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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 6, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair and Warner Mara data on Raga a a i yeah a no. 127 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., saturday afternoon May 6, 1972 16 pages Call us circulation. 182-1719 classified ado .us-2177 All Othor departments us-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c tar heels cast votes by Noel Yancey associated press writer Raleigh apr the torrid race Between . Sen. B. Everett Jordan and rep. Galifianakis for the democratic senatorial nomination stole the show on the last Day of North Carolinas primary election Campaign. The to do Over the Senate seat came As presidential candidates Terry Sanford and George Wallace and a Host of other candidates for office ranging from county commissioner to governor got in their last licks in preparation for today a voting. The polls which opened at 6 30 ., will close at 7 30 p.m., and the Weatherman has promised pleasant weather across the state. Elections director Alex Brock has predicted a record turnout of 1.3 million votes. Brock said reports from the counties indicated Many voters perhaps As Many As 40 to 45 per cent were still undecided As the time to vote arrived. The Jordan Galifianakis race took Center stage when Jordan Headquarters announced that sen. Sam Ervin d-., had issued a statement supporting Jordan. Galifianakis promptly challenged the Ervin statement As something the senior senator had said about Jordan in the Senate last fall. This turned out to be the Case. But the upshot of it All was that Ervin issued another statement saying a ast have repeatedly informed congressman Galifianakis i favor the nomination of sen. Jordan As the democratic nominee for the United states a last minute foray into the state by Wallace and comments he made at Greenville Drew a charge of a a smear tactics from Sanford. Wallace told a crowd at Greenville that Sanford had contributed $1,000 to a pro busing group in Florida. Sanford promptly denied this and said his contribution went to a group that had nothing to do with busing. As the voters decided Between the candidates one thing seemed certain. That was that a second primary june 3 will be needed to decide on the democratic nominations for governor lieutenant governor and commissioners of insurance and labor. Most observers agreed that the front runners in the race for the democratic nomination for governor were la. Gov. Pat Taylor and former state sen. Skipper Bowles and that they would Likely meet in a Runoff. Others seeking the democratic gubernatorial nomination included Wilbur Hobby state Al Cio president or. Reginald Hawkins a negro dentist from Charlotte Gene Leggett of markers Island and Zeb Vance Dickson of Eden. In his Appeal for votes Taylor pointed to his 17 years of experience in the legislature and As lieutenant governor. Bowles made much Hay with a pledge to oppose any state tax increases. Taylor said he does not want to see taxes increased but said he would not hesitate to recommend them if he was convinced they were necessary. Hobby campaigned on a slogan that he would a keep the big boys he said big business gets favors from the state and he would Stop it. The Republican gubernatorial race was enlivened by a contest Between two Well known figures Jim Holshouser and Jim Gardner both former state gop chairmen. Holshouser has served several terms in the general Assembly and Gardner is remembered for running a Strong race against gov. Bob Scott four years ago. In his Campaign Holshouser pointed to his legislative experience and charged that Gardner had flirted with third party candidate Wallace four years ago. Gardner brushed aside these accusations by saying he voted for president Nixon in 1968. He called for Republican Unity and predicted he would see tar on Rife la Sanford or Wallace hear Plesku n. Viets strike Highlands base by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a enemy troops firing tear rockets and mortars wrecked a South vietnamese brigade Headquarters defending the Central Highlands capital of Plesku today inflicting heavy casualties on government forces and killing an american adviser during hand to hand fighting. Associated press correspondent David j. Paine reported from fire base 42�?on contested Highway 14 about seven Miles North of a Leikus that Well after Daylight smoke was still pouring from the command Post Bunker which was a main target of the rocket and sapper attack and from other bunkers and positions which had been badly hit. The Saigon command announced 80 government defenders were killed or wounded in the fire base attack. Field reports said there were at least 27 dead among the casualties. Several artillery pieces also were destroyed by the rampaging sappers. Maj. Michael Haynes 35, an american adviser from Columbus ga., who survived the attack told Paine the defenders counted 36 enemy dead inside the base and picked up 22 of their weapons. Haynes said the american fires kept hot on. Itt matter armed for Retreat a South vietnamese Soldier carrying four weapons walks along route one recently during trek South near Quang Tri. In background is refugee who left the City and was heading for the old Imperial City of Hue. Am wire photo Marathon Hijacker jumps from plane Over Mexico Mexico City map a skyjacker bailed out of an Eastern air lines jetliner Over a Remote mexican Jungle today after a Marathon hijacking that began Friday morning in Pennsylvania. A spokesman for Eastern in Mexico City Hank Nieto said the sky pirate jumped from the Airliner near Yoro a Village along the Border Between Mexico and British Honduras. The aircraft earlier had flown to Belize British Honduras at the hijackers command but headed Back to Mexico without Landing. After the Hijacker bailed out the plane flew 80 Miles to Merida Mexico and landed with the Crew All reported in Good condition. Nieto said it was presumed the skyjacker jumped with the $303,000 in Ransom which he took on during a Stop in Washington . The Hijacker also had six parachutes two Bush knives two jump suits two crash Hel mets food drink and cigarettes delivered to him when tie freed the 48 passengers and one stewardess in Washington. Eastern spokesmen raid the Fri had a fingerprint which they hoped would give identification of the Hijacker. Meanwhile. They said Only that he was 45 years old and a Veteran of Vietnam. The Captain and the Crew had been with the plane since it left Allentown pa., at to a in. Friday. The Hijacker rejected a plea that a fresh Crew be substituted in new Orleans. The plane left new Orleans almost exactly five hours after the Hijacker landed. The plane a Boeing 727, had a full tank of fuel and a Range of about 1.500 Miles approximately the distance to Belize. A the Hijacker seems to have a very Well thought out plan a said Robert Martin an Eastern executive in new Orleans. A i think he has this thing pretty Well figured Martin referred to the deft Maneu vers by the Hijacker and the specific requests he had made some of them couched in language indicating he knew How to Fly the jetliner himself. By Dick Barnes associated press writer Washington a itt president Harold s. Geneen discussed economic and antitrust matters with former White House adviser Peter g. Peterson around the time Peterson picked an itt director As sole trustee of his personal Fortune. Peterson now Secretary of Commerce picked As his trustee Felix g. Rohatyn a Long time acquaintance who also met with White House and Justice department officials in connection with a controversial antitrust Case concerning International Telephone is Telegraph corp. Critics later decried government handling of the antitrust Case and itts offer of financial help in connection with the 1972 Republican National convention. Lengthy Senate hearings and a delay on a vote that would confirm Richard g. Kleindienst As attorney general resulted. During Senate confirmation hearings last february for the Commerce Post Peterson said that Rohatyn was his trustee. Hie hearings were two weeks before Rohatyn came to nation the under Hijacker s gun plane taken to Havana presidential primary carries big message by Gregg Herrington associated press writer Raleigh . Apr More than one million North Carolina democrats casting ballots today in the states first presidential primary Are sending the rest of the country a message in the form of George c. Wallace or Terry Sanford. Alabama gov. Wallace is considered a slim favorite Over former North Carolina gov. Sanford but nearly All political observers in the state predict a narrow margin. At stake for Sanford 54-year-old president of Duke University in Durham. N.c., is his aspiration to go to the democratic convention in july As the party a most Likely Compromise should a deadlock develop. Wallace who has surprised even himself with his successes in primaries so far this year is risking his string of victories Over other democrats in the South. He won the Florida and Tennessee primaries this year and in the 1968 presidential election Here Wallace running As a third party candidate heat Democrat Hubert Humphrey but lost to Republican Richard Nixon. Also at stake Are North Carolina s 64 first ballot votes at the party convention in Miami Beach. Hwy will be divided in proportion to the vote among the top four finishers who collect 15 per cent or More of the democratic vote. However Only Sanford and Wallace Are expected to finish that High. Texas democrats also begin today the process of choosing convention delegates with voters gathering in precinct conventions. Tiey also vote in a primary to choose a nominee for governor and senator. Former sen. Ralph Yarborough is heavily favored to get the nomination to oppose Republican sen. John Tower. New York rep. Shirley Chisholm has also been campaigning in North Carolina but is expected to draw less than to per cent of the democratic vote. Sens. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine and Henry Jackson of Washington Are also on the ballot but both have stopped their primary campaigns after poor showings in earlier contests. In the Republican presidential primary president Nixon is certain to win overwhelmingly against rep. Paul n. Mccloskey of California who dropped out of the Campaign weeks ago but remains on the ballot. Elsewhere in the scramble f o r democratic convention delegates Mcgovern appeared to be doing better than expected in Oklahoma a precinct balloting Friday night. A spot Check of eight key counties showed Mcgovern running ahead of All other candidates and Humphrey second. Miami. Fla. A a Pis to o 1-wielding Hijacker. Who railed against . Involvement in Indochina forced a Western airlines 737 jetliner with 61 persons aboard to Fly to Cuba today. The plane landed at Havana Airport at 7 37 ., the Federal aviation administration in Miami reported a we have no other details a a spokesman said. A fall we know is that it is on the ground in Havana earlier the plane had landed at Tampa for a 50-minute refuelling Stop. The 6-foot, 200-Pound Hijacker took Over the plane Friday in route from Salt Lake City to los Angeles where he let la passengers off and first asked to be taken to Hanoi North Vietnam then decided on Cuba instead. The plane flew to Dallas and was refuelled and Given a fresh Crew before leaving today for Tampa. The gunman claimed in a note he delivered in los Angeles that the hijacking was the work of a several heavily armed members of the anti imperialist movement who were threatening additional hijackings if . Military intervention in Indochina continues but Western officials said they believed Only one person was actively involved in the Hijack. A Western spokesman said his note further threatened a the skies of America will not be Safe again until the . Government ceases its aggression against the people of the aircraft arrived in Dallas at 1217 . and was refuelled about the time a new Crew arrived from los Angeles at about 1 30 a Wide prominence through hearings in the itt Case. First As assistant to the president for International economic affairs and executive director of the Council on International economic policy and now As Commerce Secretary Peterson is vitally involved in matters of interest to itt a giant worldwide conglomerate. Geneen in a letter to the Senate judiciary committee March 28, said he met with Peterson in april 1971 and discussed antitrust policy balance of payments policy International Trade policy productivity and expropriation policy. He said at a meeting in mid-1971, they discussed International monetary policy foreign investment policy International Trade policy and expropriation policy. Rohatyn is a general partner of the investment firm of Izzard Freres and co. And an itt director. He and Peterson were acquainted Peterson said because Lazard Freres handled some financing for Bell and Howell Peterson a former employer. They entered into the Trust agreement in May 1971, four months after Peterson joined the White House staff. Peterson a holdings were Worth nearly $1.5 million in february. Rohatyn invests the assets without telling Peterson what is held. This so called Blind Trust arrangement commonly is used by wealthy Public officials and is designed to avoid conflict of interest. Adviser was killed in the command Bunker by shrapnel. The South vietnamese attempt to reopen the vital 25-mile Highway 14 Supply line Between Plesku and Korntum appeared to have collapsed. South vietnamese infantrymen were driven off the Chu Mountain which dominates the Highway at a Point seven Miles South of Korntum after a Day of heavy fighting. A Small fight broke out a Bare two Miles Northwest of Korntum City said to be an objective of the enemy offensive. On the Northern front Field reports said soviet built 130mm artillery guns with a Range of 17 Miles had been spotted within striking distance of the old Imperial capital of Hue expected to be North Vietnam a next major Northern target. U. S. F i Gate a bombers knocked out three of the big guns. But fighting also was reported near fire base Birmingham on the Western approaches to the City at a spot about 12 Miles from the limits. In Cambodia the High command reported that 165 rockets mortars and recoilless Rifle shells were fired at phenom penh in the biggest barrage of the War against the cambodian capital. At least six persons were killed and 16 wounded initial reports from the command said. Associated press correspondent Robin Mannock reported that soon after the rockets hit thousands of civilians abandoned their Homes and fled into the streets with their household belongings. Pedicab were piled High with mattresses sewing machines and cooking pots. Women and children squatted in dirt roadways beside their treasured possessions wrapped in cloth bundles. Some rockets started several fires in the Western sector of the City. More than a half dozen rockets hit Poch Entong International Airport starting a Large fire Between two hangars. A spotter plane was set afire. One rocket hit the Home of an american Diplomat near the Airport but he and his family escaped injury. Some americans also were evacuated from Homes near the scene of the fighting. . Command records say american air losses in the offensive Are 30 planes and 35 helicopters with 32 americans killed 56 missing and 18 wounded. Many of the missing Are presumed dead. Kissinger makes peace journey by Frank Cormier associated pros writer Washington a the White House accusing communist negotiators of a bad Faith a has acknowledged that Henry a. Kissinger was in Paris tuesday for secret talks with Hanoi sle due Tho. The latest undercover journey by president Nixon a much travelled assistant for National Security affairs was confirmed Friday night after members of american peace groups in Paris quoted a communist official As disclosing the Mission. Ronald l. Ziegler White House press Secretary said the United states wanted to make a Public announcement of Kissinger a Quick round trip flight to the French capital. But he said the american Side relented when the comm what s inside paths of hijacked planes Cross near a Tanta at wire to to amusements 4b Bride a 3b classified ads 4-7b comics so crossword a editorials 4a obituaries 3a sports 1-3b t Olow Lii in a weather a lists a urgently requested that the development be kept under wraps. Referring to the Paris disclosure of Kissinger a visit Ziegler said of the North vietnamese and Viet Cong negotiators a i would just say this is another example of their bad the Kissinger journey tuesday was followed in two Days by the suspension of the Paris talks by the United states and the Saigon government. It appears a top level assessment of Kissinger a secret soundings prompted that action. The lengthening Shadow of the Vietnam War is prompting increased speculation Here that Nixon May feel it necessary to cancel plans for Summit talks in Moscow starting May 22. Officials were unwilling to acknowledge that the War could derail the Summit Nixon has zealously pursued for Many months although they Are Quick to Point to the soviet Union As the major arms supplier for Hanoi a current offensive in South Vietnam. At the Pentagon thursday spokesman Jerry w. Friedheln said Gen. Creighton Abrams authority As . Commander in Vietnam gives him the option to take any action necessary to protect american fighting men in South Vietnam

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