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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Good morning an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor abolish Mother s Day heaven forbid 4a sunday May 12, 1974 the flow in the system there Are those people who for biases unknown would willingly support a Law which would legally bar lawyers from holding Public office. Perhaps they Are pleased then that a Man who had Little qualification beyond the Money to make up a Small filing fee will be on the november ballot for the highest judicial position in North Carolina. Republicans on last tuesday voted to nominate one James m. Newcombe for the office of chief Justice of the North Carolina supreme court. We have no reason to question his representation that he is a a Christian family beyond that he has no Legal experience no Law degree not even a College education. Yet our system of choosing judicial office holders permits him to seek that position formally and leads to what Many have dubbed an a electoral mishap Quot and his nomination. The Only Happy circumstance is that or. Newcombe is not Likely to become chief Justice Newcombe when we troop Back to the polls in november. He will then run head on into Justice Susie Sharp a noted attorney an experienced trial judge and a Veteran of service As an associate Justice of the states highest court. Despite Public affirmation of her belief that there was no major racial Factor in judge Elreta alexanders loss to Newcombe in the primary it is hard to escape that probability. Judge Alexander has had a distinguished career As a District court judge following several years As a respected practising attorney. She has posted some firsts for her race and sex in the South but her aspirations for the states no. I judgeship were undoubtedly beyond acceptance in some areas of the state. Surely the Newcombe nomination will finally convince the general Assembly of North Carolina that a Merit selection plan for judges at All Levels is a critical need now. You name it like the metric system the 24-cent piece May be a Long time in coming. There is a considerable school of thought which believes that instead of changing the Penny from expensive Copper to aluminium it is More logical to phase out the cent and create the new denomination. Why 2me cents obviously because it better fits into the scheme of things a two make a Nickel four a dime Etc. What it needs More than anything else save acceptability is a name. A one cent piece is called a Penny a five Center is a Nickel so we must have an easy designation for the 2�?~i-cent piece. Herewith the floor is open. Who has a suggestion by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus suggestion from certain quarters that mothers Day be abolished is perhaps based in the premise the trouble with being a Mother is that society does t really believe the work mothers do is important. A if we truly respected our mothers a a says communications consultant Richard Frisbee in a current Magazine article a corporations would not ignore the Impact of executive transfers upon wives and children. There would be re entry programs for mothers with professional interests after children grew older. Mothers on welfare would be paid cheerfully not grudgingly. For the important tasks of rearing their children. Conveniences would be provided such As More widely available Nursery centers to make mothers jobs easier. A instead mothers Are made to feel that almost any other activity commands More respect. As often complained a Mother working with her children is a Only a but if she does something at the office of a store no matter How inconsequential she can be a a career woman.�?T. A Sigrid unset once wrote a any woman who becomes a Good Mother is greater than most ministers of state for _ it Cal cd pm up end of Quot the decade Quot an event billed As a a recognition dinner a on tuesday night will be a sort of opening cannonade As High Point College starts building up to its 50th birthday. Between now and september when the institution will celebrate the end of its first half Century there will be increasing Effort to focus attention on what the College has meant to its Host City As Well As to the thousands of Young people it has sent into the world. A great Deal of physical development has been made possible during the last ten years the colleges a Golden decade and much Effort has been exerted to create an endowment base. The need for the latter is much More apparent today than was the Case when the Campaign started due in Large measure to inflation. Private educational institutions have Felt the Pinch to a greater degree than most As administrators have sought ways to meet spiralling costs without making tuition Levels prohibitive. A feature article elsewhere in today a edition enumerates curriculum developments that give the lie at least in the High Point College Case to the Oft heard complaint that higher education is incapable of changing with the times. The future of the Maii private College we read on every hand is very much in doubt. But High Point College has been and is at this moment determined that it will not be among the casualties. It needs a and very much deserves a continued Active and concerned support of the Type it has been Able to Muster from devoted alumni. A a we re right behind you comrades a she is indispensable in her work whereas very Many ministers can be replaced with whether a child grows up with Good physical and mental health depends to a considerable extent upon the Quality of mothering he receives in his Early years. Today americans join in paying tribute of love and affection to mothers of this nation. Gods Harbinger of Spring Sweet Flowers Are worn by All in memory of Man s Best Friend a Mother. Pure White blossoms for mothers who have departed this life with its sur cease of Joy sorrow laughter and tears. Bright red blossoms for those who Are still unceasingly and with Light or heavy hearts in the Sunshine or Shadow bearing their Burden to the end. Abolish mothers Day never women a lib folks tend to regard motherhood As one of the less exciting careers available to Young women. They display in their battling economic and social discrimination the same prejudices against motherhood flouted by other segments of society. If the new Ideal is for everyone a male and female a to be employed at a challenging and Well paying Job Able to take off for the Beach or the ski lifts without being burdened with responsibilities of others then some substantial changes will have to be made in the living patterns that bring some three million babies a year even with our diminished birthrate that somebody has to care for. There a a vitally important place for mothers its Clear. This is their Day to be honoured especially. Every Day has to be mothers Day the bravest Battle the bravest Battle that Ever was fought shall i Tell you where and when on the maps of the world you will find it not it was fought by the mothers of men. A Joaquin Miller a Mother god thought to give the sweetest thing in his almighty Power to Earth and deeply pondering what it should be one hour in fondest Joy and love of heart outweighing every other he moved the Gates of heaven apart and gave to Earth a Mother a Lovejoy let every Day be mothers Day make roses grow along her Way and Beauty everywhere. Of never let her eyes be wet with tears of Sorror or regret. And never cease to care. Come grown up children and rejoice that you can hear your mothers voice. Only one Mother hundreds of stars in the pretty sky hundreds of shells on the Shore together. Hundreds of Birds that go shining by hundreds of Birds in sunny weather. Hundreds of dewdrops to Greet the Dawn hundreds of bees in the purple Clover. Hundreds of butterflies on the Lawn but Only one Mother the wide world Over. A unknown. Washing on merry go round pressure politics attracts grand jury Sermon Dominion from deity a and god said be fruitful a replenish. A subdue a have genesis 1,21. Here in the very first words of the holy scriptures the beginning of our Bible we have the definite orders from on High for Man to take Over and make Conquest of All forms and forces of nature using them All for human Good and the Progress of the races of Mankind. And old lady said to me when flying machines first began to take to the air under the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk a god never intended men to Fly or he would have Given them i replied As i looked at her automobile in the driveway a yes and if he had meant us to ride in cars he would have Given us she did not answer me nor was she Able to. If god had meant for us to sleep in Beds he would have manufactured them for our use and put them up in our bedrooms. Or if he had meant for us to use electric ranges to Cook on he would have put generators and dynamos up for us and run wires into our kitchens. So it goes. The great Wise deity above could have done Many things for us but he left ten thousand things of or to do for ourselves he made known his will in this regard right at the beginning of that Long ago creation of All my children a a he seemed to say. Thus we As his intelligent creatures the Climax of ail creative Benevolence Are Given not Only the duty but the pleasure of taking Over the Globe and its treasures and using them in various ways for the ongoing of All human society. He planted the Trees in the ground out of which to build houses construct chairs and tables lavatories and bathtubs pictures and lamps steam heat and air conditioning and a thousand other objects for our own use. He formed grass and seed vegetables and grains fruits and foodstuffs in multitudes for animal and Man and left All in their original formation for the Wisdom of the human race to develop and use in All the world and for All the Ages to come. A now use your Heads in creating the things you need for your own Well being and continue forever to improve As the years come and such is the Dominion god has Given us in this world. Yes the almighty a first injunction to our parents was to be fruitful multiply replenish subdue and have Dominion Over this Earth from sea to shining sea from North to South from East to West and even under the seas into the heavens All Over this Field of service called fhe Earth. God placed electricity into nature at the Start but he had to wait for Ages for Faraday Edison Steinmetz and Many others to find it take charge and use it to apply it to the welfare of humanity All after Many blunders errors and mistakes. But at last such men have run the wires into your houses offices and places of business for Many Many uses. God placed those first grains of wheat in human hands for agriculture tilling of the soil harvesting the Grain creating Mills to grind it into flour and at last putting bread on your plate but men in past centuries had to explore and learn How to do All of that for service to families around the Globe. God spoke words of Wisdom for Mankind s moral and spiritual guidance but he left the problem for them to produce paper pen Ink typewriters printing presses and the like to put his Laws regulations and directions for your lives and mine to follow and obey. God himself never wrote a line in the English language for us to read no but he inspired holy men Long ago to do this and to pass it on to future generations. So today we Are the heirs of All the Ages in the Foremost files of time having received from heroes and heroines of state and Church All that we enjoy and profit from in this modern Day. What then is our duty nothing less than to pass on in an improved manner the Good things of former centres the gifts in our hands. Jesus Christ never said truer words to us than when he uttered that command to his disciples a freely be have received freely what then is the fathers will for All humanity it is taking All the Blessing of the. Past using them for the present and All for the Benefit of the future. Each generation should by All Means add to its gifts pass them along the line to those coming after us and with a multiplication of benefaction As the world turns. That is our Dominion from deity our Benediction to generations. Car 6iftaffiti a my i i Suburbia where eve body Kyhi dreamed Gettig a from Ita theri by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington the watergate grand jury is considering action against 1972 Nixon campaigners for using Federal funds to Badger votes from Chicano Blacks and other minority groups. The master plan for gearing government machinery and Money to vote getting is Laid out in a memo As we reported earlier stamped a eyes Only and written feb. 17, 1972, by White House efficiency expert Fred Malek. Maleks main co workers were then White House aides h r. A a bobs Haldeman. John Ehrlichman and Charles Colson plus John Mitchell the attorney general who was soon to become the Generalissimo of the 1972 Campaign. As Laid out by Malek the White House Crew would see that it administration a programs Are responsive to and coordinated with Campaign although Malek insisted to us that the a responsiveness plan a was never fully put into operation we have now obtained evidence that among Blacks and spams americans at least the program was in full swing. The grand jury for instance has zeroed in on the Case of Leveo Sanchez a Spanish american businessman with a firm called development associates in Washington. Sanchez who was getting Small business administration help had the audacity to refuse to kick in to the Nixon Campaign. After the refusal Sanchez was asked to lunch by former White House Spanish american aide William Marumoto who reportedly was unhappy with the turndown. Memos in the hands of watergate sleuths show Marumoto then conferred with sea officials and within Days Sanchez was Cut off. There is some evidence however that sea acted before Marumoto could get to them. The watergate prosecutors under Leon Jaworski have also gathered data on the a responsiveness plan from both the Senate watergate staff and a House banking subcommittee. T the fortunate Aceves got the largest single business development Grant Ever awarded by the sea. Despite objections from the sea professional staff. Aceves denied to my associate Jack Cloherty that politics was involved another Case now under the watergate prosecutors scrutiny in a lucrative noncompetitive wrecking contract Given by sea to a Washington firm which had not previously done any wrecking work. It did not even have a wrecking Yard. However it shared office space and worked closely with the pro Nixon a Black silent majority group. The House investigators also turned up a dubious sea handling of Cade services inc. Of los Angeles whose Secretary treasurer is the former top White House Black Robert Brown. A local sea official asked for an audit of cadets relationship with an sea funded National whirligig management firm. Sea in Washington killed the audit. Besides the valuable help from the House subcommittee the Jaworski probes have been poring Over hearings on a a responsiveness held by the Senate watergate committee. The Little publicized hearings show the w Hite House used everything from a Promise of a Federal judgeship to a prominent Chicano to federally supported Campaign trips by Nixon a daughters to get minority groups to vote for the president. Footnote sea administrator Tom Kleppe has repeatedly denied any knowledge that his Agency was used for political purposes. Marumoto has denied All wrongdoing in testimony before the watergate committee. Sex White House aide Brown did not return our Calls. Malek told us his plan was mostly a a talking tape trouble the sanitized transcript of the White House conversations showing tantalizing statements As a a unintelligible and a a inaudible flies in the face of testimony by the Man who set up the taping system. He is Alexander Butterfield a former White House aide who is now Federal aviation administrator. On july 16, 1973, before the Senate watergate committee Butterfield said that the equipment in the presidents offices would pick up a any and ail conversations no matter where the conversations took place in the room and no matter How soft the conversations might have Butterfield also swore the machines were a checked at least daily and were a always working yet the White House has been trying to convince the Public that the recordings were made on makeshift equipment that frequently malfunctioned. Washington whirl the new All Volunteer armed services marched to new Orleans a few Days ago to urge 12,000 school Counselor to help them recruit students. With some $50,000 in exhibits and 200 servicemen the Pentagon sought to pressure the american personnel and guidance association convention into passing the word that service life is just another form of University life. Brandt collapse has major ramifications by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington the resignation of Willy Brandt As Chancellor of West Germany because the communists succeeded in planting a spy in his Cabinet might Well Mark the cresting of the detente with Moscow movement. Brandts headlong dash to embrace Russia at almost any Price had been meeting increasing resistance within West Germany. Brandt meanwhile has expressed pain and disappointment at the conduct of the East German government in effecting such espionage. His Point is Well taken for the fact is that he was a throwing the Ball games for the East German with just about every device his vivid imagination could devise. As in the watergate scandals in the United states the East German espionage Effort was totally stupid in that it was completely unnecessary. Brandt at Best was the a honest idiot a the typical duped zealot whom Lenin declared to be among the most useful tools the communists could acquire in. Advancing their cause. Unpleasant As is the necessity of reporting harsh fact there is considerable scepticism in cynical quarters As to whether or not the arrested East German spy Guenther Guillaume was in fact Brandts subordinate in the commy ring. Long before this crisis was precipitated prominent germans expressed to this columnist their grave misgivings about the political integrity of Willy Brandt. Unfortunately the Brandt scandal is by Way of being the surface symptom of a split West Germany which in turn is part of the crumbling of Europe this crumbling of Europe is rapidly accelerating from the military deterioration of nato to the economic disintegration of the common Market. With All due respect to the american staff officers who take the official position that nato has Given Europe nearly 30 years of peace the a a peace represents not the passing of the mounting danger but the fact that it has not yet arrived. Among other things there Isnit the slightest doubt in any objective military mind that the soviet army is by far the dominant military Force in Europe moreover there in t much doubt that barring nuclear weapons it could easily March to the English Channel. But As the late great Gen. William a wild Bill Donovan chief of the office of strategic services pointed out the russians would be utterly mad to do so. They have taken Over the government of 13 countries and hundreds of millions of people without the loss of a single battalion it is one of the ironies of history that in the current soviet army journal a soviet Marshall Points with grave alarm to the fact that no russian Soldier has had any combat experience for 30 years. While there Are Willy Brandts and indeed Indira Shandis no russian combat experience is imminent or necessary. The question of deterioration has dwindled Down from whether Western Europe could fight to whether it would while it is True that nearly half of Europe would try to resist by Force a soviet takeover it appears that a Mere 50 per cent is not enough to provide that unified front necessary for the common defense. Thus the French elections demonstrate not so much the strength of the communists and the left As the chronic inability of the Center and the right to sustain a United opposition. Italy is in even worse shape and the communists Are emerging As the strongest party in the presently open portugese society. Considering that in its most patronizing and therefore offensive manner Washington declared that 1974 was the a year of Europe a the comprising of the Brandt detente Marks another catastrophe in the fall of the House of cards of the diplomacy of Secretary Kissinger. Willy Brandt it will be recalled received the Nobel peace prize for what now appears As an illusory policy in effect not unlike the Nobel peace prize which Secretary Kissinger received for buying a peace a As it is laughingly called in Vietnam. The Silver lining to the compromising of the Brandt government is that it May awake the West in time to save the Elbe and the Rhine Secretary Kissinger having already Given away Suez

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