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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers today sunny monday 90th year no. 132 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation m2-171i High Point n. C., sunday morning May 12, 1974 too pages classified ads. A ms-2177 other Denis. Ms-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Adolf wi7/ keep rolling truckers reject strike proposal by Louise Cook associated press writer militant Independent truckers Are urging another shutdown to protest High fuel prices and lower Speed limits but most Drivers say keep rolling. A most truckers. Can see no gain from a strike a said Frank Sigloh a Drivers spokesman in Idaho. A a they re concerned about prices of course but a strike in t going to do a darned thing for Michael Parkhurst editor of overdrive Magazine has urged Driver in veers to pull off the Road at 12 01 a m. Monday. A spokesman for Parkhurst predicted that 80,-000 to 90,000 truckers will participate and said that would be 80 or 90 per cent of All the owner Drivers in the country. Parkhurst was one of the leaders of a truckers shut Down in january and february that sparked violence in some areas Cut truck traffic on major highways and resulted in partial fuel Price rollbacks. An associated press Survey on saturday showed however that most truckers Don t support Parkhurst in his new shutdown Call. A this Mike Parkhurst ainu to making truck payments while he s calling for a strike said a Driver at Cliffy struck Stop in Clarksville ind., just across the Ohio River from Louisville tkv. A the ought to keep printing his Magazine and mind his own business while the rest of us have to keep several Drivers said the january shutdown and a similar action last december had Cost them Money. A i Don t feel there a anything we can gain by it another for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Unit pricing q. I thought it was a requirement now that All food stores display unit pricing but there does not seem to be any consistency in local stores complying. Some stores do not show the unit Price and others give it for some items but not All. What is the Rule on this and is anyone charged with enforcing it if it is required mrs. . A. Assistant attorney general Donald Davis of the . Dept of Justice consumer Protection division replies that there Are no state or Federal Laws requiring food stores to display unit pricing. Some stores do this voluntarily he says. Protection list q. What government officials Are under the routine Protection of the secret service outside of the president and vice president mrs. P. A. According to John Warner jr., assistant to the director of the . Secret service title 18, Section 3056 of the United states code authorizes them to protect a the president of the United states. A the presidents immediate family. A the president elect. A the vice president. A the vice president elect. A former presidents and their wives. A the widow of a former president until her death or remarriage. A minor children of a former president until they reach 16. A major presidential and vice presidential candidates. A visiting Heads of a foreign state or foreign government. A at the direction of the president other distinguished foreign visitors to the United states and official representatives of the United states performing special missions abroad in addition at the direction of the president the secret service provides Protection for Secretary of state Henry Kissinger. Christian Flag q. What is the origin of the Christian Flag anon. A. Mel Anderson at Green Street Baptist Church found the information in a Book which quoted a 1924 a Church school article on the subject. A sept. 26, 1897, was rally Day of the Church school at Brighton Chapel Coney Island new York. A speaker had been engaged but failed to reach the meeting in time so Charles Overton who then had charge of that school undertook to give an extemporaneous talk. Not having anything special in mind to speak on he took for his text the american Flag which Lay Over one Corner of the pulpit. While he was speaking an inspiration came to him. Why should we not have a Flag for our sunday schools and churches before he sat Down he had outlined to the audience a plan for such a Christian Flag which should not be restricted by any geographical boundaries but would remind All men of their allegiance to god just As their National Flag reminds them of their country a claims upon them. He then pictured a Flag the Field of which would be White the color for innocence purity and peace. In the Corner of his White Flag or. Overton proposed having a Union of deep Blue the Symbol of Faith Trust and sincerity and on this the Cross on which the Saviour died emblazoned in red. A emr. Overton had a Flag made like the one he had described and on oct. 5,1897, had it placed in his Church along with the United states Flag. Christian people everywhere soon heard of the Flag and it became popular All Over the the flags origins give further proof that Many ideas inventions and inspirations Are accidental or incidental. In this Case there was the rally speaker who failed to show and the happenstance it was an american Flag on the Corner of the pulpit rather than possibly a Small Bug that caught overtones Eye As the subject on which to extempore be. Shutdown a said George Nicholson president of the delmarva Independent truckers which represents about 200 owner Drivers in Delaware Maryland and Virginia. A a we be been through it two times before and not gotten William Hill president of the fraternal association of steel haulers and one of the negotiators in last Winters shutdown said another work stoppage was a a last he said some of the Drivers main problems including availability of diesel fuel had been resolved after the last strike. Members of the Arkansas Independent truckers association voted not to go along with the shutdown. A if anybody thinks a shutdown will Roll Back fuel prices i think he a nuts a a said one Driver. Frank Fitzsimmons president of the teamsters Union which opposed the last shutdown said again that his group does not in any Way support a new work Stop Page. Among those groups who said they would support the protest were the truckers association of the Midwest and truckers for Justice a group based in Phoenix Ariz. A we done to want to shut said John Perry of Minneapolis a spokesman for the Midwest group. A we want legislation correcting discriminatory regulations. It we get that legislation by May 13, there won t be a among the legislation the protesters Are seeking Are measures to stabilize fuel prices increase Speed limits and standardize truck License plates. Never give up Nixon tells crowd Julie Speaks father to stay Julie Washington a president Nixon a daughter Julie said saturday that her father would surrender his office Only if convicted a on a vote of criminal action Quot in a Senate impeachment trial. Both she and husband David Eisenhower portrayed the president As determined to fight impeachment to the end. A even if there were Only one senator who believed in said Julie. The Young couple fielded questions from newsmen in the sunny East Garden of the White House. Occasionally they showed annoyance with the thrust of the queries. A if the Media has a hangup and an obsession about resignation and feels they must be reassured from members of the family that my father is not going to resign. I feel As a daughter it s my obligation to come out Here and say a no he a not going to resign a said Julie. She said her father is a stronger than every and told the family during a cruise aboard the presidential yacht Friday night that he was determined to take this constitutionally Down the a it s going to be a constitutional process a she added. Stillwater. Okla. Apr vowing he would a never give up a president Nixon came to americans heartland saturday night and told a University commencement crowd that Congress should promptly dispose of the impeachment Issue. As a warm Spring Twilight settled on Oklahoma state University s football stadium Nixon told the graduating class a what a great time for a new he said the graduates could look Forward to a More peaceful world where people of All nations work together in the common cause of bettering Mankind. Only once in his 35-minute address did Nixon refer directly to efforts to oust him from the nations highest office although he acknowledged that some in the stadium crowd of about 25.000 a a obviously disapprove of the the president declared that he had a presented All of the evidence to Congress a a statement greeted by a smattering of Boos a and added. A i Trust the House of representatives will act promptly. So the president and Congress can get on with the people s business As we the crowd was generally quiet but a few shouts such As a pay your taxes and a a liar could be heard As Nixon spoke. University president Robert Kamm had banned signs and placards from the stadium and in introducing Nixon. Kamm said he had come to Campus a was president and As a fellow human Kamm said Nixon should be treated with a the affection and respect due one who has Given so much in Public Nixon a reception was generally regarded As friendlier a with less heckling a than that he received last weekend at a Public appearance in Phoenix Ariz. He received standing ovations when he was introduced at the conclusion of his remarks and when he and mrs. Nixon were escorted from the stadium to head Back to Washington. Several times the crowd applauded his Call for cooperative efforts to conquer the Energy crisis and world food and health problems. Nixon spoke of efforts for peace in the Middle East an after conference Ford reaffirms belief in Nixon by israeli leaders final proposal Given Kissinger by Barry Schweid associated press writer Jerusalem a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger met for two hours saturday with israeli leaders and an israeli spokesman indicated they had Given him their final proposal for a Golan Heights disengagement. Kissinger was to meet sunday in Damascus with syrian president Hafez Assad. Israeli information minister Shimon Peres said a we expect tomorrow to be a very important the israeli radio said saturday s headline in the newspaper of syrians ruling baathist party read a decisive 24 hours. Disengagement or total but Peres cautioned that even after sundays meeting Kissinger May have to make a additional rounds or at least one More a Between Damascus and Jerusalem. Peres said after the meeting with Kissinger that a we did Complete in full the israeli position and the israeli he added a i think the israeli proposals Are the fullest Given so far compromising in every aspect.,�?� Peres indicated the israeli plan specifies a line tor the separation of israeli and syrian armies on the Heights. Kissinger told newsmen after the meeting a we still have very Tough hurdles ahead of but he said a i think both sides Are beginning to move toward a serious examination of each others Premier Golda Meir did not attend saturdays meeting. She is said to be suffering from a migraine headache. Kissinger sent two aides saturday to Survey strategic Hills on the Golan Heights. In Damascus the newspaper of the ruling syrian baath party also reflected the importance of Kissinger a next round of talks with the israelis and syrian president Hafez Assad on sunday. Its Banner headline quoted by Israel radio read a decisive 24 hours. Disengagement or total Dallas Tex. Apr vice president Gerald r. Ford said saturday he has told president Nixon that the government Isnit a about to sink and said he is not preparing any contingency plans in the event he should become president. Ford repeated again his beliefs that Nixon is innocent of wrongdoing in watergate and will not resign and said that his hour Long conference with the president on Friday was arranged after news reports said he had attacked Nixon in a speech. A i done to think its fair to the president for him to resign with the inference that he might be guilty when he does t believe he is guilty a Ford said at the Dallas Airport. Fords remarks came As the presidents daughter and Sonin Law Julie and David Eisenhower told a White House news conference the president would not resign. She said her father would fight impeachment through a Senate trial a even if there were Only one senator who believed Ford spoke at a Dallas Airport news conference saturday night after delivering a commencement address earlier in the Day at Texas a amp a and attending a Republican party function in Houston. Asked if his staff was preparing contingency plans in the event he became president Ford said a if they Are doing it they Are doing it without my knowledge or consent. I do not sit around thinking about what i d do. What i do now prepares me for any Ford flew to Dallas for a $100-a-plate cop fundraising dinner. Saying again that the president would not resign Ford said it would be a worst of ally if Nixon should step aside temporarily under provisions of the 25th amendment which provides for such a possibility. Speaking saturday afternoon to a District Republican rally Here Ford said a i am convinced that president Nixon knew nothing of the plan to break in to the watergate and had nothing to do with it. And in my opinion he had nothing to do with the Ford told his Republican audience he fears a a legislative dictatorship if democrats obtain overwhelming congressional strength in this Falls elections. He said that would happen if democrats score major gains As Many predict they will in the aftermath of watergate and produce a veto proof Congress. Martinis killing your stomach Houston Tex. A those two or three martinis you have before lunch or dinner May make you feel great but they also May be killing off part of your stomach according to two medical researchers. Or. Linda l. Shanbour a University of Texas physiologist. And Larry l. Tague a research associate said studies of animals show that rapid consumption of cocktails causes the lining of the stomach to erode and Start bleeding. The researchers based their comments on Laboratory studies done with dogs but or. Shanbour said she Felt the effect a probably occurs in humans the alcohol itself is not do ing the mischief the researchers said in an interview. The alcohol Breaks Down a Complex transportation system within cells which normally carry acids into the stomach. As a result the acids Start acting on the gastric mucosa or stomach lining. Within 30 minutes after consumption of two or three martinis they said parts of the stomach lining is rotted away by the acid and Haemorrhaging occurs. A if it were not for the rapid regenerative capacity of the gastric mucosa a said Tague a the incidence of perforation and bleeding would probably cause ethanol alcohol to be classified As a poisonous the damage is healed within 48 to 72 hours they said but will recur with the next Binge of drinking. Erosion of the stomach membrane May be the primary cause of gastritis an ailment she described As a one of the major symptoms of the daily morn my after habits of Many drinkers merely aggregate the ailment said Tague. Most drinkers suffering a hangover will reach for an aspirin based drug. Area that he said a could be equated As the Balkans of the �?T70s unless we do something about it and do something about it earlier As Nixon flew to Oklahoma. Vice president Gerald r Ford said in Texas that he did t think it was a fair to the president for him to resign with the inference that he might be guilty when he does t believe he is Ford said he had told Nixon he did t believe the government was a about to sink and said again he believes the president to be innocent of any wrongdoing in watergate. As the Nixon arrived at Vance air Force base near Enid okla they were greeted by a Friendly cheering crowd that base officials estimated at More than 12.000. Hijacking foiled in Colombia Bogota. Colombia apr led by a Relief Pilot and a policeman who used karate blows police stormed a colombian Airliner saturday at the Bogota Airport and recaptured it from hijackers who had held it for 16 hours. Witnesses said shots were fired. Authorities said one Hijacker was shot to death another died an hour later at a Hospital and the third was captured. Police said 14 of the 86 passengers were injured. But most of the injuries were reported to be minor. Passengers who escaped through an emergency exit during the police attack said one of the six member Crew a a stewardess a had been Hurt. The hijackers took Over the plane Friday night on a flight from Pereira in Western Colombia to Bogota. They released 26 of the 112 passengers in Bogota then took the plane to Cali too Miles to the West. After an 812-hour Stop there they returned to Pereira 200 Miles Southwest of Bogota and returned to the capital again. The hijackers initially demanded to go to Cuba then demanded $300,000 in Exchange for the 86 passengers and the six Crew members still aboard. But the airline and government said they would not negotiate and police ordered the attack. Inside Reading 20 years after Brown Page in help by radio. Page 2a Nixon Falls in poll. Page 7a classified. Pages 4-20c editorial Page 4a women s news. Section b sports. Section d too entertainment. Pages 9, to i id obituaries. Page 4c key acc ruling coming on cat editors sate the fell e in i co Iii in uni cat i o n s commission this summer is expected to Rule on whether to liberalise regulations that will permit Ruble to to sell television entertainment t Horning a Price for each program. To explain the Issue that could determine the Public s stake on to Riv icing , takes a look at the controversy. Following is the first article in a three part series by j. J. Klein Norik american new paper a tame Washington a major Public policy Issue entering on the telecasting of top feature motion pictures and major sports events will come before the Federal commission again this summer and the Public a stake in the Issue is enormous. The acc must decide whether to ease program restrictions it has placed on a new business that seeks to sell television entertainment charging a Price for each program. David Foster president of the National Cable television Assn has said a i think that it is obvious that we need this additional source of Revenue that pay Cable will Cable television now reaches about eight million households and has a huge potential for growth. New Cable systems were constructed in 95 communities including Many cities in the largest too markets since june 1973. A free a meaning advertiser supported television reaches about 66 million Homes and has organized to prevent major program elements being a a siphoned from the free screen to pay Cable. Cable television sometimes called a Community Antenna television a came into being Over 20 years ago in the Hills and hollows of Western Pennsylvania and Western Oregon to bring Clear to pictures to communities blocked by mountains. Television signals Are transmitted in straight lines and when blocked by mountains or tall buildings the signals Are absorbed leaving a Blank spots in a stations coverage area. Depending on the locality a subscriber pays $5 to $8 a month plus an installation Cost for being connected to Cable trunk lines. Broadcasters welcomed the additional coverage and so did the families residing in the Blank areas. Later Cable to moved into Manhatten where tall buildings interfere with signals. The multichannel capacity of the to Cable enables a subscriber to receive Many stations sometimes with the additional Benefit of political Campaign oratory and some minor sports events that Arentt available on regu channels. The Happy partners Between broadcasting a Cable began to Chang however when some Cal operators began adding rental income by charging additional 50 cents to $2 i each subscriber to s special non Broaca programs such As n motion pictures and i sports events. Today most pay Ca systems charge t subscriber a Flat fee Froid to $8 a month a to Sci a a package of program see key on Isa

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