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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain is coming Moro data on Pago 5-a 88th year a no. 134 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., saturday afternoon May 13, 1972 16 pages in Quang Tri province Call us circulation. 112-1719 classified ads ass 2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25e s. Viets retake area by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a South vietnamese marines opened a counteroffensive in Quang Tri province today and flying their nations Flag As they landed recaptured the first piece of territory from the North vietnamese in the Northern front. The attack began with a lightning airborne assault that Drew . Marines Back into the War for the first time in More than a year. The americans flew the South vietnamese in on helicopters. South vietnamese flags could be seen from the Chanh River flying in the Breeze As the South vietnamese marines reoccupied Hai Lang District town to the South of the City of Quang Tri which fell to the North vietnamese May i. It was the first counteroffensive on the Northern front. South vietnamese forces liberated a number of civilians who had been hiding in the area for several Days the Saigon command said. They were taken to Chanh five Miles to the South. Field reports indicated the South vietnamese marines ran into Strong resistance at some Points in the drive North but heavy . Air strikes sent some of the North vietnamese troops fleeing in apparent disarray and Many of them were caught in the open by bombs. The action is not expected to have a real effect on anticipated North vietnamese plans to attack Hue 25 Miles South of Hai Lang. It is not in an area where the expected attack on Hue is expected to come from. In the Southern Region heavy stays in Contention anti War demonstrator downed in san Francisco Friday gets Aid a wire photo Holshouser predicts dirty race Raleigh a Republican Jim Holshouser says he has already told his supporters to be prepared for a a mudslinging campaigns in the second primary rare against Jim Gardner for the cop gubernatorial nomination in North Carolina. Holshouser made the statement Friday after brushing off As a a desperation politics a claim by Gardner that a the White House had asked Holshouser to withdraw from the race before the first primary. A we expected this All along and we expect it to get worse As he gets More said Holshouser. A the next thing you know. Jim Gardner is going to be telling folks he voted for Richard Nixon in earlier Gardner told a news conference the White House had asked Holshouser to drop out of the race a after they had taken a North Carolina poll which show Imi that Jim Holshouser cannot win in the fall and would in fact Hurt the presidents chances of reelection in this state. He would not say who in the White House had contacted Holshouser former chairman of the state cop party. Holshouser was somewhere on the coast vacationing when his staff reached him for comment on Gardner a statement. Meanwhile. Harry Dent an aide to president Nixon asked to comment at an Airport news conference in Charlotte said a the White House has not taken any part in the governors support for Nixon appears anti War demonstrations planned for 20 cities Sanford withdraws from no. Primary by the associated press protesters against the . Mining of North vietnamese harbours planned a fifth Day of demonstrations today with rallies scheduled in 20 cities. Scattered displays of popular support for president Nixon a new War policy appeared. Antiwar disturbances subsided in most areas Friday but there were clashes Between demonstrators and police on the streets of san Francisco and Columbus Ohio and on the Campus of Cornell University in Ithaca. N y. Protest tactics varied from seizure of a deactivated mine sweeper in St. Louis to sabotage of Telephone cables in Salt Lake City to blockades of Auto traffic Campus buildings and the governor s office in Connecticut. In All hundreds More peace activists were arrested As Antiwar demonstrations were reported in 17 states Friday. Police were kept Busy watching peaceful marches in Many cities including new York where they intervened in Brief clashes Between marchers and construction workers. One of the Days biggest marches however belonged to Flag waving school children and wives of american War prisoners As 12.000 persons paraded through the streets of fort Walton reach fla., in support of the presidents policy. Four High school bands played a god bless american along the five mile route from Eglin air Force base to the City a chamber of Commerce. The Massachusetts House passed a Resolution urging North Vietnam to accept Nixon a peace proposals turning aside a strongly worded Senate Resolution that off Idemne the Vietnam escalation. The newly formed citizens committee for a free Asia scheduled its initial rally today in Salt Lake City to publicize its belief that South korean and nationalist chinese troops should be allowed to join in an invasion of North Vietnam. The conservative Young americans for Freedom claiming More than 50.000 members announced its support for a the presidents use of any effective military Means including a full scale invasion of North a group of Vietnam veterans calling themselves americans Victory Force scheduled an hour Long Vigil i n Jacksonville fla., today to support . Bombing Over North Vietnam. Quaker groups meeting in Seattle meanwhile issued a study condemning the recent course of the War in Indochina. Antiwar demonstrators planned to return to Westover air Force base in Chicopee mass., today for their 16th traffic blocking sit in since bombers based there were ordered to Vietnam three weeks ago. A total of 925 persons have been arrested in those sit Downs. Including Amherst College president John William Ward who paid his $10 Fine Friday for disturbing the peace. Other peace demonstrations were scheduled in front of the White House in Washington and in new York Chicago Berkeley Calif. Louisville k y Bozeman. Mont. Mountain Home Idaho St. Paul. Minn., and several other cities. Violence in san Francisco erupted As police using clubs broke up a rally of 3 too persons in Union Square outside of tin St. Francis hotel where goes. Ronald Reagan of California and Nelson a. Rockefeller of new York were meeting to open president Nixon a California reelection Campaign. Durham no. A former North Carolina gov. Terry Sanford says he is withdrawing from the new Jersey presidential primary but will remain in the National race. Sanford now president of Duke University said Friday he has decided a a in la hang in there but hang Loose. A i thought that the new Jersey primary june 6 would offer a legitimate forum for debate among the leading Candi dates about the serious issues in the nation a he said in a statement released by his Durham Headquarters a but no purpose is served for candidacy if the debate is limited to two candidates mrs. New York congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and a Sanford said. A i will not Campaign in new Jersey and will ask the voters not to vote for he added a i have been a Scott refutes link to Taylor Washington no. A gov. Bob Scott says he has a never Felt close to of. Gov. Pat Taylor who was runner up to skipper Bowles in last saturdays North Carolina primary for the democratic gubernatorial nomination. Scott said Friday a there has been an erroneous Assumption on the part of some that he and Taylor have been close. A i certainly am not any closer to him than i have been to skipper a Scott said in an interview on with to. A i have known both for a Long time on a first name the governor said of Taylor a actually our relationship has been governmental. He is lieutenant governor and was independently elected from Taylor said earlier this week he received a Telephone Call from Scott urging him not to run a second primary race against Bowles. He also said the Raleigh news and observer had suggested editorial advises government big business plans inflation Battle by Sterling f. Green associated press writer hot Springs a. A big business is advising the Nixon administration to Start pulling the brakes on government spending and easy credit to avoid a possible resurgence of inflation in 1973. Members of the business Council attending their Spring meeting with administration officials were cheered by predictions of a Strong and broadly based business expansion Well into next year. But r v. Hansberger chairman of the councils committee on the Domestic Economy warned that inflation May revive a few months from now. A we should Start building some restraints pretty darn soon a Hansberger told reporters. The industrialist said that the councils advisory panel of 20 business economists which sent a report to the session Friday suggesting that the speedup of inflation will take place later this year and in 1973�?is especially concerned Over the prospective growing Federal deficit in the second half of this year. This Prospect combined with the present policy of holding Down interest rates to encourage business borrowing May cause a buildup of pressure against the phase ii controls Hansberger said. The administrations economic planning has gone awry in several respects it had scheduled heavy deficit spending in the first half of this year As a deliberate economic tonic to be followed by a cutback in the second half of the year. The government has been unable to spend As much Money As it had anticipated and had unintentionally collected billions of dollars in taxes More than predicted because of the Steep new schedules of tax withholding. The result apparently will be that much of the spending stimulus that was designed for this Spring will be postponed to the second half of this year and will be reinforced in Early 1973 by extra Large tax refunds. Alternate paths to Vietnam communist diplomats named two South chinese ports a Lakhoi and Yahsien a that could take soviet arms shipments if the . Interdiction of North Vietnam a sea approaches succeeds. Lakhoi is accessible to the Railroad Junction of Nanning that leads to Hanoi. Yahsien an Inland port has a Road leading to the North vietnamese Railhead of Langson. The communist diplomats said that the policy of mining North vietnamese ports almost certainly will allow the soviet Union Access to harbours in South China where War Materiel can be unloaded for North Vietnam. Up by that he not request a Runoff primary. A neither Scott nor the news and observer has helped in this Campaign. In fact both have just about killed a Taylor charged. Asked to comment on this Scott said a a i did no to realize i had that much Power and influence a asked if he thinks Taylor should ask for a Runoff Scott said a a that a not for to say. I have been a candidate in five statewide races. The candidates themselves and the people who work in the Campaign have to make that he added a i Don t want to inject myself into the Campaign. I have not in the past and i done to intend to in the second primary. But once the nominees of the party Are selected you May hear from women plan to become Fri agents Washington a two women who filed suit against the late j. Edgar Hoover believe Many women will take advantage of the Bureau s new policy and try to become Fri agents. Sandra Rothenberg Nemser and Cynthia Gitt two lawyers say they will resubmit applications to become agents As soon As they can a i would say hundreds if not thousands will do the same a said is Nemser a 29-year-old Denver poverty lawyer married to a physician. A a in a glad the Fri will now follow the Federal is Cynthia Gitt a 25-year-old attorney for the equal employment Opportunity commission also said there would be Many women applying to become Fri agents. A after we filed our suit last summer. I received several letters from women who were denied the Opportunity Quot she said. L. Patrick Gray Iii acting Fri director announced Friday that the Fri was changing its male Only policy and would seek female applicants for the first time in history. Hoover vehemently opposed hiring women for the crime investigating jobs because he said the work was too dangerous. Leader in civil rights in the toughest area of the country for 30 years. I do not intend to Cloud this record with the uncertainty that might derive from a Campaign against mrs. Sanford who ran second to Alabama gov. George Wallace in North Carolinas primary said he did better in his Home state a than the opening polls and most of friends said i would do. But i did not do As Well As i intended and that had to be first real Sanford got 38 per cent of the North Carolina vote and Wallace 50 per cent. A this could have been an easy Job a Sanford said. A had i led in North Carolina but now it is difficult to get the attention from the news Media that i think we need if we Are going to convince sizeable numbers to join he said that for the present a a in la just stay with what i have the North Carolina votes and about 60 first ballot votes from 12 states. I have the option to be nominated or under the rules to be voted upon without nomination at the National convention. Fighting raged for the third straight Day at an Loc the Long besieged provincial capital 60 Miles North of Saigon. North vietnamese troops made repeated bloody attacks on the City which president Nguyen Van Thieu has ordered held at All costs. The . Marine helicopter Crews in Quang Tri province the northernmost area in South Vietnam were the first Marine air units recommitted to the Vietnam War since april 1971, when Marine air forces were withdrawn under president Nixon a pullout program. Associated press correspondent Peter Arnett reported from the Northern front that the . Marine helicopter Crews were from the Carrier Okinawa. They landed 1,000 South vietnamese marines into Hai Lang District town in the Southern edges of Quang Tri City the provincial capital. The airlifted South vietnamese marines joined by a column of 500 Saigon marines moving on foot reoccupied the District town in less than three hours. Arnett reported. Arnett said one big ch46 sea Knight helicopter was destroyed by the americans themselves after it was disabled on the ground by a mechanical failure. There were no . Casualties and no . Ground combat troops were involved. . Fighter bombers set aflame three soviet built pt76 amphibious tanks and two Long Range 130mm artillery guns also were reported destroyed officers in the Field said. Quang Tri City capital of northernmost Quang Tri province fell to the North vietnamese on May i. The South vietnamese marines engaged North vietnamese troops immediately after Landing in Hai Lang District on Highway i 25 Miles North of the threatened former Imperial capital of Hue. . B52 heavy bombers made several strikes during and after the assault in efforts to soften up North vietnamese positions and Lessen enemy fire at the . Helicopters which also used their mounted machine guns to backup the South vietnamese. Fourteen die in bus wreck bean station. Tenn apr at least 14 persons were reported killed and 16 injured Early today in the flaming wreckage of a greyhound bus and a tractor trailer Rig. Which collided near this one time stage coach station in upper East Tennessee the 5 a m., Edt wreck occurred in front of the Home of Jesse Coffee. 27, just As he was rising for the Day. A we heard what sounded like an explosion a he said. Quot then everything was quiet and All we heard was a baby he said he and his wife ran outside to find a baby about 4 months old lying Between two adults he said were dead the baby was All right he said and the coffees kept the infant until rescuers arrived state trooper Harold Buck said it appeared four or five babies were among the passengers on the bus headed for Kingsport on . 11-w. The bus was shattered split in two and the truck caught fire it. Dewey Bales of the Tennessee Highway patrol said a the tractor trailer was loaded with tar paper which caught on fire soon after the collision. Glen Debord a member of the Volunteer Morristown Rescue squad which operates the Only ambulance service in the area said he counted 13 dead and 16 injured at Morristown Hamblen Hospital in Morris what s inside amusements in Bridge a classified ads 4-7b comics a crossword a editorials 4a obituaries 3a sports 1-2b television a weather a town. The truck Driver was among those killed. Morristown is about 16 Miles Southeast of the wreck across the South Holston River. At least four injured were reported in route to hospitals in Knoxville where emergency blood shipments were prepared for the Morristown Hospital As Well. Trooper Buck said the wreck was so bad there was no Way to Tell How Many passengers were aboard the bus but he said it appeared there were Between 35 and 45. There was no immediate word from the greyhound company which declined even to give the destination of the bus. But an unidentified East bound truck Driver said he rounded a curve on . 11-w just in time to see an explosion. The truck he said burst into flames immediately and the Driver witness said he headed his own Rig into a ditch to avoid the wreckage the Highway patrol said a bus was overdue in Kingsport and the truck Driver witness said he remembered the bus was a just ahead of when i went through Rutledge is about la Miles West of Here on the same Highway. The scene itself is 40-50 Miles Northeast of Knoxville. Bales the Highway patrol lieutenant said lie counted la dead and 15 injured at the scene Debord s count at the Hospital was later and it was not known How Many injured were taken to Holston Community Hospital in Kingsport in the Northeast tip of Tennessee. Bean station a Small Community was an important Stagecoach Stop in route to Washington in the 19th Century and president Andrew Jackson travelled the rout frequently going from his Home near Nashville to the nation s capital

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