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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 14 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper d. A. Rawley president mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Randall b. Terry treasurer David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Rag 4-a sunday May 14, 1972 reversing natural Law re elections it requires no doomsday philosophy to find disturbing parallels Between modern America and the roman Empire whose decline and fall were thoroughly researched and chronicled. Anthony Harrigan executive vice president of the Southern states Industrial Council senses another danger sign in the presidents population study commission findings and what he Calls a refusal to face up to difficult realities. In this realm Harrigan writes the current danger is that educated propertied americans Are limiting their families while the ignorant dependent elements multiply. He Points out that Young people in College Are being persuaded to have no More than two children and thus avoid adding to the global population explosion. On the other hand no such message is properly getting to the slums of America. Says Harrigan a those who have to pay the taxes seem to be deciding that the Middle class will have to limit the size of families in the future. Those who live out of the Public trough who subsist on food Stamps and welfare checks Are continuing to have big families. They Are confident that Uncle Sam will pick up the Tab for food housing medical care education and even ancient Rome a historians have written that childlessness was common and it was rare to find More than one or two children in upper class families. The bearing of children became a a unfashionable even though some romans expressed the fear that sterility would finally deliver Rome into the hands of the barbarians. While the population problem was not solely responsible it was surely a Factor. While there Are a a likes Between our nation and the roman Empire there Are a Sun likes in the world today. Difficult living conditions in the underdeveloped world tend to reinforce the Law of survival of the fittest while in our own highly developed civilization government is dedicated to protecting the weak. The upshot is a sort of reversal of biological selection leading us into progressive weakness. The suggestion Here is not that the Strong attempt to out match the weak in population production but that some attention be Given by this population commission to something other than raw numbers. A giant a Pawn a second earthquake jolted the world of baseball this season. First there was the strike by the players in a dispute with the owners Over the pension fund. The strike delayed the opening of the season. Now the san Francisco giants have traded Willie Mays to the new York mets. It is As though the Himalayas were moved to the Gobi desert. Baseball its image already spotted by the strike will not be the same for the rest of its shortened season. Willie Mays was just Short of his 20th birthday when he put on the uniform. With the number 24 on its Back and stepped up to the plate to Bat for the first time for the new York giants. That was Back in 1950, the season that Mickey Mantle began playing Centerfield for the new York Yankees and Duke Snider was the Cente fielder for the Brooklyn dodgers. Both Mantle and Snider Are retired. The dodgers Are in los Angeles and the giants in san Francisco. Here is Mays How Ever still playing at 41. Over the years he has hit 646 Home runs just 68 Back of the record of 714 set by babe Ruth. The record tells the Story. Mavs gave the Best years of his baseball career to the giants. Why they Felt it necessary to Trade him off now is a mystery. For Mays they received Charlie Williams a 24-year-old Rookie Pitcher and a sum of Money. It is a Small amount for the likes of Willie Mays but apparently it was enough to overcome whatever sentiment Horace Stoneham owner of the giants had. A they have to answer to Only six or seven stockholders a Stoneham said of the mets management. A we have to answer to 600.�?� so it was a cold business transaction of the sort All too common to baseball. Such transactions no matter How they Are glossed Over by the smiles and the handshakes Are the reason behind Curt floods court Battle against baseball a Reserve clause. Sentiment is a commodity of Small value in baseball. Yesterdays hero is too often quickly forgotten by the fans cheering today a hero. Last years Star is this years big Trade. The fickleness erodes slowly but surely at the image of baseball As a sport. Willie Mays was a giant for 21 years in the uniform of the mets he stands a giant still. Sermon a surprised Jesus Quot Whan j mus pm re this he marvelled and said i Hava found no Faith like this no not in i or Luka 7,the jews of Jesus time had very Little use for the romans. What a chasm Lay Between these two races. One was the conqueror and the other the conquered. One was a Pagan race worshipping idols of various sorts while the other bowed Only to the almighty god. One we As of the family of the great Abraham Isaac and Jacob the other came from a lesser Breed and unknown aliens. On top of All this was the fact that the All powerful romans had subjected the hebrew people to bitter defeat and oppressive Rule. The military authorities As Well As political government of Rome were not popular matters with the proud race of Israel. How galling the heavy roman hand must have weighed upon the descendants of David and Solomon the chosen of god. Strange to say one Day the Meek and lowly Nazarene. The Man of peace kindness and love was face to face with one of the army leaders of this heavy handed and brutal tarian Force. Yes Jesus and a roman Centurion army Captain were brought together to the great Surprise of the blessed Christ. What would this descendant of hebrew patriarchs and Kings do now would he blast off at the wickedness of Rome at the tyranny of the great Empire at the cruelties inflicted upon his people would Jesus As a Sope Patriot of Israel Lay Bare the evil heart of that totalitarian Rule Over his people no. This was no time for such As that when an individual was in great need. The Captain approached the master with a kindly heart an expectant and trusting spirit seeking help for a very ill servant of his own. Well in that Case he came to the right person and in the right manner to the Chie who was Ever ready willing and anxious to help any one in need. So the Prince of peace is approached by a Man of War to find a cure for his own slaves welfare. How unusual that must have been in an age when master and slave were so far apart. A Here was an army officer who had a heart a heart of kindly brotherhood for an untouchable. Such a human disposition certainly touched the spirit of Jesus and he was deeply pleased to find such. The record says a Jesus marvelled at him a he w As surprised for the first time in his ministry at such a kind heart. As the Story unfolded and the officer went on saying that Jesus need Only say the word and his servant would be immediately healed even at a distance. The Good lord was More surprised at such a pagans attitude and added those unbelievable words a i have found no such a Faith no not in All in fact Jesus would have said in these Days a not in All the Church a revealing to us that there can be great Faith on the outside of established religion. Yes we All have marvelled at times because of the pure religion and undefiled that we observe in some people beyond the Walls of our churches. In truth Jesus had been ousted from his Home town. Nazareth because he had intimated such in his first Sermon. Besides this some of the jews of the Community came in person to our lord saying. This Man even built for us a what on Earth was inside any roman that would do such a big philanthropy for an antagonistic race of people yes the jews themselves gave that Beautiful testimony in the captains defense. Well he must have been a most extraordinary Man Benefactor kind heart generous soul and Friend of All this roman. Then some one added to All the other testimony Quot he loves our All this is the great Quality of life that transcends All lands and Peoples All races colors and religions All classes and conditions of men. Love the supreme virtue of All Virtues. Over the centuries we hear the words of St. Paul ringing Quot now Arideth Faith Hope and love these three but the greatest is truly there was never a roman military Man so devoted to the Best things in Humankind like this Man in that place and at that time. No wonder the master of life was greatly surprised at such an individual As this Centurion in Capernaum. We might wonder if this Man Ever became a Follower of Jesus. He was so near to the kingdom of life and love so ready and anxious to believe and to receive the words and blessings of Christ. Surely we would not be surprised to know that the Man of War became a Man of peace a sincere disciple of the lord Christ. It is by no Means an Idle conjecture. Cer by Caplis Waynick while candidates for High office deliberated the question of whether they would accept a plurality decision against them or Call for a Quot run off test the voters generally must have been worrying about the increasing trouble one must suffer in order to vote. Waiting an hour or longer in a crowded room or corridor while citizens Are fed slowly through the process is Likely to discourage Many from even trying to vote. The old style use of ballots could be used to get the elections Job done faster than the voting machines Are doing it. Had the predicted 1.3 million voters gone to the polls in the May 6 primary the whole machinery of it would have been swamped. The polling places were jammed generally throughout the Day although fewer than a million voted. The answer to the problem the fact constitute is not abandonment of the voting machine and return to the old style boxes. Does it lie in More machines or even More polling places does it lie in invention of a faster machine we have invited millions of men and women into the polling places but facilities there Are not Good enough to serve them if they come. In these random reflections on the election process we note that crowded though the polls were fewer than half of those who were eligible to vote took the trouble to do. This Means that a run off primary is in effect a new Deal with a vast number of those who have not expressed themselves available for solicitation. In other words potentially a completely new a a jury is at hand to take the Case in any contest for office from the precinct to the state level. One observation about the May 6 vote for a democratic candidate for governor. Did the Leader in that contest prove right the cocky radio expert who some years ago said he could take a half million dollars and elect almost any candidate by shrewdly programming his Appeal for votes the Leader in the contest adapted a slogan a no new taxes a and drummed his message into the Peoples ears. There can be Little doubt of the strength of an Economy pledge in its voter Appeal. But election results and possible changes in those results from Appeal to a second test aside the expression of the political will of the people ought to be made easier by reducing the time one must spend in the polling place lest our efforts to get More to vote should fail. Precious though the privilege of suffrage May be ifs not easy to hold a voter an hour or More in line on a Day when other appeals of work or play Are trying to drag him away. And a final word today on one thought More about elections the increased use of Money in the campaigning May not be Deba Ching t h e process but it is a discouragement of Good men who cannot afford to match the heavy spenders. A j out of the Mouths of babes. A the drug source Washington a despite furious denials by the thai government evidence is mounting that members of Thailand a 16-Man ruling Council have been corrupted by International dope smugglers. As far away As this Oriental intrigue is it directly affects the alarming Rise of crime on americans streets where addicts Rob House break and shoplift to feed their gnawing heroin habits. Reports from the Central intelligence Agency Cia and the state Justice and defense departments All agree that More and More heroin is pouring into the United states from Thailand one of americans closest allies. A historically this area has not been an important source of opium based narcotics for the . Market. This is no longer the bluntly states a classified Cia report now in our hands. Buttressing the Cia Are other . Intelligence sources who allege that at Leas two of the 16-Man thai National executive Council committee protect dope smugglers. The official . Sources also describe in detail heroin Trade involvement of a top Bangkok police commander a former parliamentarian a thai Border patrol major and a colonel in a Northern thai army division. The police official say the sources is owner of a Well known Bangkok Massage parlor Brothel where heroin is readily available from employees. Run by a woman Friend of the police official a who himself maintains an office in the building a the bordello is called Quot the smack Parlord by its american patrons. Quot smack is Slang for heroin. Chinese chemists while this and other dope hangouts have Long operated openly under the noses of Thailand a rulers the lucrative up country opium Trade has been changing dramatically since this january. Crude morphine base from the thai Burma Laos Border is no longer processed almost exclusively in the laboratories of Bangkok. Instead. Royal laotian air Force fliers and a few pilots of the Cia run air America now air lift much of the morphine to warehouses in the Quot Golden Triangle along Thailand a Northern Border. The warehouses Are dutifully protected by corrupt senior officials of the Royal thai army and the thai Border patrol who take a Cut of the profits. When the warehouses Are bulging with illicit morphine base nationalist chinese by Jack Anderson chemists Fly in the sources say. They Are ceremoniously welcomed by remnants of the old nationalist chinese divisions driven from red China and now living off the land in Thailand. No longer under nationalist China a control the two fragmentary divisions now support themselves in the dope Trade. The chinese chemists work night and Day for 30 Days earning As High As $10,000 for converting the morphine base to pure heroin. Then the Royal laotian air Force and an occasional air America Pilot who pretends he is unaware of his cargo ferry out the newly processed White powder. This time it goes to distribution Points in Bangkok Vientiane Laos and other Southeast asian cities. From there it is transshipped to the United states. American intelligence officers Are even fearful some May get aboard air Force Kc-135 Tanker planes which Fly directly to the United states from Thailand. The planes or Crew Are rarely checked properly by . Customs. In Hong Kong an important transshipment Point. British officials Are also Seething Over the corruption of the thai government officials. Some proof of this dismay is contained in a cautious classified Cable from David Osborn american Consul in Hong Kong to Secretary of state William Rogers. Dated March 27, the Cable urges secrecy then confides a Hong Kong narcotics officials have Long standing belief that thai officials have been involved in drug traffic for some yet despite All this evidence of official thai corruption the United states continues to Supply Thailand with millions in american arms. And the thai government smugly dismisses this columns documented reports of heroin in High thai places As Quot slanderous wording by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus one of the newest american Holiday traditions Observance of mothers Day on the second sunday in May a actually is one of the worlds oldest. It had its origin in the ancient greek worship of Cybele a great Mother of the gods was recognized with diminishing importance during the Early and Middle years of christianity then All but disappeared until 64 years ago when it was Given new vigor in Philadelphia and spread throughout the nation and to Many parts of the world. Today it is observed As one of the most important holidays of the year in Vienna ranks High in importance in Australia is commemorated throughout South America and All Over Spanish speaking areas rates three Days of special notice in England and in this country causes the years worst traffic jams with family cars headed for grandmas for a Day Long visit. In 17th-Century England mid Lent sunday became known As a mothering Day a a Day on which apprentice who lived within travelling distance of their Homes were allowed to return to their families for a visit. When an apprentice was a going a mothering a it was customary for him to carry Home a Simonel cake As a gift. This was a Plum pudding encased in a hard crust. If the trip were too Long the apprentice was expected to Send Home a letter of elicitation a missive that had to be penned for him by a professional letter writer or Scrivener. Mothers Day As it is now known had its Legal origin in 1908. Two years previously. Miss Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia had suffered the loss of her Mother. During memorial services in 1907, miss Jarvis discussed with friends the possibility of having a Day set aside for the remembrance of mothers. During the ensuing year she succeeded in interesting several influential groups in the idea. As a result the City of Philadelphia proclaimed the second sunday in May 1908, mothers Day. By 1912 the idea had spread As far As Texas where the governor instituted a custom that year of pardoning worthy prisoners As Well As proclaiming the Day in Honor of motherhood. The idea spread across the Ocean to England. In 1914 president Wilson proclaimed the second sunday in May mothers Day in perpetuity. Succeeding presidents have followed the custom of issuing special proclamations directed toward its National Observance. Miss Jarvis who had devoted her personal funds and energies to the lofty purpose of honouring motherhood in 1948 died penniless As result of her crusade. Today White or red roses or carnations will be worn in buttonholes in memory of departed or living mothers As tangible evidence of miss Jarvis a life work. Families reunited on this special Day will signify the deeper spirit of the occasion a the heart of the Hearth is Mother that every Mother has at least one thing in common on the second sunday in May. What you owe Mother you of it to your Mother to lift Ell the burdens you Cen from shoulders thet Heve stooped in Weiting upon end working for you. To seek her Comfort end p Lee sure in Ell things before your own. Never to intimate by word or deed thet your world end hers Ere different or thet you feel in Eny Wey Superior to her. To Manifest in interest in whatever muses or concerns her. To Meke her e Pertekel so for at your different Ages will permit in Ell your pleasures end recreations. To remember thet her life is monotonous compared to yours and to take her to some suitable place of amusement or for a trip in the country As frequently As possible. To introduce All your friends to her and to enlist her sympathies in your projects Hopes and plans. To talk to her about your work your studies your friends your amusements the books you Reed the places you visit for everything that concerns you is of interest to her. To Bear patiently with Ell her peculiarities or infirmities of temper or disposition which May be the result of care and toil. To remember thet she is a girl it heart so fares delicate Little attentions Ere concerned. Selected a Fine yours housewife and Mother Here came upon the following parable by Temple Bailey about mothers while she was in College and she feels it so epitomizes her own Mother As Well As her Mother in Law that she sent it along with a request it be reprinted Here this mothers Day. To her it is the personification of the two mothers for she counts herself fortunate indeed to have been so blessed with a Mother and Mother in Law. It is her greatest Hope that some Day her children can relate this parable to her the Young Mother set her foot on the path of life. A is the Way Long a she asked. And her guide said a yes and the Way is hard and you will be old before you reach the end of it. But the end will be better than the but the Young Mother was Happy and she would not believe that anything could be better than these years. So she played with her children and gathered Flowers for them along the Way and bathed them in the Clear streams and the Sun shone on them and life was Good and the Young Mother cried Quot nothing will Ever be lovelier than then night came and storm and the path was dark and the children Shook with fear and cold and the Mother Drew them close and covered them with her Mantle and the children said a ooh Mother we Are not afraid for you Are near and no harm can come a and the Mother said Quot this is better than the brightness of Day for i have taught my children and the morning came and there was a Hill ahead and the children climbed and grew weary and the Mother was weary but at All times she said to the children a a Little patience and we Are so the children climbed and when they had reached the top they said Quot we could not have done it without you and the Mother when she Lay Down that night looked up at the stars and said a this is a better Day than the last for my children have Learned fortitude in the face of hardness. Yesterday i gave them courage. Today i have Given them and the next Day came strange Clouds which darkened the Earth a Clouds of War hate and evil and the children groped and stumbled and the Mother said a look up. Lift your eyes to the and the children looked and saw above the Clouds an everlasting glory and it guided them and brought them beyond the darkness. And that night the Mother said a this is the Best Day of All for i have shown my children and the Days went on and the weeks and the months and the years and the Mother grew old and she was Little and Bent. But her children were tall and Strong and walked with courage. And w Hen the Way was hard they helped their Mother and when the Way was rough they lifted her. For she was Light As a Feather and at last they came to a Hill and beyond the Hill they could see a shining Road and the Golden Gates Flung wide. And the Mother said a i have reached the end of my journey. And now i know that the end is better than the beginning for my children can walk alone and their children after and the children said a you will always walk with us Mother even when you have gone through the and they stood and watched her As she went on alone and the Gates closed after her. And they said Quot we can not see her but she is with us still. A Mother like ours is More than a memory. In a i tvs nil a a t

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