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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 14 1972, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile Darrell Pierce of High Point by Robert Marks Erst Eprim staff or Star Darrell Pierce has a Busy year ahead of him. As production manager at Silver Craft furniture co., he has to see that the Plant keeps up with the backlog of orders that is the Mark of the furniture Industry now. As a member of the High Point Lions club Pierce will be installed on june 29 As the 42nd president of the club. He has been a member of the club for to years. He was elected president two weeks ago to serve during the 1972-73 term. With More than too members the Lions club meets each thursday. Its major Community service project is its sight conservation program which it supports with proceeds from its Broom Sale White Cane drive and its annual horse show. A these Are our major efforts each year a Pierce said. A of course we will All be working to make them even better projects and to improve our sight conservation efforts in the Community during the next the Lions club is but one Avenue of Community service for Pierce. He is a past president of the Industrial management club at the Myca. He is on the advisory Board of the sheltered workshop and serves on the mayors committee for employment of the handicapped he has worked As a colonel in the red Cross blood program and has headed the Industrial division for the United Appeal. At first United methodist Church he is chairman of the administrative Board. A native of High Point. Pierce is a son of Frank and Sarah Pierce who make their Home with him at 603 Westchester or. His older brother Charles is second in command of the North Carolina state Highway patrol with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Pierce graduated from High Darrell Pierce Point High school and served in the army during the second world War. After the War. He returned to High Point attended business school and worked in a clothing store and for a trucking line before joining Silver Craft in 1951. The company was founded in 1943 by Philip a. Silver. It is headed today by his son Norman. Silver Craft manufacturers an upper medium line of upholstered furniture at its Plant on Bedford Road. An expansion of 50.000 Square feet is under construction at the Plant. His father was an upholsterer a and was an inspector at Silver Craft when he retired a but Pierce had not thought about working in the furniture Industry until he joined Silver Craft. As production manager he is responsible for All manufacturing operations in the Plant. He is a member of the Board of directors of the Industrial relations division of the Southern furniture manufacturers Assn. Pierce is married to the former Margaret Lawson. A Secretary with the Law firm of Bencini Wyatt Early amp Harris she is the daughter of or. And mrs. Paul g. Lawson of skeet club Road. The pierces have two sons. Mark is a Junior at High Point Central High school and Phil is a rising Junior in the furniture management and production course at North Carolina state University. An editor s notebook the smoke filled room by Jenkin Lloyd Jones on a stifling summer night in Chicago in 1920 the weary Wheeler dealers of the Republican party gathered in a smoke filled room to consider what to do about a four ballot stalemate among three front running candidates a Hiram Johnson Frank Lowden and Gen. Leonard Wood. The grading Dawn produced a Compromise a a handsome shallow mildly lecherous mildly Pieti Stic newspaper publisher by the name of Warren g. Harding. Ever since then a the smoke filled room has had a bad name. Perhaps the time has now come to restore it. If not to respectability at least to reconsideration. For even the conniving of party bigwigs is not the worst Way to pick a presidential Candida t e. The worst Way is the Way the democrats have been doing and the Way the republicans will be doing it when they no longer have a running incumbent. The concept of state primaries with or without bound delegations is a Fine example of a Good theory gone sour. Theoretically it would permit the candidate to see and be seen intimately. More people could shake his hand and Tell him their troubles and views. With wider exposure the Best candidates would stand out. A return the nominating process to the people was a Fine slogan. But it has All gone haywire. In the first place there is the matter of mystique. The presidency is an awesome office and however much Vot Jones ers May claim that they cherish Plain folks Ness in their presidents they yearn for a Little awesomeness too. In the old Days when candidates travelled slowly by stage and canal boat it was easy to maintain this Aura of dignify. They spoke but not too often or to too Many. To each audience the candidate was a new personality a new voice. He May have been making the same speech but it was new to the hearers. To the vast majority who never saw the candidate the partisan press was counted on to clothe him with the character of Galahad the Powers of zeus and the Virtues of Joan of arc. The state primaries have blasted this. From March 7 until june 27 in 23 states and the District of Columbia candidates will have been making approximately the same speeches hundreds of times covered and nausea by the press and to. They wiil have marched countless Miles up and Down the aisles of supermarkets. They will have glad handed around a standing army of Gas pumps clucked sympathetically to myriads of self appointed delegations of the a a poor and brought cheer to Many utterly bewildered orphanages. In other words before this mess is finished each hopeful will be clothed in All the mystical Aura of a Village half wit running frantically for Constable. Second there is the matter of expense. John Lindsay a Campaign in Florida is supposed to have Cost 15 a vote. Sens. Muskie and Jackson have acknowledged that they have run dry and withdrawn from Active primary campaigning. Help from party coffers presuming that there is anything in them can to be Given for a primary. Are we driving candidates into soul Selling financial brinkmanship even before the convention convenes then there is the business of rival candidates storming the country and cutting each other into mincemeat. The moment after nomination when All the attending candidates traipse to the platform hold hands and All but one Grin falsely into the Klieg lights is the Public expected to imagine that the harsh words were never said and that he who Only yesterday was pictured As unfit to Fry tripe for a cat is now the last Best Hope of democracy the suggestion that a National primary be held on a single Day is a Little better. At least the undignified overexposure would be diminished but then How is anyone going to read primaries in those states like Florida Wisconsin and California where crossovers Are per mixed and where persons who Haven to the slightest intention of supporting a party a nominee can mess into its primary in order to spread confusion nor is the system of a state convention for instruction any answer a not As Long As practically no voters attend precinct meetings and tiny minorities of come Early and stay later go on to the county and state meetings and tilt them for splinter candidates who have Little following. No wide open National conventions May be Best of All even with the danger of Boss Rule. After All Bosses want to win and you can twin without a candidate of popular Appeal. That smoke filled room is looking better All the time. Rewriting the books by or. Benjamin Fine North american newspaper Alliance new York the National education Assn. Has launched a major Long term program to rid the schools of racist textbooks and replace them with books that reflect the nations diverse racial backgrounds. This action came when the Nea executive committee endorsed the report of its a minorities in textbooks panel and directed the Nea staff to initiate immediately a Campaign to revise existing texts used in elementary and High schools. As the first step the panel called for the development of National guidelines for the creation and evaluation of effective Multi ethnic educational materials. One textbook author and panel participant said the development of criteria for Multi ethnic materials would be the most significant contribution Nea could make one which could ultimately influence All publishers. The 1.1 million member Nea was charged by its 1971 convention to cooperate with minority groups in developing textbooks and other instructional materials in which the history of All minorities is integrated accurately. The committee specifically added women to the list of groups which have b be n neglected or Are seeking redress. The committee explained that the True role and contribution of women like those of minorities have been excluded from textbooks. In order to assure use of effective Multi ethnic materials the panel recommended that Nea and its affiliates carry out a program to affect state textbook adoption procedures. This program would include surveying and evaluating the ways textbooks Are actually selected for use in a state or local District develop Nea guidelines for adoption practices work for involvement of communities and students As Well As teachers in adoption procedures. Moreover the Nea has been asked a it it encourage its 9.050 affiliates to include provisions in instructional materials with specific reference t o Multi ethnic representation in negotiated contracts. Tile Nea has Al ready published a negotiations manual to help associations draw up specific contract language. As a result of the committees action the Nea will consider exerting economic pressure on publishers by reviewing their materials and publicizing the names of Good and bad books. Other panel suggestions include maintain a Talent Bank of qualified writers on minority group s contributions to american history and culture and make these available to commercial publishers conduct a continual assessment o f compliance with Nea guidelines and hold hearings across the country to air complaints on textbook Inadequacy. The Nea staff has begun to explore How minority groups consultants authors and publishers might become involved in its Long Range program. The Nea was asked by the a minorities in textbooks panel to publish or assist in the publishing of a history series in which All minorities and women Are represented accurately with special emphasis on asians. Blacks Chicano. Indians jews and puerto Picans of the Nea does not actually publish the textbooks every Effort would be made to utilize minority publishing firms for its publication the executive committee and panel agreed. Of particular importance to some 50 million youngsters in the nations schools is the recommendation that the Nea seek legislative and judicial remedies that support the instructional materials guidelines to secure the rights of children to learn. This recommendation would allow a student or group of students who feel that their right to unbiased materials has been violated to Channel their complaints through the nation s courts. The near a Long standing interest in textbooks and other instructional materials was last highlighted in 1967 when the committee on civil and human rights of educators held a National conference in Washington on the treatment of minorities in textbooks. High Point Enterprise sunday May 14, 1972 5a the perpetual War by Robert Marks the american government is in its third decade of involvement in the War in Indochina. All of the explanations for that involvement Are obscured and made meaningless by the Pace of that War. It has rhythm of its own that draws the american government even deeper into the Cycle of destruction. The Moth does not learn it is drawn closer to the flame that finally destroys it. What was said by president Nixon last monday night about the War in Indochina and the events that have occurred there in the past week Are words and acts of futility. The truth about the War a the great error of the american involvement a is not yet acknowledged. The War in Indochina has indeed become in the words of a paper delivered to the White House by the american friends service committee the a perpetual issued by the Board of directors of the Aasc the paper was delivered to the White House on May 3. A group of quakers from High Point participated in the Vigil at the White House which was a part of the presentation. Like everything else about the War in Indochina Tho Vigil had the Quality of a dream which keeps repeating itself in an endless Nightmare. These quakers could remind themselves that president Nixon was reared in the friends meeting at Whittier calif., and that he sometimes referred to the Quaker example of his Mother. They could recall his pledge in the Campaign of 1968, of a plan to end the War in Indochina. They could remember the Promise of Henry Kissinger shortly after the inauguration of Nixon As president. A give us six months a Kissinger said. A if we Haven tended the War then you can come Back and tear Down the the quakers did not tear Down the Fence. They did remember the Long succession of false Hopes and broken promises that have been the Mark of the american government in its role in this War. The american friends service committee Speaks with cleaner hands and clearer perceptions than does the government about the War. On june 8, 1954, when the defeat of the French in Indochina was apparent the Board of directors of the Aasc issued a Public statement which read in part a the is profoundly disturbed with the pressure for the United states american friends service committee intervention in Indochina. On the basis of Long Quaker experience in International service we Are convinced that nothing but disaster lies Down the Only the most obtuse can dispute the fulfilment of this prophecy. Within the Oast decade of direct american involvement in Indochina More than Quot be and a half million people have been killed nearly one third of the population of Indochina have been driven from their Homes in an area the size of new England a he United states has expended Over three times the amount of explosives used in All of the second world War one seventh of Vietnam a Forest land has been defoliated Over six per cent of Vietnam a crop land has been devastated Over 20 million bomb craters mar the Countryside the traditional Village Structure of Indochina has been destroyed and there is evidence that even the family Structure is disintegrating. For what purpose is All of this done for Victory for Honor for commitment for prestige All Are tarnished by the events in Indochina. The american involvement is based and continues on a misreading of the Root cause of the conflict. A colonial War for Independence was transformed by the United states intervention into an International communist conspiracy and a threat to the peace of the world. Mining the harbours of North Vietnam will not Stop the offensive into the South it will not Stop the supplying of the North it will not bring about the release of those americans who Are prisoners of War. Moscow continues to prepare for the Summit meeting with president Nixon aiming for its detente in Europe its Hegemony after the Arab Middle East and its growing presence in the Indian Ocean. The United states continues with its a per a equal War in Indochina. The Aasc sneaks directly again to the situation a a to necessity of terminating All . Involvement in Indochina is urgent and a repeat performance by Braxton Younts the moral of the Story do not Ever try to change things. The Case in Point concerns a car a one which had several of those Marks on the sides caused by careless people opening other car doors and hitting the sides. Also there were a couple of other marring features like dents. So it was decided to have these eradicated with a fresh coat of paint. When the old Jalopy came out of the body shop it shined with the res Lendence of a seven year old car with a fresh coat of paint and the Dentless surface looked pretty Good. Alas this feeling of euphoria was destined to be Short lived. Got the car on monday and on Friday the vehicle was in route Back to the body shop after the bumper of a backing automobile caressed the right Side with a dimpling bump. This has now been done the repainting. That is and the fingers Are crossed As to How Long the newly fixed surface will last. Got the Surprise of my life the other night but i should have known. It was at Greensboro s War memorial auditorium where we went to see and hear a the sound of music a As presented by the Gate City a Lyric theater. The seat was in the Flat part of the orchestra Section and in front of me was a Bushy head of hair. I could not see around the hirsute Mound and therefore craned my neck quite a bit to see what was going on up front. My thoughts were not very complimentary towards women and their hair styles. With the coming of intermission and the lights i realized How erroneous my thoughts had been. That was no woman in front of me but a Bushy haired Young Man. I do mean Bushy haired. Now before i am ambushed or otherwise taken to task for the Afore made remarks let me state categorically that what anybody does with their hair is their own business a they can let it grow poncho length if they so desire without any response on my part. I just hate to miss a part of a stage performance when the View is blocked by a head of hair a male or female. Tile performance by the Way was one of those really enjoyable ones where one just sat Back and enjoyed the action and music. Especial kudos to to the children who played the von Trapp kids a they were wonderful. Just one Little thing marred to some degree the opening night performance for me in several instances the orchestra played louder than the singers Sang and the singers words were indistinguishable. But it was still a worthwhile evening. Of boy department. The Highway people repaved old 29a-70a Between Here and Thomasville recently and now that Road is mighty smooth. I appreciate this no end. A Field Day for growers of Small Grain will be held wednesday at the Piedmont research station near Salisbury. The program will begin at to a in. According to North Carolina state University Small Grain specialist s. J. Hodges. On display in the research farm held will be official variety tests for Barley Oats and wheat a planting of the relatively new wheat Rye Cross critical a plantings of advanced Breeding lines comparisons of dates and rate of planting and different rates of nitrogen fertilization and wheat seeded Over soybeans. Hodges said Small Grain Farmers Are being urged to attend the Field Day for this once a year Opportunity to View a showcase of varieties and production practices. Davidson dateline another White elephant i s by Ven Carver Thomasville when the Thomasville Board of education meets wednesday the new Junior High school will probably be a topic of discussion of that is the Case now is the appropriate time to insure that the $1.9 million building does not become an instant White elephant. As a general Rule schools in North Carolina Are not air conditioned. Most other Public buildings Many private Homes and automobiles however ars so equipped. It has been argued in the past that schools done to really need Interior refrigeration since they Are not used during the sweltering summer months. Air conditioning would be an agreeable accessory during Indian Rummer and late Spring but it Isnit considered essential. At the last school Board meeting superintendent Derwood Huneycutt told Board members of towns where the rigid summer vacation schedule is being phased out. In some places students go to school the year round with Liber Al Breaks throughout the term. In others a three month vacation is extended to Al students who want it but they done to have to take it and it does no to necessarily come during the summer. One nearby example is the Winston Salem Forsyth county school system currently experimenting with a year round Calendar for a selected group of students. The children participating started attending classes together several years ago at Moore elementary school. Now they Are ready for Junior High school and the school system is faced with a problem there Are no air conditioned Junior High schools. Logically the school administration decided to install the necessary equipment at an existing Junior High building. The lot fell to Wiley school one of the oldest school buildings in Winston Salem. Engineers determined it was the least complicated to air condition. Thomasville senior High school completed in the mid-50s, is already considered obsolete. The single Story sprawl makes the school expensive to heat and impossible to air condition. As a result Thomasville school authorities have already decided to make the new Junior High compact. No mention has been made however of whether the building will be air conditioned. Obviously if other essential facilities must be sacrificed so that the school can be air conditioned then installation of air conditioning should be postponed. Nevertheless the building should be designed so that Cooling equipment can be installed simply and economically. One of the schools the Board of education has studied in preparation for commissioning the new building is Broadview Junior High in Burlington. Mentioned especially in the Booklet a North Carolina schools of interest a is the buildings sophisticated temperature control system. If the budget Here will not permit so elaborate a unit it should nonetheless of noted. One White elephant per school a tem is sufficient

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