York Market Dull. North Carolina 24-quart rates Klon dikes Best 18 to 21 poorer 15 to 16 cents per quart. Washington Market about steady. North Carolina 24-quart crates various varieties 3.00 to 3.50. Few High As 4.00. Green peas new York Market Dull. North Carolina Bushel hampers 1.00 to 1.25. Washington Market slightly longer. North Carolina Bushel Harn Liers truck receipts 1.00 to 1.15. Some holdovers Low As 50 cents. Carnage Pittsburgh Market unsettled. North Carolina 1h Bushel hampers. Pointed Type 75 to 90 cents. New York Market slightly stronger. Norfolk Section Virginia i a Bushel hampers pointed Type 75 to is cents. Round Type 85 cents to 1.00. Meet potatoes Pittsburgh Market about steady. North Carolina Bushel i baskets. Porto Picans i no to 1.25. Processed i 40 to 1.50. Washington Market slightly old weaker North Carolina truck re Navy i Eai pts Bushel baskets Porto re have cans 1.35 to 1.50. Nancy Halls 1.15 to 1.25. Potatoes Charleston. Weaker. Carloads monday f. O. B usual terms 100-Pound sacks cobblers u. S. No. I 1.36 to 1.50. Most shipments rolled unsold. F. O. B. Presque Isle Aroostook county Points Maine demand moderate and Market about steady. Carloads monday f. O. B. Shipping Points based on delivered sales less All transportation charges Presque Isle rate. 100-Pound sacks Green mountains u. S. No. I size Quot a a 85 to 93, mostly 86 to 87 cents. Chippewas 2-Inch min. 97 cents to 1.03. Kat Ardines 2-Inch min., few 98 cents. String Beans Washington Market about steady. North Carolina Bushel hampers. Wax Flat Type. I 25 to 1.50. String less Black Valentines Best 1.75 to 2.00. New York Market slightly stronger. South Carolina Bushel hampers Bountiful. 1.50 to 2.00. String less Black Valentines. 1.50 to 1.87mb. Wax 1.50 to 2 26. Squash new York Market Dull. South Carolina Bushel hampers yellow crookneck and cocozello 75 cents to 1.25. Cucumbers new York Market Dull and weak. Georgia Bushel Hami it ers it tits. V. S. No. I 1.00. Poorer 75 okra new York Market Dull. Florida. Bushel hampers. 2.00 to 2.75. Corn Washington Market steady. Florida crates 5 dozen a ars 2.50. Lima Beans Washington Market steady. Florida Bushel hampers Best 3.00 to 3.26. Fair Quality 2.75. Peppers Washington Market about steady. Florida i i Bushel crates California wonders. 2.50 to 2.75. Wants station itt off Raleigh May 17.�? pm the Atlantic and Yadkin Railroad has applied to the utilities commission for discontinuance of a station at Climax Guilford county traffic director c. H. Noah of the commission said today lobbyist pay Raleigh. Mar 17.�? up a the american automobile i surant company of St. Louts reported today it paid Fred s. Hutchins and Parker. Winston Salem Law firm. $500 for lobbying in the 1939 legislature. In a statement filed with Secretary of state thud Eure the company said Hutchins had hotel Bills transportation Long distance Telephone Calls Auto storage and other expenses totalling $80.85, baptists gather Oklahoma City May 17.�?- a thousands of men and w Omen Church workers from below the a on Dixon line assembled Here today for the annual convention of Southern baptists dedicated to a South wide religious revival. Jean ii Enri Dunant was travelling through the Lombardy town of Solferino in june 1859, when fighting began Between the austrians on the one Side and the French and italians on the other Dunant paused caught by the sheer horror of the Battle stayed to see 20.000 austrians and nearly As Many of the allies go Down. Then it was night and Dunant ret to work where the military left off. At Castigloni a Village in the Center of the French position Dunant persuaded the women and girls to return with him to Aid the dying and wounded. Literally thousands were cared for others moved into churches and schools and Homes until the Little town overflowed with soldiers. Dunant then Only in his 30s, had performed a historic service but the real work was yet to come. It started with the Little Book Dunant wrote after that Battle a Sun souvenir de Solferino. Into this Book really a pamphlet Dunant packed the full tragedy of the Lombardy Battle and of All Battles the Book was immediately a sensation. Victor Hugo then a world figure read the Book and wrote at once Quot you Arm humanity and Seive other liberals took up the cry. At the same time the Book was translated into several languages. Thus Solferino became one of the worlds most significant Battles. Out of k came eventually the red Cross As we know it today for Dunant conceived the idea that Day. Dunant is honoured above on a new belgian stamp. Social Survey planned Here Noble Praise chosen to head croup making study of local conditions after hearing a detailed explanation of the operations and benefits of a Community social Survey presented by miss Elsie Larson placement Secretary of the Winston Salem Junior service league representatives of the various organizations of High Point unanimously voted to conduct such a Survey Here at a meeting held tuesday night at the Wesley memorial Church. Noble t. Praigg was elected permanent chairman of the Survey to be assisted in completing the organization by the original Survey committee consisting of Charles f. Carroll jr., mrs. W. H. Coltrane e. M. Dudley l. C. I at ton. Mrs John Mebane mrs. J e. Millis and Las Lucille Johnston. In the Effort to learn the local sentiment regarding a widespread inquiry into High Point social problem the committee invited to the meeting members of the City administration and either officers or representatives of the More than seventy organizations of the City. Sixty five persons were present. Miss Larson who is familiar with social Survey work through experience in North Carolina and Virginia emphasized the desirability for such research As a practical Aid to service agencies and As a fact finding activity of great value to the Community Chest. High Points contributions to the local Chest Are quite Low by comparison with the average she. Aid. Quot base on the experience of other cities a she said a this lows average of subscriptions can probably be attributed to Lack of spec if facts about Community needs. Neither solicitors nor subscribers can intelligently measure the exact requirements for Money until they both know How urgently the Money is needed and How it can be applied most effectively. Following her talk Brief statements were made by a number of those present expressing favor for a fact finding census such is miss Larson had outlined. In stressing the local need for a Survey Frank j. Sizemore referred to recently published information in both a Magazine and a Book which rated High Points status in comparison with other cities of 30,000 population and above in concluding the meeting or. Praigg said the organization committee would meet without delay to outline the Complete commit Esset up for starting the Survey which is expected to require several months for completion. Lehm ton will get new Road to Yadkin River on route 70 Raleigh May 17.�? amp a a. Vance raise chief Highway Engineer. Naid today it wag planned to build a new Road from Lexington to the Yadkin River on route 70 during the next fiscal year and that Righta of Way would be wide enough to permit a double track Road a double Lane Highway one Milf in length also will be built just North of Concord from Cooks crossing toward the City on route 29. The improvement on route 70 ill be about to Miles in length. without Lulu a and ii Quot i i eat everything Row soup to nut the pm re him us a Dilly when Yew Milf or. Fri a. Fire or is your a Roui the Irnel in Chew poorly my Hootch Tom Pron tee Murk Auld tour a Doe a t Ltd it a it hit pm her Tytrom. Nee. He us a a a it Urfe Tim to t a is a a a til to kit air of Norm a a Al of to Ftp Lmh pm to. It it Dent few and feel in. It t pm the hoi Black ugh rail by a Rutm to to Mik the Trail Homak fluid Himi to. Re to in no urn my to Cru a of or i h. 1if i in qui it u a Lnu my on me by i Nroy a it. A a for Boll am for invite. G cd. And nearby their Home stations today. Gra b anti nazi r \ Dio Stathis. Antwerp Belgium May 17. A a Bidden radio station in the town of Berc Liem was confiscated by police today on a comets it that la was broadcasting anti nazi programs four times daily. On March 29 the German government apologized for a radio broadcast which Belgium protested As meddling in a Bei Prince Edward Island Dominion of Canada had 26 Oyster farms in 1932. In 1938, the number had increased to 463, with More than 2000 of the bivalves being gathered. Morning after headache Points demand Light and Market Taa general election. No need to co through the Day with a a a hangover a headache that Racks your nerves and interferes with business. Just take liquid Cap Udine and note How quickly head clears Pep returns and nerves Are calmed and steadied. Pleasant to take and does no to upset stomach. Try it for morning after. By dose at drug fountains Ana in 30c and 60c bottles. Capucine bemused �jsr8 x save Ort to amp ethic in luxurious Prev hound super Torch see Mort yet save More the greyhound Way greyhound round trip ticket allow plenty of time for a leisurely trip to new York and sightseeing at the fair. 30-Daj Hon ml-1 rip f Are.818.04 re Una Tir it to new Torii. San print Anik Chi a a Tho 9jtketfzoveattketzusi and Havi mow fun with Ekpe hse paid Tours Sav time Sony. And Money us an expense paid tour planned by experts assuring hotel accommodations. And paid up before you Start. Economy. Standard Ard de luxe to it ors of a 3y 4ii. And re i Days m net York include hotels taxi from terminal to hotel. Fair admissions and other entertainment. Here sri Sample prices for the tour which includes 4�/j Days in new York and round trip ticket to new York. Economy Standard 92iao deluxe 136.00 Union bus station 224 n. Wrentt St phone 049 \

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