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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Going to boy s state after cog meeting smiles stick on candidates he anyone who has been following the democratic rim Aries on television knows that every presidential hopeful always has a smile on his face. What people done to know is that these smiles Are Frozen there and the longer the primaries go on the less Chance the candidates have of wiping them away. A plastic surgeon named Cooke told me. A most of the candidates running for the presidency have been smiling steadily for five months. By the time they get to Miami they will have smiled for eight months. The Muscles controlling these smiles have hardened them into place. I fear that by the time election Day comes we could wind up with a president with a permanent stupid Grin on his a i done to know a a i said a everybody likes to see a Happy a a it Sall right to have a Happy president a Cooke said. A but what happens when he attends the funeral of another head of state a a suppose he has to go on television and Tell the people the Cost of living has gone up 15 per cent and unemployment has reached a new High. Head look pretty silly doing that with a a i never thought of that a a what happens when he meets with the russians to discuss disarmament and is grinning All the time do you think they could take him seriously a a they might think he a nuts a i said hopefully a and out of fear give in on a a it a too big a Gamble to take. I can to believe anyone would have Confidence in a president who is smiling All the time a Cooke said. A wait a minute a i said. A a we be had presidential candidates in the past who smiled continuously but their faces went Back to Normal after the a that was before Cooke said. A a to has forced the candidates to maintain permanent grins. We saw what happened to Muskie in new Hampshire when he stopped smiling and sobbed. People thought he was shaken up All he was trying to do was relax his smile Muscles for a few minutes. But because of what happened to Muskie no candidate dares Stop smiling now. It would be political a is no to there some Way plastic surgeons could do away with the Frozen Grin after the election is Over a a it a Verv difficult. It requires in a a Start the Mouth As Well As reshaping the face Muscles. We be tried Cheek transplants hut everyone cornus out looking like former atty. Gen. John Cooke said a i am not Only concerned about the Man who is elected president but i am also worried about the a what will people think of a Man who ran for the highest office of this land lost in a bitter fight and is shown smiling helplessly into the �?T70s and �?T80s?�?� a a lot of his financial backers would be pretty sore a i said. A we must accept the fact that a politicians smile is a physical affliction a Cooke said a and i Hope that after the primaries when he is shown with his Frozen Grin people will not have the bad taste to laugh at copyright 1972, los Angeles times conference slated on zoning plans Washington a no one talks about it. But there Are definite medical hazards involved in running for the presidency of the United states. One that is increasingly a problem has to do with a candidate s face. Ricky Blake David Haworth Don Kirkman John Leonard Bill Medlin by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer High Point will take its plans for zoning land across county lines before officials of the three neighbouring counties wednesday. City officials Are to meet with representatives of Forsyth Davidson Randolph county officials following a meeting of the Piedmont triad Council of governments. The session which also will involve representatives from Guilford county is planned to take place after the Council of governments completes its regular May meeting at the Greensboro High Point win Ston Salem Airport. Planning department officials Friday indicated the purpose of the session will be to a get the feeling of officials of the counties on the plan under revised state Law to zone land a full Circle around the City. The new state Law permits cities the size of High Point to zone for three Miles beyond their Borders provided they have the approval of the counties concerned for the last two Miles. This would mean that High Point could under the Law zone for As much As a mile into the Rural area on All sides of the City but that it would need approval of the counties to go beyond the one mile line. City officials say High Point from june la through june 17, these five rising High school seniors from High Point will participate in North Carolina boys state at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem. First selected by school authorities the students were then interviewed by officials of american legion Post 87, which sponsors the boys state locally. Boys state is designed to instill citizenship by teaching the concepts ideals and operations of government. Representatives from every part of North Carolina will attend boys state this year an annual event held at Wake Forest. John Leonard and Bill Medlin Are from Andrews High school. The others Don Kirkman Rick Blake and David Haworth Are students at Central High. Seeking injunction High Point Enterprise saturday afternoon May 13, 1972 Page 2-a Cox resigns Etc Post with blast Greensboro the Rev. Ben Elton Cox director of operations for the Guilford county economic Opportunity Council charged the Agency is beset with racism dissension and mismanagement of funds Friday in announcing his resignation. Cox announced he plans to seek a court injunction to halt operations of the Agency a until it has proven it can handle nearly $3 he said he Hopes to have papers ready for presentation to the courts by monday. Cox made his announcement late Friday afternoon at a time when Preston Wiley recently appointed As executive director of the Agency has been quietly working to obtain City and county funds to help build the local 20 per cent share the Agency needs to avoid a major cutback in economic Opportunity Council operations. Wiley already has met with officials of the Guilford county Board of commissioners and the Greensboro City Council and plans to meet next week with High Point City Council members. Cox was sharply critical of Wiley whom he accused of dividing his staff being late to work several times and sending in expense sheets for unearned funds. He said that Wiley was a not thoroughly investigated before he was hired. He said that the Agency owes him Money and he described himself As the Only one of 122 Etc employees a classified to become executive an ordained minister and Nestor of the Emmanuel Church of Christ. Cox has been operations director for the Etc since june. He said he decided to resign and to make his views known and to seek court action after being unable to get the Agency a Board of directors to resolve problems he saw. He charged that some Etc Board members were elected illegally that some never attended Board meetings that some committees have never met that one Bennett College instructor cancels classes in order to control the committees staff. Cox also charged that racism is widespread in the Agency adding that race rather than qualification is the prime Factor in hiring. He claimed that at least six Black and White racists Are employed. He also claimed some staff members have been paid full salaries while enrolled in school that some have received mileage even though they have no cars and that some a steal Cox a charges were but the see Cox on Page 3-a Sowers not asking for Runoff Board to consider disposal contract Raleigh a Roy Sowers say he will not Call for a Runoff against Jim Hunt for the democratic nomination for lieutenant governor of North Carolina because such a race a would not be in the interest of party Harmony and he also said Friday he was calling on it. Gov. Pat Taylor and sen. B. Everett Jordan not to seek runoffs in their races for the a party a nomination Foi governor and . Senator. Sowers announcement leaves Hunt the nominee for lieutenant governor. Hunt a Wilson attorney received 44 per cent of the vote in last saturdays primary while Sowers got 23 per cent. Others in the race were Margaret Harper of Southport state rep. Allen Barbee and Black attorney Reginald Lee Frazier of new Bern. Sowers Sanford businessman and former head of the state department of natural and economic resources said he believes skipper bowies a will make a great democratic nominee for governor and will serve us Well for the next four years As North Carolinas chief in calling for Taylor and Jordan not to seek a Runoff Sowers said he Felt a none of those who ran second would see Sowers on 3-a Greensboro a proposed contract to provide equipment for a solid waste disposal unit to be placed East of High Point will come before the Guilford county Board of commissioners monday. Commissioners Are expected to consider recommendations from a committee made up of representatives of each of the two cities and of the county during their session starting at 9 . At the Guilford county administration building Here. Officials Are hopeful that approval of recommendations will mean that planning for the facility to House the equipment can proceed so that the High Point unit which will be the first of three can be placed into operation around the first of the year. Discussion of Purchase of the grinder unit and of associated equipment such As a conveyor and a Metal extractor and various related items will be one of the items on the Agenda which Calls for a full Day of activity. Much of the mornings activities will be taken up with hearings on requests for rezoning of Rural land. Other mornings events will include discussion on a feasibility study regard ing facilities for the handicapped As Well As a possible contract with the state division in relation with a dept. Of social services project. Two Public hearings Are planned for the afternoon hours. At 1 30 ., commissioners will hold a hearing on a proposal for Extension of a water line along Lawndale drive in Northwest Greensboro and at 2 30 They will hold a hearing on a proposed fire prevention code for Guilford county. The list of zoning requests includes three for property located in deep River township North of High Point near the Forsyth county line. One is a request for rezoning of land owned by George h. Sharp at the intersection of . 68 and Hickory Ridge Road for rezoning from watershed residential to Light business. Another is a request for rezoning of Lawn on state Road 1839 at its intersection with . 68 from watershed residential to planned Industrial. The third parcel is a tract on . 421 West of Cross Creek Road for rezoning from agricultural to planned Industrial. Can zone into other counties As Long As the zoning area does not encroach on the zoning jurisdiction of another City. In that event they say the cities would zone to a line equidistant Between the two municipalities. Planning officials said they will seek to go beyond the mile in order to reach identifiable lines rather than have zoning lines Cross through the Middle of open Fields. They also said an Effort will be made North of the City to protect portions of the City a watershed particularly that serving the new Reservoir through establishment of Low density residential zoning. At present High Point exercises zoning rights outside its City limits Only in Guilford county. The lines follow identifiable lines on the East of the City but have not been pinned Down to roads and streams North of the City. Planning officials Here believe they will be Able to reach an agreement easily with Guilford county which now controls and zones land area on the Eastern and Northern sides of High Point. They had planned to appear before the Board of commissioners monday but Guilford planning department officials said Friday this has been postponed pending the wednesday meeting with All counties controlling land outside High Point. Expectations Are that staff members and elected officials who generally attend the Council of governments sessions will also attend the later session. In addition Davidson county officials have been invited since that county does not belong to the Council of governments. Once the issues have been discussed with the entire group they Are expected to be taken before the entire government bodies of each of the counties concerned. Officials said that in Guilford county the zoning area High Point controls runs generally one mile on the North and basically follows a Creek running southward on the East. Planning department officials Are expected to seek to expand the area to the North somewhat to add a portion of the watershed area. The proposed route would follow the county line North from High Point to skeet club Road move East on skeet club Road to deep River Church Cross red Road follow Penny Road to the City limits move along the City limits Between High Point and Jamestown to Bales Chapel Road and follow Bales Chapel Road and Oakdale Road to . 29-70. Moving South the line would follow . 29-70 1-85 to the Kivett drive area move East on Kivett drive to Kersey Road East of the present location and follow Kivett drive South to . 62, move West on . 62 to Weant Road and move South to Randolph county. Voters favor incumbents Brantley Kelly left and his Friend Carol Mcneil both first graders at Shady Rook elementary school brought Home pictures they had drawn at school one morning this week. Since there was no school that afternoon the pair made some extra by Bryan Haislip Assn. Of afternoon doilies Raleigh tar Heel voters showed Little inclination to depart from the Norm in primary races for seats in the 1973 general Assembly. While a handful of incumbent senators and representatives lost bids for nomination for the most part experience appeared to carry the Day at the polls. Women youth and Blacks among the candidates representing elements newly Active on the political scene a had Tough going. Victories in some areas were offset by defeats elsewhere. Fifteen women were entered in contests for legislative seats. Eight won and seven were Defeated. Eight Blacks were running five were nominated and two were eliminated. A couple of under-21 candidates failed to make it. The outcome pointed to the conclusion that in North Carolina at least the Middle age White male continues to be the general Choice for legislative chores. The democratic and Republican primaries set up general election Battles f o r 24 of 50 Senate seats and 84 of 120 places in the House. The difference represents those seats unchallenged by the cop. An indication of democratic dominance in Many areas. Results of primaries further reduced the number of �?T71 senators returning for the �?T73 session. As matters now stand at least half of the Senate next time will be fresh faces although Many have House service. Incumbents who lost All democrats were Sens. Ashley b. Futrell of Beaufort Norris c. Reed or. Of Craven Henry m. Milgrom of Nash and f. Of Neil Jones of Anson. Thirteen senators already Are assured of return lacking general election opposition. Another 13 incumbents Are on the fall ballot in House races three incumbents who failed for nomination were reps. J. Ernest Paschal of Wilson. Neill l. Mcfadyen of Hoke and Mary Horne Odom of Scotland. Twelve members of the 71 House Are unopposed in the general election. Another 67 will a running in the fall. Mrs. Odom one of two women in the last session was among seven women eliminated in the primaries. Another was mrs. Alfreda Webb of Guilford a Black who had been appointed to a vacated House seat. Mrs. John b. Chase of Wayne the matriarch o f feminine legislators had a close Call but won democratic nomination for a sixth term. Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Wilkie of Henderson widow of a legislator won Republican nomination to the Senate in the 27th District. Other women winners All for the House included democrats mrs. Patricia Stanford of Orange and mrs. Lura Talley of Cumberland mrs. Ruth Turner Semaschko Henderson Gopy Mary Jeanne Fones and Margaret p. Reese Guilford Marilyn r. Bissell and Carolyn Mathis i Mecklenburg. Eight other women candidates unopposed in the primary will be on the fall ballot. Running for the Senate Are mrs. Nancy Collidge of Cumberland and Alice h. Johnson of Wake both republicans and mrs. Mary v. Jones of Randolph american party. 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Word Griffith company notional advertising representative in general Assembly drawings and set up a Booth so they could give he creations to passersby Brantley is the son of Wendell and. Sarah Kelly of 505 Greenwood drive and Carol is the daughter Tom and Ann Mcneil of 219 Pine Ridge drive. Steft it it Oto by Mer Austin

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