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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 3

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Incumbents lose in Texas primary Dallas Tex. Apr dolph164,056, Barnes 122,172 and Briscoe and Frances Faren Smith 69,289. Thold two persons never touch in a Straw vote on busing on de by a Texas Bank loan and both democratic and Republic Stock scandal swept their Way can ballots texans voted 4 to i into a Runoff for the Democrat against the use of buses to in nomination for governor in achieve school integration. Late returns from saturdays voting. At a late hour Briscoe had just under 50 per cent of the ballots counted to that Point while mrs. Farenthold had 22 per cent. In the race for the powerful office of lieutenant governor a Runoff was certain Between Bill Hobby a Houston Post executive and state sen. Wayne con Nally brother of former gov. John Connally who is now fed going Down to a bitter defeat eral Secretary of the Treasury. Was gov. Preston Smith who Ralph. Yarborough another vetoed the banking Bills the than to vans for a comeback were the key to the scandals tvs leading former White but who made $62,500 in deals. A Nuse a in Bari /00t Sanders in a. The . Senate race Yar-1 no re re place Borough a Senate Veteran lost. It. Gov. Ben Barnes who never was connected with the scandals but who apparently fell afoul of a mood of Many angry texans to make changes in government leadership. With reports from 204 of 254 the nomination two years ago for the office. With returns from 204 of 254 counties 62 of them Complete Yarborough had 327,159 to Sanders 249,394. A Runoff appeared certain for counties 62 Complete Briscoe the Republican nomination for had 331,703 votes Farenthold. Governor. How demo. 7th dist. Congress 44 of 168 precincts 26.19 per cent Berry 5,534 Mcgeachy 5,-372 Rose 9,025. Roub. 7th dist. Congress 29 of 168 precincts 17.26 per cent Nixon 1.065 Scott 1,247. From Page i a 679 Gibson 794 Chappell 715. American governor 745 precincts 33 per cent Burleson 125 Pettyjohn 260. Democratic Senate 1,11 precincts 52 per cent. Do utri. 77 of 133 precincts 57.89 per Jordan 168,895 Galifianakis 20, cent Reatty 25 m. Firpo 5 2?7 473 Brown 12.435 Grace 11.294. A Tob. 9th dist. Congress Republican Senate a club. 9th dist. Congress 1,157 precincts 51 per cent,78 of 133 precincts 58.64 per Booe 9.636 Helms 48,988 John Cunti Martin 8-087 Yates 1970 son 25,428. Dem. It. Gov. 721 precincts 31.97 per cent Barbee 14,957 Frazier 11,676 Harper 47,246 Hunt 100,359 Sowers 53,461. Re pub. It. Gov. 661 precincts 29 31 per cent Joyner 16,519 Walker 28.456. Demo. Labor Secretary 648 precincts 28.78 per cent Blanton 20,687 Brooks 38.088 Creel 77,651 Ellen 7,487 Folstr 13.998 Wardell 9,651. Demo. Insure. Commissioner 648 precincts 28.78 per cent Belk 41,043 Cherry 29,555 Clark water Bonds 64�?precincts 28.73 per cent yes 142,533 no 53,544. Zoo Bonds 628 precincts 27.84 per cent yes 111,544 no 78,069. Presidential from Page i a states Blacks and Young people there was some Wear i Nhis Camp that mrs. Chisholm who did better Here than in any pre sen. Jordan from Page to i 21.m5 Duncan 355 Ingram Conte year. Would 36,275 Secrest .38.404 dra Quot a Gnu a Black vots rom re pub. Insure. A Hase of a ppm it to As mitral Vinic 97�7 re a rent a Wallace s Victory. Douglas 20,485�?T Hutchins 15.342 voter had a Quot head r a throughout the Day saturday and demo. Sec. Of state we a Over Haf the states 2.2 Mil 633 precinct 28.29 per cent Ion Regist Crete voters a three Eure 125,295 Wade 54,209. Fourths of them democrats demo. Treasurer were expected to cast ballots. 635 precincts 28.15 per cent weather was warm and Sun Gill 119.474 Turnev 35,989. By across the state As Well Over of Connell 54.949 Phillips 116.422 half of the 2.2 million Regis re pub. Lit Dit. Congress tired voters three fourths of 44 of 283 precincts 15.54 per them democrats were sex cent Bonner 400 Howard 299. Petted to go to the polls. Demo. 2nd dist. Congress Sanford who served the state 47 of 226 precincts 20 79 per As governor from 1961-65 and is cent Fountain 9,514 Lee 7,634 now president of Duke univer dmm. 3rd Dill. Congre l or Ham no cd. A cd 52 of 16 precincts 27 95 per to quoth has it Ray saturday cent Edwards 2,742 Henderson my Rel no a old parodic Quot d a close Lnor it outcome. A. Wallace and Black new York demo. 4th dish Congre a congresswoman Shirley Chi of i7l precincts 49.41 per Holm the Only other Active news cd l. Candidate in the race left the m,8�?T�?T stale saturday. Wallace had 146 Grabarek 5.714 Mcmillan concluded his Campaign Here _ with a rally attended by approximately 3,000 enthusiastic supporters in Charlotte the states largest City. He reiterated on of his major Campaign themes of the year As he urged voters to support him if they Strong throughout the Piedmont oppose forced school busing As he scored better than two to one a Means of achieving racial de margins Over Jordan in the big segregation population counties such As Forsyth and Durham. In Wake county Galifianakis had a three to to Edge Over Jordan. Democrats in Guilford county favored Galifianakis by a margin of 14.661. The total vote for Galifianakis in Guilford was 26,-688 to 12,027 for Jordan. In High Point Galifianakis needed 3,786 votes to 2.711 for Jordan. The son of greek immigrant parents Galifianakis is a native of Durham. He served in the North Carolina House of representatives before being elected to Congress. He represents the fourth District which includes Randoph county. Democrats in Randolph favored Galifianakis by a wide margin. Initially Galifianakis was Given Little Chance of upsetting Jordan who was appointed to the Senate in 1958 by gov. Luther Hodges to succeed sen. W. Kerr Scott. Scott died in office. A major Issue in the Campaign Between Jordan and Galifianakis was Jordan Sage. He is 75. Jordan stressed his seniority and travelled about the state to stress that he is still capable of serving. Galifianakis countered however that the value of Jordan s seniority was exaggerated and said that the state needed a new Leader for the future. A graduate of Duke universe a to Galifianakis is married and ii Tbs father of three children. 2nd primary from Page 1-a he announced As a candidate last october Bowles waged an aggressive Campaign which brought him to the attention of voters throughout the state. His major Campaign theme was the pledge that he would impose no new taxes or increase existing taxes if he were elected governor. Taylor waged a Campaign which stressed his 17 years of service in the legislative and executive branches of the state government. Within the last to Days of the Campaign however Bowles appeared to pull even with Taylor. At a rally in Greensboro last monday night Bowles claimed he was in the Lead. A we Are ready for the election to be held now a he declared. Jake Froelich of High Point Campaign manager for Bowles said from his Raleigh Headquarters late saturday night. A we think we will get 50 per cent of the total. Everyone is in High spirits Here. We Felt we could pull it off. We think our Campaign came along Fine in the final in his statement Warren said Taylor a staff was a disappointed in that we did not run As Strong As Bowles strength was spread through the state. He had the advantage in most of the populous Piedmont counties and in several of the Eastern counties. Taylor and Bowles Early entries in the crowded democratic Field sharpened their party a race late in the Campaign with a series of attacks on each others record As a destined to become North Carolinas Ian a part time lieutenant governor charged that Bowles legislative record on taxes was inconsistent with this Campaign pledge of no new levies. Bowles a businessman and investor replied that he voted for a tax increase at the request of Taylor and gov. Bob Scott. He said a promised Bill to reduce the tax also was dropped at their request. Hobby president of the state Al Cio entered the race As a protest after saying the other candidates were unacceptable. Using the ramada Ign slogan a keep the big boys Hobby attacked big business especially utilities and called for major tax Reform. His candidacy served As an alternative for the Young voters especially those under 21 allowed to vote for the first time in this primary. His Appeal prior to the voting was unknown lying mainly in those persons who had told canvassers they were undecided. Hawkins the Only Black in either primary was making his second Effort to win the democratic nomination. The Charlotte dentist finished third in a three Man race in 1968. The Republican primary Battle Between Gardner and Holshouser offered a contrast in Campaign tactics. Holshouser. Who headed president Nixon a 1%8 Campaign in North Carolina accused Gardner of a flip flopping during the 1968 gubernatorial Campaign he charged that Gardner rejected Nixon supported California gov. Ronald Reagan and flirted with Alabama gov. George Wallace a third party presidential candidacy. Gardner denied his endorsement of Wallace but declined to discuss the allegations further. Instead he countered with repeated Calls for gop Unity. 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