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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Despite drop in tobacco income Graham optimistic Over n. C. Agricultural picture by Bill Walker state with 35,000 of them being North Carolina state univer associated press writer worked for 200 Days or More a Sitye a school of agriculture and North Carolina agriculture of year. Another 63,800 were oper life sciences. Harvey said de facials and crop and livestock ated up to 200 Days experts say that despite a Cut-1 the average size of a farm in Back in income from the states North Carolina then was 107 no. I crop tobacco in the next acres compared to 83 acres to live years the Overall Outlook years earlier. But in the 1959-69 j costs and use of higher for farming is promising. Period the number of Farmed analysis or better fertilizer. A i can to help but be optimism acres dropped from 190,000 to tic agriculture commissioner 119,. Jim Graham said. A we will statistics from the 1970 fed of flue cured tobacco valued at have some Bright spots and eral state crop reporting serv a record $571 million. The tar spite the percentage drop forecasters Hope the income from tobacco will remain fairly steady through lower operating in 1970 North Carolina Farmers produced 797,000,000 pounds Well have increased production in other crops and livestock a a he said. Ice show tobacco accounted for Heel state currently ranks first almost 36 per cent of total farm in flue cured tobacco product Cash receipts. A in terms of per census figures show that in cent age we anticipate a drop 1969�?the latest available said or Paul Harvey crop Sci there were 119,386 farms in the once department head at Tion. Harvey said developments in tobacco growing and harvesting Over the next five years will probably Center on increased mechanization. A we expect tobacco operations to become bigger and the Field operation to become increasingly mechanized because of the Scarcity of labor a he said. Contrasted with an expected decline in tobacco income is the growth of the states poultry Industry. Or. Robert Cook who Heads the poultry science department at . State said a a we be seen a steady growth in the states poultry Industry for the past several years. It should be up about 13 per cent during this the poultry Industry includes his Mother s wish octogenarian ordained As priest by Tom Wells associated Prats writer Maggie . A eighty year old Michael William Murphy brushed a tear from his Cheek As he received whispered congratulations thursday from three roman Catholic Bishops an a Chabrol and several priests sayings and recalling his Happy years with her. A i remember she used to Wash clothes on an old scrub Board god bless her a Murphy said. A and you could hear her singing a half mile Murphy said he selected Maggie As a place to live following his mothers death a Belle had just been ordained a cause i saw it on the map one priest perhaps the oldest Man time and noticed it was my Ever to be admitted to the mothers name. Her Sisters a1-Priesthood. Ways called her Maggie. He undoubtedly was thinking just drove a h one of his Mother who died in 1950 time and knew liked very without seeing her wish come Thi about a the said a air True that one of her five sons after has m0 death the egg Market broilers and turkeys. Over 307,000,000 broilers were grown in the state in 1970. Turkeys and egg production show gains also according to Cook. A a we re talking about a total income of about $370 million this current year in poultry a Cook said. The state accounts for to per cent of the broiler production in the United states ranks fourth in the number of farm chickens raised and second in Gross income from farm Chicken production. Gross income from turkeys during 1970 was $38 million. A Over the next few years a Cook said a the poultry Industry is going to become More industrialized. The trend is moving toward something like a food the operation he mentions would involve a hatchery feed Mill and processing Plant. Beef and Dairy cattle and Swine production should also rank As increasingly Large North Carolina farm moneymakers during the seventies. . State animal science department head or. I. D. Porterfield said a 25 per cent increase in income from beef cattle Over the next five years can be expected. A we Are estimating that we will have about a $100 million income from beef 1970 to decrease slowly Over crop grading packaging and tobacco a Graham the next few he said dairymen should be milking about 170,000 cows five years from now. But Porterfield noted that milk production should be up 1,500 pounds per cow by 1976. The average cow in 1970 produced 8,048 pounds of milk. Hog production like beef and milk cow figures is expected to Rise steadily Over the next five years. Said. A i marketing done to think it will decrease. Other developing horticulture they told me 20 years a a that a1 crops will be blueberries peppers tomatoes and cabbage. Fruit crops have also become a sizeable Industry. Apples Are grown commercially in 31 counties. Farm income from this crop was $13.2 million in 1970. Graham indicated a top con tobacco was gone. Tobacco is changing but in a saying tobacco is going to hold its a a we be got a Gross income of Cern state department of roughly $150 million now a Porterfield said a and we look for this to be around $210 or $212 million in the next five he said the number of hogs marketed should increase from 2.9 million to 4.2 million. A with these increases we be got to make the Swine business More profitable a Porterfield said a the trend has been to larger Swine operations a Porterfield noted. A it is not uncommon for . Sending Mission to Europe agriculture Over the next five years would be the condition of state National and International Washington . Apr markets. North Carolinas Secretary of perhaps the single most in natural and economic resources portent concern of crop experts Laid Friday he is confident a u i i i tar Heel Industrial Mission to and state agricultural officials e duri he Dunn the Neiert five years and week will beb one of the most successful a we have Ever participated Charles w. Bradshaw or. Told even the decade will be the status of tobacco production. The North Carolina Extension service foresees a decline in the a Man to be feeding 15,000 to \ t a a a Iii the state Board of conservation 20,000 head of hogs a j a a t att Quot and development he is leaving this weekend on the european Porterfield said Small Dairy and Swine herds appear to have disappeared but beef cattle herds tend to be smaller. He receive for their flue cured tobacco crop from $569,983,000 in 1970 to $528,460,249 in 1976. This is a decline of 7.3 per cent. Trip. A we will attend a series Ofa a meetings to encourage More the state agricultural Exten european investment in the by 1976,�?� Porterfield said cultural crops Over the Gross income from cattle and be years included in this calves in 1970 was $65,334,000 or area Are fruits vegetables or almost double the 1960 total. Pamental horticulture and Nurs Porterfield said Dairy Farmer is said a the average Herd Isi. I re. About 20 cows. It Means that of Quot. Service United states and particularly beef cattle is a secondary in dec on a Els expected to decrease in North Carolina a Bradshaw Lemrise a about to per cent Between 1971 said a a prepared speech. Extending production is Ore and 97.6 but sex fusion service he said two of the major expanding Proa cuon is pre forecasters say higher prices Nice tins will be in Sweden and dieted for North Carolina Horti. Shoud increase the value of Nafy who a a we Wili make farm sales of Burley to $15,752, presentations to Over 200 for Iii a a ,�?z�?z1 22 become a priest. Year af.0 the retired Detroit ers can about a 20 per or. Clive Donoho head of even the Church in which. Estate dealer moved to cent it increase in income from horticultural science at . Wffinlffrml0�? and built 3 m0tel 10he of a k a ver of next Staael s?01 n a Ricu Ture but Beautiful building of Gray is five years. Quot i see a total in said North Carolina can expect Stone Pinewood and Glass was come from the Sale of milk of to remain the top Sweet potato named after his Mother mar Murphy will continue to own $112 million in five years p0r state Over the next five years Garet june Homeland let someone Cise ter Fidd noted. Milk production income from Sweet potatoes in 003 in 1976. That would be a 13 company executives. They per cent Rise from 1970 Levels. Are executives who have in a a we be got All kind of people dictated an interest in investing talking about the decrease in in Industrial facilities in the United states. A it took four years to Clear a manage it since he will be give Cash Rece dts in 1979 were $95. Place on the Side of the moulding full time to his duties As a 9xm Are than double the Fain and three years to build priest. Cash returns of 1960. Porterfield ruu.vhv�, he will be sent soon to 1 we a we expect the number of big change is in the area Harriston in Eastern North Caro cows for Mai dog 187,000 in machinery in handling he said of St. Margaret a which was completed in 1967. Asked Why he waited until so Boa for assignment to a Parish late in life to become a priest there. He might get to return to Murphy said that he Felt too of his Mountain Home to work Ligated to his Mother and then next year. Afer she died he became in-1 Bishop Vincent Waters of the solved in a new life at Maggie. Raleigh diocese officiated at Murphy has never married thursdays mass and Ordina claiming he was always a too Tion. Others attending were Busy to think about anything Bishop George Lynch the Aux like that. Diary Bishop of Raleigh and the grandson of Irish Imron Bishop Michael Begley of Char Grants Murphy has a Brogue Lotte. That leaves no doubt about his arc Abbot Gabriel Verkamp. Ancestry. O.s.b., of St. Meinrad ind., and before the i i hour Cere w Here Murphy studied for a Holly cheerful sprigs of Holly had an attraction for Man Long before the first Christmas. 1970 was $15.9 million. A we can the Shrub was distributed by expect some increase in total the ancient greeks to bring production a Donoho said. A the Luck and superstitious romans of planted it to protect their the property from lightning. do it every time Wolfey gobs to unscrew a. Bottle top Ano gala Kap pashes to take Over a Bishop Waters imposes hands on Murphy a wire photo Mony Murphy a Brogue seemed to get thicker As he talked about his Mother quoting her year and a half also attended along with five priests from the Seminary. Statesman or Gutter politician some thoughts on the question brought memories. A do you think John f. Kennedy would have made a great president if he had lived a i had completed a 45 minute speech to a University of Miami group. Edward Coll a dark Dapper Man was prepared to let me go Home but i asked for questions from the audience and that was one. A do you it does no to matter what i think. My assessment has no Validity. I said it like that. The Man in the audience persisted. He wanted to know what i thought of Kennedy. The greatness in any Man is proved not by Good news but rather by bad. I done to usually stammer when i speak but my feelings in this area Are ambivalent. I thought that Kennedy was great in the cuban missile crisis. When the Job required guts he had guts. He faced the russians Down and they trickled to him. In the cuban invasion Kennedy in effect gave the Victory to Fidel Castro when he withdrew u. S. Air support for the landings. This decision doomed thousands of Brave cubans a some to death some to torture on the Isle of Pines. Going Back Over the Public record Kennedy emerges As a hypocritical charmer. There were. In fact two John f. Kennedy a the handsome Square toothed Young president and there was the cursing merciless politician behind the scenes. He was barely in office when he asked for a Summit meeting in Vienna he got it. Kennedy arrived prepared to talk logically and reasonably with the russians. Khrushchev treated him As an immature boy. When the president returned he Shook his head in disbelief and said a those sons of bitches have to see you move before they believe nor was he a great chief by Jim Bishop executive in the eyes of the Congress. The gentlemen of the House and Senate tested Kennedy a will and assessed him As a naive politician. He appealed to them to pass legislation a for the Good of the pending legislation is remotely related to the welfare of the people. He did not know How to horse Trade and. When his Bills started to slide Down the Drain he would beg Larry of Brien and others to get votes for him. He knew that his father old Joe Kennedy was a liability to his ambitions. In tile i960 Campaign he kept his dad hidden. On the Day he was to be nominated by the democratic convention in los Angeles he asked me to ride in his rented car As he made last minute visits to state delegations. I was flattered. He sat next to the chauffeur drumming his gleaming fingernails on the dashboard telling me Over and Over that the votes he had in his pocket were Good for two ballots. A after that a he said softly a the Birds will Fly i said he would make it on the first ballot. He Shook his head. A no in a not he did. When he was dropped at his apartment in Beverly Hills we Shook hands. He trotted through the Alley but he did no to go upstairs to his apartment. He hopped a Back Fence to see his father who was hiding out in Marion Davies Home on the next Street. It seemed tinged with shame. Nor was he always honest with America. He did not warn us that if elected he would appoint his brother Bobby a who had never tried a Case in court a As attorney general of the United states. In october 1963, mrs. Bishop and i were guests of the president in the White House. He told us of the pending trip to Dallas and by circumlocution made it obvious that he did not like Texas a i Felt the trip might be personally dangerous. Texas did not ask for his presence. John Connally in fact tried to postpone the visit. To understand the Kennedy s is to understand hard Competition Money and hauteur. Those i met Felt that the american people owe the family a ruling dynasty. People who were not willing to help further the ambitions of the Kennedy for nothing a and this includes the mighty Mccormack clan in Massachusetts a were criminally motivated. I would answer the original question this Way John Kennedy had a greatness w within him. But he was Given too Little time to display it. If he had lived he might have exercised greatness but in spite of the fact that i admired him personally i still think at him As More of a Gutter politician than a lofty statesman. One of the ironies of statecraft is that most of the Good Legi dilation which was proposed by Kennedy could not be moved out of committee. His successor Lyndon b. Johnson forced the same Bills through Congress and enacted them into Law. For this Kennedy was canonized. And Johnson was called a Wheeler dealer. Perhaps we confuse the word a a great with a a admiration. A their interest a he added Quot is primarily a result of the recent re evaluation of the world monetary Bradshaw said he had asked a to help us decided what the future Structure of the department of natural and economic resources should be. He added his final conclusions will be Given in a report to the governor and the next general Assembly. The cad Board received reports from various divisions of the department of natural and economic resources As it began its business session. Gov. Bob Scott is to address the Board members tonight. The Commerce and Industry division reported that in vestments for new and ex-1 handed Industry during the first three months of this year totalled $129.7 million slightly less than for the same period last year. These investments resulted in 4,967 new Industrial jobs. The travel and promotion division reported that its advertising Campaign a in the last two months has exceeded our Hopes and has resulted in three times the number of inquiries received during the same period a year the division said most of the inquiries resulted from a new and on North Carolina gems and Rock Hunting and a Spring vacation and run in a number of newspapers. Famous painting most famous of All the paintings in the sistine Chapel is the one in the Center of the ceiling. It is called the a creation of Man and Ideal gift for any occasion Russell Stover candies we wrap or Mah. I Del evil Calhoun drug store 1213 Mon lieu ave. Phone 883-4119 >2 a Arlan Leonard invites you to visit him for Auto parts Arian hot Hod 14 Yoon ipod out in Auto Poth and con so Yow Monty Lewis Supply company 3sos s. Mein St. Armele 1709 n. Mein St. High feint Resolution adopting preliminary assessment Roll for local improvements whereas on the 3rd Day of september 1970, the City Council of the City of High Point adopted a final Resolution ordering the following improvements on Valley Rook drive f of Northridge to Rock Road water main improvements sanitary sewer improvements and whereas the improvements have now been completed and the City Council has ascertained the total Cost thereof and the amount that should be assessed against each lot abutting on the improvements on account of the improvements and has caused to be prepared a general plan map of the improvements on which is shown the frontage and location of each lot on the Street improved together with the owners thereof As far As the same can be ascertained the plan map being marked Valley Rook drive now therefore be it resolved by the City Council of the City of High Point 1 that the total Cost of the improvements is hereby determined to be the amount shown therefor on said general plan map 2 that pursuant to the provisions of Section 14. Chapter 224, private Laws 1927, As amended the City Council has caused a preliminary assessment for said improvements to be made against the lots or tracts of land shown on the general plan map 3 that said general plan map As described above be and the same is hereby adopted As the preliminary assessment Roll for the improvements 4 that the preliminary assessment Roll be and the same is hereby ordered filed in the office of the City clerk for inspection by parties interested 5 that the 29th Day of May 1972 at 8 30 a in. In the Council chamber in the City county building be and the same is hereby fixed As the time and place when and where the City Council will hear objections to the special assessments shown on the assessment Roll. 6 that this Resolution be published one time in a newspaper published in the City of High Point not later than May Lith 1972 As notice of the matters herein set out. 7 that the assessments shown on said preliminary assessment Roll Are As follows Street Valley Rook or. Job news 0?/, Cal Cost per front foot i water total Longan 0 fit is computer lease time available Honeywell system 115 a 32 k memory o 3 tops 2 disc a Typo writer console o 650 pm Printer shift available or by the hour a for full information Call a f. Gordon Lindley Itta of Carolina High Point ss3-9124 Sio name owner Sam Sud Tot too Raone of att i at toot total tar Aff total Las it a ass f Ilmi a no cat bits or ass i against Toner Worth Nance 14 94 62 200 189 24 189 24 189 24 Eloise r. Davis 15 119 05 200 238 to 40 00 278 to 278.10 june w. Leonard 8 66 200 i 32 i 32 i 32 we. D. Warren 9 146 24 2 00 292 48 40 00 332 48 332 48 Marion h Gibson of. 4,5 189 65 2 00 379 30 40 of 419 30 419 30 h p. College inc. 6 too 200 200 00 too co 200.00 r i Llie 0 Essick 7 too 2 00 200 00 40 00 240 00 240.00 w c. Campbell 8 204 76 2 of 409 52 409 52 409 52 Maryfield inc. 9 209 91 2 00 419 82 41982 419 82 Street Valto Byroo or. Job no. Is Toi Cal. Cut pot front foot sewer total Longan Oil no mt.61 Worth Nance 14 94 62 i 50 141.93 141.93 141.93 Eloise r Davis 15 119 05 i 50 178 58 80 00 258 58 258 58 june w. Leonard 8 .66 i so 99. .99 99 we. D. Warren 9 146 24 i 50 219 36 80 00 299 36 299.36 Marion h. Gibson of. 4,5 189 65 i 50 284 48 80 of 364 48 364 48 h p. College inc. 6 too i so 150.00 150 00 150 of Rillie o. Essick 7 too. I 50 i so of 80 00 230.00 230 00 w. C. Campbell 8 204 76 i so 307 14 307.14 307.14 Maryfield inc. 9 209 91 1.50 314 87 314.87 3u.87 by or for of City Council Tim Tho loth Day of april i9tt Catter in w Harrington City Clark r

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