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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina I a High Point Fiir Pron Friday May 12, 1972 Interior designer likes look of old game tables by Carlston Varney president Dorothy Draper a co. Inc. The american family is playing More at Home these Days and judging from the number of game tables which i have seen on the Market i gather As the old saying goes the family that plays together stays together. I have seen Many Checkerboard top tables both Antiques and reproductions As Well As Modem Parsons style pieces of red lacquer with Black and White playing Field set in the top. Game tables for checkers dominoes or cribbage have been popular for years and besides being fun. They Are also decorative. I find a card table of Walnut with a Checkerboard top More interesting than a simple table with a Plain solid Wood top. When planning a Corner arrangement of furniture in the family room Why not choose a Checkerboard top table with four chairs or consider placing a game table with four chairs in front of a window in an apartment living room. Tie chairs also can be used for additional seating at the sofa conversation grouping. Pool tables have loads of character. These tables Are Large some nine or ten feet Long but there Are also eight foot tables available. I like the old tables they remind me that 50 or 60 years ago the wealthy people had billiard rooms in the Home. I was most interested in a Modem Pool room which i saw recently in the Beverly Hilis California apartment of a Young lawyer. One of the two bedrooms was converted into a Pool room with an old table dating Back to about 1850. Walls in the room were of Green Felt above a Walnut Dado. What amazed me about the Pool room was that it converted into a dining room. A table top which matched the finish of the legs and apron of the Pool table covered the Felt top to turn it into a dining table. The top was in three sections so it was easy to store. There Are Many places across the country where you can Purchase old billiard tables and at some Good prices. Naturally Many of the old tables require refinishing and new Felt tops. Do not thins that the traditional Green is the Only color you can use for the Felt top. Why not pick Royal Blue Bright red or Black Felt for your table top one of my friends has a Mustard Gold lacquered Pool table with Brilliant paprika Orange Felt top it looks delightful in the family room which has chocolate Brown and White plaid carpeting and chocolate Brown Walls with White trim. Dear family decorator a please help we have trooper Tarboro a wanted Justice a he spelled it re be no a taxi a different Road Quot starts tonight Pointer drive in m 0 t h r any name Brand lines of Fenny the newest styles for Mother tremendous savings on All items helpful and courteous Salesgirl a a very thing that Mother needs member the poppy tree for that special Mother on Mother s Day its smart to eat wisely and exercise Fly Carleton Barney added a family room to our House. Three Walls Are painted a Bright Orange the other Wall is White. We have Wall to Wall carpeting of Orange Gold and Avocado. The sofa is dark Gold Tweed. What colors would you suggest for two chairs draperies and toss pillows a mrs. J. W. A dear mrs. J. W. A cover your two chairs in a modern moroccan print of Royal Blue hot Pink and Avocado Green on a Lemon yellow background. Hang Pale Orange sheer curtains at your windows under White Over draperies trimmed with hot Pink Royal Blue and Lemon yellow braid. Why n o t decorate one or two yellow pillows of your own design for make some needlepoint pillows of your own design for added spice. Deer family Dacar Atar a i am enclosing a Sample of Royal Blue and Olive Green fabric which is on our Couch. I have two his and her chairs in Plain Olive Green. The Coffee and end tables Are danish Modem Walnut. Please suggest colors for draperies Walls and mrs. J. A dear mrs. J. A thank you for the Royal Blue aquamarine Blue deep Olive Green and beige fabric Sample which is on your sofa. My suggestion for Wall color is Sun yellow. Paint All your Woodwork White. Carpeting can be deep Royal Blue. Use lots of throw pillows on your sofa Sun yellow shocking Pink and wild Violet. At your windows hang draperies of a Mulberry Pink White aquamarine Blue and yellow Paisley patterned fabric on Royal Blue lacquered poles. Or. Varney welcomes mail from readers but cannot give a personal reply. He will answer the most interesting questions from readers in his column. Dear Ann please Tell me what is happening in our society to make everyone so weight and calorie conscious in be had women who Are darned near strangers Tell me they lost four inches last month. This morning the elevator operator confided Between the first and fifth floor that she has lost five pounds. The Guy whose desk is behind me asked me this noon what i usually dream about. When i told him a none of your business a he looked surprised and said a i dream about Strawberry this afternoon at about 3 of clock i Felt a Little weary so i went to the vending machine and bought a Candy bar. The woman whose desk is across from mine looked up and said a you done to need that. A couple of carrots would be a lot better for i told her they done to sell carrots in the Hall. She suggested i bring some from Home. I lost my Cool and said i Wasny to interested in a lecture on nutrition. She snapped Back a the people who need it never please explain this sudden interest from the health nuts. Not starving. Dear not Tho people Aren t so nuts. We be Learned a lot about nutrition those Post 20 years and it s helping to prevent heart attacks and other diet related diseases. Women who starve themselves for vanity s Sake Ere Balmy but it s smart to eat sensibly exercise regularly and watch your weight. Your misery will grow with your resentment. Frankly i Don t see How you can find pea Ca and containment with this men. Discuss the problem with the Clergyman who married you end ask him to Guido you. Dear Ann ill come right to the Point and Hope you will too. Joe and i went together two years before it were married in a Church. We talked about having a family. The idea appealed to him a lot in our courting Days. A a boy for me and a girl for you a in fact he said head like three or four kids. Now a year later he says he a changed his mind. He claims his brother a kids make him nervous. He has decided that we Arentt going to have any children a not even adopted ones. The thought of a life without a family upsets me terribly. I feel As if i have been betrayed. Whenever i see a tiny baby i have to fight Back the tears. Please help me 23 and miserable in Montana dear Montana of you a miserable now wait awhile. Tho official class ring designed ton or twelve years ago does not fit today s student preference. Buy your class ring in Tho modern manner. At. Listers jewellers 131 South main St. Delivery 4 weeks dear Ann recently you printed a letter from Ohi of who wanted to know what Ordinary everyday people can do about pollution mom s a Pipi Fife Scotland was Helen Holland 37 years old and a Mother of three enrolled in Kirkcaldy technical College Here last year after her husband died. Now she has won the title of charities Queen in the College Beauty contest against coeds half her age. A i Only entered the contest for a laugh a she said. A i was shattered when the result was announced. Mrs. Rolland is studying hotel management so that she can pay for the College educations of her children Alex 16, Suzy 15, and John la i taxing orders for Quot class of 74&Quot Andrews amp a other schools a special Purchase for mothers Day. It Quot a it a ii i j la. / la Foj in to to hit Mim at Tom beautifully styled heavy weight flatware set to blend with any traditional or contemporary set Ting with a 6 pc. Bonus hostess set. Your Complete service for 7 includes 7 each knife Fork salad Fork soup spoon and 14 Teaspoons. Bonus 6-Ptece hostess set includes butter knife sugar spoon Tablespoon cold meat Fork pierced Tablespoon Gravy ladle. Both Lovely styles available at your nearest roses store. Already gift boxed this stately miniature version is Ideal for Dens family rooms or even kitchens. Has a Beautiful Wood tone finish accented by a Gold pendulum and Matching Gold simulated weights. Has easy to read numerals. Choose from 2 styles u hat i next in Wall decor. Traditional styled Grandfather Wall clock a it a costs and the ruination of our environment. When i read that letter i recognized a terrific Opportunity to let the world know about our non profit group of dedicated people who Are working tirelessly to preserve our environment and the Quality of life. This group was formed less than two years ago by ten concerned americans including Apollo astronaut Walt Cunningham and Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart. A a awareness is our Middle name. A Earth i care is our motto. When enough concerned adults and Young people join forces to get a Job done there a no stopping them. Please Ann Tell anyone who is interested to write to Earth awareness foundation 350 Grove Street Somerville new Jersey 08876. Enclose a self addressed stamped envelope. We be got lots of ideas. What we need now is people who will help us. A John Hart author of comic strips wizard of id and . Dear Johnny i dig Earth and i m with you Friend. Good Luck. Even of drinking is the a a in thing in your crowd it crowd you out. Learn the facts from Ann Landers Booklet a booze and you a for ten agers Send 35 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed stamped envelope to this newspaper with your request. Mazel Williams decorator mothers my sunday May i Ari place your order now por Best selection. Daily deliveries Aoi main by tii Rhoni 411-1101 commy cards Honorio Sou chg Aii i 6 ? 8 South mum St High Point nop the Capogna Reg. $3.88 cd. Save 1.05 cd. A Lovely selection / a of textures and solids a one selection polyester or Nylon assortment Ooyd. Plus Many notions Waring Futura blenders $1q96 i wat Waring Power Pitcher 2 of roses hot blending. Because the durable Glass Container is heat resistant you can blend even hot ingredients . For sauces and Canning. A mom please for certain j

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