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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper d. A. Rawley president mrs. C a Lockwood vie pres. Randall b. Terry treasurer David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. A pocketbook Appeal Page 4a sunday May 7, 1972 thoughts for today instead it your shame you shall have a double portion instead Al Dishonour you shall rejoice in your let therefore in your land you shall possess a double portion yours shall be everlasting Joy. A Isaiah 41 7. A a a Joy can be real Only if people look upon their life As a service and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness. A Leo Tolstoy novelist. It s not so simple no one should allow himself to be stampeded into a revision of the proposed fee scale for use of Oak hollow Park facilities without settling some philosophical matters that Are rather More complicated than the sports fraternity seems to think. When first publicity broke on the charges being established for golfing boat launching and fishing the sports enthusiasts responded in horror. Too High echoed up and Down the line. The same approach was taken by our own outdoor sports specialist Benny Phillips in his column of thursday last. In making their Case they use a simplified comparison basis pointing out what the fishing and boating fee level is at other nearby lakes. They tend however to Overlook what has become an accepted fact of life in the world of sports. An example in High school Gate receipts from the football program Are expected to make up at least part of the deficit rolled up in other sports programs that Don t command a big Gate. Long practice Long accepted. To an extent this is what appears to be envisioned for Oak hollow which by the Way is comparable to the Thomasville Lexington Reservoir Only to the extent of having a Lake available for fishing and boating. The Golf course the Tennis courts the marinas the picnic areas the camping areas Are All part of a package. If some attract Revenue and others done to is it not reasonable to follow the High school athletics theory and let some support the others it would take a hard heart indeed to support the turning away of a Little kid armed with fresh Cut pole and Bent pin because he did no to have a half Dollar. Yet those who cry for a reduction of fees Are saying without listening to themselves that they Are willing to pay taxes to subsidize Oak hollow recreation. The Money to operate it must come from somewhere and if its own revenues Are not sufficient the City must find the necessary funds elsewhere. Since the chief variable is tax Revenue then higher taxes it is. The decision must be made As to whether fees will be set on a realistic basis with understanding of the Laws of diminishing returns As Well As with a full understanding of the alternatives. The whole picture City Council has taken the first step toward merger of the redevelopment commission into a new enlarged housing authority. It passed notice of intent for such a merger at its meeting last thursday and will act on the merger itself at its next regular meeting on May 18. Under state Law 90 Days must then elapse before the merger is effected officially. We think this time could be used advantageously to consider the future course of High Point in the Fields of Public housing and Urban renewal. The redevelopment commission is in the final stages of completion of the East Central project under Way is the Harrison Center project plans Are being formulated for the possibility of an Urban renewal Effort in the Southside. At the same time the housing authority is planning and developing Sermon additional Public housing units. The need for housing remains critical. The Point is that both agencies Are involved in pending and developing programs that need Strong follow through. Other cities Are using one Agency to work in both areas with apparent Success. Whether one Agency will work for High Point at this time will depend in Large measure on the organization of that Agency and the mandate which it is Given. Some members of Council reportedly Are concerned that the mayor will have the authority to appoint on his own the members of the enlarged housing authority. Mayor Bill Bencini has declared that he wants the Council to participate in the appointments. The matter is Large enough and crucial enough for the mayor and the Council to give it their close and cooperative concern. How quietly How quietly Quot and ofter the earthquake and the fir a still Small voice 4 i Kings of 12. Elijah the mighty Prophet Man of fire and Thunder in his voice heroic figure among All the prophets of ancient Israel daring Kings and courts fearless before the Pagan gods of the Heathen commanding destroying lightning to fall from the heavens praying for rain in a deadly drought and beholding the storm Clouds gathering and then the rainfall in torrents All these miracles of nature came from his effectual fervent prayers before the hosts of Baal and under the hand of the almighty. Yes. Elijah stands before the world As the preacher unafraid to let his religion Shine Forth before a wicked world and an idolatrous Mulu tude. Single handed and alone he hurls his thunderbolts of truth at the ungodly Heads of his enemies on mount Carmel. I stood right there one Day and remembered All this and More i could almost see the Little Cloud rising off the Mediterranean at his petition to Jehovah. I could hear the thunders Roll in the distance yes and i could feel the first raindrops on my hand a the splashing Rains began to descend upon the parched Earth. I Felt myself trembling at the roaring tempest coming on like an express train. Yes. I Felt in the presence of the creator of the heavens and the Earth. How bold this Prophet was before the fanatical priests of the Queen Jezebel the wicked woman wife of weak kneed Ahab Hen pecked husband. Then Elijah a courage turned into cowardice and he fled from her anger far off into the desert. Of How downcast he was How forsaken by god and Man he Felt himself to be How weak were his Knees How frightened Las heart All because that wild woman on the throne had threatened his very life and she meant to kill him if it was the last thing she did. Elijah fell on his face afraid of her very name. Listen at his words so frightened with despair a 0 lord take away my life for i am no better than my in Short let me die yes lot me die As the humblest of men poor old a poor old me he Seemel to say. While in this Frame of mind and this depression of spirit. God was not far away from his servant but quite near him in his agony of soul As he is with you and me in Days of loneliness and despair. A mighty earthquake Shook the Earth a storm roared overhead a massive fire broke out in the Hills and what a pandemonium of nature Shook the landscape bringing Elijah out of his despair and frightened attitude. Yet strange to say god was not in the storm fire or earthquake amazing wonder. Where then was Jehovah in the midst of All this excitement a How quietly How quietly god works his ways before men. A after the fire a still Smail yes yes As the old hymn has it a god moves in a mysterious Way his wonders to perform a and one of the most mysterious of All was and is in the silences that bring Calm to our troubled souls. We oftentimes pass them by As if they did not matter. We listen for the loud frightful noise8 too often and expect god to Manifest himself in the Rushing and roaring matters of the Day. No. No a not with swords loud clashing or Roll of stirring Drums in deeds of love and mercy the heavenly kingdom yes within the human conscience the father so often Speaks to us if Only we would Stop and listen in the quietness of the Days toil and Rushing. Do you remember the injunction of the psalmist a be still and know that i am yes in the stillness of eventide or in the Long night watches or in the sorrow of a broken heart the Good father Speaks softly to you and to me if we Only open our ears to his whispers. A enter into your closet a spoke the incarnate Christ to men Long ago and he asks the same of us today. Many a time Jesus went from the Solitude of the desert into the City to speak his blessed words of life. Many a Long night he prayed on the quiet Mountain top with none around him save the gleaming stars overhead. So in this tired and battered old world we All need to pay attention to the soft words of the father to still our fears and bring peace to our heavy hearts. Yes the still Small voice of the infinite is speaking today. Are you listening ceh by Caplis Waynick a government sponsored Survey reports that the present Cost of supporting an american family of four is $10,961 a year. That contemplates nothing More expensive than a Middle class existence. The figures Are astronomical for those in our environment who remember when the a a average family whether of four members or to had no $10,961 a year to spend but an amount of $961 or less. In the a Good old Days few a a working men in North Carolina Drew More than $2 a Day in pay and rare was the Man with an income in excess of $10,000. Back then no state official not even the governor received such munificent pay. Some of us can remember a mild Shock when Frank l. Page who had Laboured Long As chairman of the state Highway commission at $5,000 a year was raised to $15,000 a a stupendous top in the salaried list of state officers. We have become deeply aware of the size of the this is written one candidate for governor is making his bid for votes on a pledge that there will be no a new taxes during his administration if he wins the election. True the candidate is not quite precise in promising no additional Burden on the tar Heel taxpayers purse. Old levies might be raised without a a new taxes. But the Promise May have Strong Appeal to the electorate in a state where not Many a a average families have incomes above the $10,961 found nationally to be needed to maintain a family of four in modest condition. Today a newspaper will report whether the candidate with this pocketbook Appeal wins or loses his bid. But As we measure the conditions under which we live and value the Dollar Wise it is apparent that the Dollar Appeal is Strong in politics. J our troop withdrawals continue to run ahead of schedule. As do the South vietnamese / curious conversation Washington for 30 Long months russian and american negotiators have sought to reduce the danger of nuclear War by limiting strategic arms. These Salt talks As they have become known have been remarkably cordial. Tile russians and americans have exchanged amenities As Well As arguments. There have even been a few laughs behind closed doors. In a sense the irony has Beer striking. While bargaining with millions of lives the delegates have fondly discussed their families and friends. President Nixon has pinned his Promise of a a generation of peace upon the outcome of the Salt talks. Yet he jeopardized the talks by ordering american bombers to hit targets deep inside North Vietnam. The bombing happily did no to disrupt the negotiations. The main roadblocks slowly evaporated. Both sides agreed to limit defensive and land based missiles. The soviets at first walked at including sea missiles because Russia is behind the United states in the production of submarine missile systems. But they finally agreed to limit All offensive missile systems on land and sea alike. Here Are some of the historic details from the secret Cable traffic Between our Salt negotiators and the state department Friendly adversaries the memoranda of conversations which the bureaucrats affectionately Call a me icons a Are All marked a eyes Only a spec at behind this Stern secrecy however the documents Tell a strange Story of cold bartering at warm meetings. Picture americans and russians hardened negotiators bargaining behind tightly locked doors. They spoke and wrote in unfeeling technical language. But when they weren to trading off nuclear warheads they were solicitous of one another. During the Many months they faced each other across the negotiating tables in fact they became cordial if sometimes uneasy friends. Take for example an episode that occurred just As the two sides were finishing up a formal highly technical conference known As a a mini plenary according to the secret a a Memnon a american ambassador Gerard Smith a said that it was his understanding that the next meeting would be Between the Heads of delegation on the . Embassy. At the same time he wondered if the sides should not at this time look to the future and attempt to establish a time for a further meeting next week. A minister Semenov observed that Man has by Jack Anderson eyes in front of his face so that he can look ahead. A ambassador Smith agreed and recalled that minister Semenov often Speaks about a Fly with a thousand eyes. Ambassador Smith might have thought that some of these eyes were for looking backwards. A minister Semenov suspected that the Fly has a phased array radar but noted that the Power aperture would be much lower than that which or. Nitze another american negotiator Speaks open secrets a despite the secrecy shroud that has been draped Over the negotiations the cables make it Clear that most american and russian secrets Are quite open. Each Side seemed to know precisely what weapons the other Side has. This produced such ludicrous secret messages As this report from Raymond Garthoff a ski Shilov then challenged my statement that the user now had a much larger number of icbms launchers than the us. He stated that the number of soviet icbms silos was approximately the same As the number of us icbms silos which he noted was 1054.�?� on another occasion ambassador Smith told the russian delegation How Many missile launchers they had on submarines. A the United states has since 1967, had 656 slim launchers. On july 31, 1971, the Date we proposed for the commencement of the interim freeze the user had More than 700 slim launchers operational and under but the secrecy game reached the Peak of Absurdity when la Gen. R. B. Allison asked Gen. La k. A. Trusov a if be could Tell me what the general staff figures to be the approximate c06t of producing a Mig-21, in rubles or dollars. A Trusov smiled and said that his data base was not very Complete Here on such matters it would be easier for him to Tell me the Cost of production of an f-4 phantom or b-52.�?� out of this curious mixture of sweat and smiles however May come an agreement that could save the world. Go a morn is by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus things Are really beginning to Roll at Bald head Island. A Friend just returned from there tells us construction of the first Section of the inn a 48 rooms of an ultimate 200-room one Story Structure a is moving along with completion slated by mid july. It is a most exciting concept one which maintains Low profile of the Island. The 18-Hole Golf course a sporty links designed to accommodate the most exacting players is moving toward completion for play by october. It too is designed to fit compatibly into ecology of the Island. Roads Are being paved the pier is already installed and two yachts owned by the development company ply Between Southport and Bald Heads Landing. They make the trip in six minutes and Are to go on regular schedules when traffic warrants. Several contractors Are at work on various phases of the development As old Bald head comes into its own. A staff of 30 people is based at Southport but once the hotel is completed most of them will reside on the Island to be closer to their work. President William r. Henderson is the Lone staff member who continues his residence Here to be near his office from which planning is directed. He says within a matter of a few months the Public will be invited to visit and see How the property is being developed in a responsible manner he believes will meet the approval of fair minded ecologists. Meanwhile the Sale of lots continues on a referral basis Only. No figures Are available but it appears that sales Are running already Well into seven figures. In fact the sales staff finding it difficult to get around to the Many referrals of people wanting to Purchase lots is swamped by the demand. Old Bald head is Well on its Way to becoming a major showplace play place and meeting place of North Carolina. Its been a Tough Battle to bring it about but the turn has been made toward something outstandingly attractive for a Southeast looking anxiously to see what a happening there. Hosiery men meeting it Marco Beech in Fleride this pest week Ere excited about National hosiery week which lies been set for the week of sept. 10-16. Sponsored by the notional Assn. Of hosiery manufacturers the week will focus on Ell Tyes of hosiery a men a women a children s end infant s. National retailers Are being asked to Reserve window end inshore display space and advertising allotments for the special promotion. Response to the first National hosiery week Observance lest year was such As to encourage an even Mere vigorous Industry wide promotion for turning greater attention to legs. City manager Harold Cheek is arranging an on site inspection on total design by All affected departments agencies and utilities in an Effort to break Westchester a Long delayed widening off Center and into real action. Mayor pro tem Roy b. Culler or. Also is determined to bring the project to realization at the earliest which necessitates getting All the affected operations geared so that the corridor hearing already promised by state officials for an Early Date can proceed. That will Clear the Way for the environmental and other aspects so that acquisition of right of Way May be pressed with the purpose of getting that overcrowded thoroughfare widened and improved at the earliest possible time. Westchester has been a frightfully frustrating affair for More years than anybody likes to think but it appears lines Are being established to break the logjam and be on with that vital improvement. Cheek says bids Are to be asked within a few Days for installing water line connections along Eastchester to the City limits so there will be no delay in letting the contractor proceed with paving of Highway 68 to deep River Church and ultimately to the Greensboro High Point Weston Salem Airport when that corridor is worked out in the near future. City officials Are determined to do everything they can to expedite Westchester and Eastchester improvements and we As everyone should wish them Well. High Point memorial Hospital will be featured on the radio program profile Over station big at 4 is . Today. Administrator Ned Clark will be interviewed by Lloyd Gordon on the 15-minute program. Following the broadcast the local Hospital will receive a profile award from big and North Carolina Blue Cross and Blue shield inc., sponsor of the program for its outstanding contribution to the Industrial growth and development of North Carolina. Arnold Aronson former High Point merchant who has built a successful ladies ready to Wear operation at Raleigh was Here thursday to speak and to meet with the Park in shop Board. Recently returned from a study tour with an american group to Israel he feels strongly the United states should encourage honest and Independent dialogue Between the Arab and israeli states. He is convinced russians Only interest in that Region is for penetration and later domination. It is apparent to him their method involves a controlled tension a As an Arab Victory would remove the necessity of a communist presence. He says that in the Long run the arabs can make a better Deal with Israel in direct talks that would a a deals the russians out. He says israeli technology and Arab resources could Combine to make the whole Middle East one of the most progressive on the world scene. Indeed he Cam Home with great Hopes and expectations for constructive events for the whole Middle East. On of the Saddest occurrences on the National political scene this Spring is the cruel deflation of sen. Edmund Muskie presidential Hopes. Politics is at Best a cruel business in which when a Man is Hurt the whole world sees it happen. The Muskie breakup has been something almost embarrassing to witness for it was a Public humiliation to an upright and docent Man. Here was the Man who a few months ago appeared unbeatable crushed in a combination of circumstances Ever which he seemed unable to exert control. It is sad to see a Good Man go Down because the pack behind him chewed him up when he faltered. J. Edgar Hoover was far More than a great cop he was an inspiration with his efforts to maintain Law and order. My files bulge with letters from him As i suspect every editors do for the Man was meticulous in acknowledging any reference a Good or bad a with appreciative words for your interest in him and his department. It was Well that his career be ended Only in death for detractors were having a Field Day with their claim he had outlived his usefulness and should be replaced. But at Martha Mitchell said but a few Days before his death a when you be seen one Fri director you be seen them wisely president Nixon proposes not to fill that office except with an interim appointment until after the election for that a one office that should be kept above politics. A great Lawman has gone to his Reward with his boots on As should have been the Case

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