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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 5, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 6a Hlf i Point Enterprise Friday May 5, 1972 . Hopes to grind Down North vietnamese forces Washington a . Officials appear to be staking their chief Hopes for defeat of the North vietnamese offensive on grinding Down the enemy a forces in the weeks ahead. One official said such attrition can work a if the South vietnamese can after the crumbling of South Vietnam a 3rd infantry division and the loss of Quang Tri this is subject to some doubt although defense department officials say South vietnamese marines airborne troops and other soldiers have fought Well in various critical Battles. Certain Pentagon intelligence experts say the North vietnamese Are paying a higher Price in lives than they can afford in order to take such key objectives As firebase and provincial capitals. This these officials contend should Tell on the Battlefield within a few weeks. Their thinking is based on an assessment that North vietnamese Battle losses Are irreplaceable because Hanoi has sent virtually All its regular army into combat throughout Indochina principally against South Vietnam. Although , and South vietnamese air Power has not yet lived up to the potential claimed by its boosters american air Force generals Are saying they still expect bombing and strafing to Wear Down North vietnamese strength interrupt and destroy the enemy a supplies and ultimately shake its morale. Another 72 f4 phantom fighter bombers Are being moved into the War zone possibly indicating an intensified bombing Campaign against the North vietnamese incursion. The latest movement will raise to More than 800 the number of . Planes in the War theater. North vietnamese Supply lines Are now stretched More than 30 Miles into South Vietnam below the demilitarized zone presumably increasing the vulnerability of these lines to Allied air attacks. Muskie seeks Money for National to appearances miscalculation by Saigon and Washington indicated by William l. Ryan ports from diplomatic sources Lotical and diplomatic fronts. A spacial correspond that the russians had promised a Hie United states is Strong Tow successes of the North much More hardware to Hanoi but has Basic weaknesses a the vietnamese offensive suggest at the same period Hanoi newspaper said. A it is Strong that Hanoi has understood its was Host to the soviet ministers militarily but very weak Politi enemies better than South let of merchant shipping and com Colly. Because of its political Nam s leaders or americans run cations. The shipping min weakness it cannot develop its understood the North Vietnam ister announced that 340 soviet military Strong Points. A Ese. Ships had called at North Viet which a or the offensive Hanoi reckoned coolly on Tak namese ports in 1971 and Deli had begun a pay to cd Ray ing advantage of weaknesses it ered a million tons of cargo. Committee report added dip detected on the other Side. That he said would increase Injo magically we have Success a 1q7o fully won the sympathy and the. Orth Ietna Meso had a support and increasingly great read Antiwar protests in the shortly after he russians stance of the fraternal so United states As an enormously left Gen to Nguyen Giap. Calist countries and of the important Factor in their favor Hanoi s Veteran military Strate worlds Peoples including and As Long As five years ago Gist and defense minister american progressives a were planning to capitalize on launched his big Gamble the such developments. For a Long All out offensive. If it could time Hanoi was telegraphing its overrun enough territory in the punches but perhaps Saigon South it could perhaps spell Wasny to listening or preferred to the end of the Saigon regime dismiss it All As propaganda Han Dan at the Start of this the current offensive would year spoke frequently of pro shave been impossible without Yective Victory on military to soviet supplies. There is Good reason to believe that soviet by Walter Mears a political writer Hilton head . A sen. Edmund s. Muskie is considering a series of National television appearances if he can raise the Money and buy the time As he seeks to resurrect his democratic presidential Campaign. The Maine senator said the appearances would offer a Way to Appeal past the primary elections which he has quit and seek to keep his name and ideas before the delegates who will decide who challenges president Nixon on nov. 7. A i have taken myself out of the primaries i have not taken myself out of Contention a Muskie said at his rented Seaside Villa in this golfing resort. Muskie said he estimate How Many More nominating votes he might be Able to get without participating in the primaries or How Many he would need to rebuild his Bat vote for Franklin Teague for Guilford county Board of education Quot a vote for Guilford county s most important crop a children a tired candidacy in a divided democratic convention. With Sens. Hubert h. Humphrey and George Mcgovern and gov. George c. Wallace All doing primary election Battle while Muskie retreated to a weeks golfing Holiday that appeared to be an understatement of the Odds against the one time front runner. Muskie said he guess at his chances. But he said it was Clear to i him a there will not be a first ballot nomination at the Miami Beach convention. He said that would leave a fluid situation in which he could fashion a comeback after primary Delegate commitments lapse. A nothing is predictable a he said. A weight weeks ago who would have predicted where id be now a he said he believes the primaries now Are a Likely to be a that would be to his advantage since his comeback strategy is based on a divided convention. The past eight weeks plunged Muskie from National leadership to a series of primary election defeats which led him to announce on april 27 that he would Campaign no longer in the presidential primaries for Lack of Money and results. Muskie won the new Hampshire and Illinois primaries lost in Florida Pennsylvania Massachusetts and Wisconsin. A a in be had a couple of Guys who Are capable of contributing talking about supporting a National television Effort and that a much cheaper than primaries a Muskie said. A you can do it one network if you can get a network would be about $60,000.�?� that would cover a 30-minute television appearance. On other Points in an interview Muskie said a he believes that Mcgovern now is moving toward the Center of the democratic party. A he thinks sen. Edward m. Kennedy will remain out of the presidential race. A he has Given a no thought at ally to what his personal political future will be if he does not win the nomination. Political advertising elect Jim Hunt lieutenant governor High Point committee for the election of Jim Hunt Jim Morgan chairman him Quot the people who will be dealing with environmental policy in state government must be appointed on the basis of actual qualifications and on the basis of recommendations made by their professional Peers not on the basis of political h. Rat Taylor or. Teeter Faig for by Taylo of Govendo commit Tiv Flowers a for All occasions High feint i leading Florist Mace Flower snot nor St phone idd-40d5 and 112-117 help was increased substantially even after agreement was announced in october for president Nixon to visit Moscow in May. Last january Hanoi began talking again about a a new la Gen. Song Hao chief of the North vietnamese army a political department wrote that the new situation Lay in achievement of a a victorious offensive position a North Vietnam he said a is faced with a new situation with Many advantages and Bright he saw new a tests of strength directly ahead. Hanoi let the period of Nixon s visit to red China come and go without striking and South Vietnam breathed easier. Then toward the end of March Hanoi welcomed a delegation from Moscow a High powered military group headed by the Deputy defense minister. It s makeup fitted in with re Gilbert r. Davis candidate for House of representatives our i Ole in the Randolph co univ democratic primary will be appreciated 14 open 9 to 6 daily for Day night til 9 a comparison Between congressman Nick Galifianakis and his principal opponent for the u. S. Senate. Nick Galifianakis be Everett Jordon age 43 75 professional background practising lawyer assistant professor of business Law Duke University officer in . Marine corps. Owner of textile Mill world War i Veteran. Experience in Public office 12 years 14 years North Carolina House of representatives elected in 1960 reelected in 1962 and 1964. 0 United states House of representatives elected in 1966 reelected in 1968 and 1970. 0 United states Senate 0 appointed by governor in 1958 elected in 1960 and reelected in 1966. Seniority after Only four years in the . House of representatives was elected to the powerful House appropriations committee. Has the respect and potential to achieve meaningful seniority in the years ahead. Ranks 32nd in seniority among too senators. Has announced he is seeking Only one More term therefore has no possibility of achieving real Power in the . Senate. We be got them All pick the Nome the style. Dressy or sporty for him for her for graduation birthday or just for you i jewel Box 139 s. Main st., nigh Point pm. 883-0827 expert watch repairs use our custom charge plan master charge or Danka Dericard when you compare congressman Galifianakis and senator Jordan a number of important differences Are immediately apparent. For example although congressman Galifianakis is More than 30years younger his legislative and congressional experience almost equals that of senator Jordan. It another important difference is congressman Galifianakis experience in the state legislature. During six years As a representative from North Carolinas heartland he gained a thorough knowledge of the needs of our state. It was this experience gained on the state level that enabled him to become one of North Carolinas most effective congressmen. If we re serious about wanting seniority in the . Senate we must make an investment now in leadership that can solve our problems today and in the years ahead. We must elect Nick Galifianakis to the . Senate. It s our future. Lets Send Nick to the Sexie High Point Galifianakis for sonata committee Louis j. Fisherjr. Chairman

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