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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile i Ned Clark of High Point by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer a except for the one Day that a Peter came in and i Felt like id been caught sitting in the Bossy chair in be been fairly that is the Way Ned Clark new director of High Point memorial Hospital summarized his first week on the Job. A a Peter is w. R. Peters who retried As director of the Hospital May i after More than 28 years in the hot seat and Clark moved into the top administrative Post last monday. It is not surprising that he feels comfortable in his new position. He has been Well groomed for the Job through professional training and experience Here and in other hospitals. H was assistant director at memorial for the past three years. He takes Over the Hospital at a time when a major expansion phase is being completed but he knows that the Road ahead is going to require Alert driving. A there Are no major problems in sight that need urgent attention but Down the Road there Are tasks of major proportion a he said. A a we be got to explore the feasibility of computerizing major portions of our operations. Primarily this will be in the areas of financial accounting and statistical compilation but clerical functions also will be included a he said. Clark sees a changing role for hospitals already appearing and memorial will play a part. A historically hospitals have concerned themselves mainly with what was contained within their Walls. But now. All Over the nation and throughout government a different View is seen. Hospitals must get involved in the whole spectrum of health to include disease prevention and the preservation of health. I think this is the logical course a he said. Cark believes that undoubtedly some Type of National health insurance will be developed to finance health care in the near future. And he predicts a broader use of supportive health personnel in the future. A we need More medical personnel and i mean phys Ned Clark cans and we need to find a Way to overcome the Mal distribution of the physics we have. A we must develop a broader utilization of supportive people a the semiprofessional and technical workers a he said. He concedes there Are obstacles to such changes. Legal restrictions Are among the obstacles which must be removed he says. Clark pointed out that in memorials emergency division suturing wounds is one of the most common treatments. A patients have to come Back in a week or two to remove the sutures. It is a simple thing to do. A nurses aide can do it As Well As anyone. But the nurse practice act prohibits it being done by an aide a he said. Throughout the medical Field there Are similar restrictions that hinder the utilization of personnel he said. Clark 3f, is a native of Cleveland Ohio. He is a graduate of Bowling Green state University at Bowling Green Ohio with a degree in business administration. He holds a masters degree in Hospital administration from Washington University of St. Louis to. He got his first practical experience in Hospital work in the . Army As an a Ray technician from 1952 to 1954. He has been associated with Hospital administration since that time serving As assistant administrator in hospitals in several midwestern states. He came to North Carolina in 1964 As an assistant administrator of Forsyth memorial Hospital. He joined the High Point memorial staff in july of 1969. Clark is married to the former Barbara Anderson of Washington ind. They have three children Nancy 13, Sarah la and Scott 8. They live at 3902 Beverly Hills or. R an editor s notebook i a urn Freedom and absurd by in Ken Linen Jon is Jones next. There is no utterly free thing in this world. A meandering Stream is controlled by the Force of Gravity and even the vagrant Cloud is directed by the wind. F r Edom therefore is a relative term involving an endless series of compromises with no freedoms. To to a i Freedom for one individual can mean less Freedom for the the Man who employs a gun to ensure his Freedom to use your earnings naturally diminishes your Freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labors. The Freedom to make a left turn from a right hand Lane is discouraged because it jeopardizes the Freedom of other people from pain or Early . When we speak of a free societies a then we imply those compromises with Freedom that Are required for a reasonable degree of order and Progress. A ticket line frustrates the desire of each Stander to have his ticket immediately. But by denying the Freedom that would result in a chaotic shoving match each person progresses in an orderly fashion to his goal. A free institutions Are saddled with the no Freedom of eventual accountability. The right to Experiment i s meaningless unless s o Rne where Down the line an Effort is made to judge an experiments Success. Otherwise the attempt to turn base metals into Gold by witchcraft would have to be deemed As intellectually respectable As lets say the Salk vaccine. One of the fashionable inventions during the past 30 years has been the a free its most fanatic proponents have argued that any degree of regimentation interferes with the child a right to achieve his education a at his own As one Pooh Bah has put it a any teacher these Days who makes a kid March line up sit Down and be quiet is insane to take him from an environment where he is free to be himself and place him in a rigid atmosphere can and does cause All kinds of and perhaps nothing can Ever top the assertion by one High priest of this cult that a to expect every child to learn to read is As unreasonable As to expect every child to play the eventually of course the time for reckoning arrives. Does a chaotic classroom filled with turbulent o r frightened children really produce less neuroses than one in which the kids Are lined up and shushed and will an educational system in which a fourth rate capacity for Finger painting is praised As highly As the Mastery of physics really improve the average ability to Cope in a new Book a free schools a Jonathan k o z o i himself a Veteran free school organizer and teacher reexamines some of the results. He criticizes the a naive noncritical acceptance of the unexamined notion that you cannot teach anything a that the most successful teacher is one who a pretends he knows nothing and has nothing to suggest to , in fact turns himself into a human inductive the conceit by Many rebellious and High educated Young free school teachers from the upper classes that the poor have rejected traditional values As much As they themselves have is illusory says Kozol. He adds a there is not much that a poor Black 14-year-old can do in Boston or new York if he cannot understand a Street sign or read a phone Book. It is too often the Rich College graduate who Speaks three languages at a Price of 16 years of High Cost rigorous and sequential education who is most determined that poor kids should make Clay vases weave Indian headbands and climb Over geodesic even where there is great natural Talent there is no great Art without hard work. Michelangelo steeled himself to the nauseous business of dissecting a embalmed bodies so that the Muscles in his sculptures would be True. Caruso was forever practising and Isaac Stern fiddles incessantly in private. He who is not inheriting Money or is not sufficiently gifted to set himself up As a self supporting Artisan has two options he must either learn to follow the instructions of a Boss or be prepared to live a precarious life on Charity. Pleasing a Boss often Means doing a thing that is Dull or difficult or both. The child raised under an educational theory in which his attention Span is never stretched by discipline and in which piddling is praised As highly As real accomplishment will be ill prepared to develop marketable skills. Then we must ask ourselves this fundamental question will the Freedom to be no educated produce less frustration and More self satisfaction than that degree of no Freedom which is necessary to perform services which society will respect and pay for the answer should b e obvious. Measure of the schools by or. Benjamin Fine North american newspaper Alliance new York the open admissions policy which offers a College education to anyone who wants one is gaining ground in this country. Evidence thus far available indicates that motivation is More important than grades in profiting from a College education. The effectiveness of the standardized admissions tests based on the Scholastic aptitude test the High school Grade average the students rank in class and other typical methods of evaluating whether a student is eligible for admission is questioned by Jerome Karabel a member of the american Council on education a office of research. His study appearing in the councils current a educational record a questions the value of existing admissions standards. Standard admissions measures Are imperfect not Only As predictive mechanisms but also As indicators of what a student learns in College. Although they give a rough estimate of probable freshman grades the grades themselves Are rather meaningless from Many Points of View. A recent study carried out at the University of Georgia suggests that students who were receiving is or failing grades might in fact have been learning As much or More than students with higher grades. The implications Are far ranging it seems Likely that institutions Are excluding Many thousands of students who would profit significantly from further education. Conventional measures Are even less effective in predicting attrition. A study of University of Illinois students found that one out of three who were in the Bottom half of their High school class in ability managed to graduate from College. Yet Many of these students Are precisely the ones who would be excluded by Standard admissions criteria. Even if conventional measures were infallible predictors the importance of College Grade Point average itself would remain questionable. Studies have shown that College grades have no More than a very modest correlation with adult Success no matter How defined. Neither spa nor educational attainment such seems to have More than limited applicability to the occupational world. Based on these studies or. Karabel observes Standard measures of Scholastic aptitude or academic achievement May been inappropriate Means of determining who should enter College. Test scores and High school grades Are subject to a Large measure of error in predicting spa Are even less accurate in predicting dropouts and May have almost no Validity in predicting educational growth. The pertinence of spa to actual Job performance is highly dubious. Moreover the whole Circle of tests and grades ignores other critical human capacities. A but what will happen to academic standards if we admit just anyone to College a ask critics of open admissions. The Banner of academic standards has led the main line of attack against open admissions. According to those who raise this objection abolishing selectivity in admissions will result in debasing the level of instruction in american higher education. But of course open admissions is nothing new for the Rich. The wealthy student has always been Able to get into College somewhere. Secondary school students from the Bottom ability quartile have Long been going to College their admission ticket was their ability to pay the Price. Part of the confusion Over academic standards results from a failure to distinguish Between a student s performance level at the Point of entry and his level at graduation. The highly selective College insures its own Success if it accepts Only those whose talents have already been demonstrated. Can the University take credit when Many of its students were already performing at or near graduation level when they entered according to the Karabel report the crucial question becomes whether those institutions willing to accept students whose Success is not insured can maintain their current academic standards. High Point Enterprise sunday May 7, 1972 a changing of the guard by Robert Marks the Monument to the life of j. Edgar Hoover is the mystique of integrity he created about the Federal Bureau of investigation. The tragedy is that this integrity was seriously compromised by Hoover himself in the final years of his life. There is substance to the mystique of course. Hoover was 29 years old when in 1924, he was appointed director of the Fri. Through the next two decades he reformed and rebuilt the Agency into a Model of thoroughness and efficiency. He also led the Fri through its National crime Laboratory and its training Academy in upgrading police work in cities and towns across the country. It is upon these achievements that Hoover was worthy of the Public adulation which he received. After the second world War however cracks appeared in the facade of the Fri and its director. So careful in the beginning about keeping politics out of the Fri Hoover himself imbued the Agency with his own politics. At his Best his Public politics was a simple unquestioning old fashioned kind of americanism at its worst in the administration of the Fri it was narrow provincial and autocratic. In time Hoover seemed to regard anyone who disagreed with government policy or his own ideas about that policy As subversive. Consequently the Fri today has volumes of files filled with information about the habits thoughts actions and associations of a vast number of american citizens great and Small. His debilitating leadership of the Fri in his last years is evident in the fact that there is no apparent successor to Hoover within the Agency itself. In his personal life. Hoover was very nearly unimpeachable. He was a Bachelor meticulous in his habits. In his administration of the Fri he was the bureaucrat Par excellence. He guided the Agency in its growth from 500 employees to More than 16,000. Except for the Pentagon the largest government building in Washington is the new Fri Headquarters now under construction. The Agency nominally operates within the department of Justice under the direction of the attorney general. Hoover so built his favor among the Public however that he got what he wanted from the Public and from Congress no matter How the attorney general or even the president might have Felt about it. Hoover served his country Well. But it was a service that passed the Point of diminishing returns. His death at 77, leaves the Fri at another critical Point in its history. The Choice of his successor is crucial for the new director will face in a More Subtle and difficult Way very much the same Challenge Hoover did in 1924 to rebuild and Reform the Fri into a Model Law enforcement Agency. Farewell to a Good Friend by Braxton Younts one morning around 12 30, quite a few years ago our Home Telephone began an insistent ringing. Stumbling out of bed. I finally managed to quiet the strident ringing by answering the blamed thing. A voice on the other end first asked a what Are you doing in bed at this hour a Why Arentt you out on 1-85?�?� the raucous voice continued. A you better get out there there s a Man pinned in a car that has been rolled up under a tractor trailer. Its Between Kivett drive and Vickrey sleepily i asked a you said Between Surrett drive and where a if i had been sleepy and Dopey before asking that question i was quickly and sufficiently brought to full consciousness by the yelled out replay a a whats matter with you Wake up a i said Between Kivett drive and Vickrey Chapel a the Man on the other end was chief Clyde Wilkerson of the Guil Rand fire dept and Rescue squad. Before he had finished with the Brief conversation he had aroused me and started me on my Way. That was one of the earliest of Many late night Calls the chief made to my Home phone telling of some event that he figured i would want to know about. Always he had a kidding manner that made the onerous task of getting out at unearthly hours easier. But he never apologized. Clyde Felt that it he had to get out Why i might As Well also. That is one of the several things about him that i greatly admired. Another trait which i liked was his earthy Way of getting things across. Like his a listen Snake face you done to know anything. A and then he would explain what i needed to know. To say that Clyde had no opinions would be like saying that dogs Are Flea less. He had opinions on just about anything and would voice them All and sundry. His and my thoughts on Many subjects were at great variance and a Fine time was had by All in our conversations. Many times we would lock horns at the fire station und have at each other with a Friendly vengeance. On several occasions health department nurses would be there to administer shots for up coming first graders and these women they said would often wonder if we were not coming to blows. So what i am trying to say is that i lost one of my truly Good friends last monday at 1 45 a m. Though retired at the time of his death he never lost his interest in firefighting and in helping others and in being argumentative All the while. I shall miss the Comra Derie greatly. Never having been too sure of feelings regarding Daylight saving time i still have not been Able to make up my mind. I certainly hated to give up that hour of sleep lost last sunday and i still dislike intensely this thing of rising prior to the Sun. But on the other hand these longer Daylight evenings certainly Are Nice. And i realize that Ere Long the Sun will again beat me up at 6 a m. So i suppose the main objection on my part is the resistance to change a because after All i will regain that lost hour next october. Wade Johnson Davidson county a agent had this to say recently about Davidson s Small grains. It Wasny to a Good Winter for Small Grain and some North Carolina Farmers Are concerned that production May be below Normal when Harvest season arrives. A some of our Davidson county growers Are rather discouraged with the crop Outlook a commented Johnson. He explained that some growers planted on what they considered Good seeding dates but the warm mild weather caused excessive growth. The unusual warm Damp weather during the Winter resulted in disease problems such As yellowing in Oats and yellow Dwarf in Barley. Johnson added that two severe freezes in which temperatures fell to near Zero caused damage to the tender growth. A and we believe the late freezes in april probably have caused further damage a he said. At this stage late seeded Grain looks better than that seeded Early last fall. Davidson Datuin the Success of trite Ness by Ven Carver Thomasville what can you say about a rickety old plot that has been converted into a hugely successful movie and novel that is trite. That it is Sac Caprine. That it has no relation to reality. That you can manage Reading it Only if you detach your faculties and allow yourself to Drift into unconscious fantasy. If you happen to be an author named Erich Segal you probably done to say any of these things. Because Erich Segal took the worlds oldest and most maudlin Story set it Down in unreadable prose and through prudent marketing launched the biggest Best seller in publishing history. If you happen to be one of 47 students at Thomasville senior High school you likewise probably have Little criticism for a love Story a the title of Segalos slender Tome. In a poll conducted by the Thomasville Branch of the Davidson county Public Library 47 votes were cast for a love Story a the most popular Book. The number May not seem staggering especially when you consider it accounts for less than to per cent of the total of 513 students participating in the poll. On the other hand you must also consider the Quantity of material published since the Gutenburg Bible came off the press More than half a Mill mum ago. From this perspective the fact 47 out of 513 persons selected the same Book is somewhat remarkable. For those who chose not to Check their sensibilities for a trip through the banalities of a love Story a a Brief synopsis Here follows. Efficiently enough the narrative relates the problems of a Young couple who marry Over the strenuous protests of the boys wealthy parents. You see. He is part of a Long line of Boston Blue bloods and dad does t want him cluttering up the family tree with foreign names like Caville. After the wedding the two graduate from College he from Harvard she from Radcliffe. The boy whose name is Oliver goes to Law school while Jenny the girl works to support them. They live near poverty since Oliver has severed ties with both his father and his fathers Money. Upon finishing Law school. Oliver becomes a Junior partner in a new York Legal firm dedicated t o correcting social injustices. But he is highly paid enabling him and Jennifer to consume conspicuously. At this Point tragedy strikes. Jenny is stricken with leukaemia. She Withers and Dies. Prudently Oliver then patches up his quarrel with dad just in time to inherit millions. Sprinkled throughout a love Story Are obscenities not usually found in such treacle. For instance when Oliver takes Jenny to meet his parents she exclaims. A holy Hibiscus i bet you have serfs living substitute a Short Angelo Saxon profanity for the remainder of the dialogue is equally precious. From Caville the Thomasville Library poll takes us to Corleone. Not surprisingly the no. 2 Book on the popularity list is a the godfather a with 40 votes

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