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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina William e. Mewborne or personality profile High Point Enterprise sunday May 12, 1974 a William e. Mewborne or new Man at Adams Millis by Keith Carter Enterprise staff writer its a relatively rare accomplishment for a Man to Rise to the presidency of a Large corporation just four years after joining the firm. But for William b. Mewborne jr., elected last week As president of the Adams Millis corp., ifs an achievement that carries with it a Challenge. A never since this company was Mewborne explained a there has always been a Millis or an Adams in the presidency. Because of that i View this new position As a personal while Mewborne will succeed James h. Millis As company president the nature of his new position will be somewhat changed. Millis remains chairman of the Board and chief operating officer of the company and As such will continue to direct the Over All operation of the Many faceted Industry. The 38-year-old Mewborne joined Adams Millis Early in 1970 after a four year stint As executive with the Wachovia corp. In Winston Salem. He was named executive vice president and a director of Adams Millis in april of 1970. A native of Roxboro the new Adams Millis president received a Bachelor s degree from Duke University in 1958. After graduation he served in the . Navy until 1960, when he returned to Roxboro As an associate partner in the family business the Roxboro lumber co. In 1965. He joined Wachovia Bank and Trust co. As an assistant cashier and loan administration officer. He became a vice president of the Wachovia corp. In 1970. As a businessman Mewborne sees the Specter of inflation As the most threatening problem for the United states Economy today. A a american business is accustomed to a two three or four per cent annual inflation rate but ifs my opinion that its three or four times that now a the Duke graduate explained. The soaring rate of inflation has put businessmen a in a whole new world a he said. A a we be never been in this area the solution a a we re simply going to have to learn to live with this higher rate of inflation a Mewborne said a an inflation which could go As High As 10-12 per cent yearly. While the muddled economic situation is causing problems for businessmen the Outlook at Adams Millis with its 13 plants in two states carries a Good news and bad news a according to Mewborne. A the Good news is that demand for our product is Strong a he explained a while the bad news is that the Cost of production is rising the new presidents concerns Are borne out by the company s 1974 first Quarter report which showed a decline in first Quarter earnings in compared with 1973 figures despite a 14 per cent Rise in sales Over the 1973 level. Finding a Short term solution to this growing Cost Price squeeze is one of his principal challenges Mewborne believes. A problem which has proven to have beneficial Side effects for Adams Millis is the Energy crisis according to Mewborne. While shortages in certain raw materials and the possibility of not having enough Power to operate plants has caused concern among officials areas such As recycling and fuel conservation Are playing greater importance. A recycling of raw materials has become a source of income for us a Mewborne said. A even now we have plants where the Only waste that is thrown away is the Coffee grounds from the Mewborne who lives at 1312 Westminster or. With his wife Elizabeth Leigh and their three children feels Adams Millis has a Good relationship with High Point and its citizens. A the Community supports our company in tremendous he explained a and we Hope our reputation justifies our support. Spotlight on education an editor s Outlook child development theory questioned by new tests the peach tree Divide for the South by Jenkin Lloyd Jones general features Syndicate Wright Bryan former editor of the Atlanta journal and the Cleveland Plain dealer tells me that peach tree Street the famed main drag of Atlanta stands on a Divide. Rainwater flowing Down the East Gutter winds up in the Altamaha River and eventually the Atlantic Ocean. That flowing Down the West Gutter goes to the Chattahoochee and the Gulf of Mexico. It was Down this same peach tree Street that the vicious army of the Tennessee marched behind William Tecumseh Sherman on sept. 2. 1864. To begin the dismemberment of the confederacy. In the smoke of burning a coving tons and a promised lands a there was never really a a a Tara the Brittle Plantation Economy was shattered and there followed a tragedy lasting most of a Century. Even As late As the 1930s, malaria hookworm and pellagra were problems and aide. Miss Frances Perkins dismissed the area As a the shoeless on peach tree Street what will be the worlds tallest hotel. 70 stories is under construction. Put together Sherman the hotel and the Davidson dateline Divide and peach tree Street becomes a Symbol of the South. A Divide cannot be detected until you have considerable knowledge of the geography on both sides. And historical divides Are almost never recognized at the time for this requires an understanding of the future. But on one Day during world War ii the water in the South which had been flowing mostly in one direction began flowing mostly in the other. Henry Grady so new South finally got going a about 55 years after he had made his famous speech of Hope. It is ironic that one War should ruin the South and another should begin its resurrection. But the South has Good training weather and the hundreds of millions of dollars which the military services poured into the Southern Camps started a new Ball game. Not All the gigs from a distance cursed the Mosquito and the mud. Some looked around liked what they saw and came Back when the fighting was Over. World War ii marked the beginning of the mechanization of Southern agriculture particularly with the Cotton picker. Fortuitously at the moment much of the South a farm labor most of it Black might have been declared surplus the Northern factories beckoned. The share crop Economy died. The 40-acres-and-a-mule subsistence vanished almost overnight. In a Brief Quarter Century Rural Dixie was transformed. The gullies were terraced. Vetch and Les Pedreza healed the worn out Hardpan. Fat cattle Graze where human beings had grabbed. As the farm counties lost population. They gained vastly in per capita income. Trees were the biggest Miracle. The Humble Short Leaf and tall loblolly Pines suddenly assumed Bonanza value As the appetite for pulpwood and Timber rocketed. First the Kraft paper and then the newsprint Industry moved southward. Today millions of Pine seedlings surround the Stone chimneys which once served tenant Cabins. John Egerton in his gloomy Book a the americanization of holds that for South and the North infected each other with their problems but not their Virtues. It is True that northerners Are finding that race matters Are not As simple As they had thought. It is True that Atlanta averages six armed robberies a Day and is the mafias porno distributing Center for a dozen states. The South has lost some Charm and quaintness but it has also lost anachronisms and rigidity. It suffers from two mythologies. One is self created a the idea of a vanished Golden age of Cavaliers and Belles elegance in the mansions and Happy Young and Black folks rolling on the Little Cabin floor. Yet reflections observations and diaries written in antebellum times revel no such Halcyon world. The grandchildren Over imagined. The second is the mythology of movies and to a the South of bigots sadists and redneck sheriffs a a you in a Heap of trouble boy Quot with the Only decent White Man in town being the Liberal who is generally martyred. These scripts Are often written by characters who have fled Manhattan for Lily White bastions in Westchester. The truth is that at Long last the South has simply risen. The Waters Are flowing strongly toward a better Ocean and Henry Grady would be proud. By Benjamin Fine North american newspaper Alliance new York a prevalent theory about child development has been challenged in a Princeton University Laboratory where four year Olds perform intellectual feats Only adults Are supposed to be capable of. The children Are not precocious according to prof. Thomas r. Trabasso the psychologist who is conducting this far reaching Experiment. But the fact that very Young children solve logical problems proves that they can reason deductively just As adults do. Or. Trabasso whose research is sponsored by the United states National Institute of mental health explains that the theory holds that people develop specific reasoning abilities in discrete successive stages. Each stage depends on the previous one and each one manifests a More sophisticated use of logic. Leading exponent of this theory is or. Jean Piaget the famous Swiss psychologist. Or. Piaget maintains that full intellectual development is not attained until 12 years of age. The theory maintains that All human bings Are programmed in the development of their intellectual capacities. This programming must Manifest itself at specific Ages regardless of personal cultural or environmental experience. Disagreeing with the Piaget line of reasoning or. Trabasso believes that the theory omits or minimizes too Many factors such As memory perception and language. Personal experience which influences human intellectual development is also overlooked. In his experience at Princeton. Or. Trabasso has found that very Young children can demonstrate remarkably sophisticated abilities to solve problems if their environments Are arranged in certain ways. Roaming the Piedmont patrolman is heading toward the mountains a Farewell rendered with fond memories by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville when the moving keys have writ the final period to this piece they will strike no More. A Davidson dateline will no longer appear Here each sunday morning under the byline of one Venable Carver. Atter three years of the Thomasville and Davidson county beat i am moving to other though not necessarily Greener pastures. To review briefly what i be Learned during my tenure Here a few observations gleaned from my experiences follow. I. There is a Small unincorporated Community in the Northern part of Davidson county which shall remain nameless whose citizens Harbor seemingly inexhaustible local Pride. Not Many months ago when i was somewhat Cavalier about whom i offended i wrote a column suggesting the place had Little to offer anyone be he native or outsider. Needless to say the people of the Community did not agree with me. The response to the piece was visceral As if something sacred there had been maliciously violated. Nothing i had written until then and nothing i have written since in fact has provoked a reaction equal to the one that then arose. To this Day people i hardly know comment about it somehow i wish their memories were Shorter. Moral derived a speak not ill of thy neighbor without cause for thy words May one Day return to thy Mouth As they Are stuffed Down thy i compliant 2. In Davidson county there Are other sensibilities besides simple local Pride. Religious convictions remain predominantly fundamentalist and Middle american values linger thereby enhancing the Normal number of taboos herein supported. Drinking and most especially buying liquor discussing sex and swearing in mixed company Are practices that impress few and distress Many. 3. One has to put up with a lot of Good natured at least i assume its Good natured ribbing. This is especially True when one is a Green newspaper reporter covering a rather extensive beat. In Thomasville the chief source of gentle harassment is the fire department with the local office of the sheriffs department placing a close second. Fortunately or regrettably whichever Way you happen to see in the police department is remarkably devoid of humor which Means the knee slapping is generally less frequent. Bearing these and other memories i must now surrender Davidson county to another enterprising reporter whose name is Lee Mortimer. His byline will begin appearing shortly under a Davidson dateline somewhere on this Page. With that its time to say so Long to Thomasville Farewell to Davidson county. Goodbye Columbus. By Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer West Jefferson s gain is High Point s loss to use an old and trite saying but that a the Way it is. James w. Hundley of the state Highway patrol who has been based in High Point since his first connection with the patrol is slated to move with his family to West Jefferson in the near future to take up new duties As line sergeant of District 2 of troop f. This move was planned for the first part of this month and Jim a promotion to line sergeant was effective on May i. However Fate in the form of a ladder intervened. The sunday accent trooper was on said ladder painting his Home on Wesley place when the ladder slipped Jim fell and a lot of his weight landed on his left wrist breaking the joint. Since that time the Arm and wrist have been encased in a cast. This occurred on april 19. And the saw Bones figure it will be another four or five weeks before the trooper can return to duty. So. He has been whiling his time away awaiting the Day the cast comes off and he can Start regaining strength in his wrist. Jim came to High Point in August of 1962 As a clerk in the office then run by it. Sam Mckinney who later was made Captain and had charge of the local area of the patrol. It was and is my pleasure to have known Jim since he started in on the local scene. He remained As clerk of the local office until he was appointed to patrol school. After graduation in july of 1965 he returned to High Point and has remained Here until the present. He noted that he realized a longstanding wish on that Day in july 1965, when he was sworn in As a trooper. He said it had been his idea to be a patrolman since he was old enough to consider what his life a work would be. And he found High Point agreeable for he got married Here and now he and mrs. Hundley Are the proud parents of an 8�?~z-Vear-old daughter and a 4, ear old son. The last time i talked with the tall and lanky trooper he said he hated like All get out to leave High Point but an advancement is an advancement a and you can to fault him for that. So trooper Hundley became line sgt. Hundley and soon he will to see paddling around those Mountain turns instead of Parolino High Point and its environs. We wish the Hundley Good Fortune. And i suppose that one of the things Iti miss is those late Calls that i used to get from Jim telling about some tragedy on the highways. While i hated them Thev always helped me out. And. Like another trooper told me once he d rather get me out of bed at 3 a m. Than have me Call him at Home about the time he had gotten to sleep. This was Dale Mills formerly stationed at Randleman. Many is the time Mills called me at Home and awakened me with a horrendous laugh because i had been asleep. When he had used that awaken me. He would Tell me what had happened. It generally was gruesome. From now on when we visit in or around West Jefferson and other portions of Ashe county i expect Iti keep my eyes peeled for the sex High Pointer. Line sgt. James w. Hundley. Mixed results mixed reactions to primary by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer some thoughts remain to be expressed about the voting in the primary elections last tuesday. First. Democrats and republicans alike should Ponder the lapse in party leadership and voter concern which resulted in the nomination of James m. Newcomb of Williamston As the gop candidate for chief Justice of the North Carolina supreme court. Or. Newcomb is a Salesman of fire fighting equipment. He is without knowledge in the Law or its practice. The Only qualification he offered on behalf of his election in the primary was what he said is the need for a a Christian family Many As the chief Justice of the state supreme court. Yet or. Newcomb won the nomination Over judge Elreta Alexander who was a trial lawyer for 21 years and has been a District court judge in Guilford county since 1968. That associate Justice Susie Sharp is the democratic nominee for chief Justice is reassuring she should be elected by a huge majority. But the nomination of or. Newcomb is a troubling signal of the risks involved when party leadership and the voters Overlook qualifications for other considerations. Second the defeat of rep. Margaret Keesee in her bid for re election is a disappointment. In her first term in the state House of representatives is. Keesee put herself into a political Corner when she introduced a Bill to ban Corporal punishment in the Public schools. Teachers in particular reacted sharply a in the words of one official of the North Carolina Assn of educators they overreacted. Although she is herself a teacher is. Keesee was not supported by teachers for re election and she was Defeated in the Republican primary. What is distressing about this is the focus on one specific Issue in every other respect is. Keesee served excellently As a freshman legislator diligent in her attendance at committee meetings and at the sessions of the House. She also gave support to measures endorsed by teachers for better Public education. It is Likely that in this instance is. Keesee lost a Battle but not the War itself. The problem of discipline in the schools and the use of Corporal punishment As a Means of discipline is now out in the open. It will be Back before the legislature. Third the response of Black voters in the primaries is especially significant. Since most of the Black voters in North Carolina Are registered As democrats a pattern of change in the Black vote is discerned readily in the democratic primary for the United states Senate nomination to the Surprise of Many the Black vote expected to go overwhelmingly for former congressman Nick Galifianakis divided instead Between Galifianakis and atty. Gen. Robert Morgan. Despite the fact that he was the gubernatorial Campaign manager for i. Beverly Lake in 1960 and 1964, Morgan had the endorsement of Black political leaders in Durham Galifianakis Home town. And Raleigh. In an even More significant development the Black voters did not respond in Masse to the Black leadership. Instead the Black vote divided. Although Galifianakis carried the Black precincts in the Durham and Raleigh the margin Between him and Morgan was narrow in Winston Salem where neither Galifianakis nor Morgan received an endorsement from the Black leadership both ran nearly equal in the Black precincts. Only in Greensboro where Galifianakis had the endorsement of the Greensboro citizens Assn. Did the Black voters follow the Choice of their leadership in an overwhelming majority. What the primary voting indicates is that for the moment at least an endorsement by the leaders does no to necessarily mean solid support for a candidate from the Black voters. One reason for the change in the Black vote is offered by the Rev. Leon White a Black who endorsed Henry Hall Wilson for the Senate nomination. In a news Story in the Raleigh news and observer the Rev or. White said a they the Blacks wanted participation. They wanted political patronage. And i think he will deliver. Morgan knows what Black folks want a they want to be the statement by the Rev. Or. White seems to me similar to a comment from Al Campbell about the attitude among Black voters Early in the primary Campaign. Editor of the tribunal Aid. A weekly newspaper published in High Point Campbell said a my personal opinion is that Blacks Are just like everyone else. They done to want to be Defeated on the losing Side. They Are facing reality. I think there is a More serious awareness now. A several years ago politics was a time to protest for Blacks a Campbell said. A but now the political attitude is changed. The Black is More serious about who the candidate is and the person who might get elected. This is not just to protest. I done to think Blacks will support a candidate now just because he is Black or because he seemed to be the Best candidate in the past. Blacks want the candidate who seems to be the Best candidate now not Only just for Blacks but for the whole that May be the crucial significance in the voting in the primaries last tuesday. Children he holds Are also often More capable than Many standardized tests assume and a a wrong answers Are often appropriate or even ingenious. Worse he adds the commitment on the part of the schools to a theory which assumes that the development of reasoning abilities is innate and not dependent upon learning or experience permits the schools to attribute Success to themselves and to blame failure on the child. Four year Olds were Able to make a transitive an ability to make numerical comparisons such As ranking the orders of basketball teams. A child makes a transitive inference when upon being told that Fred is bigger than John and that John is bigger than George infers that Fred is also bigger than George. At Princeton the four year Olds made such inferences because or. Trabasso and his staff made certain that the children remembered the people and their relative sizes in previous studies the Princeton psychologist Points out the children a a failed not because of an inability to solve the logical problem but because they imperfectly remembered the comparisons involving the names and sizes of Fred John and George. Currently. Or. Trabasso and an associate prof. Alice Isen of the University of Maryland Are examining Why children do not demonstrate another logical ability known As a class inclusion before age nine. Being Able to say that there Are More animals than squirrels is an example of this ability. To Date. Their investigations into such i abilities indicate that children Are being asked to do much More than reason logically. They Are being asked to partition the class of animals to count the number of animals in each subclass and to compare the total number of animals to the number of squirrels. Be devising testing procedures the two psychologists have found a Way to get five year Olds to Deal with class inclusion problems As Well As nine year Olds do. They found that by including a contrasting class for example Birds and animals it became possible for the children to think of each class in relation to the subclasses experience too played a role. Young children could handle class inclusion problems if they were already familiar with the classes. According to or. Trabasso there is a lesson to be Learned from his Laboratory work in regard to standardized intelligence testing. His own research has convinced him that because someone misses a question it does not mean that he does not possess the skill supposedly being measured. The test question May be structured in such a Way that it does not evoke in the mind of the child the one Correct answer. Because he has evoked intellectual capabilities similar to those of adults from the four year Olds or. Trabasso also questions the underlying assumptions of in tests which Are based on the stages and Ages of development

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