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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 11, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and Cool Moro data on Page 3a 8l�h year a no. 132 High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon May la 1972 52 pages Call us circulation. 1121719 classified ads .1152177 All other departments 1152141 daily 10c, sunday 25c intense bombardment continues several ships pull out of port before deadline for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or oven acknowledge every one. Summer vittles q. Last year Model cities put up some Money to help defray costs of the Quot summer feeding Quot program in High Point. This was really a Good program As several Hundred Low income kids benefited from it. Is Model cities going to do it this year we have Boon unable to get any dear answers from anyone at Model cities and Hope you can got to Tho answer. Of they Are going to support it when will it Start i know Many children who can to helped and who need this sort of thing. Please Check this out and print it so that All people can know. Mrs. D. Or. Don Forney. Director of the Model City commission states that Model cities filed an application april 28 with the North Carolina food lunch program. The program if funded by the state will serve approximately 1.600 children from Low income families. To be eligible to participate a youngster must be registered in a summer recreational program at one of the nine proposed Park Sites the Model cities cultural arts Center the Mary Bethune Owca the Carl Chavis Myca or the salvation army boys club. The program is scheduled to begin june 12 and end aug. 18. Further announcements concerning the lunch program will be made As soon As funding is approved a wrong kind of shades o. I constantly Hoar on mfr a commercial from Monarch Shade and Blind company but i took my lamps up Thoro to got Thorn covered and to said to could t do it. What should i do shameless. A. As you found out they Deal in window not lamp shades. High Point As far As we know has no Shade re covered. There is one in Greensboro Charles Mcadoo on Church St. Extension and another in Winston Salem e. H. Petree co., 1145 Burke St. Both places can repair restyle or custom make a approval q. Could you give to Tho address of Tho Board that is responsible for Hospital accreditation in this area anon. A. The joint commission on accreditation of hospitals 645 North Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois 60611. This commission has representatives from the american medical ass the College of surgeons College of physicians and the american Hospital Assn who inspect hospitals Only on the invitation of the institution. It is not required but the accreditation says director Ned Clark serves More or less As a a Good housekeeping Seal of approval a showing that it passes Muster As a Hospital with Good medical care and scatter gun q. I bought a single shot 12-gauge Shotgun for my son and from his neglect in not wiping it off like to should have there is a spot on the top about three inches Long that has rusted. I tried gun solvent and it would not take it off and had to get some stainless pet cleaner to remove the rust. He would like it re Blued in that one spot and not have to do the whole thing. Could it be done that Way and do you know of someone who could do it reasonably a. We inquired of Elliott lock amp gun shop in Winston Salem and they said it is possible they can do it but it takes just As Long to try to blend a spot in As it does to strip it completely and refinish it. Either Way it costs about $8 50. Or. Elliott says they prefer glueing the barrel completely As their finish is nicer than the factory Assembly line process. Aio is now 29a q. Westchester was one known As Highway 10-a. I was wondering what was known As Highway to. . A. Division Engineer Paul Welch of the Highway commission sent a map indicating the route of old no to a now known As 29-a which goes through High Point along English Road to main up main to lieu and hence East by nor East to Greensboro. This was says Welch part of the Early Highway system As originally constructed and this particular route number extended from Manteo to Murphy. A the signs arc there q. Why Ara Thor a Wal coma signs in North Carolina Whon Wawara on vacation last summer every elate we would enter would have Welcome signs until we get Back to our own state. Mrs. A. There Are such signs on the principal roads including All interstate highways according to Gibson Prather the state highways Public information officer. He is not sure As to the exact number. There a one located on the Highway next to the Airport to Welcome those who drop in on the state. By George Esper associated press writer Saigon apr several freighters including at least one flying the soviet Flag gulled out of Haiphong Harbor before the deadline set by president Nixon for Safe passage through the mined Entrance the . 7th Fleet announced today. Tile mines dropped by . Planes tuesday across the Entrance to Haiphong and six other North vietnamese ports armed themselves at 7 . Saigon time�?7 . Edt. They now can be expected to explode when ships pass Over or near them. Intense . Air and naval bombardment continued against military targets in North Vietnam for the third successive Day. The 7th Fleet said the most powerful Cruiser destroyer Force assembled in the Western Pacific since world War ii was ranging up and Down the coast hitting within four Miles of Haiphong. Informants said . Fighter bombers flew 300 strikes against the Hanoi Haiphong military Complex and other areas of North Vietnam wednesday and pilots reported shooting Down to Mig interceptors the biggest one Day bag of the War. Another 200 air strikes were flown against North Vietnam today the sources said. Navy it. Randy Cunningham of Shelbina mo., Pilot of an f4 phantom from the Carrier Constellation and his Copilot it. It Jug it William Driscoll of Fram soviets Call on us. To cancel mining of ports opposition rises in Congress Washington api while congressional opposition mounted to president Nixon a decision to mine North vietnamese harbours the soviet government called today for an end to the move to Block the ports. A soviet statement in Moscow. Distributed by Tass the official news Agency said a the soviet government resolutely insists that the United states Steps to Block the coast and disrupt ground communications of the democratic Republic of Vietnam be cancelled without delay that acts of . Aggression against the dry be ended that the right to Freedom of International navigation and Trade be respected a there was no suggestion in the statement of any postponement or cancellation of the planned Summit conference of Nixon with soviet leaders in Moscow beginning May 22. Nixon met meanwhile with two ranking soviet officials a Surprise session seen As a sign his North vietnamese moves will not wreck the Summit. The White House described the meeting Between soviet minister of foreign Trade Nikolai Pat Olicher and ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin with Nixon and three of his top aides As a Quot Courtesy in Saigon the . 7th Fleet announced that several freighters including at least one under a soviet Flag left Haiphong Harbor before the deadline set by Nixon for Safe passage through the mined Entrance House foreign affairs committee democrats in an unprecedented move registered formal opposition to administration policy. But the White House releasing what it said was a sampling of t telegrams said sentiment ran five to one in favor of Nixon a action announced monday night. Scores of demonstrations also broke out across the nation in protest of the administration policy with hundreds arrested and vandalism a common occurrence. Even the House of representatives Felt the sting of protest As nearly 300 High school students chanted Antiwar slogans from the galleries forcing speaker Carl Albert to close the galleries to visitors for nearly three hours. By a to to 4 vote the foreign affairs committee democrats approved legislation to end All . Military activity in Indochina by oct. I if Hanoi agrees to release a1 american prisoners of War and implement a ceasefire. Among critics of Nixon s bold Man Euver were Chicago mayor Richard j. Daley Long considered hawkish on the War. And six democratic governors. Speaking to reporters in Chicago Daley said a i realize the tremendous decision the president had to make but i done to think he had the right to do meantime nine former members of the staff of Henry a. Kissinger Nixon a assistant for National Security affairs said they were a a appalled at the president s decision to escalate . Military action and involvement in Indochina. They urged Kissinger to a do everything possible to extricate the United states from the perilous and false position in which it has been Quot this further waste of human lives in a fruitless and ill conceived Effort to preserve the presidents concept of american and presidential prestige is doubly shocking to us As citizens and As former members of your staff a the nine said in a letter to Kissinger. Across the Atlantic european allies privately criticized the Nixon administration Tion for not forewarning them of the decision. Minnesota gov. Wendell Anderson called out two companies of National guardsmen to patrol the armory on the University of Minnesota so soviets on Page 2a making some changes protestors who managed to enter the Nixon Headquarters in Chicago Sloop wednesday Tore Down a picture of the president and erected a sign regard ing the blockade which Nixon has ordered in Vietnam. The View is from below a second Story office. A wire photo War demonstrations spread arrests run into hundreds by the associated press a widespread wave of Antiwar protest which erupted within moments of the administrations announcement of new policies in Vietnam moved into a third Day today. Already the demonstrations have attracted thousands and led to hundreds of arrests. In Minneapolis 200 National guardsmen took up protective positions at the University of Minnesota armory and at an air Force recruiting station a Short distance from the Campus. The soldiers carried Only riot Sticks a spokesman said. The guardsmen ordered onto the Campus after two Days of clashes Between police and protesters made no Effort at once to move on a makeshift barricade of trash cans cinder blocks and bicycle Racks set up by students to Block a nearby main Street. The president of Amherst College or. John Williams Ward and his wife were among a group of protesters arrested on disorderly conduct charges today when they at tempted to Block traffic entering Westover air Force base in Chicopee mass. It was the 14th protest at the base in the last three weeks. Ward 49. Had told cheering students and faculty wednesday that he planned to talk. Part in what he called an act of passive civil disobedience to protest president Nixon a decision to mine North vietnamese ports. A nobody is listening to words anymore a Ward said. At new Brunswick. Nj., about 90 Rutgers University students staged a sit Down in front of a new York bound Penn Central commuter train causing a few Rush hour delays on the line. Eighteen were arrested. A student sit in at the University Roth building continued at Philadelphia some 30 demonstrators formed a human Chain this morning to Block the Entrance to the naval base there. At Bowling Green. Ohio a pipe bomb was exploded for the second time in less than 24 hours. The bomb placed under a National guard truck went be War on Pogo 3a Gardner denies he May drop out Raleigh api a Jim Gardner today denied As a completely false a a published report that he was considering dropping out of the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination leaving the nomination to Jim Holshouser instead said Gardner if there is a second primary for the cop nomination a we Are going right after or. Holshouser and i intend to win the second Gardner pointed out that unofficial election returns show that he is so close to having a majority of the votes cast in saturdays voting that a nobody yet knows whether there will be a second that said the Rocky mount businessman is the reason that he had maintained a silence since the saturday election the Greensboro daily news had said that Gardner who had confidently predicted a big win in the primary was so dejected by the closeness of the vote that he was considering withdrawing from the race. A this report is absolutely false a Gardner told the associated press when asked for comment. Gardner noted that he will hold a news conference at to 30 . Friday in the velvet cloak inn in Raleigh. Meanwhile Gardner said in a statement he wanted to a thank everybody who worked for me on May 6. My Victory was because of the hard work and sacrifices they put Forth a my two goals in the primary were to win and to conduct a Campaign that would unite our party a Gardner added. A a in a proud that both of these goals were accomplished. A at the present time it is still not Clear As to whether or not we have received a sufficient number of votes to win in the first primary a he said. A it is my understanding that these results will be forthcoming in the very near future from the Board of elections. Until that time we Are continuing to work within our own organization toward our goals of winning the unofficial returns from 2.252 of North Carolina s 2.255 precincts gave Gardner 84,676 votes to 83,466 for Holshouser 1.207 for Leroy Gibson of Jacksonville and 1,019 for Thomas Chappell of Greensboro. What s inside amusements. 3d Bridge 12d classified ads 3-11d comics i so crossword us editorials. 4a financial 2a obituaries ii sports. 1-4c television a women s news Sec. B weather 3a Ingham mass., shot Down three of the migs raising their total kills to five since Jan. 19 and qualifying them As the first aces of the Vietnam War. Their plane was hit by an antiaircraft missile after they downed their third Mig but Cunningham nursed the crippled phantom out to the Tonkin Gulf where they bailed out. A helicopter rescued them. It was one of three . Planes that the american command reported shot Down wednesday Over North Vietnam. Two air Force phantoms were downed by Cannon fire from a mig19, and the four crewmen were missing. Hanoi claimed 16 american planes were shot Down and said Many pilots were taken prisoner. The . Command also reported an a37 Jet shot Down in South Vietnam today while sup porting South vietnamese troops under siege at an Loc 60 Miles North of Saigon. The two crewmen were missing. In the ground War. North vietnamese tanks and infantrymen assaulted an Loc from four sides after a 7,000-round bombardment and the fighting was reported still raging at dusk. Several tanks smashed their Way into the provincial capital which has been under siege since april 7. The South vietnamese command said to of the enemy a medium tanks were destroyed and one was captured. The South vietnamese reported to enemy soldiers surrendered including the commander of a regiment. In the Central Highlands the Ben Het Border Camp came under heavy shelling and ground assaults for the third consecutive night wednesday. Field reports said an unknown number of enemy tanks led the attack but . And South vietnamese gunship aircraft were called in and the tanks pulled Back. Firefights were reported still going on at Dawn. Other Ranger positions and outposts in the area North and West of Korntum were hit by mortar and rocket attacks. The 7th Fleet said the targets of its cruisers and destroyers included North vietnamese coastal defense batteries and other military positions on the Don son Peninsula four Miles from Haiphong. Spokesmen said none of the merchant ships seen leaving Haiphong Harbor was fired on. Defense Secretary Melvin r. I Aird told a news conference in Washington wednesday that at least one soviet ship heading for Haiphong changed course and others May have done the same. But he made no mention of the departure of any of the 36 ships reported in Haiphong when the Harbor Entrance was mined. Jim Gardner president meets with russians Washington a president Nixon met today with two ranking soviet officials a Surprise session that might indicate his North vietnamese moves will not wreck the May 22 Moscow Summit. The White House described the meeting Between Nikolai Pat Olicher the soviet minister of foreign Trade and ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin with Nixon and three of his top aides As a Quot Courtesy but coming As it did against the backdrop of a soviet statement on Nixon a latest Vietnam measures it could be a hopeful sign for the Long arranged Summit. Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler who described the session As a Courtesy Call said Pat Olicher was in Washington for Trade talks with Secretary of Commerce Peter g. Peterson. Peterson was in Nixon a office for the meeting As was presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger and economic adviser Peter Flanigan. Newsmen and photographers were hastily notified of the meeting and were ushered briefly into the office to observe the sessions Start. Nixon and the Trade minister talked through a translator about the difficulty of the russian language. The president observed that Quot russian is much easier than Oriental languages a and said a russian for me is much easier than Nixon gave the russian and polish words for Friendship saying the russian word is much easier to pronounce. Then he asked Dobrynin Quot How do you say Long live in russian a after Dobrynin replied the president glanced at the newsmen and said. Quot we be Given the press enough instruction in language now we can get Down to business a a precisely what business they were discussing was not disclosed but the timing of the meeting seemed significant. The session came soon after the soviet unions first top level reaction to Nixon a announcement monday night that he had ordered the mining of entrances to All North vietnamese harbours to choke off War supplies.$2 wage to get House approval by John Beckler associated brass writer Washington a a $2 minimum wage appears certain to win House approval today but a proposal to extend coverage to 5.8 million new workers faces heavy opposition two Bills that would boost the present 81 60-an-hour minimum wage to $2 Are before the House but Only one provides any new coverage a close vote is expected when the House chooses Between them. The democratic leadership is backing a Bill from the education and labor committee that would bring 3 million state and local gov emment workers 1.7 million Federal workers and la million Domestic workers under minimum wage Laws. The Republican Southern democratic coalition however supports a Bill offered by rep. John n Erlenborn. A ill. That would hold the line at the 45 5 million workers now covered by theft air labor standards act. In addition the Erlenborn Bill would establish a separate lower minimum for teen age workers. Although there is Little disagreement among House members that the minimum should be boosted to $2. An Effort is expected from the republicans to add an intermediate step toll 80 immediately delaying the increase to $2 until a year later rep. John b Anderson a Iii. Who is proposing the stretch out told the House wednesday that an increase to s2 at this time would threaten the effectiveness of wage and Price controls but rep John Dent a manager of the committee Bill said Only 3.1 million of the workers presently covered by the act would actually get a raise under a 82 minimum. The fest now Are either making so 82 wage on Pogo 2a

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