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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 2

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, High Point, North Carolina I have been a has been All my life and i certainly dont appreciate it when people done to respect me including the Guy in the army with the pile Driver right. Being a has been Means something important to the people who Are has beens. I mean to be a has been you have to have first a a been something so you could get to be a the Way i figure it it is better to has been a has been than never to has been at All. I said a few minutes ago that i have been a has been All my life. I May have stretched that a Little because if it came right Down to it in a not real sure i could say for a definite fact what i was before i became a has been. I asked some of the Guys at the office if they could help me decide what i was before i became a has been. They said a you has been a perfect rear end All your Ever Loving it was the first time i had Ever realized that Thev considered me a perfect anything. It also was the first time i had noticed what Lousy English they use. In my time i have known some notable has beens. But one of the Best has beens i know of is the first Guy to Ever Fly the Atlantic Ocean by himself. You know old what name. Of course there Are a lot of people who would make real Good has beens who Are not. For instance. In be heard some people say that the president of the United states himself would make somebody an awfully Good has been. Ill bet he sure would be tickled Pink if somebody would make that perfectly Clear. Personally i wouldst mind being a has been president. Seeing As How they get $25,000 a Vear retirement. Shucks. I d has been 24 hours a Day for that kind of Money. I have thought about organizing the has beens in this town and maybe we could do some Good like take a tour or have a bake Sale. But i decided against it. You go doing Good and the first thing you know people quit calling you a has been and Start calling you a do gooder which will ruin your reputation quicker than anything i know of. City Lake campers prepare their morning meal the Woods and Fields at High Point City Lake Are dotted with tents and camper trailers this weekend As Over too families participate in the annual camping workshop sponsored by Parks and recreation and High Point College. While or. And mrs. Herman Hines of Reidsville left and Ruth Jones of High Point travelled Only Short distances to reach the area some participants travelled hundreds of Miles from several Southeastern states. The groups began arriving Friday and will say their Good byes about noon today. A full pro Gram was planned to fill every moment of the weekend and while mom and dad took part there was supervised play periods for the younger children. Some of the programs included fishing Technics roughing it outdoor cooking group singing Square dancing nature classes and Many others. Staff photo by Sonny Hedgecock the High Point Enterprise sunday morning May 7, 1972. Page 2-a Superior court Here capital offences Are on docket three capital offence cases appear on next weeks docket for criminal Superior court which will get under w a monday at to . The honorable James m. Long of Yanceyville will be the presiding judge. Mytrolene g. Ruffin 33. Of Morgan Street will stand trial on a charge that she murdered Theodore Buba Coleman 25, Jan. I. Coleman was dead on arrival at High Point memorial Hospital after being stabbed with a Butcher knife in the upper left portion of his Chest. Officers said the knife severed a major blood vessel. Charles Gaither Gill 26. Of tank place is charged with setting fire to an apartment to is . 4 at 719 English re. Gill is accused of setting fire to the House while his wife Gloria Gill four other adults and four children were asleep. Two High Point police discovered the fire and pounded on the door until they aroused those inside then helped them get to safety. Wilford Odell Hamlin 35, of Aview from the nation s capital Colter s Moi an Enterprise Daft writer a compto int Miti Point camper of com More Doie Otien Tath National convention in Wai Hinton do. By Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer i was among the five High pointers who joined about 4.500 other people from across the nation last week at the chamber of Commerce of the United states National convention in Washington . It was an experience which gave each of us an Opportunity to step aside from local problems for a few Days in order to see these against the background of events taking place across the nation. We found High Point measures up very Well in comparison to other come unities. In addition we were Able to get a glimpse of some of the economic and political forces shaping events and to come to a broader understanding of the problems and needs which concern people across the nation. The co Venmon included a rewarding visit to the Kennedy Center for the performing arts As a Bonus after two and a half Days of one meeting after another sometimes in crowded poorly ventilated rooms. The High Point delegation was headed by Phillip Dixon. Chamber of Commerce president. It included Edward Hardin and Fred Lambeth both vice presidents and Ronald Howlett assistant manager of the local chamber of Commerce. We were among a North Carolina delegation which proved to be the largest from any state and the largest Ever from North Carolina we saw people from states in every area of the United states and from foreign countries including Japan Thailand. Argentina. Belgium Ireland Venzuela. Argentina Mexico and Canada and still did t see nearly All the name tags. The convention goers included Archie Davis of Winston Salem outgoing National president. The new president is William s. Lowe of Mexico. To. Those who came to this 60th annual meeting moved by bus from meeting Hall to meeting Hall in a Washington where part of the route was Over a pm Ank Road caused by subway construction. Weather conditions were pleasant and the Flowers and Trees were brightly in Bloom and the White House had its usual array of demonstrators. Dixon pointed to the key difference Between this years event and those of the past few years was that the emphasis has turned from internal problems to world situation. Two years ago he explained the great emphasis was on people in communities but this year it was More on the total country problems and not on individual problems. Dixon was particularly impressed with a statement emphasizing that the nation now has a big government big Industry and big labor but not free Enterprise a the Little Man. Dixon said a is caught in a squeeze Between the he also agreed with economists that things Are on the upswing. In fact he said. High Point and North Carolina a have been in an enviable position Over the past few years with unemployment rates Well below the National average. The entire High Point delegation was impressed with an opening session talk by Davis. U. S. Secretary of state William p. Rogers who followed him. Noted the value of a healthy Economy in building foreign to icy. Davis urged businessmen to a stand up and be counted in urging that labor and management work together so that neither receives preferential treatment. He emphasized the need for governmental responsibility he attacked a unbridled Power of labor organization so and he called for better productive efforts to provide More for less. The entire North Carolina delegation had dinner with the state s Congressi Ona delegation at what has now become a tradition Guilford c o n g r Essman Richardson Preyer was present. But neither of the states two senators was there. That evening session was one of the highlights of mondays activities. Other events that Day included opening activities a luncheon session on economics and an afternoon session u r g n g involvement in the political process. Sunday was largely an arrival Day. It did include a visit to the chamber of Commerce of the United states Headquarters for a reception in a great a i which reminded one of the mall of an ancient Castle. Tuesday brought an event new to a chamber o f Commerce a National meeting a prayer breakfast. It was followed by a session urging businessmen to strengthen he their voice to the people a luncheon pointing up the Energy crisis which faces the National and afternoon a action forums on a variety of issues taxation corrections and Public emn Loye Abor disputes All from the Point of View of business. Frankly All the High Point delegation did no to attend All the meeting but they weren to alone. Some used their time to visit congressmen or governmental agencies. The zone with its pandas was a popular place As were the downtown shopping area and the restaurant and places of entertainment. The High Point delegation travelled by air. And stayed at the Washington Hilton hotel convention Headquarters and site of Many of its meetings. Winslow Street is to be tried on a charge of first degree burglary. He was arrested in november 1971, on a charge he entered a Davis Street residence at night while the Home was occupied. District court judge Kenneth Carrington quashed a he first warrant against Hamlin ruling that it was improperly drawn. However officers then went to the grand jury and obtained a True Bill against Hamlin. Two 18-year-old Meadow place residents Are charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery. They Are Samuel Lee Newcomb and Frank Walton Hudson or. Ralph Williams of Street told officers in january that the two boys knocked on his door and when he opened it the boys walked in. Williams said one had his hand in his pocket and said this is i Holdup give us your Money. Williams said he refused and went to a bedroom to get a weapon and when he returned the would be robbers were leaving. There Are a total of 38 defendants on the docket some having More than one Case. Among those other defendants is Willie Richard Spears of Willow place. Spears is aced of Possession of a narcotic drug heroin and illegal Possession of a hypodermic Needle and syringe. Swimming class visited parents attended an open House last week at the Myca to View the Progress of their children in the fun and fitness school. Some of those participating in the program were instructor Gayle Snyder and students Gary Ballard and Bart Wilson in water and instructor Kathy Shimonis and student Becky Hathcox. The coed program for preschoolers includes classroom instruction As Well As swimming. I Suh photo by Sonny Hodge Coc disposal unit is planned new Greensboro a solid waste disposal facility is expected to be in operation East of High Point around the Freaky Auto accidents just make you Ponder i have heard of enough Freaky things involving automobiles lately to prompt me to say something about them to you. If the department of motor vehicles wants to Reward me for it i have to have my License renewed by next saturday and they might remembers that i tried to promote driveway and parking lot safety As Well As doing my part on the Highway. The first involves a teacher attending a banquet at the Hilton inn in Greensboro last week. When some of my friends and i drove up we saw a fellow teacher s car pointed at a crazy Angle half in a parking space and Halfway out in the parking lot. A Why in the world did she part like that a someone commented. Just As we noticed that the Back wheel was being held in position by a giant wad of paper the teacher came hurrying out. She had been seated at the banquet when the announcement was made that a red Volkswagen was running a round drive less in the parking lot. I never Learned for sure what happened but i think that it slipped into another gear after she had parked it and took off across the parking lot. Luckily it did not hit any other cars or anybody some Quick thinking person had Slid the wad of paper under the Back wheel to prevent it from rolling further. The second incident involves the answer a local Man got last week when he called Home to see How things were going. His wife answered in a somewhat shaky voice and the husband asked if anything was we Rong. A Honey Quot she sobbed a i think eve run Over it took him a few minutes of talking to realize she Wasny to being funny. It seems that she had driven up in the driveway opened the car door and leaned out to pick up the evening paper a As she had done Many times before. But this time she leaned a Little too far fell out of the automobile and the car rolled Back Over both of her legs. She recalls seeing the car door pass right Over her head. She came out of the Freak Accident with Only bruises no fractures or broken Bones but with a bad Case of the shakes. She also vowed a and urges everyone else to do the same a not to try the Little trick of picking up the paper like that again. Around n of pfc by Faye Marks another family recalls that one night Al dinner they got a Call from the neighbors across the Street. A look out the window a they said. A you won t believe they ran to the window and sure enough they did no to believe it. Their sons Small sports car had rolled Down the Steep incline of their driveway and had travelled a path smack Down Between the neighbors two cars parked out in front of their House. That the neighbor s two cars happened to be a Mercedes Benz and a new Cadillac just purchased made everyone concerned think the Little sports car had a lot going for it in the brains department. It did t even touch either of the cars although it came within inches of both and came to rest on an Azalea Bush. Perhaps the Best Story involving emergency brakes failing involves a Secretary from Thomasville who looked out her window while she was fixing breakfast several years ago and saw her car going past the window. She wondered who was taking it out so Early in the morning when she realized she was the Only one there. Hardly anyone would Stop to dress in a situation like that and she did t. It was Only after the car was safely Back in the garage that she realized she had run out in the Yard and Down the Street Clad Only in her slip. I done to think her neighbors or co workers have Ever let her forget it. Its nothing Short of amazing in All these incidents that no one was seriously injured no other automobiles were damaged and the automobiles themselves came out without a scratch. There a no Way to explain the timing navigation and pure Luck of the cars and owners a except to say that somebody somewhere was surely watching Over them. First of the year. This is the target Date toward which the Guilford county solid waste disposal committee pointed wednesday during a meeting Here. By that time Guilford county High Point and Greensboro officials Hope a facility capable of handling at least 300 tons of solid waste materials each Day can be erected on High Point City property East of the City. County commissioner Robert Shaw who serves As chairman of the solid waste disposal committee said planning Calls for use of a conveyor unit to carry pulverized waste from the grinder unit to the Landfill area. Use of the conveyor will eliminate the need for Purchase of expensive vehicles to haul waste from the pulverized facility to the land fill and the need to pay an operator of the motorized equipment. Officials attending wednesdays meeting indicated they plan a 200-foot covered conveyor system to cover the distance Between the grinder unit itself and the actual Landfill site. They explained that the covering is necessary in order to keep waste materials from blowing. The High Point Enterprise established 1884 published i vary of Tor noon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise inc 210 Church Avenue High Point in c. 27261 member of the associated press rates by mail payable in Advance i or. 6 to. 3 to. I to. Doily and sunday s31.20 $15 60 $7 80 s2.60 sunday Only $13.00 s6.s0s1.15 doily Only $23.40 s11.70 $5.83 si.95 by Carrier wkly $.60 monthly $2.60 or. $31.20 mail subscription in . Sublet to 3% Kotos Fox. Tho associated press it on titled to thus for reproduction of Oil local news printed in this newspaper of Wail of Oil a news dispatches. Entered of second Doss matter of the Post office. High Point . Under act of Morch 3, 1879. Second class postage paid at High Point . Ari carriers dealers Ond distributors or Independent contractors and Tho High Point Enterprise inc. Is not responsible for Advance subscription pay ments mod to them or their repro sedatives. For Horn delivery Rote Contact your local Carrier. Word Giffith company Noho nol advertising representatives cd a a l by Forrest Cates it makes me mad As everything when i hear somebody Call somebody else a understand it does no to make me mad enough to fight because i Haven to been mad enough to fight since the Guy in the army with me during world War ii let his canteen cup slip and poured ice cold lemonade Down my neck and i got a fat lip finding out that just because he was careless with his cup did t mean that he did no to have a right Hook like a pile Driver. What in a saying is that just because a Guy is a has been does no to mean that he be respected

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