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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather weekend wet Mere Date on Page 3a 88th year a no. 135 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning May 14, 1972 96 pages Call us circulation .mm71f classified ads .m5-2177 All other departments 115-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25e a fan clubbers q. I am starting up a fan club on Lee majors and he stars in Quot Owen Marshall Counselor at Law Quot and i would like his address so i could write him and get some things for my fan club like pictures and papers and stuff like that. Would you give me his address b. J. Q. What address could i write to the Osmond Brothers so they could get my letter and answer it . Q. I am nine years old and would like David Cassidy s phone number and address. T. 0. What is the address of Ben Murphy. He is on Quot alias Smith and l. W. 0. What is the address of the Jackson five girl. A. All letters and questions about stars and programs of the Abc network on which the above appear should be addressed to american broadcasting company 1330 Avenue of the americas new York new York 10019 the stars do not make Public their Telephone numbers. The sea snark q. I want some information on a boat a Sailboat called a sea snark. War planning on getting on and to need to find out some things like what it is mad of How much it weighs How tall the Mast is and things like that. We tried to get in touch with placet around Here but not Many people knew about it. Anon. A. The Only dealer in High Point for that Breed of boat is Amsco Marine located at 805 Westchester. In Quang Tri province South vietnamese recapture ground for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Distaff scouting q. Hew old must a child be to get in the girl scouts and who should i get in touch with in the Archdale Trinity area to get More information thank you. Anon. A. Your daughter should be seven years old or in the second Grade in school. Scout leaders in the Archdale Trinity area Are mrs. John Linton 431-6356, for the Allen Jay Section and mrs. Prentice Johnson 431-6342, for Archdale Trinity proper. The office of the girl scouts tar Heel triad Council in Colfax whose number is listed in the Telephone Book is glad to answer any questions you or others May have on girl scouting. Or drop them a note if you want to avoid the toll charge. A h a it s All cleaned up q. I wonder if something could be done for the family living in the first House on the left at where they have left their trash on the Street cans and papers. The sanitation department has Boon contacted about this but they Don t get it and Tho wind is blowing it All Over the Yard. Mrs. J. T. A. The ditches Are clean and the piles have been removed reports Public works director wills. A a fido s License q. This has been in action line before but where can you get a City dog tag please hurry. Thank you. A. At the City collectors office located in City Hall. Arar a by Edwin q. White associated press writer Saigon a South vietnamese forces with the help of . Helicopters struck saturday in their first counteroffensive on the Northern front recapturing some ground seized in the six week old North vietnamese drive across the demilitarized zone. . Marine helicopters carried South vietnamese marines into Battle in Quang Tri province below the Doz where the provincial capital of Quang Tri City fell to the enemy May i. The Saigon forces were reported sunday to be holding their new positions. In fighting elsewhere sunday a government forces re protests generally peaceful by the associated press Antiwar protests were staged in about a dozen big cities and College towns saturday capping a week of demonstrations against the latest administration moves in Vietnam. The continuing demonstrations. Which had led to scattered violence and More than 1,000 arrests during the week were generally uneventful during the Daylight hours saturday. Additional arrests were made however at an air Force base in Massachusetts which has been the target of protesters for the last three weeks. There also were several demonstrations of support for the War moves announced by president Nixon last monday night. The biggest Antiwar rally of the Day was held in new York City. Demonstrations also were held in Boston Washington Chicago and san Francisco. About 1.000 persons attended a rally on the Capitol Steps in Washington. The protesters mostly Young people had marched up Pennsylvania Avenue from the eclipse. Rep. Abner Mikva d-ill., was one of the More than dozen speakers to address the cheering and shouting audience. Quot this War is not going to end by shouting loud a he said. Quot you be got to build a majority against this he urged the protesters to ask their congressmen and senators to vote Clown funds for the Vietnam War and vote for end the War resolutions. Pulsed a tank led North vietnamese assault on the defensive perimeter of the threatened City of Korntum in the Central Highlands the Saigon command reported. It said to of the 12 soviet built t54 tanks were destroyed by ground troops firing Light antitank weapons and by american helicopters using missiles. The clash occurred about two Miles outside the City said to be a key enemy objective in the Highlands. A enemy gunners rocketed the Danang area on the Northern coast for the fifth time in a month hitting the big . Air base and a nearby South vietnamese military Hospital with 20 rounds. Preliminary reports said five persons were killed and 19 wounded at the Hospital. One . Aircraft a vehicle and three buildings were reported destroyed at the base. In Quang Tri province the attacking South vietnamese met Strong resistance at some Points but they reported killing 168 enemy with the help of massive air strikes artillery and naval gunfire. South vietnamese losses in the fighting were put at about 40 men killed or wounded. Reports from the North said however that the Marine operation was not expected to have any major effect on expected North vietnamese assaults on the City of Hue itself a key enemy objective. A communique from South vietnamese Headquarters in Saigon said that on the Quot major War fronts which Are Korntum Hua Hien around Hue and an Loc there were no significant while the South vietnamese initiative dominated the Days Battleground developments North vietnamese forces kept up their heavy pressure on an Loc another provincial capital 60 Miles North of Saigon that has been under siege since april 7. Heavy guns fired from surrounding enemy positions battered an Loc again As they have repeatedly for weeks and Savage ground fighting went on in and around the town. South vietnamese forces moving from the South Drew to within 13 Miles of an Loc seizing two Miles of Highway 13 after several Days of heavy fighting. There also was another major clash about 30 Miles Northwest of Saigon Cene of sporadic fighting during the past week. Saigon spokesmen said 137 enemy were killed in that area with the support of air strikes and artillery. South vietnamese casualties were listed As four men killed and four wounded. On the Northern front associated press correspondent Peter Arnett reported that the South vietnamese forces planted their country a Flag at each Point they regained from the North vietnamese. Involved were about 1,500 South vietnamese marines from three battalions who had been holding the defense line to the North of the old capital of Hue. Two thirds of them were lifted by 19 . Marines helicopters into areas around the District town of Hai Lang 25 Miles North of Hue. The South vietnamese reoccupied the town at noon and began consolidating their positions. The town had been battered by air strikes and artillery. . Air Force b52 strikes flew repeated missions in the Region before and during the operation. Outlook for Summit now appears Bright by Lewis Gulick associated press writer Washington a Secretary of state William p. Rogers said saturday that preparations Are going ahead As planned for president Nixon a visit to the soviet Union May 22-29. Quot we have no negative signs from the soviets a he said. But As for the Paris peace talks Rogers saw no encouragement for their Quick resumption in fridays remarks by Hanoi envoy be due Tho. The North vietnamese negotiator rejected Nixon a newest peace bid while demanding renewal of the weekly Paris Parley which the allies broke off May 4. Asked in an interview about the Outlook for resumption of the talks now Rogers said Quot particularly in Light of his be due thou a statement we done to see any immediate Quot our position remains the same a Rogers added referring to the stand taken at Paris by . Ambassador William j. Porter that the United states is ready to re open the Parley when useful or when the enemy appears to be seriously interested. Nixon a measures last monday to choke off North Vietnam a Supply lines from Russia and red China raised doubts among some High administration officials that the soviets would go ahead with the mos victims trapped Japan store fire takes 118 lives 4 luncheon a montagnard wounded in the recent fighting in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam prepares her lunch in the streets of Korntum where she presently is living while awaiting evacuation to Plesku in the face of a North vietnamese offensive. A wire photo thousands respond to Story of Man stricken by disease county Woofer q. Where is the animal shelter in High Point and what is the Telephone number j. D. A. Its located on red Road. High Point at last has a direct line to it which is listed under Guilford county numbers 883-6530. Unauthorized driving q. Are the City employees allowed to drive cars and trucks Home at night and go around dropping off children or the baby Sitters at 4 o clock in the morning in t this an added expense to taxpayers Thomasville is full of City trucks going in ovary direction each morning carrying employees to work. R. B., Thomasville. A. Thomasville City manager Kyle Williams said Quot City employees Are allowed to drive vehicles Home for emergency operation after hours but they re not supposed to use them for anything except City he asks that you direct complaints on any specific instance of this to his of Bowser s kindergarten q. When will the next dog clinic be held and How old should your dog be before you take him to the class anon. A. If you re referring to the dog obedience classes not the rabies clinic the next beginners class will be held in september. The h. P. Jamestown dog obedience club will have an and in the paper about the first of August announcing the Date. The pooches should be at least eight months old. Lewiston Maine a Richard Kisonak a newspaper reporter who is dying of Amy trophic lateral sclerosis receives hundreds of letters and books each week. Kisonak 42. Whose first personal account of his dying. Quot one year to live was carried nationally by the associated press april 30, says he s Linc graduates will not get Bible gifts Chapel Hill a the University of North Carolina will break a 130-year-old tradition sunday by not handing out Bih rfcs to graduating seniors along with the diplomas. The unc trustees executive committee voted Friday to abolish the practice which had been questioned on constitutional grounds. Uno Chancellor Ferebee Taylor said the practice had been questioned several months ago and he had appointed a committee to study it. He said the committee advised him that the practice probably violated the constitutional doctrine of separation of Church and state. The bibles have been handed out with the diplomas since 1842, and have been purchased through student fees. Received More than 8,000 letters to Date. Quot the response has been overwhelming and has instilled in All of us Hope and a fighting spirit a his wife Beverly said. Kisonak a Story dealt with the neurologists diagnosis last november How he accepted the Prospect of death and How he his wife and their three children Are spending his last year of life. Amy trophic lateral sclerosis is a disease of the spinal Cord which causes progressive atrophy of the Muscles. Offers of help mrs. Kisonak said have come from a Chi Nese doctor in California who offered free acupuncture treatments a yoga expert from Canada and a Minnesota Engineer who offered a study on vitamins. The Kisonak also have received bibles prayers and inspirational messages plus suggested diets organic health foods and vitamins. Kisonak a reporter 19 years on the i it Lewiston daily Sun. Was forced by his health to leave his Job. A we have always been a close family a mrs. Kisonak said Quot no matter what happens i think we will have prof ted Osaka Japan a fire raged through a seven Story department store building saturday night killing 118 persons and injuring More than 40 others police reported. Most of the dead and injured were in a cabaret on the top floor of the Sennich department store police said. Many fled to the roof and tried to jump across to nearby buildings but fell to the ground. Witnesses said the building became Quot an inferno with trapped men and women screaming for help from the windows and the police said the department store occupying the lower floors of the building was closed and there was Only one emergency exit from the top floor. The Blaze began on the third floor and spread quickly upward destroying the third fourth and fifth floors. Dozens of fire engines responded to the alarm and for nearly 34 hours firemen fought the flames and tried to Rescue those trapped inside and on the roof. About 60 persons were saved but others were killed or injured when some of the emergency chutes failed to work. Some were smothered inside. Authorities speculated that the death toll could Rise As Rescue workers probed the rubble on the burned out floors. It was the worst fire in clap pants history fire brigade officials said. They said 107 persons died in a fire april 24, 1951, when the Sakur Gicho Railroad station in Yokohama was gutted. Keiko Maekawa 30, cabaret hostess who escaped through an emergency Chute said Quot guests and hostesses somehow made their Way to a window. I was pushed to to the forefront. I had to hang onto a very hot piece of rope to cow Summit. Their fears eased when Nixon s North Vietnam port mining deadline passed without a Tough soviet response. Rogers said Quot we Are preceding with plans for the Moscow visit and that schedule arrangements Are Quot being worked out As we Nixon is expected to leave for Salzburg Austria next saturday then Fly on to Moscow the following monday. An Advance . Team has been at the soviet capital working on arrangements. Other sources noted a wide Range of .-soviet negotiations Are going ahead without interruption from the Vietnam Issue. But they said it still is Uncertain what agreements will be completed by Moscow Summit time. The administration was said to be avoiding any concessions in these negotiations As a Price for Nixon a going to Moscow. Thus hitches which have appeared in some of the Side talks May not be worked out by then. .-soviet negotiations on a land lease settlement begun last month Are believed unlikely to result in an agreement by the time of Nixon a journey. Still in question is an Accord by then on reducing .-soviet naval incidents at sea. As of the latest report the .-soviet strategic arms limitation talks Salt have progressed to where the president can probably make an announcement in Moscow. Negotiations for expanding .-soviet maritime Trade Are said to have gone Well. Inside Reading new welfare. Fog a it Cates and the Crane. P�9� 2a How to get moved. P�9� edit Uriah. In age 4-a women a b sports. television. In age 1k-b entertainment. La agn 17-10b obituaries. 311 c classified. Pm a -20l> Nixon to push for tax Reform Washington a president Nixon s principal domes tic affairs adviser said saturday that if re elected the chief executive will press next year for major simplification of individual and corporate tax structures. John Ehrlichman head of Nixon Domestic Council made the disclosure As he attacked what he called democratic presidential candidates Quot Patitu Dingus approach to tax Reform and declared that Quot the president has been the taxpayers Ehrlichman reported too that Nixon has reached general agreement with rep. Wilbur Mills d-ark., chairman of the House ways and Means committee that no tax Reform legislation would be pushed in Congress this election year. Nixon and the head of the tax writing House panel agreed Over breakfast at the whte House last week that it was Quot bad business to ask Congress to act on Complex tax Reform proposals Quot in a political election year a Ehrlichman told a White House briefing. The briefing was held Friday but its contents were embargoed for release saturday evening. The ostensible purpose of the briefing was to release letters Nixon is sending to House speaker Carl Albert of Oklahoma House democratic Leader Hale Boggs of Louisiana and his Republican counterpart Gerald r. Ford of Michigan urging House floor action this month on the administrations Revenue sharing Bill. Although the Revenue sharing Bill was modified by Mills a committee Ehrlichman said it was acceptable to the White House. But after discussing Revenue sharing Ehrlichman switched the subject to tax Reform and distributed a Treasury department Chart he said would Quot put the lie to a lot of. Phony tax facts running around the primary Campaign Hie Chart showed that individual income tax liability has been Cut by $11.2 billion a year under the 1969 tax Reform act with the bulk of the cuts coming in the lower income brackets. In an obvious reference to democratic presidential contenders Ehrlichman told newsmen to be Quot cautious about people telling you that taxes on individuals Are going up while corporations Are getting away Scot he said tax Reform should be an Issue during this years presidential Campaign but contended it is Quot not in the National interest for Congress to consider or adopt major changes during an election year. He gave no details on what proposals Nixon will make to streamline the tax Structure if he is re elected but answered with a Quick Quot yes when asked whether a major Effort to simplify the system is planned

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