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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 6, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy tonight and tuesday. The High Point Enterprise h As the census taker seen you it is highly important that Perry ident of High Point be counted in census now underway. If flip a fax a taker has not seen you Telephone vol. 36�?no. 127 Merit kill associated i ii ks., High Point. N. It monday afternoon May 6, Pho Complete sea Seki ice Price file Cen Extension of War to Mediterranean Nea a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ii Price fixing ruled unlawful court upholds lower court decision decision departs from famous Rule of reason new charges made before Dies group committee witness testifies on private conferences Washington May 6. A to a Kwa Washington May 6. Jvn a in a decision of far Law a another Dies committee reaching importance the in witness pinned the Quot comm preme court ruled today that Nisto i a i get i on Harry Bridger a Price fixing agreements Are today and testified further unlawful under the i so a gym amp that the Cio labor Leader and Sherman act. Edwin s. Smith of the nationalistic Douglas delivered Hie a a a1 labor Board had conferred to 2 ii i ii Ion i by i i -1 i i ii a ii h i ii i j it ii private la in 1936 on fast inn by the Federal District Courti in Quot a i i i a i \ in i. T rest a i Madison win., which held that a i j coast labor matters. 12 major Oil rom Bailies and a in i j the witness was Peter j. Inn. Dis dual violated the Sherman Quot or. Of Bridgeport. Conn. A-1 by conspiring to control the 1 his orders a sink a battleship a grimly determine Innes testified that Smith and Price of gasoline As sold in ten mined f0 prove the superiority of German air might Over i Grid a Warp together in a con British sea Power. Adolf Hitler and marshal cowing Are re ten Ltd z ported to have sent Gen. Erhard Milch nazi air ministry s camber is. I936&Quot and that when Secretary of state to Norway with orders to a sink a Battle-1 Bridges left the meeting after so ship come what Gen. Milch pictured left inspect or,45 Quot own he said i ing machine gun on nazi bomber is said by germans to he have fulfilled his Mission with sinking of 30,600-ton British coast mid Western state government attorneys hailed the decision As an important Victory w hich will Aid the Justice department in its current anti monopoly Campaign. The decision departed from the famous a Rule of reason a interpretation of the Sherman act pronounced by the tribunal in 1911. The court held then that the Sherman act prohibited Only a a unreasonable restrains of interstate Commerce. Add fit Ltd View since 1911, some of the courts opinion have adhered to the View while others have abandoned it Justice Robert and my Reynolds dissented from the majority decision Sod chief Justice Hughes and Justice Murphy did not participate. The Oil companies in defending their action contended thai they had engaged Only in a voluntary cooperative Effort to remove a a competitive gasoline and thai lbs resulting prices were not unreasonable. The Justice department charge tension mounts in Southeastern Europe allies Russia Turkey Germany and Italy massing troops in Balkans anticipating break nazi hem m. M. Rort Van toning in above nazis mop up survivors of Allied Retreat Berlin makes plans to relieve besieged germans at Narvik in North by Lovis p. Lochner Berlin. May 6.�?up a i German scouting planes were Quot a and a Quot no a Len Iron ten. To p 4.__i 4 i 4 a he shipment of nazi i Poi Ted Toda it to have spot tanks and War materials into a Ted Allied detachments Strug Eastern Slovakia a Reich pro a gling through mountainous it borate. Norwegian territory to reach i a a Allied forces besieging Narvik i dodecanese islands and the nazi War machine was appearance of russian reinsert in motion to mop up those forc a no ent Quot former Poland neat units before moving to the 1 a borr Fri of Rathell i which help of a German Garrison at by Edward Kennedy Budapest May 6.�?</p a Extension of the War Southeastern Europe seemed More imminent today that any time since the first Days of the conflict. Contributing to the belief of Many diplomats that crisis May be reached this week were the following develop ments officially unconfirmed in some cases but Given gel Era credence Tiu Idi i of Cox t it a t Fox 1�?turkish troops were reported massing along the greek and bulgarian frontiers. 2�?German troop concentrations were noted near the Yugo h Hungary obtained in the final dts no in Ber me n t of Czechoslovakia. 5�?publication of German reports that the allies Are about to land troops in Salonika Greece. British. Lose destroyer in Norse fight More vigorous prosecute of War is demanded deny battleship loss i think we have arranged for battleship of the Warspite class. Nazi planes penetrate northernmost Norway member of parliament and editor of a widely circulated on the Atlantic s o c i a i i s t newspapers was among 21 persons arrested As the dutch government investigated reports of a fifth column activity in Holland. Reich plans to make a norwegian Victory Complete of possible by us Khz w. Pkt in Uson Stockholm May 6.�? Ltd. A German warplanes continued today to penetrate Over northernmost Norway in such numbers As to indicate nazi i the defendant with conspiring to plans to make Victory in nor churchmen Call War savagery conflict pronounced Vas a rising tide of savagery Way Complete a the last detail if possible. Berlin Tofa Trhan Boid German Alpine troops had started their trek through Mountain territory i in an Effort to reach the Ore shipping port of Narvik i one phone of this apparently. Was an offensive in the Narvik Region. Dispatches to swedish newspapers said More than too German plane were observed flying in the direction of that Arctic area yesterday where the allies j have their last norwegian foothold and Are trying to gain control of the German held Iron Ore port observers a re believe now that the germans not on is will push an offensive against Narvik without delay Matching warplanes against the Briti a Fleet hut also try to Force capitulation continued Oil Cage two a two men queried in fatal stabbing Asheboro. Mas 6 aft Po-1 lice quest inned two men today in the fatal stabbing of Herbert j York. 24. On a Highway near Here Early yesterday. The men Coroner j. L. Fritz said were David Powell and Hisson in Law. Wesley Jordan. York was stabbed in the flies about j p. Rn., on the old Detour Between Central Falls and Asheboro. The Coroner quoted Powell As saying that two of his daughter were in an automobile with York and two other boys and that an argument ensued. Three other men Weed yesterday and Relea Atlantic my May 6 aft delegates to the general conference of the methodist Church were prepared to return to their Homes today after hearing the War i in Europe described on the on it hand As a a passing Hurricane and on the other a a a rising tide of j Evangeline Booth former Cora Mander in Chlof of the salvation army told the conference yesterday the War would not last and added a it is a a Aaseng Hurricane. No matter what the Credo where the land or what the Era the Best in the world is not de by a it Oil Art hut Tex. J raise prices by concerted p chases of gasoline from Independent re filters in the mid continent Oil Field and in the East Texas ii Field in 193 5 and 1935. It was alleged that the purchases were made at a figure which would increase the a a spot tank car Price continued on Page two Shekh Elfreed by jury today verdict acquits two co defendants accused As go Between Rainsville. A. May 5 rep a Frank Whelchel do it was acquitted in Federal court today of charges that he conspired to Aell postal appointments. A jury. Which had considered a he Case since 5 p in. Saturday returned the verdict to District judge k Marvin Underwood at 45 a in. The verdict also freed we Tel Heel a co defendant la. Grady Jones who was accused by the government As go Between for the congressman in the alleged Jot Sale. Scarcely 50 people were in the j court room when the jury filed in to return the verdict. A the clerk read the decision lawyers gripped the congressman a hands and Shook them. 8lk4t.\tor8 quiet there was no expression from the spectators. In one indictment of five counts the Heel was charged with receiving $1,100 each from Huton Holcomb and Paul Grogan for appointment As Rural carriers at Ball ground. A. Jones was alleged to have been a go Between Iii payment of the Money. Another indictment of one count charged wheelie with making an alleged agreement to sell a Post i mastership. The defense and Mil Ted Whelchel received $2,700 from constituent hut. Claimed it was a1 Given freely a a Campaign contributions and was not a consideration in making Job appointments. Whelchel himself testified it might have been Quot indiscreet ii accepting some of the a a contributions hut asserted he had no intention of violating the lo1�?T Rogge Heads prosecution a the government can do no More headed by assistant attorney Gen-1 which has remained unchanged too a year. The country has made Erad o. John Rogge who directed since december. 1938. Feverish efforts recently to defile recent investigation of Louis Japan paid largely in Gold Zelop every possible Gold bearing Iana political scandals and Dis-1 $200,000,000 for goods purchased property especially on the Island strict attorney Lawrence Camp. J in the United states during 1939. J of Formosa. Commenting on the verdict j and Gold shipments Are continuing Japan a ability to obtain Gold is Rogge said f0 lofty 1� purchases Here. Considered Here to be minor and Tutu govern in unit us ii do no Inoru oni Turc Pur to 0 81 j shipping to v i chunk to show that Japan shipped $116,-1 other nations can bring in very in Gold to this country in Little foreign Exchange the exp did it appear to you that or. Smith and Harry Bridges were on i intimate or Friendly terms a ask-1 de representative Thomas a no. 1 a they acted like they were replied Innes. A they Shook Quot did they Call each other by i their first names a Thomas press-1 de. Quot i done to know How about Innes answered a but. They did seem to he on i intimate terms a commented Thomas Quot yes they Shook hands right j off and there was no one there to introduce a just because or Smith knew of. Bridges does no to mean any broke in chairman up text a emr. Smith a a member of the National relation Road naturally knows All labor Quot its a Little said Thomas i a that a member of the National i labor relations Board should i meet a labor Leader around one j of clock in the morning in a Hack i germans take vital Airport refugees flowing into swede Tell graphic Story of Battle yet Gallagher i Osterlund Sweden May 5 f t of norwegian refugees no k i ing across the near by hot Der into i Sweden said today that German i capture of the negro fortress had Given the nazis Possession of a i vital air base a1 a mrs. I Zegras fall was announced by dub official German news Agency last night this base adaptable for Ger Man bombing planes is Only 30 that a a different thing. A said Miles from the norwegian swed a ish Frontier and Only 375 mile Joseph Curran and airline from the Northern Ore sources said the remnants of troops left when the allies withdrew last week from Nani sos. On the Western coast More than 300 Miles South of Narvik had been seen by the planes Between to and Bodo. To is a Small norwegian town j about 150 Miles North of Nam sos 4 4# % 4 i of Lur in Ira Rusc in Lur or re a Iii and tin a Post Lorn which Adolf Gea of of a a a a am a drawing Hiller ordered Alpine troop to be a a a a a a Hab,.d a a Alexandria. Aln a Danae Rou. 200-mlle trek 7_a no a Hun. Rho Utah almost impassable Moon Kry. Result Lna in the arrest obtains in an attempt to Aid the a j 200 persons suspected of work Zis hemmed la by the allies St Jug for both France and Russia. Narvik. Bodo is on the West coast i uneasiness was Manifest i about 65 Miles North of to. I throughout the Southeastern Rapi rkport8 untrue in London official British sources sold there is Quot absolutely no truth to reports that the j British intend to March troop i through Greece 6�?the presence in the Aegean London May 6.�?< the midst of vehement demand for a More Vigo prosecution of the War Brit Ain today announced los week of the 1,870-ton de or Afridi in German bomb i raids upon the convoys wit i Allied troops Fror Nam sos. Norway. The admiralty stood by its Dot Ial of German claims to have us a battleship of the Queen Eli know n As a Gaia Azar Quot Narvik is becoming known in Germany As he Naif it was said that the immediate objective of the advancing nazi troop would be to take Are of the Allied detachments and then build an Airport at Bodo from which the dreaded a a Stukas German Power diving planes to abm Force expires Quot Stuka Hes in Nee urdu o Ouri a a at by a question Hod. Aid a the rising tide of savagery Aud materialism has brought our world to the Edge of an abyss. While democracy is fighting in Hie last ditch Here in the United states be go on with our Golf and our Bridge. The perils of our world trouble us Little Mote than the failure of the Cook to show up for team h a i y to of life among the final pronouncement issued by the conference Nas one urging Parent to teach their children the a fact of life the pronouncement said children had a right to know the be Floe adolescence facts regarding the origin of life and the nature of their personalities As it relates to sex. A if parents Are Recreant in their duty a the pronouncement added. A then qualified persons in the Church should teach reverently the Beautiful truths of life to offset the obscene and All too Preva Lent misinformation to which our children Are the delegates also urged a National Law Aud uniform state Laws requiring medical examinations before marriage. Japan s Gold Reserve under $100,000,000 a die Bridge Mervyn Rathborne were All called communist by Innes. Innes. Who testified he had been i National purchasing agent for the continual on rage two army performs troop action third of nation s enlisted strength represented in Maneu vers Camp Beauregard. La May 5 4� a More than 40.000 off Cera and men of a defending a a blues army advanced Westward to Louisiana today to defend the Sabine River of Lodl Siana and Texas from 30.000 invading a red a troops the 70.000 men. Representing almost a third of the nation enlisted strength will be involved in engagements May la to May 25 for the training of the regional third army in american largest peace time troop Maneu vers. Maneu vers plotted the plot for the Maneu vers in w hich soldiers from 33 states w ill j take part set Forth a Blue East is a Small nation which has a common Boundary line at the Sabine River with another Small nation red wait xxx Boundary dispute local Border incidents and alien minorities have resulted in continual continued on Page two bombing three we until the the vet i out Amin these port of Narvik where a Small German Garrison is standing off am Allied attack. The refugees said the i lie guns of the he to fortress kept the germans from establishing a base at Yamen through it is of incessant fighting defenders were left a on 1 of starvation and account said the germans pushed East from trondheim deep up lie St Omdalen to Alley. Between ice and Stow cloaked mountains in the Early Days of the War. Ism. Gina i sed hurled bark by big guns the or top called upon their Alpine troops to encircle the fortress and the adjoining Village of Wegria on the trondheim Stor Lien railway 20 Miles East of trondheim and launched an attack supported by Light Field artillery machine gun Sand planes. The refugee said that within a few Days the fire front the Ger j Man guns left most of the Village a mass of smoking ruins and the i fortress itself Polt a marked. The German fire was almost continuous. The refused declared. Continued on Page two Vatican claims new atrocities additional prosecution of polish catholics charged t could attack i near Narvik. Some experts i opinion that the i polish off the All j Narvik and make or Titi Zanre of the of the Alpine troops across the Mountain. 4 oat inned on Page two advice is disregarded members militantly opposed to change in Logan Walter Bill Washington May 5 -i.j5 the Senate judiciary committee disregarded the advice of democratic Leader Barkley today and recommended thai Congre a act this session on the Logan Walter Hill to subject orders of Ferfera agencies to count review. Chairman Ashur a Ariz said the 15 members at the committee meeting were a militantly a opposed to any delay in Senate consideration of the controversial. House approved Hill. Barkley. Ash rat said argued vainly for postponement of action pending further study of the legislation. A it seems to he the unanimous opinion of this committee tha1 i his responsibility should be met and not the Westerner declared legislation ten Sid eke it he added that the committee set up a subcommittee to consider amendments to the legislation. Continued on Page two in a state of High tension for weeks past. And Many diplomats including United states officials sent pessimistic reports to their govern ments Belgrade verged on a panic for a Short time yesterday following a radio a noun Ament that removal of Ivil tans rom the City had teen recommended by the government fear were allayed however when it was explained that the announcement a a mis lading rebroadcast of a lecture on air raid precaution. Germany and Britain meanwhile. Were reported engaged in a diplomatic struggle to obtain Assurance of bulgarian support in event of trouble in the Southeast Britain woos i i aty i y Britain s purpose in wooing Beth class and a heavy Cruiser the same operations. But it admitted that the a fix 47th naval loss officially at non need by the British a struck by a bomb and sequent sunk during an Sisti it attack by a Waves enemy aircraft a Ivy mom Herp i Ivy Ned the admiralty said escort i sets anti Al raft fire was so Fen live that two German Bombo were shot Down and the tract ports came through a Sun tout hot the Afridi fifth British Stroyer lost Ainee the Start of norwegian Campaign was aet a flotilla Leader of the escort a carried 219 men. She was commanded by cat p. L. Vian who commanded i destroyer Cossack when shaded norwegian territorial wait Era last Fob. 17 to Rescue a hoi 300 British seamen from the Man a prison ship altmark Bulgaria Sofia sources said. Was to insure a land route for troops to Rumania should me necessity Josling fjord in Southern Nom an unofficial military son troop concentrations along the greek j arise. The reports of turkish and bulgarian frontiers received official cognizance in Sofia where opinion was expressed that the a i iou was a in accordance a it h British desires and tonne Ted with fug la lid a Aims in the the circulation of reports at i Ihu Ted to German sources that lha allies were planning to land troops is Salonika coincided with the official opening of a strategic new railway line running northward from that Aegean poll through the Strum River Valley. Salonika offers the most direct Gateway for the Entrance of Allied hoops in the event War comes to the Balkans and the new railway would prove a valuable Aid in their movement. The greeks deny reports of a secret agreement to let Britain and France both of whom have guaranteed her Independence to use the port but foreign observer doubt that Greece would offer any objections if War comes. Denied Moscow May 5. A Ltd a a authoritative soviet russian quarters today denied reports circulating in the Balkans that Russia has massed divisions opposite Ruthenia. By Lloyd leh Ruas Washington May 6 up a a Survey of Japan a financial Structure after the Drain of nearly three years War in China indicates Harvester company issued Board order company dominated plans reaching the Bottom of its Gold barrel Are frankly puzzled As to where the japanese Are getting the precious Metal. One ext Lunation is that Japan that its Gold reserves have shrunk Long ago began hoarding Gold in i to less than $100 ,000,000. A secret Quot War Chest against any officials Here make that est trouble w Ith Russia and has been mate of japanese held Gold de dipping into this fund to its spite the fact that the Central War Hill in China. Bank of Japan still lists its Gold Japan Gold production reserves at $164,000,000, a figure amount to Only about $62,000. J Gama ton plans at each of it in which has remained unchanged j too a year. The country Baa made t plants. He contended that the plans were a dominated by the the recommendation was made by examiner c. W. Whittemore in an intermediate report to the Vatican City. May 5. Of it German persecution of polish catholics was barged anew today by the polish embassy to the Vatican in a purported summary of a report to Pope pins Xii by aug i list Cardinal lond primate of Poland the embassy a statement Alleg Central Pennsylvania combed for sex killer contended by labor examiner re Germany was trying to Cadi Washington. May 6 a to a tailor Board trial examiner rec i min ended today that the International Harvester company. Chicago Dis establish employ recreate catholicism in the nazi held part of Poland and attempting to destroy the polish people by deportation shooting and financial ruin particularly the leading classes. Informed source in Berlin have declared that Church activities in areas recently occupied by by Ull k Temple Bellefonte pa., May 6.1 police and acc youths searched High and Low in this Central Pennsylvania Section today for the tan Sedan of a a maniac killer wanted for the sex slayings of a comely girl factory worker and a Pennsylvania state College coed. Lynn g. Adams head of the state motor police said the fatal bludgeoning of Fay Gates 25-year-old employee of a match factory. Near Here Early yesterday was a a identical with the slaying of Rachel Taylor. 17-year-old co Germany particularly in the re five weeks ago. That occurred Gions of Poland under German Only 12 mile away. Control continue without interruption and Are Little affected by Hoard a copy of which was served i political developments than develop the facts and present them to a jury that represents the people. Their decision h final since the government has no re rat of Appeal. A we cannot allow the it edict in this ease to deter the continue is duly investigation of the complaints Anteri Dux be pfc investigated. Have 1 939. And during the first Quai pert declare because most of has sent an additional i Japan a maritime Fleet is Lei of 1940 $55,000,000 goods. To buy american a Pun in far needed Eastern Waters i remittances from japanese lie nor i e puzzling lug in the United states and other in officials who Long foreign areas have declined great dieted that Japan i by on the company. Hitt emote s recommendation was based on a hearing initiated by Cio s farm equipment workers organizing committee the Cio Union alleged that the com Patty Xmas interfering with the self organization of Harvester company employees through Tho j representation plan. The statement said that German speaking families from the italian Tyrol were being sent to Poland in a plan to Germanizue it. The embassy quoted Cardinal lond As reporting the death of 39 priest in six dioceses by shooting or torture in prison in Chelmo diocese it said. He r to Ted continued on Page two no doubt a there is no doubt in my mind that the same Man killed he said. Quot a maniac killer is at Large among us a Man who is probably insane in every respect. No one can Tell where he will strike next a Adams indicated the tan automobile was the most promising j clue police have. Two girl companions of miss Gates said a car i of that color had been following them a Short time before her battered body was found along a lonely Road in a spook hollow Quot at 2 a. In est sunday. After attending a moxie in Bellefonte saturday night. Miss Gates drove the two girl acquaintances to their Homes in her car and was returning to her own Home in the neighbouring Village of i. Eagle when overtaken by her assailant. Body found a Young Man who had been visiting Fay s sister Lois at the Gates Home found the body on i Way Home. Miss Gates clothing was torn and blood stained and she had been savagely beaten on the head with a Blunt instrument. An autopsy disclosed she was criminally assaulted and her Skull fractured in five places. Police said the Slayer apparently stopped her car attacked her in it and threw her out on the ground before fleeing in his own Auto. In miss Gates car they found a three foot Iron Pinch bar such As is used by House wrecking Crews. That might have Bern the death weapon they said. Reported that British troops Northern Norway Are losing in the German Garison. Estimated Between 3,000 and 4, my holding the Arctic Ore port of nit Vik. But that operations of dire try xxx Ere proceeding it oxely that Ive immediate rapture of port was not to he expected no xxx leg in ii for. G n in in j i halvdan Kohl accompanied defense minister colonel Bilz i i Jun Heth and Erik Colban. St j xxx leg inn minister to London col i fired with prime minister Chain her lain and foreign seer lord Halifax i a tens War office Mem unit this morning said a there is not Jug to report from the Nam arca a British Dianes downed the air ministry acknowledged that two British Sunderland Fly lib boats wet damaged by germ machine gun fire while at and off Norway yesterday but Denit Texo Blenheim bombers were Sho Down the German High command communique reported the Machina gunning of the flying boat ant dons us be Blenheim bomber were shot Down near Teri Chelini the Netherlands a Crescendo of demands for i More vigorous government prose i coition of the War arose today ii i Advance of prime minister Chamberlain s appearance in the Hon of common tomorrow to explain the Allied withdrawal from Cen trial Norway pres and orator a clamoured in government changes but the a informed Yorkshire peat Predi Coni inned on Page two Pilot killed in plunge North carolinians plane plummets into Ocean Al old in. May a second Lieut. William of Gilbert of Langley Field a killed this morning when i Curti i p-36 Pursuit plane plummet into the Atlantic Ocean to Mil South of Virginia Beach. His body was not located is mediately. Gilberts plane which he a piloting on a routine Tram ii flight fell from a height of 5.out feet. A Board of officer a been appointed by col. Jacob w a Wuest air base commander at to wangled Field to investigate ? it cause of the Accident. Gilbert a a resident of a n. C

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