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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 6, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Monday a it. 1910the High Point Enterprise Piedmont enter of a High Point North Carolina Page Uve can t k Good Man or horse Down municipal salaries Well in line with those elsewhere Leader lauds local College human Ostrich net increase in total payroll recommended would boost City s salary list by Only one per cent that salaries being paid by the City of High Point arc remarkably Well in line with salaries being paid by other cities and in private Industry for work of a comparable nature is revealed in the report of the Public administration service scene Brush jump and water Hazard at steeplechase in Sydney Australia. Horse clears obstacle but lands Short in water. The eighth Camporee of the a Wharrie Council was brought to. A dose yesterday with a total of on personnel classification and 750 Hong have is participated in High Point scout patrols end up in tie for Camporee troops 20 and to of this City set Pace for annual event compensation. Under the recommendations of the various Camporee in an Effort to improve their camping stand this organization the City a pre j Arda. Sent aggregate annual payroll of troops 20 and 10 from High $41 7,000 would be increased by a Point set the Pace for the re i net of Only about one per cent j a Aln apr 0f the 0 patrols in the. Tho Vonnita Roc no in n h s Salaiz a ill _ a ,____1. I j the report recommends salary in creases aggregating about $8,000 and deductions totalling about $3,-500. However if is also recommended that in cases where employees Are Bein ? paid now above the maximum suggested no reduction be made until that Job is tilled by a new employee. The report of the Public administration service includes a classification plan which presents Camporee when Skunk patrol from troop 20 sponsored by the first presbyterian Church and the Silver Fox patrol from troop to. Sponsored by the High Point kiwanis club and composed of boys in the children a Home finished in a tie with 166 Points out of a possible total of sos. Noble Praino Noble t. Praigg chairman division of Section High Point College Campaign said yesterday Quot speaking of High Point news of coloured people \ ution a ii i sic w ekk being observed Herk National music week May 5-12. Will be observed in the local schools with several programs that will be Given during the i week. The finale will be held at William Penn High school sunday afternoon. May 12. At 4 i of clock. It will consist of contributions from each of the three negro schools and outside Talent. During the week the following i programs will be held Leonard i Street school tuesday 8 30 a. In. Fairview Street school wednesday 8 45 a. In. Leonard Street school thursday 8 30 a. In. Fairview Street school Friday 8 45 a. In. One Day in each of the above schools will be allot i Ted to the music of negro artists i and one Day will be Given Over to the music of All people. The Observance is under the i j rec ton of mrs. Grayce w. Yokely supervisor of music in High Point negro schools. The teachers and n. C. Dental society opens Charlotte meeting what Young buddy Lotz above of los Altos calif., is reported to have eaten in one Day would shame an Ostrich. His snack half pint glueing half bottle Antiseptic half pint Green House paint one bite family dog some live fish one Canary feathers included. Doctors say 18-month-old lad shows no ill effects. College and its work the fact. That Many boys and girls whose operating in the observances. The the judges for the Camporee economic condition would perhaps Public is invited to attend pm ii were selected from civic clubs j make it impossible for them to go one the programs. Quot together of positions of the City. Representatives from to College elsewhere can receive. J involving similar work into class the american business rotary. College education at High Point eos wedding j it a in Carolina menial society opes and gives specifications for Kilwani. Exchange. Monarch Civ collage. Appeals to me very Strong athe four Corn used dding Ted today. It will last Itan and lion clubs from highly. The High Quality of the work a. Quot a a a Quot the War Toda allies lost chances in Norway when they failed to strike with All the Force at their disposal Britain has denied the nazi claim thai German airplay j sunk an English battleship and a heavy Cruiser in Mas a attacks off the norwegian coast. Whether these warships were a sent to the Bottom is of Small con a a sequence compared with the Iii i i nation which surrounds the claim in that the superiority of the air Over the sea has been established i and Itiat the German air Force is Stile master or the Allied navies. Claims and counter claims Over the relative merits of these two j fighting arms will increase for i propaganda purposes and we shall have to watch it if we Are to keep our perspective. It is natural that this situation i should exist for Herr hitlers i mighty air Force is that military Branch upon which lie is depending to win the War. The allies Are i placing chief Confidence in their surface fleets. However naval experts Tell us that there has Heen no demonstration of general air superiority Over j t he sea air planes have triumphed Over i evangelist to begin revival is and gives specifications each class. There is also the com that was Given at St. Mark meth through wednesday tripping Over Edge of Pool horse goes to Knees while jockey vainly tries to hold up. Sensation plan and a suggested Point and groups of judges from being done at this institution is Odist Church thursday evening by i or. Walter h. Wright. Profer a. To i i t i a a i i a St i a lid p irs i a \ n foil i 1 Koi of Jill ii f no v Ansi a vans tata Tiro warships in individual instances Garrotte May 8.�? up a and vice versa. But the sinking i he 86th annual convention of the of one warship or ten does no to North Arolina dental society of prove general superiority any j More than the destruction of 50 i fighting planes would prove the general inferiority of an air Fleet. Compensation ordinance. A second part of the Randolph county Thomasville exceptional and i regard the col ladies Aid Circle no four a Sot of Anatomy and associate pro St Prem icy questionable. In a a la ii a n r uni k a a 4 4 a f 4 /. Ii i i a 4�?~ a _ a % report Lexington. Yadkin and Salisbury a go As one of our greatest As will be submitted in a few weeks j scored the participating scouts on sets. Council and civil service commission committee Are starting now All possible Camp projects. Some of the High spots of the quite a Success both artistically Feasor of prosthetic dentistry Ai and financially. The four brides the University of Pittsburgh will one in each Corner of the Church give the five technical lecture. Their study of the part w h has j Ani Poree As announced by chief been submitted. Its recommendations will he made later. In Only a comparatively few in Kitchen demonstrations and Lead stances is the City paying employees irf5hip in demonstrated by the Pale b. Carpenter were the bread baking contest tent pitching. Either very much above the Maxi mum recommended or very Little tool leaders of the various groups. The scoutmaster and assistants below the minimum con Pensa again bled at the ramp on Satur ton suggested. Day evening formulated plans for horse goes Down after leaving Pool rider is being thrown from Laddie As mount Rolls Over but keeps grip or reins. The salary of the City attorney be District and Council Camporee now fixed at $465 and a maximum j n be held throughout the Council of $350, and the salary of the in 1941 \ total of seven Camp special tax attorney now set at or pin Wuh be held the theme will $300 per month is recommended he Rny a to ramping w Ith Only David Parker is absolved by Coroner s jury David Parker 19-year-old High made a very pretty scene. This afternoons speaker will mrs raised the largest amount was Feasor of biochemistry in the the Winner of the contest. The Johns Hopkins school of Hygiene the question of supremacy la something to be determined and the outcome of the War Likely will depend on thu a if Hitler can Gertrud Kendall having or e v. Mccollum pro mph Halll gtd Ftp he win win the War. If he can to the blockade total realized was $88. The Circle will meet at the Home of mrs. Hattie Leach on Underhill Avenue tuesday evening at 8 of clock. Will in the Long run give a nightmarish time. And we must not forget that the increasingly. Strong Allied air fleets will he suit land of Montgomery. Ala., trus poring their surface ships. And Public health or. Robert l. Sprau. University of Louisville dental school and or. Olin Kirk tee of the american dental association. Or. S. S. Arnum. Of the medical the pastor and congregation of College of Virginia and or her St. Matthew M. E. Church Ben Ely Williams of red Bank. A a do St. Stephen Chi sch will Render a service at St. Ste n. J., will speak tonight phen a. M. E. Zion Church wed. _ the Anglo French allies started out this War with a mighty command of the seas and a superiority in resources both financial material which they Felt despite spill jockey keeps control rising quickly and throwing a leg Over the Saddle. Hanging tight to horses neck As the animal regains its feet jockey climbs aboard. In a a a to they re off horse is up and gets Back into race before rider even gets Back into Saddle. Two indians Are released today club adds two new players to roster to he set at a minimum of $175 and a maximum of $215. Bowel it it was pointed out Here that die salaries being paid in Gigli Point for these positions represent their total income from the City. Whereas in virtually ail neighbouring cities except Greensboro the attorney Are paid both salaries or retaining fees and an adm i tonal amount for each Case they handle for those cities. The report recommends that the present salary of the director of Public works he increased from $300 per month to a minimum of $325 with a Range up to a maximum of $3 75. It is recommended that the salaries of fire captains he increased from $145 per month to from $180 to $180 per month that the salary of the assistant Tiro chief ice increased from $160 to from $180 to $200. And that the salary of the polite Captain be boosted from $160 to from $170 to $200. Other recommended changes from the present salary schedules include the following with the amounts listed first representing presen salaries and those listed second representing recommend a salaries principal clerk $100-1125 $140-1170. Plumbing inspector $125 $135-165, Abattoir Foreman. $190 $130-$ 160. Engineering aide $100-$ 125 a i 20, Plant Mechanic $125 $135 $165. Stock clerk. $100 $70-$90. Switchboard operator $100 $70-190. Playground supervisor Iso Hoo. Park manager $100 is 40. Meat inspector. $100 $150 $ i 80. Bacteriologist la to $125-$155. Fire equipment Mechanic $160 $125-$ i 50. Given tax list contract h. A. Wood reappointed to tax department Here by county commissioners special to the killer Priori Greensboro. May 6 the High Point Enterprise and the Greensboro Patriot were awarded contracts Fco a priming tile 1939 delinquent tax lists by tile county commission at the regular May meeting Here this morning with All members present. Narks Nermit Ted in the Camp the pm let 7 imbh0 eds any Ned it ceiling at 8 of clock. J the following High Point Den pm k Reimt in a blame in the fatal Accident hater the West end gospel singers ruts Are attending the 86th annual Day night on the Greensboro High of Winston Salem and the Silver session of the North Carolina Den Way that claimed the life of Clyde tone quartet of this City will give Tai society at Charlotte or w r. $75 ii to ounce la Camporee in 194 1 will he assigned to the senior Camp and will he held the first week end Iii May. Grades for the various patrols As released today by chief a b. Carpenter of Thomasville Are As follows i vol ecu Camporee Kin so go Idem 4 80 to 508 purple Emblem. 485 to 480 red Emblem. 4 40 to 465 Blue Emblem. 440 or less Gold Emblem District Camporee a Gold Emblem. Purple emblems none. Bed emblems troop 20. Skunk. High Point. 4 66 Points troop to Silver Fox. High Point. 466 Points. By e emblems troop 13. Pine tree. High Point 464 Points. Troop to wild cat High Point 459 Points troop 527. Frontiersman. Asheboro. 457 Points troop 50, covered Wagon. Salisbury 456 Points troop 61. Fox. Thomasville. 455 Points troop 20. Eagle High Point 451 Points troop Ipi. Kau in. Coleridge 4 53 Points troop 528, flying Kagle. Asheboro. 451 Points troop 13. Fox. High Point. 4 4 8 Points troop 47. Hob White. Yadkin 4 4 7 Points troop 35, Panther Thomasville. 4 4 7 Points troop 48. Indian. Salisbury. 4 16 Points troop 60. Indian Thomasville 446 Points troop to. Flying Eagle. High Point 445 Points troop 504. Lion Coleridge. 4 4 4 Points troop 14 Wolf Salisbury 441 Points troop ii flaming Arrow Salisbury 4 to Points. A old emblems troop 502. Indian. Liberty. 438 Points troop go. Buffalo Thomasville. 438 Points troop 4. Greensboro. 438 Points troop 228. Rattle Snake. Lexington 436 Points to top 2<r hog. High Point 4 35 Points troop 231, Jon i Lexington. 430 Points troop 4 4. Flying Eagle. Salisbury 429 Points troop 21, Wolf. Thomasville 4 28 Points troop 43, Tiger Salisbury 426 Points to top 4 7, Trail blazers. Yadkin. 426 Points troop 72. Flying Eagle. China Grove. 124 Points troop 4. Panther. High Point. 4 22 Points troop 228. Bob White. Lexington 42ti Points. Troop 231, Wolf. Lexington 4 20 Points troop 45. Pine tree. East Spencer 421 Points troop 4 3. Stag. Salisbury 4 18 Points troop 527, Indian Asheboro. 4<3 Points troop 229. Peacock Lexington. 39 4 Points troop 4, Moose. High Point. 39 1 Points troop 57u, Indian. Franklinville 377 Points. Hild pm by Ems All patrols who participated in Thrift 36-year-old Painter by a coroners jury this morning Al the evening at 8 of clock. County building. Parker was the Driver of the rat that struck and fatally injured the Jamestown Man Al about 8 of clock on the Crest of a Hill a few Hundred Yards this Side of Jamestown school. Coroner Wallace g. Freemen of Greensboro presided will be read. A members Over the inquest the jury of which urged to be present returned the following verdict a that the deceased came to death As a result of an unavoidable Accident without any fault on the part of David Parker testified that he was temporarily blinded by the lights of a car on the Crest of the Hill in route to Greensboro. When he. to see. Leady Asale he do 1 it a a in it a a sit a program at St. Stephen tuesday evening at 8 of clock. Leonard Street . A. To Meer the Leonard Street . A will hold its final meeting of the year tuesday evening at 8 of clock at this time the annual reports Are William Penn . A. Not Khz the room representatives of the William Penn p. T. A. Met at the Home of mrs. L. E. Mcdonnell 1300 Jacona re Street yesterday afternoon at 4 of clock and this evening at 8 of clock they will give Mckaughan. Or. T. R. Zimmerman and or. W. F. Clayton. Or. Hamlin will leave tonight or tomorrow morning for Char would win them the War. They probably were justified in their Faith and this domination of the Ocean and superiority of resources still exists. The Allied trouble thus far has lain not in Lack of resources hut in Lark of initiative in prosecution of the War As Many of their own people Are now insisting they a Rev. H. A. Forester Rev. H. A. Forester Gem evangelist of the Wesleyan Moi Dill Church has been engaged a two week s revival at the Street Church this City ginning tonight it was a noun this morning by Rev. M. C. T nor pastor. Or. Forester now of Charlo was a citizen of High Point several years and has m friends Here mrs. Forester t to be an accomplished music and Singer will join her hush the latter part of the week to ii in the meeting. Special sine will he accompanied by the pit and accordion funeral rites Lotte in order to he present at the hav its a Lowed themselves to he out assemblies of the society on tues Day and wednesday. Spa worker drowned Greenville. S c., May 6 up Joe Barton. 29, spa worker drowned last night in Saluda River when the Wash from a larger Craft capsized Small boat a be of Ryn Arnid to control weeds in tobacco Plant Beds is proving very successful reports l. T. Weeks Extension tobacco spec a1 a social at the Home of mrs. Theo 0f \ p state College said the Man Quot loomed up in front of . He swerved to avoid Thrift he continued but struck with left front fender throwing Thrift on the running Hoard of a car driven by mrs. H. A Saunder who had come to a virtual Stop when the Accident occurred. Patrolman S. Mckinney said that investigation indicated Hilt Thrift was struck at approximately the Center of the Highway w 11 Niss test ii Khz mrs. H. D. Sears a passenger in the car driven by mrs. Saunders testified that she saw the Man walking on Highway a just a moment before the Parker car struck . After seeing a Man staggering in the Highway Jack Coin testified. He and wife returned to near the scene of the Accident thinking perhaps the Man was a Friend of theirs. Quot he walked right in front of the car. Goins declared Quot and there was no Way for the boy to avoid hitting mrs. Goins later testified the Thrift and several of companions had been to her place which was formerly known As Lakeview several times during the late afternoon and purchased Beer. The Given by miss Helen Oppenlander regional director in which she Fairview Mav Dav a Eire Inheh the annual May Day exercises emphasized the necessity of Long of Fairview Street school were planning for Hest results in held on the school grounds Friday afternoon. The processional consisting of the May Queen and her court and All other participant was Beautiful. The Queen Rachel Watkins was taken to her station in a Chariot pulled by attendants. One striking exercise of the afternoon was the school patrol Drill which a led by Kizzie Robbins. This group consisting of boys and girls who Are members of the patrol executed a number of Beautiful military formations. The maids of Honor for the Queen were Martha Burke. Mabel Miller Willie Mae Cornelius Herald. Paul pot tee Page. A role hearted and Paul London troop operation. Quot interest on the part of the Leader and a knowledge of program continued the speaker Quot ate most she contributed the appalling 75 per cent turn Over icy negro girl scouts in this Region to the ignorance on the part of the Leader of the program material. It is hoped that the girl scout leaders Institute will overcome this Barrier. Following the address the leaders divided into the following smarted by a Man who is either one of the master strategists of history or one of the Luckie opportunists who Ever lived. And if the claim is that Herr Hitler is merely Lucky Ihen the answer is that Luck Good in so Many inst has. Is just As Good a master strategy. The English and French have had plenty of time to get Over their under estimation of the nazi dictator. Claims that he is unscrupulous Don t help them win the War but must be dealt with by deeds rather thah by words original her a Teg i Sollom de the indications Are that the allies have Heen clinging too closely to their original strategy for winning the War strangulation by blockade with As Little Effort outside that As Posa Ihle. The blockade undoubtedly is heir most powerful weaken but developments show that it must he supported by other action it is generally agreed that. Had the allies struck with All their prepared Force when Hitler first invaded Norway they could have \ concert mph. Ethel l. Carte funeral service for mrs it Lippard Carter wife of r a a Arter were conducted from Emanuel lutheran Church it afternoon St 3 o clock by the Quot 11 a i which holds number of friends and re Nee As were present for the Las the churl choir Sang Quot Jester of my soul Quot and Quot my books up to Moyie Dows Sang a Solo Quot sunni m Hazel ironic cd the Organ. The Many Floral tribute in c Harge of friends and Bors. Pallbearers were qua Barlow Jim Barlow later we Ster c m Gueth Holland Biol and Jack Gibson interment i made in Guilford memorial pal cemetery. Late s l Fie i it p h i Dimi. 1 groups Brownie leaders. Girl extolled the germans scout leaders where More detailed naval and air attack k on trended discussions were carried on. Helm most Likely would have turn prior to the afternoon session de the trick. But that would have held St the Washington High involved risking invaluable equip school the delegation a served men naval and air and pet a delicious luncheon prepared by haps a heavy toss of life. So the allies continued their mrs. K. Williams was chairman of the committee that sponsored the exercises. Leonard Street May Day a Krc Iseh to the world Herr Hitler. Super Gambler Tho senior g. S. In the school Caf a a to j Earl the main luncheon speech conservatism and left the gambling and Bei Nice Haizlip Jester As made by miss Emma Butler i Barie Armstrong. Supervisor of physical education in the negro schools of Durham. Many helpful Points were brought out in Quot health and safety in girl scouting music was furnished by girl scout troops 9 and to. The afternoon session featured scout masters course will close on tuesday Law a time she saw in the no of. On Ltd oiiu�e�7h a a Iii r May a Quot in Quot she said it was about 7 of clock. George Mathews operator of a demonstrations. Quot the girl scout and the Community relations Quot by mrs. A Perrin and Quotap. Predation of nature Quot by j. A processional which on account of Coleman of the Shaw faculty enlightening. The very Day exercises of Leonard Street school saturday afternoon. In garage at Jamestown testified j premise at the beginning was the that a Man w Hom he did not know stopped Ai i garage and aug the distance that the children had Wara thai a Man was staggering t0 r0 to their stations made demonstrations around the Highway several Hun u nos Suhle to sew All the raw Rotor Mon. Nam us a a hi.,i vura., to i i Quot Iio a pos Stoie to see ail Iii Gay Coots a s a and crafts dramatics games and Down the Load. Lies worn by the children at one time liable to be killed the uni Denti Luch was added to the prices try Al of Motorist it Alid according to j0nal by the martial music play Mathew. Bathe Hodgen. High p j f u Joey High school Rand unit Man said Bai he also under the direction of professor stopped at the Mathews garage Johnson and volunteered to help remove a the a completion of the above the Man from Tho Highway he there followed an hour of games. Said that he had to Ham on dances physical exercises and the brakes to avoid hitting Thrift traditional May pole winding. Many Modlin and Hob Parker j the Queen of May was gather corroborated Mathews testimony Lnu a Clanton maid of Honor loan and said they were pulling up on Brooks Queen s escort. Lemon the closing session of the current training course for High Point scoutmaster will be held at the coca cola Plant on tuesday evening at 7 30 of clock theme for the session is Quot scout service advancement and scout in group singing Craft in judging and games Quot training certificates will be awarded men completing the course at the meeting of the High Point Scouter s club on wednesday evening and Folk dancing were very pea Al. The evening session was held the High Point newspaper was District Camporee who failed to he Road opposite Thrift when the Smith Sec ii action Rinnix occur my. ital by a Quot Quot a Luric Corita Rob at Gamp whispering Pines. The Institute closed after the devotional hour sunday morning the following local leaders ,.t-tended the Institute misses a l. Jones. M Gilmer and m. C i ii son. Mesdames m. A Hail Williams. S. H. Davis l. S rift l. R gunfight e. P son and f. R. Davis. \ i gift germ in funeral services for i Germain former resident o Point for Many years what at the Home of i Niece Poage Nunn Galax va., a were conducted sunday aft at i of clock at mrs. Nunns by Rev. W. Matthew Hunt tor of the first methodist c there interment was a Dak w Ood memorial Park gel Here. Pallbearers were m s 0. La. Haney. G. K Melton Franklin. F. In mangrove Hicks and j. Al Sparks warning issued by memorial Day speaker a a a Klotter. May 6 p Lieut. George a Pickett Iii. T an audience at a Confederate i mortal Day service yesterday to this country should be Alert for attack try Germany. Re Sia 1 Japan if Germany won the Euri Pean War. Quot we have always been Unur pared when drawn into said. Quot Are we Ever to learn o potential enemy with an o Between us. Thereby making Safe from Europe is utter to and poppy co it k and makes any of furious who knows the facts a the average weight of the sold Din ing 1939 was 2996 Pou Roff i k. Me a. Wil Given the contract for All of High j qualify for Council Camporee is Trisi to the Point township at the rate of 50 Lexington May 6 the Lex cents per column Inch. While the in ton Hall club this morning an Patriot was Given the rest of Guil Yio need t ii e re lease of Albert Ford county at a rate of 25 cents Mitchell shortstop and Harold per Inch. Smith Rookie Pitcher. I two two year reappointment were made by the commissioners e. A. Ranson was renamed As real estate agent in Greensboro. A. Martin a. Thnh. A a a its run do morally bin and John a rank. Sender of dog s head to Raleigh being sought the cd ii ii took Oil Borden a Goose Quot Helms Salisbury outfielder who ,325 last year and was voted one of the outstanding1 and in a. Wood to the tax de fielders in the league. He Cornea part mint in High Point. On option from Portsmouth of the a i. Jones 1408 Davis Street. Piedmont league. The indians also signed Lac Sli Butcher big right handed Pitcher j who won 17 and lost 9 games last season while playing for Tallahassee ala., of the Alabama state league. Tonight Norman Shope Ace right hander Pitcher is slated to Start Foi the indians against Mooresville at 8 of clock. 3 Way Relief for headache Cap Udine High Point was awarded $20 on a claim that a hog was destroyed i by a stray dog. Starting july i the beginning of the fiscal year. It was pointed out that a new procedure would be inaugurated for such claims. In the future persons having claims will he paid lie value of animal As listed on the tax Hooka plus 25 per cent. The county refused claim by j. A Fulghum for $35, allegedly a due for anti rabies treatment he was forced to give children after they had been by it in lev a mad dog the commissioners Den i led the legality of Fulghum s claim. L. H. Tyler was reappointed Deputy sheriff a the High Point i City Lake Tai k. The a Ender of an unmarked head of a Rabid dog to the state health department in Raleigh wan being nought by local authorities. The sender if in High Point of the animal s head affected wit ii rabies is urged to identify the animal no Iii ask a sible and to report to the local health department for rabies treatments. The head was shipped to Raleigh is unmarked and without identification of ail sort. Fearing hat the animal Max hate bitten other Ehy is Ami in Silt persons the health he part meld is anxious to learn who the sender was in order in take necessary precautions in that rein it. Motion p i r t to r e production a slumped in i Stguay last year Only one picture being made As compared with two in 1938. Across the Road toward the White line in the Center when he was struck members of the jury w Ere Tom j. Moser f. L. Brooks. C. E. Elli son. E l. Howell r. B. Pegram. Girl shut leaders h. B. Crouch mrs. L. S. Merritt and Gordon l. Starks with the assistance of 1 he other teachers of the school were the directors. Raleigh woman is suicide victim Raleigh May 5.�?op a the i body of mrs. R. A. Newberne 35. A Secretary was found last night in the Kitchen of her Home. Coroner Roy m. Banks said she had turned on the Gas jets of a stove slashed her Throat with a razor and swallowed the contents of a hot he of Poison. She Lett a note for her husband the c Kroner said. As follows Quot please forgive me. You have been Sweet and tried to help me since in be become so nervous. But urn losing my mind and i think this is Heller. A Blackfish and porpoise Oil have been found to he especially Good in lubricating delicate median a isms. Attend Institute the first girl scout leaders Institute for negro girl scout leaders of the Juliette Lowe Region was held at Shaw University. Raleigh and Camp whispering Pines May 4 and 5. The regional director miss Helen Oppenlander called attention to the fact that this Institute is the first negro j in. It. U. A Yih returns or tout 1� a had in Murray b. Davis returned the i listed states. I he group 0 City in lid a evening after from spending a week in new York ladies Iid t Iidle no. I to meet ladies Aid Circle no. I of St. Mark methodist Church will meet with mrs Sarah r Davis 1119 East Washington Street tuesday evening at s of clock k women Sal Xii any lit meet wednesday the women a auxiliary of John eclair Post 19 6, american legion will meet at the Home of mrs. John Pennington on Underhill Avenue wednesday at 8 of clock. All members Are urged to be present. Was made up of leaders North and South Carolina the morning session held at Shaw Citie realty was begun with Welcome addresses by the following mrs Clyde it. Hoey Iii behalf of the state of North Carolina w. H. Quat lbs representing Shaw University mrs. Clementine Prince president of the negro Jill scout leaders association of Raleigh in behalf of the Raleigh leaders the response pm City studying at the new Yolk Post graduate medical school. Or. Davis study was along the line of by philology and dermatology. Quartet program at get Sema n e tuesday the Mayfield Jubilee King gospel singers will ice presented at Gethsemane Baptist Church. Tuesday evening at 8 of a Loc k a a Orth part of the visiting leaders dial invitation is extended to was made by mrs Florence r Public to he present Therp will Davit. The main address was Ilia a Airall charge for admit Lou. Exceptional business training Jones Kiihne College offer to Dine a Mil Quot and toting men Ami Young women to to want to prepare t Heinie i pc Quot for the Heller and Peiin Anent to Quot Ilion Gnu he advantage Quot a Quot the quote a. Thorough practical course i in business fundamentals aug i Niente by actual business train i ing graduates Are fitted for sex perjured positions commanding the highest salaries and cd advancement a. Light airy classrooms in the most modern and completely a quipped private school to be found in North Carolina everything that will add to the Comfort and convenience of the student. A training under College and University trained teachers. Ione business College is the Only business school in North Carolina under the supervision and erection of a Man with a master s degree from a University. A. Fully accredited by the american association of american colleges. A. An efficient employment department that places Job Gratin j ates in business office. 1 a Complete business course in j Jones business College is the sur St and quietest Way to a Good position and Coats far less. Lott Tui i. P. Jones m. A., president enrol in either Doc or night Quot a Pool a monday Johes business College i atm went co merge Street phone huh

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