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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 4a High want Enterprise Friday May la uti first Vietnam air Ace capitalized on mistakes by Holder Jensen at digit free writer Saigon a the sky Over Hanoi wednesday was Quot like a big circus. Plenty of migs for everyone a said one of the Vietnam wars first two aces today. Quot they jumped us not the other Way around a said it. Randy Cunningham 30. Of san Diego Calif. Quot i heard my Wing-1 Man say a break and a Mig came by so close i could see the eyes of t h e Pilot. There were migs All Over the place a shooting gallery. Quot if you were chasing one Mig and he got away it was t Yery Long before another one got in front of i Cunningham and his radar operator it. . William Driscoll 24, of Framingham mass., shot Down three of the North vietnamese jets wednesday giving them a total of five and earning for them the first Quot aces designation of the War. Flying an of phantom Jet they got their first Mig Jan. 19 and their second last monday. Quot my next ones will be Tomor said Cunningham who was flown to Saigon with other Navy pilots from the Carrier Constellation for a news conference. Wednesday was Quot quite a Day a said Cunningham. A we became red River Valley rats i for flying strikes Over Hanoi we became aces and we were shot Down by a he said Only one of the North vietnamese pilots he shot Down ejected a n d Quot he had a Good Chute. He did no to wave or anything when he went Down Hijacker Safe in Honduras Countryside with $303,000 he said he counted 12 mig17s, two mig19s and four mig21s in the dogfight wednesday. Quot after my first kill i started to get out of there when my executive officer came by with a Mig on his Tail Cunningham reported. Quot he was putting by s Over the execs canopy so i got rid of him. Then a third one flashed by and i put a missile up his Tail. Quot in each kill i i k e All kills there was a mistake made by the enemy Pilot. But done to get me wrong. I saw mistakes made by f4s As Well. Ifs just that the enemy pilots did no to capitalize on them. Quot the feeling of being an Ace Isnit As great As that after the first kill. It was Luck but at least you know you have the capability. If the migs had been Lucky with their Cannon they would be the ones sitting in front of a conference like this and i d be a the missile which crippled Cunningham a and Driscoll a phantom exploded Quot quite a Way off a the Pilot said. A a in be had them explode a lot closer than that. But in 30 seconds i lost ail my Hydraulic systems. As we headed out Over the water i lost just about the Quot initial Impact of what wed done being aces did no to hit at that time a Driscoll commented. A we were More interested in getting out of there before the plane fell Tegucigalpa Honduras apr the Eastern air lines Hijacker who bailed out Over Honduras with $303,000 in Ransom apparently landed safely and escaped into the Countryside. The government said thursday night that a Parachute harness and jumpsuit believed discarded by the Hijacker were found by government agents wednesday on it. Sor Oeon on the Border of Atlantia and Yoro counties in Northern Honduras. Capt Carlos Rene sagas tume. Director of the National investigation department said the Parachute itself was probably carried off by poor Farmers in the area and that he doubted the Hijacker had left the country. Residents told Sagastume a men they had seen a Man with a Back pack and Small suitcase sitting on the ground counting Money and using tissues to wipe sweat from his face and that he had disappeared into the Jungle. Agents said they found used tissues in the area. The residents also said the Many a shoulder and hands were injured but a search of hospitals and clinics in the area produced no information on him. The Hijacker described by the Eastern Crew As a Vietnam War Veteran about 45 years old hijacked the plane shortly after it took off from Allentown pa., last Friday morning on a flight to Miami. He collected the Ransom from the airline in Washington d.c., where he allowed the 48 passengers to get off. Then the Pilot flew to new Orleans but a mechanical failure developed and the Crew and Hijacker switched to another plane. The Hijacker had said he wanted to go to Belize capital of British Honduras a Friendly voice is 1882-8121 a a we re Here to help you 24 or. As close Contact As the Telephone Bill goes to Senate House approves $2 minimum Washington a the rep. John n. Erlenborn a Iii. House has voted to increase the added the youth differential minimum wage to $2 next year and stripped dents Bill of pro instead of making an imme visions that would have brought Diate boost As called for by the three million state and local democratic leadership. Government workers 1.7 Mil a conservative Republican lion Federal workers and l l Southern democratic coalition million household domestics in also dealt the leadership a set Der the Mim mum wage Law. It Back by refusing to bring any was adopted 218 to 192. New workers under the Tec or Lenbom a amendment also Tion of the minimum wage Law. Provided a two step increase the Bill passed thursday by for workers on farms employ a vote of 3% to 78. Goes to the ing an average of eight men. Senate which is working on a they now get $1.30 an hour and Bill that would raise the min the amendment boosts that to mum to $2.20 this year and sex $1.50 this year and $1 70 next tend coverage to nearly six Mil year lion new workers. A special announcement. The House Bill would increase the present $160 minimum to $180 within two months of enactment and to $2 a year later. The $1 60 rate would be retained for youths under 18 and students under 21. Rep. John m. Dent d-pa., who managed the rejected Bill of the democratic leadership said he Hopes to restore Many of its provisions when House and Senate conferees meet to work out a Compromise. The Bill Dent brought to the floor was quickly riddled by two Republican amendments which had the almost unanimous support of Southern democrats. One by rep John b Anderson r-ill., stretched out the increase to $2 until next year. It was approved 216 to 187. The two step increase would apply to 3.3 million workers covered by the minimum wage Law before 1966, when the last increase was enacted most of whom Are already making More than that. The 11.2 million workers newly covered by the 1966 act would get $1.70 this year $1 80 next year and $2 a year after that. 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However Abc Only this week got around to revealing that Bobby Darrin will replace Dean Martins show reruns with a variety show for about six weeks during the latter part of the summer. Lbs this week decided to Cut out reruns of its mid season replacement Quot me and the Chimp the end of this month and fill the time period until september with repeats third time around actually of Quot my world and Welcome to this series based on James Thurber a drawings and sense of humor was originally run and rerun on Abc. Summer time is. Of course traditionally rerun time in television but in recent seasons summer has become As Long As Winter. Most series turned out no More than 22 or 24 new episodes and some were Cut Back to 18. Now it appears there Are fewer than usual sum Mer programs fewer newcomers Given exposure. The answer to the questions of Why All this is happening is an old one economics. It has been a rough year financially for television which lost ont Only its cigarette advertisers but also revenues from three and one half hours of prime evening time weekly. The Federal communications commission ordered the time returned to local stations in the 50 top markets but the edict affected most stations of the nation. Television programs Are increasingly expensive to produce. Almost any hour Long program costs at least $200,000, and most half hour shows have budgets of around $100,000. Summer it seems is the time to recoup or at least try to. There was a time however when Competition was so fierce that a program or a series originally shown on one network would never be seen on another. No More As cd so a acquisition of Quot my world and Welcome to it indicates. There Are other evidences of the Pinch. Abc has already started showing reruns of elderly Quot Bonanza episodes on tuesday nights under the title of Quot Ponderosa a and at the same time is showing reruns of More recent Quot Bonanza episodes in the programs familiar sunday night spot. Wujs Ltd Friday Nich at the movies 8 30 pm the Story of a woman starring Robert St ack Iii Anderson �?�5-12 j a my Greensboro go a Btu Charlotte in Wunch University station is a Gap High Point a soc Charlotte he Wils Roanoke id Wujs Winston Salem 5 00 . 3 news weather sports go scene tonight go electric company a Abc news a eyewitness news adj 6 of clock news 4 30 . 3 lbs news go deaf program a to Tell the truth a a a Abc news 7 00 . Gds Andy Griffith go news a evening edition j a truth or consequences a news 7 30 . Go beat the clock 3x$j Mayberry red a zoom a Hee Haw a to Tell the truth a Green acres 1 00 p a 3 3 o Hara ust ? Washington week Jaq the Brady Bunch Oxx Sanford amp son 1 30 . A film Odyssey a Partridge family a a a Friday movie 9 . 3x3 movie a room 222 9 30 . A the Odd couple to . A love american style 10 30 . Gds Don Nickles a Sanford amp Sonja this is your life a rolling on the River 11 00 . A night beat news a scene tonight a eyewitness news a news Janews a news weather. Sports 11 30 . A a movie a Cavett show so to a Johnny Carson Bill Bogg in t with the . Is he saturday 4 30 . A now 7 00 . A Sunrise semester a Kirby in friends a Popeye a insight a farm re Dort 7 30 . 3 Tom and Jerry a capt. Noah a Abbott and costello a profile a cartoon carnival 1 00 a a. A a bugs Bunny a a a or. Doolittle a real Jerry Lewis 1 30 Aja. A a Scrooby Doo a Road runner a a a Deputy Dawg 9 00 . 3 a Harlem globetrotters a Funky phantom a a a a Woody Woodpecker 9 30 . A a the hair Bear Bunch a a a Pink Panther cd Jackson five 10 00 . A a pebbles amp bamm bamm a bewitched a a a the Jet sons 10 30 . 3x3 Archie a to funnies a Tidsville a a a Barrier reef 11 00 Aja. A a Sabrina teen age Witch a curiosity shop a a a giant step 11 30 am. 33c3d Josie and the pussycats 12 noon gds the monkeys a a a or. Wizard a Johnny quest 12 30 . Gds children a film a Lancelot link a a a the Buga Loos 1 00 . A american bandstand a rolling on the River a wrestling a i spy 1 30 . A sports Challenge 2 00 . 3 saturday matinee a a baseball a the champions a Daniel Boone a soul train 3 00 . A Porter Wagoner a survival a baseball 3 30 . A survival a colonial invitational 4 00 . A roller Derby a death Valley Dayi 4 30 pea. A wrestling 5 00 . 3 Golf for swingers a wide world sports a untamed world a Wilburn Brothers. 5 30 pm. A animal world a Here a Lucy a Simon Locke m d. A Arthur Smith capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 p. M. 2 beat the clock David Wayne is guest Star. 8 Mayberry red a aunt Bee and her cruise ship Captain make wedding plans in the finale of this two part episode. 12 Green acres an unlikely but hilarious love affair Between Arnold the pig and Cynthia the Basset hound highlights today a Green acres. 8 p. M. 12 Ohara ust of Hara goes undercover in an attempt to infiltrate a major crime ring illegally Selling firearms. 8 the Brady Bunch Cindy and Bobby re rescued at the Bottom of the grand Canyon by an Indian boy who is running away from his Grandfather. 12 Sanford a son Fred is suspicious of a Man Selling Copper but Lamont makes the Purchase after checking the Wall Street journal. 1 30 . 8 the Partridge family a Danny is Calm about his imminent Tonsillectomy until he sees an episode of Quot Marcus Welby m. 12 Friday a Ovies Quot the Story of a woman a with Robert stack and Bibi Anderson. A swedish pianist has an unfortunate Romance meets another Man whom she marries. Then confronted by her former Lover she has to choose Between them. I. 9 p. M. 2 priday movie Quot murder once removed a with John Forsythe Barbara Bain Richard Riley and Joe Campanella. The Story of a scheming doctor in love with the wealthy wife of a patient. I room 222 Pete Dixon puts on the gloves with a student to prove that boxing is not the career for him. 9 30 p. M. I the Odo couple during Felix s absence his Grandfather arrives at the apartment to pose problems for himself and Oscar. 10 p. No i love american style four Quot love and episodes will be pre Charlies radio amp to service

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