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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 6, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page four i ii 11 i to i i to \ i Uii i Yjih Iuo i ctr i j 11 it f i i i n m u i y i Ign Point Enterprise pub had for Noons and sunday Mornier j. P Rawley publisher 1915�?1937 b. Terry president a. Rawley Sec a and Tress Emmett a Cecil Gen mgr. Pus m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier to High Point and nearby town Elve month. 810.41 months. It 5 20 rep month. I 2 of e month. 90 e week. .20 Carrier in nearby town Are not permitted to collect for More than one sek in Advance Carriere in City a not permitted to col for a period of More than five weeks la uber Letlon for a longer period la desired Ament should be made direct to office in associated press is exclusively coed to the use for republication of All 7# dispatches credited to it or not other a credited in this paper and also the a1 news published therein member of audit Bureau of circulation tiered As second Claes matter at the Toffice a High Point n a. Under the of Congress of March 8, 1872._ National adv represent tiv the John Hudd co. 420 Lexington ave. New Yoi a City monday. May 6. 1940. Jef Lurhl and of he smite him with an inst in ent of Iron an that lie die he is a orderer the murderer shall surely put to 35 16. One murder makes a villian Milos a hero numbers Sanctify the . 045 deaths from motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina. It is interesting to note the distribution of deaths by Days of the week. Sunday was the most dangerous Day with 215 accidents and saturday ranked closely behind with 186 fatal accidents Friday was next with 107 monday 101 tuesday 90 thursday 88 and wednesday 83 deaths from motor vehicle accidents. There were 173 fatal accidents not distributed by the Days of the week. The distribution of accidents by Days closely correlates with the volume of travel on the different Days of the week. It is almost three times As dangerous to travel on sunday As it is on wednesday. It May be that there is three times As much mileage covered on sunday. Practically every week end in the High Point area brings its toll of motor cars accidents. That there Are not More fatalities is surprising. It May be that safety campaigns have at least reduced Speed within City limits. The toll of fatalities in the state is far too Large. If a Cyclone wiped out the lives of 900 persons in North Carolina it would be considered a major disaster. Surely the a facts of god in fatalities Are being surpassed by the foolish acts of men. Eternal vigilance still remains the Price of safety. Ton. Ile has said unequivocally that he has no relations with the gambling device but that he did help the honorable and useful vending machine. That is a statement easily verifiable. Under the circumstances assuming that the accused is not guilty of the desperate futility of denying the record May we not conclude that anyone who keeps the report going that he did represent the gambling end of the Slot machine business lies under the urgent necessity of justifying his course with a a Dale. Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people he press be on Ham be hears he soldiers and a hoi s who Are battering at the Gates of Nar in where a relatively Small Gar son of germans is lodged May old the Fate of the Chamberlain government in their hands. Vic by Here doubtless would turn e tide of British criticism of the duct of the War and convert e sour commons tomorrow into cheering mass Back of the gov rement. But the report today is that no Ich Quick Victory is to be extort. The Progress of the drive n the Small City is slow and ays must elapse before definite in in the affair. This Means at the reinforcements Hitler surprisingly has ordered North Ard through 200 Miles of Moun Nous country might reach Nar in in time to be of assistance to e Garrison. England is slow to obey the Tong impulse to retire or. Chamberlain. The British hate to t under the pressure of external circumstances. But surely the resent government with its Hesi ant and unimpressive War policy Annot survive much longer with it a helpful change in the course military and naval events. Doubtless the Shock of open Talian predictions of a German Vasion of England will stir the British to a study of their present predicament Hor nearly a thous and years now no successful invasion of the tight Little Island As been consummated. Napoleon tanned it and doubtless Philip f Spain had it in mind but William of Normandy was the latest conqueror. Is Britain cocksure bout him being the last Tim. Dangerous in this Tate on highways student in the University of North Carolina in the tews letter alter tabulating a i h rates from motor cars in 938, throughout the Union cements As follows it is still much More dangerous to rive a car in North Carolina than in by of the states except six. It is considerably More dangerous than the United states average of one fatal Accident for every 605.000 Gallons of gasoline consumed. North Carolina is reported to have had 910 fatal accidents from motor vehicles in 1938. This was an improvement Over the year 1937 when there a Ere 1,045 fatal accidents and also in improvement Over the year 1936 with 979 fatal accidents especially alien it is noted that there were far More automobile registered in 1938 than in any previous year. If reduced to a registered motor car basis North Carolina had one fatal Accident to very 590 registered cars. If the states were ranked on this basis North Caroga would stand forty third or one position lower than she ranks on the a Asis of gasoline consumed per death. It is interesting to note that practically All of the Southern states rank in favourably in that table. Just Why i is More dangerous to drive an Auxin Obi to in the South than in any a ther Region of the United states we ire not prepared to answer. It is genially claimed that Speed is the main Tause of motor car accidents and Leat is. If this is True we have at ast discovered one phase of Southern Ife which is not slow. However it could pay us to reduce our Speed in his particular instance. During the year 1937 to it it were 1, we Are opposed to invading Greensboro we approach interpretation of the reports from the Guilford front with a deep consciousness of their complexities but we judge by the papers that Greensboro has halted at the City limits at least the March of the High Point and Rural nazis of polities who were threatening to take Over the county capitals City Hall. Greensboro seemed to be fearful of losing her Freedom and her prize form of government. The existence of that fear shows How Apt we Are in this Day of quaking and shaking democracies to see a dictator behind every Bush a and maybe there is one behind every Bush. The fact that we knew of no local design on Greensboro a City Hall does no to mean there was none. We confessed our Inadequacy in seeing through All that is happening in Guilford politics at the outset of this fleeting reference to saturdays precinct meetings. And the reference is to those meetings. The question of which Side won saturdays battling in the test of strength Between the ousted chairman of the democratic committee and his adherents and those who were trying to support the new chairman remains to be decided As we understand it. Wha lever , we Trust that our first impression that our neighbor City has repelled invaders will not prove to in unfounded. We want to come out flatly in our role of neighbourly neutrality As opposed to any High Point plan for taking Over Greensboro and furnishing her with a totalitarian Are in favor even of autonomy for Jamestown. Regardless of our great political Power Over Here Power exercised we have been told by the Quick and the dead a and limited Only by the cancellation of the right of Absentee voting we take our stand firmly behind the proposition that Little Peoples should be free. Recently i passed through a town where i saw a forty million Dollar Monument to a former peddle the town is Durham North Carolina. The Monument is Duke University a co educational College comprising a magnificent group of Stone buildings equipped with All modern facilities and surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds. On the Campus is a standing Monument to this former tobacco peddle in the form of a statue of the peddle himself James Buchanan Duke. An object that caught my Eye was a half smoked Cigar he is hiding in his left hand James Buchanan Duke was one of two Motherless sons of an old Confederate Soldier who when the civil War was Over faced the future with on it a pair of Blind mules fifty cents in Silver which he had received from a Union Soldier in Exchange for a worthless Confederate note and a Field of Green tobacco the tobacco being All that was left on land which had been stripped Bare by hungry soldiers. But this Green tobacco was the nucleus of a Fortune from which later on thousands of boys and girls were to Benefit in the Way of an education. Buck Duke died Worth one Hundred and one million dollars yet he never went to school but five years. He once said Quot a College education is All right for preachers and lawyers but what use would it he to me Superior brain Ait not necessary in he i w ent on to give his reasons for i Success As follow Quot i have succeeded in Busine not because i have More natural ability than Many others who have not succeeded but because i have applied myself harder and stuck to it. I know plenty of people with More brains than i have who have failed but they lacked application and yet curiously enough this Man who expressed himself As not needing Book learning and who proved it so far As business Success foes gave forty million dollars to help Young men and women acquire an education. He must have Felt the need somewhere along the line hts Only child. Doris Duke now mrs. James Cromwell whote husband James Cromwell is now the american ambassador to Canada is a trustee of the University Buck Duke came to appreciate the fact that Money and Money alone meant nothing. In the one and Only interview he Ever gave to the newspapers in ail i life a reporter asked a emr. Duke is there any satisfaction in just having a million dollars a or. Duke gave his head a decisive Jerk and answered Quot new not a danged so he planned to provide an education As an adjunct to the business and professional Success of other Young people. This Wie old Man had Learned that Only when Money is coupled with education and Wise living will it bring the real Success for which we Are All striving and he knew that Only through helping others to help themselves can we perform any real and lasting service. Walter winched on Broadway Irta Mark Roff Mere a part a. Int lath Mirror i Man Abolt town the Alfred j. Vanderbilt wed Only two years should he spanked to hear their Dearest pals groan i when the Demarco end their Morocco Date Renee definitely will seek a Flori division and then wed Desi la Conga Arna the d. Wagstaff jrs., of the tall hat set will have it re notary Edthe Stork club Maestro k. Holt and his or have decided to unwind. He will next marry Mary Jane Walsh Soubrette of a too Many who once said shed Only wed millionaires. The John Mason Browns of the posts play pages Wall be a quartet in outdid Marion Anderson the negress Nightingale recently secretly wed a pianist. And Spring style notes Bielech does no to look Good in a Derby. The sensation of a Lou Diana Purcha Eli said to he the a most revealing garment Ever seen on a stage. Zorina wears it. The show our spies say packs oodles of Bisgay humor with Irene born no in the role of a new Orleans mod Dom. In the soon due a keep off the Ira a revue the bluest lyrics every will be heard. Bostonian Broadway learns winced at the word age of the songs Quot come with the wind and a the horse with the hansom Nino Martini is supposed to be having contract trouble with the met opera because he gets a too rough in the love scenes. Grace Moore Isnit Over her Quot la Boh Erncr scare yet. Because g. Jessel applied to editors by phone for a Job As War correspondent they assumed his honeymoon was overlies Andrews his Bride seemed perfectly satisfied last night and prettier since the merger. Freddy Mcavoy Man about worlds and Beatrice Cartwright will blend on May 16th at Cannes. She recently inherited 40 million. What a this nonsense about the Newbold Morrisey. Or. Dewey is said to have wondered if h. Hoover would run As his a pm was i remember him will be the july a Book of the month. The question about . Appears to be will he run for a 3rd term or will they bring it to him the column has the Lowdown on a group of Wei Rne aiming americans who do not us act that they Are being used to further the interests of dictators abroad. Foreign agents now Here Are readying a a hate England Campaign in the. Likely to begin in . Some communist will be in it a but this is a smoke screen the part they will play will be very tin the Nasi Are the real ador a and so Clever and Legal is their scheme they will even have some of the Quot it or Cut cd on their Mattees the Stewart Inglehart Are imaging sometime in aug. He plays a olo too. It guar Godowsky broke a foot trying to cure a cold. The cast of a higher and higher and the Prima Donna. Marta Egger May lie divorced shortly and the feeling its Mutual. Ham and ?. A Tennis tar is slated for a Nasty mess up Harlem Way if he does no to stay away from or Fain folks. Been warned by night spot managements. The legend is that Laurence Olivier has $60, he in a Romeo a Juliet a nobody else investing a centimes. Ila a Flynn thundered her Way out of the radio City music Hall publicity he St after a Row with or. Big a agent for Iceland Hayward s booking offices visited Vassar last tuesday to try to sign up a girl named Janet Ashley of there for a Star role in a of n nod production the British Are saying that the next War a will he Between the two yellow races tile japs and the \ inert can a they re not Gonna win us Over by flatters. Bruce Cotton in Washington states doing Okay i a gets mad on a look at Alaska Washington May 6.�?when you compare the Money Uncle Sam has been sending out to the states with the Money he has been getting Back from them you can begin to see where All those deficits come from. Loans and Grants made to and in the states and territories since the Start of 1934, covering everything from farm benefits to Relief High ways Public works and old age benefits total just a Little More than $42,000,-000,000. From Only six states did the government collect More in taxes than it paid out in Loans and Grant. In four states it distributed More Money than the total assessed value of taxable property. Of the $42,000,000,000 it sent out nearly 27 were in the Komi of outright Grants the rest made up of Loans is presumably anyhow mostly recoverable. A Fua Ike Way up Federal housing authority officials Are irked because a weekly paper stated Kha is getting stuck with too much property on insured mortgages that went sour. Currently says Fua it lasses on foreclosures Are averaging Only 16-100 of one per cent. The insurance fund that covers Losse is building up nicely and is figured capable of standing losses running As High Asio per cent. General opinion is that Kha is plenty Safe a unless another 1932 omes along. In �?T32, it is recalled private lenders got stuck with oodles of Ira estate on which they a loaned up to 50 per cent. Kha Loans up to 80 and 90. Although politicians done to see How Wendell Willkie can actually get. Any important Delegate strength the Willkie Camp apparently Means business. At any rate or. Willkie is starting to organize his own brain Trust. A Rui Man defend Alaska p a t her aging t i me ten years ago Eton Bonnie Baker the is this the big Issi e of Campaign is one of the candidates for governor an erstwhile lobbyist for anti first Friend of the a one armed Bandit Type of Slot machine or did he lend himself to the furtherance of the interests of a benign Slot machine which vends Peanut and thus helps the North Carolina Farmer that seems to be a burning Issue and we must appreciate it Localise it is one of the very limited number in a listless Campaign. Candidate Cooper says the question must be met and answered squarely. The people of the state have got a right to know he insists. We can fancy the boys standing in groups around the vending machines awaiting their turn with Nickels clutched in their hands worrying themselves almost out of humor wit ii the whole business Over whether the candidate lobbied for the a a Bandit or the Salesman. Might it not be Safe to take the word of the candidate himself in this business the candidate is or. Brough a birth rate Fok a High Fowers Fri i editor the Enterprise Iceland which produced great Norse sagas which also first developed democratic government a contributed More name to the encyclopedia Brit Tanica than any other non English speaking country. The reason thereof to that the original settlers of Iceland were drawn almost entirely from tin very be Stork in Norway. This was True physically mentally morally. Isolated so far North that their land was known As ice land they did not hybridize with weakling stocks. Today they hold the proud record of the creators of the democratic form of government which our . Inherited thro British source. Today our country has reversed the process that enabled Iceland to win the proud distinction above named. Our Highto world families have Only 2. Even i child. The morons Breed like rabbits. The differential birth rates Law works As ceaselessly As oceans tides. Providing All live a High Power family multiply at the 3-child rate will have 27 great grandchildren. A Moron couple at the 7 rate will have 343 this process has been at work for a half Century. Is it any wonder the number of unemployable increase that the process can be reversed has been demonstrated by some 8 european countries. These in various ways Are Sterling Thole markedly social inadequate while accelerating the birth rate of their High Powers. Respectfully be ii. Pitts Ald. A ooh Johnny a Thrush was melted two years ago from Claude Lakey sax Tooter with the ii. James crewman White russians living in Hall Bedro Onty still get their mail Ai Swank hotels. Jane Frazee Frazer Sisters has been reported preparing marriage with movie names. This is bunk considering she still is sealed to a Chicago band Leader w to won t consent to a division. Ben Maiden needs More show gals for his Riviera show. Apply Chester Hale hut Quick.,it Cost the Union $3.-500 a month to support the brass rail strike that Monte Carlos got West of Broadway sued the Swanky Monte Carlo Fefes for allegedly pirating the name. Fete just settled for a few is to use it. 11. Ross the new yorker cd has bought a pair of mauve silk gloves with Pearl buttons for handling Sally Benson. The time reported that one of Tho Berlin Short wavers who Aims i Muff at America a Cha a rapid fire delivery Uke Walter w inc hello. If the nazis bother to ape our Tempo it mean they listen to us and of they listen to us and Are forced to stage an opposition Echo a then we know they Are irked which make everything even Plu Honky Dooly. One of Britain a Foremost writers not Noel believes the War will last 3 year or longer and that England and France will have revolutions before the Van Heflin in Chi with the Hepburn show is adoring Lois Defee via Long distance phone. That reminds us of the line a love is a funny thing and then it gets funnier the morn Telly refused to print critic Robert Rice spanning of Saroyan so a love sold Sweet it was rewritten prettily by a staffer w to never saw the play without Rice s signature. Zamick paid Hoagy Carmichael for the use or the title a Star dust. Everybody gets Money for their titles except us the Buzz persists around town that ambassador j. Kennedy will return and become tin Czar of radio the Mirror has sold Over 22,000 copies of the Kitten photo. Judge weasel opinion Brooklyn supreme court in the Asfar a. Brett divorce Case includes this excerpt a she obtained her decree after having been a renovated a she again saw her husband Tco Vve found it on Page 2048 in saturday Law journal. Carol Goodlie of a Man who become or. T. Marshall he the real estate Man in a week or of. Edith Dahl wife of the flier undergoes a major of this withe Carlos Israel have definitely decided to been me adults lies a prominent lawyer and will depart for Reno soon. There i a freighter freshly returned from the War zones now tied up at a North River pier in the 60s. In huge letters for All anti nazis to enjoy i ing in Hitler. Haw Loral new it is expected that or. G. I. Humphrey of Salisbury md., will be chosen to head High Point College. Major Bruce Craven of Trinity says that the religious Issue in this Campaign is a dangerous one. Marvin Gallimore plumber and fiddler of this City says that he has a violin which bears the inscription a Fantom us Stradivarius a 1721.�?� the violin was found in an old hour Willowbrook Street three or. Gallimore bought it for $10. A c. L. Amos has completed a round trip by air to Miami. Fla., returning to this City in his plane today. Ise on years ago after years of neglect the government is suddenly realizing Alaska it or ought to he. Highly important in the nation s defense system. At this moment the total u. S. Defense Force in Alaska consists of 260 infantrymen stationed at Chilcoot Barracks near Skagway and half a dozen naval planes at Sitka. If anyone want to worry about a a russian strategists it ont out that Russia has been fortifying various spots within easy striking distance of Alaska having recently put a submarine base on Bering Island which is Only 260 Miles away. Any hostile Force which seized Alaska. It is added would be within fairly Handy bombing Range of Northwestern u. S. And As Delegate Anthony Dimond of Alaska says could with a few incendiary bombs take an awful bite out of our vast Timber reserves in the state of Washington. The Navy now is building two big air bases at Sitka and Kodiak which will probably be ready by fall. Army is putting up a $4,000,000 cold weather experimental air station at Fairbanks and is asking $12,000,000 for a huge air base at Anchorage. House of representative killed this item but the Senate May restore it shortly. The Vatican report All belligerents including Germany have guaranteed not to bomb Rome in event of War there. Well when does the air mid shelter construction begin about people j. F. Sams of Winston Salem was the guest of his sister in Law i s. J. A. Shelman ibis morning. A or. And mrs. T. R. Zimmerman Are attending the convention of the state dental society in Asheville. Miss Claire Douglas graduate student spent the week end with her parents Here. A French informant attache no special significance to German Pontoon Bridge building activity in the Moselle sector. The boys Are probably just catching up on their manual training. Per new briefs thousands have shed in a burmese earthquake. A Rock the size of a Coconut has been found in the Yard of a Leaksville resident. And from the appearance of the Stone it is believed that it was a part of the meteor which passed Over Leaksville saturday. Vote for the judge Parker nomination has been in Congress for tomorrow. Twenty Yea is Aco be Wizy keen Nam Ritt hit seems like the women aim to take a important Wrt in politics this year. They had a democratic women a Institute of government in Washington last week to find out what women want in the 1940 democratic platform peace was the first a a pledge of Plank but the a Chi its prow Lovely two word phrase end Rudy Valle a office was the scene where Bert Lown his sex partner was picked up for non support of his babe,.one of the swankier places May have to give Back its furniture. Another is laying off its waiters 3 nights weekly Van Johnson the dancer in Quot too Many is having too much girl trouble backstage. The gals Are getting fussy about a being in a harem Quot Jean Parker says the name is Doug Dawson not Val Olman Gypsy Rose Leeds estranged Groom prefers table talking with Hazel Scott the sepia Singer. Eddie Delange a retained a. Garfield Hays to sue the u in. Morris Agency for breach of contract. Robert Sarnoff son of the chief and Jeanne Jordan whose socialite Groom socked her joint Are being Young Ria in a 52nd Street Rudy Valentino would have been 45 today. Local new a the Classis of the reformed Church began its last session Here this morning. Claude Smith. Jr., 8, delightfully entertained Many part per do in to say if they a speaking of of his Little friends at a birthday party who Nalion n choir or individual monday Mon than a an Vocale Concrete and soundly thought a through commitment to end Unzem in my judgment hit la take More a big words in a platform. Like Paw said Quot there a jest As much work now As Ever and if the women a stay Home there a be jobs for All the men which want to monday afternoon. May 3.�? Robert n. Page candidate for governor of North Carolina delivered a Strong and masterful address at the High school auditorium Here last night. Ellen Drew sex Candy store sweetie who a elected to Lead in the him ii on a trial separation from her Groom. Probably divorce this year Hout people prof. F. S. Blair of Guilford College is spending the Day in High Point. A mrs. A. E. Daphn is a visitor to Greensboro today. Mrs. E. N. Seoville of Orangeburg s. C., is the guest of or. J. S. Welborn. New Brief a hotel for stray boys is to be opened in this nation i carefully watching Allan in Mexico. There is scant Hope that the revolutionists will he recognized. Traffic cop Robert Mcleod of Boston say that the women Are better div Era than men

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