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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy Cool Moro Dot on Pogo 3a 88th year a no. 133 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A Friday afternoon May 12, 1972 30 pages Call us circulation. Mm71f classified ads .885-2177 All other departments 115-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Equine trophies 0. What in Tho world can we do with Over too horse show trophies As we Don t want them now and please answer soon As we Are crowded and Are counting on you to give us a Good suggestion. Thank you. Mrs. B. A. We asked local Eque Trienne Barbara Ellis for an idea and she came up with the same thing we did a total Blank. If they re Silver they re Worth hanging onto. Since pyramids suitable for burying our chattels and possessions with our own remains Are out of style As a solution Well have to rely on a Bright idea from some Reader. Is there a destitute Saddle club around who a like some second hand trophies for also rans a a e mom s Gobbler q. I have called action Lino and i still want to know How to fix a Frozen Turkey for Mother s Day and please set it in there so i can get my Turkey fixed for Mother s Day please. Anon. A. The directions Are usually Given on the wrappings or in any recipe Book. It can be thawed in cold running water or in the refrigerator for a Day or two depending on How big the Bird. You can make your own stuffing from bread cubes and seasonings also Given in recipe books or use the prepared stuffings sold on the bread counters which have the directions on the packages. Though different methods of cooking May be used generally turkeys Are baked in a slow oven 25 minutes for each Pound with the Bird either wrapped in foil and basted occasion Auy or placed in the baking bags for roasts or fowl which Are now on the Market. You re out Luck q. What can Yau a about to a Amar wan Sparkman that la supposed Taba an Channel i but Dana not coma ant Bay annoyed. A. Not a thing sorry to say. Previous program commitments prevent a Gap to from airing a the american sportsman when it is offered by Abc says their program manager. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action Lino in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or Evon acknowledge every one. Mattress problem q. I recently purchased a aet of mattresses at a and Soma bad and Hwy said they wars going to Send some mattresses out with Tho bods that would a goad so i lot them pick them out and i took their word for it. When they brought Thorn Tho mattresses a so Lumpy that you cannot sleep on Thorn. I have lost my receipt and can t Gat a nicer mattress for either Bod. We can t afford to buy others and a need two More one for our Bod and Ana for Tho children s. I can t a Why in the world Hwy can t give us another set but Hwy say they can t do anything when you lose your receipt. Should t Hwy have some kind of record of this please try to find out end lot to know. Thank you. A. If we had known your name and address and the Date of Purchase we would have tried to talk them into making an Exchange for you but there a no doubt about it a receipt adds weight to your claim. There May be some question about the legality of the Sale in the first place in the event the bedding had no tag indicating it was sanitized before Sale. With the exception of private sales used bedding must be sanitized by an apparatus or process which conforms to the regulations of the state Board of health. Tile person sanitizing the used bedding to be sold must attach a yellow tag containing information required by the Board and place an adhesive stamp on it. The Selling regulations. Section 130-175 of the bedding Law of n. C., contain these paragraphs a no person shall sell any secondhand bedding or bedding containing any previously used material unless sanitized since last used in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the state Board of health provided this article shall not apply to a mattress sold by the owner and previous user from his Home directly to a purchaser for his own personal use unless such mattress has been exposed to an infectious or contagious disease. A Possession of any item covered by this article in any store warehouse itinerant vendors conveyance or place of business other than a private Home hotel or other place where such articles Are ordinarily used shall constitute Prima Facie evidence that the item so possessed is possessed with intent to sell. No secondhand bedding shall be so possessed for a period exceeding 60 Days until a a a measles clinic q. They gave he red measles shot combined with German measles to the elementary school children and the parents were getting them later at the health department schools and other places around the City and Why Are they not giving it to Tho children 13 years old is Thoro something in Tho injection that is not allowed in his ego group a is Thoro Soma reason mrs. A. B. A. Only enough was allocated to go through age 12, the most vulnerable years to catch measles. After the elementary grades were inoculated clinics were held for preschoolers not parents. They Hope later to have enough funds to offer it to Young adults. A soviet ships sail to South Tokyo a a soviet Cruiser and a missile carrying destroyer were seen steaming southward through the Tsushima Strait Between Japan and the korean Peninsula the japanese defense Agency reported today. A spokesman for the Agency declined to speculate whether the warships were bound for North vietnamese Waters to Challenge president Nixon a attempt to Cut off the delivery of soviet War supplies to the vietnamese communists. But he said they were travelling at Only about to knots and the cruisers maximum Speed is 34 knots. The spokesman said the Cruiser one of the 15,450-ton Sverdlov class and the Kotlin class destroyer were the first soviet naval vessels seen going South through the Strait since the India Pakistan War last december.1 defense lines fluid North Viets enter an Loc despite heaviest b52 raid by George Esper associated priss writer Saigon a North vietnamese troops and tanks smashed into an Loc again today despite saturation bombing by 70 . B52s that rained More than 1,700 tons of explosives on the devastated provincial capital 60 Miles North of Saigon. It was the wars heaviest concentration of b52s. The . Command reported one american adviser killed a second wounded and two Small air Force spotter planes shot Down in action around an Loc and Chon Thanh a District capital 15 Miles to the South. Two of the four crewmen aboard the planes were missing. The North vietnamese appeared determined to turn an Loc into another Quang Tri the northernmost provincial capital that fell May i after similar heavy assaults. An Loc under siege since april 7, is 85 per cent destroyed but its capture by the North vietnamese would be another blow to prestige of the Saigon and president Nix no a Vietnam nation program. The North vietnamese hit an Loc with the heaviest artillery bombardment of the War thursday firing More than 7,-000 rounds and following up with tank and infantry attacks. The North vietnamese resumed their heavy shelling and ground assaults from All sides shortly before 9 a m. Today. At least five tanks smashed into the Northern end of the town and enemy infantrymen fought their Way into the Western sector. Government forces were reported to have retaken one Block in the northeastern part of town. Field reports indicated the situation was confusing with the defense lines rapidly changing. Fighting also erupted closer to Saigon. The South vietnamese command claimed 93 North vietnamese and Viet Cong were killed in two clashes just South of the Saigon phenom penh Highway 25 to 35 Miles Northwest of the South vietnamese War Materiel food probably will be moved by land routes by Fred s. Hoffman a military writer Washington a after some adjustments. Russia and red China could get enough War Materiel and food into North Vietnam by rail to make up for seaborne supplies Cut off by the . Mining of seven North vietnamese ports. That is the opinion of Veteran . Military and civilian specialists who also believe the soviet air transport system is inadequate to handle a massive Long Range heavy cargo Airlift to North Vietnam on a sustained basis. A the mining will not be enough to tighten the screws so much that the North vietnamese cannot carry on their Campaign in South Vietnam a one analyst said. These specialists obviously Are much less optimistic than top government officials such As adm. Elmo Zumwalt jr., chief of naval operations who forecast thursday that a the input of supplies. Will he a trickle from now along with the mining of North vietnamese ports president Nixon has ordered that a Trail and All other communications will be Cut off to the maximum extent but despite intensified . Bombing of North Vietnam a rail lines and Yards government analysts said the North vietnamese showed during the 1965-68 bombing Campaign that they were resourceful in getting train cargoes through although Many were destroyed. In the More than three years that North Vietnam was free of heavy bombing engineers and labourers greatly expanded North Vietnam a transportation system. A redundancy is the key a an american specialist said. A where there used to be one Bridge there now sometimes Are three. Where there used to be one Road there May be five. They use Pontoon Bridges and according to american experts the communists take account of the loss Factor when they Send through supplies. Thus officials said if the North vietnamese want to get two tons through they actually move about five tons and write off the balance. Russia East european communist countries and red China have been shipping about 200,000 tons of supplies a month to North Vietnam by sea and another 22,000 tons by rail. It is easier and cheaper to Send bulk cargo such As Petroleum products and food by ship than Overland. But the american specialists say there Are enough chinese Railroad cars to handle the Load entirely. However it will be much More difficult in part because cargo must be shifted from soviet trains to chinese trains running on narrower gauge track. Despite serious political differences the russians and the communist chinese have been see War on Pogo 2a capital. Eleven South vietnamese were reported killed and nine wounded. Saigon a curfew was advanced an hour to to p.m., and bars night clubs and race tracks were ordered shut. On the far Northern front below the demilitarized zone . Officers told associated press correspondent Lynn c. Newland that the North vietnamese were using Quang Tri City As a major Supply base for their operations in the Region. . Navy ships shelled Quang Tri for the first time and officers said an ammunition dump and a fuel depot were the targets. New fighting was reported seven Miles Southwest of Hue near fire base Birmingham. The commissioner of the Canadian delegation to the International control commission David Jackson reported today that much of Hanoi a civilian population has been moved into the Countryside and some government offices have shut Down because of the threat of . Air attacks on the North vietnamese capital. A a major evacuation of residents has taken place a Jackson reported. A no hard figures Are available but the City is not As Busy As usual. What Little Industry there is has been affected. The greater the fear the More Complete the the Canadian delegation to the inc has a four Man office in Hanoi and Jackson visits there periodically. He said civilians have been leaving Hanoi since the North vietnamese offensive in South Vietnam began March 30, apparently in anticipation that the United states would renew its air attack on the Hanoi Haiphong area. The . Command has reported that american fighter bombers attacked military targets in the Hanoi area three times since april 16. The North vietnamese government charged that residential districts of the City itself were at Gardner claims White House was opposed to Holshouser Raleigh apr Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Gardner claimed today that a the White House had asked Jim Holshouser to drop out of the race before the first primary. Gardner told a news conference today a my opponent has repeatedly tried to make it look As if he has White House endorsement. A the truth is that the White House asked him to drop out after they had taken a North Carolina poll which showed that Jim Holshouser cannot win in the fall and would in fact Hurt the presidents chances of re election in this state a Gardner said. Gardner would not say who in the White House had contacted Holshouser. Holshouser was not immediately available for comment. Hois Houser a Headquarters released a statement later saying that the candidate had a a laughed a Gardner a charges and called them a the Best example of desperation politics he had Ever the office said Holshouser was reached somewhere on the coast where he is vacationing. A we expected this All along and we expect it to get worse sources report Sowers will not seek Runoff Raleigh it api sources close to Roy Sowers said today that the former Secretary of the state department of natural and economic resources will announce at a 2 p m. News conference that he will not seek a Runoff in his race with Jim Hunt for the democratic nomination for lieutenant governor. In last saturday s primary Hunt received 44 per cent of the vote. This entitled Sowers who got 23 per cent to ask for a Runoff. As he gets More desperate a Holshouser said. A the next thing you know. Jim Gardner is going to he telling folks he voted for Richard Nixon in Holshouser charged frequently during the Campaign that Gardner had a flip flopped a from Nixon to Ronald Reagan at the 1968 National convention. Gardner who led Holshouser by a slim margin in last saturdays primary also claimed pro democratic organizations were supporting Holshouser financially because they Felt he would be easier to beat in the fall than Gardner. A the Al Cio the Large daily newspapers and Pace political action committee for education Are All pro demo crat organizations totally dedicated to the defeat of Richard Nixon Jesse Helms and Jim Gardner a he said. A Why were they putting Money and support behind my opponent Well the answer is simple they know it will take no Effort at All to de see Gardner on Pogo 2a life in China orderly and clean Washington apr it is a hard working Early to bed Early to Rise that a the Way sen. Mike Mansfield d-mont., described Mainland China for his colleagues thursday. Mansfield the Senate democratic Leader and his Republican counterpart Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania Hale just returned from a 16-Day visit in China. A the cities Are clean orderly and Safe a Mansfield said a the shops Well stocked with food clothing and other consumer items policemen Are evident Only for controlling traffic and very few carry weapons. Soldiers Are rarely a the housing is of a subsist ence Type but is now sufficient to end the spectacle of millions of the homeless and dispossessed who in the past walked the tracks and roads or anchored their Sarn pans in the Rivers of China and lived out their lives in a space Little larger than a Rowboat. A crime begging drug addiction alcoholism delinquency Are conspicuous in their absence. Personal integrity is scrupulous. In Canton for example a display Case for la St and found articles in the lobby of the Peoples hotel contained among other items a half empty package of cigarettes and a Pencil a be said. Mansfield making his first visit to Mainland China in a Quarter of a Century said a factory worker in peking earns the equivalent of $22 a month and his wife works making As much or More. A that income is ample for a subsistence plus existence because children Are cared for free at a Nursery or in Public schools a Mansfield said. A rent takes Only 5 per cent of total income. Basic food prices Are Low and fixed. Medical care is free. Entertainment is cheap admission to a movie is about to Mansfield also reported that the rickshaws Are gone and that bicycles and buses Are the almost Universal forms of transportation. He said China builds a few Fine limousines for official purposes but private passenger cars Are a rare sight. A production has been concentrated on such utilitarian vehicles As tractors trucks and buses a he said. By Way of assessing China today Mansfield remarked that it is possible to judge a bottle As half full or half empty. A if China is measured by some of our common yardsticks whether they be Highway mileage the number of cars television sets Kitchen gadgets political parties or newspaper editors the bottle will be seen As half empty a he said. A if China is viewed in the Light of its own past the bottle is half full and rapidly tacked and there were Many civilian casualties. Jackson said he and his men have seen no evidence of american air attack on the Central part of Hanoi but he added that the canadians Don t move about much. Nhan Dan the official North vietnamese newspaper claimed today that american bombers had knocked out or seriously weakened flood control dikes in Many areas of the country a four Southern provinces from about 85 Miles South of Hanoi Down to the demilitarized zone. A wire photo protests close . To tourists by the associated press in. Officials ordered the world body a new York Headquarters closed to tourists today because of the a rising tide of demonstrations against president Nixon a new Vietnam policy. Thousands again took to the streets and campuses thursday in the third Day of widespread protests against the presidents decision to mine North vietnamese harbours. A state of emergency was declared at the University of new Mexico Albuquerque Campus. Reports from across the country showed significant Antiwar activity in at least 23 states and the District of Columbia. Violence appeared to ebb somewhat however and though there were More than 500 arrests most demonstrations were peaceful. Despite the demonstrations a poll conducted for the american broadcasting co. And aired on a special Vietnam program thursday night indicated a majority of americans support the presidents decision. The Survey based on 991 Telephone interviews by Lieberman research in found 59 per cent agreed with the mining 28 per cent disagreed and 13 per cent had no opinion. The United nations was closed following a demonstration by 300 people and two incidents in which a group of protesters chained themselves inside the Security Council and another attempt to climb a Fence outside Radical lawyer William Kunstler told the demonstration a now is the time to get to the streets. We Are in the grip of a dictator. We should disrupt every Public the protesters called on . Secretary general Kurt Waldheim to bring the War Issue before the Security Council. The state of emergency at the University of new Mexico Campus in Albuquerque followed an incident in which police fired shotguns and wounded at least to persons none seriously. The incident occurred when a group of protesters rushed police and threw stones. Police fired shotguns at a High Angle and the crowd retreated up a Knoll. What s inside amusements Bbridge so classified ads mob comics 13a crossword. 4b editorials 4a financial. 2a obituaries 2b sports 3-sb television a women s news m2a weather. A in Cambridge mass., riot equipped police fired 60 to 80 tear Gas grenades to disperse hundreds of demonstrators who barricaded the City a main artery in front of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Seven persons were arrested and at least four were injured in the Melee which followed a peaceful rally by 1,000 demonstrators in Boston and a March Back to Cambridge. Between 600 and 800 demonstrators marched three Miles from the University of Iowa Campus thursday night for a planned symbolic blockade of interstate 80 most were stopped Short of the Highway. China will not pressure North Viets Washington a Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield reporting to the Senate after a three week trip to the Orient said he is convinced China will not pressure North Vietnam into ending the War or releasing . Prisoners of War. A the chinese made Clear their belief that the resumption of the bombing of the North could prolong rather than end the War a Manfield said. He added that Nixon a decision to mine North vietnamese harbours a a tarnished the com Mander in chiefs recent journey to peking. Senate minority Leader Hugh Scott described discussions with Premier Chou in Lai As a Frank candid and sometimes Blunt a Mansfield added that peking views the Vietnam War a was an attempt by the United states to dominate the political life of a Region in which we have no a the chinese want a rapprochement with the United states hut they also want us out of Indochina a Mansfield said. The report by the senator came at the same time rep. Ron Dellums a Calif published in the congressional record the secret a a Kissinger paper on the Vietnam War. Dellums said he received them from sen. Mike gravel. Daraska who ear Ieler was prevented from publishing the War options study in the congressional transcript. The papers consisted of conflicting assessments of Vietnam strategy from several branches of government. Meanwhile it was reported that House majority Leader Hale Boggs a land House minority Leader Gerald Ford r-mich., would visit China june 23-july 8 at the Vita Tina of chinese officials

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