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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 6, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Monday May 6, 1910 maniac kills tramp n South Carolina newsboy finds two men fighting on Highway Columbia s. A. May do a of fires railed to a Wood near Irre by a news body a Story found n aged. Crippled itinerant beaten death and arrested a Young an who was later rom fitted to he slate Asylum. The newsboy Howell Tyson Aid he came upon the naked men Ien fighting in the Iii Iddie of a on it fete Highway about nine Miles rom Here Early yesterday. I he Oung Man was heating the ramps head on the Concrete. It in m \ m Ltd a sheriff t. Alex Heise raid the Iller was Washington Metroplex 2, of Darlington. He described Lim As a a craving evidence indicated Heise said the Jiampa put up a fight for possibly n hour and a half. The High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center Industry eau Point. North Carolina Page thru map a \ v. Juk amp a 1 v t v v a a r.-. I if eyes on italian Nav you a a set Mem Mem Mem turn a a a Duce May use norwegian lesson in settling Mediterranean Row capital shorts Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Henry Averill strategic lineup of naval might in Mediterranean by Thomas m. Johnson Nea service military writer the Allied movement of a Bat i Spain might join in. In the Eastern Mediterranean from the dodecanese islands off tie Fleet to the Mediterranean i Turkey Italy could threaten the the sheriff quoted Metroplex As probably intended not to a spread Suez canal. She could also harass Selling him a a love rules the world. Love old me he was the Devil incan the hut to prevent its spread j Allied tankers bearing Oil from to the Balkans and near East. A Iraq and transport and suppl for the totalitarians Are still i ships of the Allied expedition from the. Love told me he was a curse i better prepared for great Battles the near East to the Balkans. A the world and must he destroy la an Arp the allies and their pea which would be the most effective i did t kill him love killed i ,p adj egg Rumania. Yugoslav \ Franco British counter d. the Hood were ver a space Ide. Efforts to identify a re unsuccessful. Of la. Reece sheriff said splotches a Rater found on the ground about thirty feet the tramp move to and Turkey. And the i any of the dangers just listed the unpreparedness of such an expedition would de four Small nations the Pend for Success primarily on greater the allies need to Brace what happened to the dodecanese them militarily and morally i islands where Are based italian against surrender to any of the warships and air planes. In Italy a following dangers mania or Turkey perhaps with bulgarian co operation from Germany invasion of Ian cooperation from Italy invasion with German and hungarian Ald of Yugoslavia and Greece a com Britain in the Mediterranean. Allies hold Edge in sea towed in the Western Mediterranean Daly Mould attack important Tunis Algeria and Morocco. Here i ital ships Are outclassed As is i is the lesson of Norway. Homesville grads ear Rev. Tuttle Thomasville May 6.�? spell a rpm. Lee f. Tuttle pastor f the main Street methodist Huron in Thomasville delivered he baccalaureate Sermon to the Homesville High school seniors t the main Street school Audi atrium sunday which was at it need by an audience that filled i Moat every available seat i Rev. Tuttle in his address to e graduates stated that the Only i lit form for a successful and j life Mas the platform of be he cited three important joints in that platform i. Life it Hal j of be ruled by a material Outlook j t by a spiritual Outlook 2. Life j ill he lived by travelling the i ugh Road rather than by taking j in Short cuts and 3. Life shall he j Ved by meeting the full demands i god and not by making com umm Mion is iting Stone the speaker reminded the radiates that their graduation rom the High school should he a j tapping Stone to greater things in j e and a higher experience they j re reminded that they were on Ting a troubled world and that Jip Orts it decisions Mould a tot made. The real things in life he overlooked by being so encased with the material things j life he declared. The devotional which preceded e Sermon Mas led by Rev j a. Botnet pastor of Heidelberg j d reformed Church j of Michigan candidate for the be publican nomination for president is one of those who believe the atmosphere of the nation must he changed before any real recovery a an he brought about. I asked the leading candidates to Tell me what the next president grasp the dodecanese Are a Pis from Russia invasion of in i Tol pointed of the head of the Suer. Canal and of the Allied Admiral at the Alexandria base in Egypt. To strike that pistol from Italy a Yugoslavia and Rumania per hand would doubtless he one of haps with hungarian Andor ital the allies first moves As would i he attack on that other pistol perhaps Pantelleria the mid medi Veranne on italian base there Mould he a series of panted by attack on France and duels by sea and air. Along the whole length of the Meriter Juanean. The outcome of the sea duels i her accompanying naval aviation. In some opinion. And not by the British Navy merely hut also by the French which relatively a celebrated has made remarkable strides in preparing for War in these narrow seas. Does Duce see lesson in Norway these seas Are narrower even than the Northern seas where British sea Power has just been largely stymied by German air Power. Shore based. This Mill be the deciding Factor that takes Mussolini to War if to War he goes. For what German Airpower could do in the North italian air Power May Hope to do in South Here too the Franco Brit j ish must have expeditionary forces by water within reach of bombers operating from land i bases. And the italian military j air Force is one of the Best in Europe and one of the biggest. To be sure the allies can coun a ter lightning italian blows by bombs on the dodecanese on pan j Telleria. Even with shells on Italy i a if their battleships get close Raleigh. May 6. There a a state official who is still trying to figure out How and Why this happened on his desk he found a piece of paper on which Mas printed in i a rather scrawling sort of fashion i a Maxwell is mighty Strong in this j Section. Pete Murphy will carry Robeson and that was All no signature or anything. The official who Isnit Secretary of state Thad Eure by j the Way still can to see Why it was put on his desk. Miles 200 Germany in a s. S r. Spain France s Hungary f a a v a i Madutz pm j it St Italy Casablanca v Morocco Fri a of r ski of bar Algeria for i 8 British f French co italian a others fortification novo base Naples 0 Tunisia for or Mediterranean sea \ \ of tripoli1 Benghazi i Libya it dodecanese it. F a Haifa Egypt poit said Suer is speaking of Murphy and Eure partisans of the Veteran Rowan legislator who seeks the Secretary of states political Scalp and a in too Job Are equipping that ifs All right with them for Thad to get his Teeth fixed in Georgia and his colonels commission in Virginia so Long As he does no to get too Many votes in North Carolina. One of the terms of the recent a a compromised a whereby governor Hoey withdrew his opposition to the North Carolina for Roosevelt the i organization reported to he Promise of the for folks not to talk about a drafting the presi a Dent. Now there is some wonder just How far senator John forger missed doing that when he said in his radio address late last Meek a the people Are not drafting him for but they Are calling hive of naval bases and warship activity is the Mediterranean sea one time Mare nostrum of ancient Rome. Into it have sailed major units of the British and French fleets to meet any threat of War from modern Italy. Probably Allied Victory. For j enough. Their body blow while Italy a submarines and fast j blockade hut it May never american legion men Are say Ling that they have about Alt the state Campaign managers this time Franto British Supply lines also destroyers Are numerous her Cap struck. That Mussolini May think Anil will have most of the Guber John t. Flynn interviews the candidates nation Alt set to go places we must create a new atmosphere for recovery says Vandenberg a this is the third of six articles in which leading presidential candidates Tell John t. Flynn noted economist Hod writer How they propose to bring to bring about recovery if elected. By John t. Flynn aka service staff correspondent senator Arthur h Vandenberg Iva n gel Lea i an Thomasville. Professor j. N. Ansi superintendent of the lilt a tue so ill Hixi s presid d and trod need Rev Tuttle a Musi-1 program was rendered by the owns Tlle High school glee us. Which was under the direr sonnet of the securities Exchange commission and eliminate from. The act the provisions which make it so costly to put out an Issue of a few Hundred thousand or a Mil i lion that no sane Man will at tempt it. A we must change the personnel of the National labor relations Board even if the act were not i changed so that an employer will j have a Chance for his life. But j we must also change the Art to make it fair to both labourer and acc boy drowned four Are injured Fresno. Calif. May 6�?up a one civilian conservation crap enrollee drow Ned and four others j he woman managers in a glib were injured last night As a for Nail Rio a Headquarters wrote a eat service truck in which 25 boys j whole Batch of personal letters to were Riding was forced off a moan various ladies Here and there. Her Natoria candidates in 1344. They talk glibly of Sandy Graham of Hillsboro Gregg Charry of Gastonia. And judge Wilson Warlick of Hickory As the most Likely men to run four years hence. All of them Are Active Legionnaire. It came As something of a Surprise to your Raleigh reporter to learn through the medium of a summer Camps for boys and girls a published by the Asheville chamber of Commerce that this summer there will be operated in Western North Carolinas 23 Camps for girls five for both girls and boys and 13 for boys. Of the girls Camps. 15 Are listed As members of the Southern Section of the american camping association. None of the five coed Camp belong but nine of the 19 boys Camps Are also listed by the association Charity forbid using the name in this one but its a fact. One of lain Road and roiled Down an am-1 Appeal was supposed to be based largely upon her identity and her acquaintance with the addressees. But she forgot to sign the let in of miss Eugenia Booth direr must do to put an end to borrow r of music in the City schools vocation was spoken by Rev. E. Parker retired methodist Inister. Of Thomasville. Professor hauls announced that i class Day exercises of the sends is will he held on monday i at 8 of clock and on tues a afternoon at 3 Eiith Grade promotional exer a Oil i he held. At w hic la time a addres e Iii Lohi Ivy v ii a by on. A number of the High lion faculty the graduating elegies will be id on tuesday night at 8 mme. At in to i h Tim John a tug to revive private investment to create jobs in Industry. Here is the answer Given me by senator Vandenberg a the first thing we must do a said the senator a is to create an utterly different atmosphere. The time is Here and the need for of clock the tremendous investment in equipment of railroads Industrial Plant buildings utilities. A your Industrial Plant has an accumulated obsolescence of $15.-000.ooo.ooo. We have plenty of Money and credit for Thia we have More than enough. Industry cries out for funds. Investor employer. We must once and for j ban Kment into Kings River All put an end to All government a Ltd j gr01tbi Competition with private business Man Der of Fth trimer Springs a a we be on the whimsical standards a we must end not Only Hostil j a Ved to be the boy drowned j. J Dering who Jennings Defehr a teacher at the said he saw Briggs swept Down the River and heard him calling for help. A amp. Said Dale Briggs. In. Fres ters. And now there Are double no. Driver of the Truc k was by a Hundred of curious ladies won in the world wrote no of Raleigh wll Iver the hunger Fot dress diplomas will he awarded the a i members of the Grade ing rats it ibis time. An Opportunity to sup Why do they not get a Ore and More people be to increase appetite to boost Energy of we be a or Praed How easily you can generate new Power to make you Al like your tolf ago no by doing two pie things a build Rich red blood 2�?improve digestion .8. Tonic May be just what you need stimulates the , helping to better do it food. It contains the vital Mineral elects so nectar to rebuild red Blond is. Tiro important Steps Back to health. A trial will convince you Sands know of the amazing benefits j.8 8. Scientists have proved it too. It yourself to build sturdy health. Kind that will give you new West to of work and play. Ask for the big 20 represents a saving in the Chase Price. C s s s. Co. Ply them i together a Mist think of Miaow i a the reason is Plain the atmosphere. Industry and investors exist in an atmosphere of hostility and uncertainty. This is a profit system we live in. If it is no Good we ought to get rid of it. But of we want to keep it a and we do then we must have profits. A profit system without profits is unthinkable. A but we have been singing hymns of hate against the profit makers. Every investor and every Enterprise feels that the government is against him wants to punish him. Regulate him. Penalize him. Disarm him. A who is the profit maker he is the manufacturer the storekeeper the rail and Utility Enterprise who must hire men and pay wag s before lie c an make a profit there is no use quibbling about this the administration has succeeded in creating this feeling a feeling that this Man is a Public enemy. As Long As this lasts investment is unthinkable. A to end that we must first of All put into tile White House a Man and into Congress a party which everyone knows is not hostile to business. That act alone will produce in a thrice Confidence not just Blind Confidence. Try to business but uncertainty. Therefore we must repeal All the Cut it floating Powers of the president. Our currency now is based not on any Metal but on the presidents whim. We Are not on the Gold Standard hut on the whimsical Standard. We must put an end to the presidents Power to change Tariff schedules at will. No business it Safe while this Power exists. Con Gress must resume the Power which it has abandoned to then president. We have to overhaul our fiscal system. We have put a huge foundation of government spending under our system. We cannot yank it out suddenly. But we must build a new foundation under the Structure and remove the dangerous government spending pillars j Mobile. As quickly As possible. Heme we must abandon pump priming As a policy at once. A we must refuse to Grant any new bounties or subsidies no matter How meritorious until we have found a Way to pay for those already established. A we must of course permit no one to starve hence we must think of the Man who has not got a Dollar hut we must also think of the Man who has one. He is the Only one who can invest and hire others. A and of course we must proceed As rapidly As business revives under the new order to reduce expenditures and balance the budget. A was for Relief it should be turned Over to the states and the governments share of it should he paid the slates in Lump sum payments to be administered absolutely free of political exploitation. Them the Straw polls of this Campaign Are insignificant compared North carolinian injured with the ambitious program in major a. E. Dedeke. District i de taken in 1936. Fact that the arc commandant who first reported three were believed dead listed the following injured Joseph Sud Kwie. Is of rus cont Smons and abrasions. 1936 poll went so far astray probably is the reason though there Are still plenty who will maintain that the polls of four years ago were absolutely accurate a of the John Walden. 23. Of North time the Straw ballots were sent Carolina both arms believed Brok-1 in. What happened is that the Bis plurality for Ralph Mcdonald was taken away from him by various urea. Possibly injured internally. Albert Saffell 21. Of Taft calif., and Gilbert Moore. 22. Of j and sundry Means and my Oklahoma broken right arms. Three trucks were returning a group of acc boys to Camp after j a week end in Fresno. Major de a Dicke said one was forced off the Mountain Road by a civilian Auto it roiled about to feet Down the Hank into the water. City represented in Florida contest divorced actress weds third time Louisville. May i. A up a Arline judge film actress who recently won a purported $100,00 1 settlement in divorcing Daniel r. Topping. New York socialite sportsman has embarked her third martial venture. Her new husband is James Mckinney Bryant an executive for a fifth Avenue hotel Pierre in new York City who in 1936 Fig soloists from High Point entered in festival Wert Palm Beach. Fla a a bands glee clubs orchestras and soloists from six Southeastern states will come Here May 9. To and la for the eighth regional National school music Competition and festival More than a score of Florida Ruseal organizations will seek upon honors along with entrants from the District of Columbia. Maryland. West Virginia Virginia. North Carolina South Carolina and Georgia. Musical units placing in Divis Rcd with a Navy lieutenant in j Lon on it in contests held do a much publicized Fristic performance at a party Given by Johnny ing april or at the regional contest St Charlotte n \. Last year a Moi get Roll a Vuk Khi till country a on he farm we must adopt a two Price system a guarantee to the Fanner an american Price on but an Assurance e that the govern j that part of his crop consumed men is not lying in wait for the Man who starts a business hires a labourer and makes a profit. In this country hut sell our surplus abroad at the world Price. We must pay bonuses for soil a but we must do More than j conservation but we must make just change parties. We must Bink not merely of 1940, but of 1950. We must Chang the v r Hen used according to directions tested on each package we no you la agree that Quot by Quot works t and relieve in a hurry. Also lives headaches muscular Hes and functional periodic ins. Consult a physician when ins is Aist or recur frequently. A a �6.� a a Fri a a St i a a incentive payments to Plant the crops we need a not to destroy crops. A the president says we ought to have an 80-Biljion-Douar country. We ought to have a 100-Bil-lion-Dollar country. But there is Only one Way to do that. That is by creating wealth. A there is Only one Way to solve unemployment. That is by creating jobs. A there is Only one Way to create wealth and jobs and that is by putting business to work. A there is Only one Way to do Weismuller sex film Tarzan in a j a tribe for the festival Here. Bands registering for the festival inc Lude i Renoir n. Wadesboro. N. Cd i Ancaster p. C Kings Mountain. N. Ltd. Greensboro. N. Cd Charlotte n. Cd j Rey nolds High of Winston Salem n. Vocal organizations include i Graham. N c. Girls glee club i Albemarle. N. Cd. High school chorus and Asheville n. Girls glee club. Orchestras will include Charlotte. N. C., while soloists and ensembles will he sent from High Point n. Cd and Reynolds High school. Winston Salem n. Manhattan night club. Bryant declined to be specific about the marriage. All he would say was that it took place a a somewhere in Kentucky a Between 6 p. In. Saturday and .3 a m he patted his brides Arm and added a she is the Hest pick made at the b. 11. Federal savings to meet at blowing Rock blowing Rock. May 6. A two prominent newspaper editors will be speaker at the 1940 annual meeting of the building and loan associations of North Carolina to be held at blowing Rock june 18, 19, 20. Or. Julian Miller editor of the Charlotte observer will make the banquet address and Jonathan Daniels editor of the Raleigh j Thomasville news and Ozsener and Well known author will he the speaker at the Quarter Century service program. The subject of or. Mil play to be presented in Thomasville Church Thomasville Mac 6 5 Elal a All methodist churches pm that by freeing Enterprise in a Ler s address will he a capitalism Stead of shackling it by enc our i aging profit instead of attacking and and Jonathan Daniels will be a Community builder. A i in Are cooperating in presenting a Temperance drama a prisoner at the bar a on Mon Day night. May 13. At the Community methodist Church. A Nunt her of prominent persons in the City will participate in the play with the two Prin rial aits being allayed by George y. Hammond of Hollywood calif., and Hayward h. Johnson of Portland Ore. The entire cast includes judge t. Austin Finch District attorney. Hayward h. Johnson defense attorney r. L. Pope mar witness. Mrs. A. H. Ragan Pogo print expert sergeant k. R. James t. Bowman court Bailiff. John Perry prisoner at the bar George l. Hammond the jury j. W. Boyles. Walter Loftin James e. Lambeth James Cagle Wilson Myers j. Glenn Pennington. By the National methodist Temperance Board has been presented to packed audience in various parts of the in United states. The author. George Young Hammond of Hollywood was secured by the r. O. Little. M. L. Bales j. Walter Richardson prisoner s Little i Lambeth and Rev. Vann r. Harri daughter Lucille Eagle sheriff son. Al Reid court clerk Rev. The drama which is sponsored Vivian Boswell supervisor of the efficient Telephone a Tiff which serve Chicago s Stevens one of the worlds Greet hotels take time out to enjoy a Chesterfield. is America a a busiest cigarette because it s cooler smoking bet ter tasting and definitely Milder. George d. Finch c. R. Berrier j Temperance Board to play the part of the prisoner. He was originally from Iowa and was for two years a special prosecutor in the City of Des Moines. Saw Hask for Chesterfield today definitely Milder cooler smoking better tasting cigarette Call for All the Good things you want in a cigarette Chesterfield has them. Coolness ,. Chester Fields Are cooler mildness. Chester Fields Are definitely Milder taste. Chester Fields taste better in size in shape in the Way they Burn everything about Chesterfield makes it the cigarette that satisfies. You can v buy a better cigarette. Chesterfield of Mifot 1940. Lig Cirr a min togs co cd \

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