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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 5, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and warm Mora data on Raga a 88th year a no. 126 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A Friday afternoon May 5, 1972 40 pages Call us circulation. .882-171? classified ads .ms-2177 Aii Othar departments 815-2 us daily 10c, sunday 25c 88 s"2 far on wars to questions or Holp with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Family planning q. Would you please Clear up a few questions for to about Tho family planning program. First Are Thoro any certain qualifications one must have to to eligible for this program is family planning Only for women who can t afford the doctors and birth control devices i had believed Tho clinic was there to inform women in How to plan their families and to provide an adequate Means of birth control. Can t any woman using birth control receive it freely if they wish and what about the divorced woman will she get this service without a Hassel or the poor unwed mothers a no one is perfect a can these girls to provided with birth control without being shunned i think that Quot family planning Quot is one of the Best ideas Greensboro and High Point have Corno up with lately and i do Hope they will strive to Lessen the rides and help All women involved. Thank you. Mrs. J. C. A. Mrs. Margaret Alexander who is director of the Guilford county family planning program says that the services Are for any women living in Guilford county who need birth control methods hut who have no Means to obtain them for any reason. Tile medical services Are primarily for Low income women and those who need special help in successfully using a method. If a woman is already receiving birth control services from a private physician a referral from him is needed in order to Transfer to this program birth control supplies Are furnished free of charge to All qualified patients who Art a part of this program says the director. Those women already receiving care from a private physician who May wish to continue As his patient cannot get their supplies from this program. There Are no restrictions As to marital status age or maternity. Unmarried girls under the age of 18 must have written parental consent in order to become a patient. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity. On sunday May 7, the new High Point family planning Center will be formally dedicated and people Are invited to come and see that facility at 407 North Elm Street Between 2 and 4 p. In. Brian Greene assistant director of the program is in the High Point Center on mondays. Wednesdays and fridays and May be contacted for further information. Damage to property q. There is a House next Deer to me end the water Drain is stopped up and i have been after him to fix it. He get his water dram pipes out of the ground and has the water turned on my property. Can something be done about this because the water is washing my Back Yard out from around the House. Thank you. E. W. Q. Tall me what should be done about people in Oakview wha let their children ride their motorbikes in everybody s Yard but their own. Be much property damage has been done by this that a real estate Man said he would have to sell the property in this neighbourhood at night. Please answer soon before we go to pet. Anon. A. When property is damaged and the ones responsible do nothing in response to your appeals you can go to the Small claims court and file a suit. There is a property damage complaint form used for these cases. The magistrate determines if there is damage and if so How much you Are entitled to. To file a suit up to Hoo. It costs $5 of for a filing fee. Above Hoo to Moo the top limit for claims in this court the filing fee is $8 of add to this $2 for each person on which the sheriffs department May have to serve papers. So you out there eroding your neighbors property with Drain water or wheels done to say you weren to warned. Re action q. I am calling in response to the question a where could a person learn landscaping in action line on april 24th. Landscape design course one will be held on May 9. To and la at Guilford county agriculture Center 3309 the Burlington Road in Greensboro. The Otter three courses will be held at regular intervals to Complete the series. It is sponsored by the Garden clubs of North Carolina and the North Carolina landscape design critics Council and is open to anyone interested in gardening. For further information Contact mrs. J. Ross Pringle 2711 Liberty Road Greensboro North Carolina mrs e. K. Sound off q. The state Barbera a auxiliary is offering a scholarship to the Winston Salem school of barbering. We would like to hear from anyone interested in applying by May to. The applicant should be a High school graduate from 17 to 25 years old. For further information the person May Call mrs. H. E. Durham 885-4283 in saturday primary undecided vote holds key Highway 14 control in doubt new fighting has erupted along route a wire photo by Reese Hart associated press writer Raleigh a a High percentage of undecided voters apparently holds the key to the outcome of several races in North Carolinas primary saturday especially the democratic Battle for governor. Spurred by the states first presidential primary and the gubernatorial races a record 1.3 million votes is expected. Alex Brock North Carolina elections director said a knowledgeable people in the various counties say the number of undecided voters is the highest that anybody can recall perhaps 40 to 45 per this could drastically alter the outcome of the six Man race for the democratic Guber refugees turned Back As Highway contested by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a heavy fighting erupted today for control of vital Highway 14 in the Central Highlands. Spokesmen said 75 North vietnamese and one South vietnamese were killed in the fighting. By dusk Field reports said the fighting had tapered off to Only Light Contact. Thousands of refugees who tried to leave Korntum were turned Back because of the fighting. The fighting at the Chu Pao Mountain which dominates Highway 14 seven Miles South of Korntum. Broke out less than 24 hours after spokesmen said the Roadway had been cleared and one Convoy had moved through from Plesku. Wholesale food prices decline Washington a tile government reported today the biggest drop in wholesale food prices in eight months for april due largely to a Sharp decline in meat prices. In another report the labor department said the nation s total employment and unemployment remained virtually unchanged last month with the jobless rate holding steady at 5.9 per cent of the work Force. The report on wholesale prices said the average Cost of meats poultry and fish declined 29 per cent in april. This was the major Factor in an Over All decline of seven tenths of one per cent for All farm products and processed foods wholesale food prices Are generally reflected fairly soon at the supermarket the report said a Broad Range of prices of wholesale gop to shift convention to Miami Washington a the Republican party formally switched its 1972 National convention from san Diego to Miami Beach today. The move was unanimously approved by the Republican National committee after it received a report that mounting costs and threatened labor problems made it impossible to stage the convention in san Diego. Hie convention dates remain the same As originally scheduled aug. 21-23. The report of the difficulties the republicans ran into in san Diego was Given by Richard Herman vice chairman of the convention arrangements committee. Herman said the main difficulty was caused by a disagreement Between the party and the operator of the sports Arena where the convention was to be held Over construction costs. Raw materials and manufactured products Rose three tenths of one per cent. All wholesale prices of food and Industrial commodities average out to a Rise of one tenth wholesale Price Index to 117.5 of its 1967 base of too. This meant it Cost h 17.50 on the average for wholesale goods Worth Hoo five years ago. The latest Index was 3.7 per cent above a year ago. The report on jobs said the total number of employed americans actually Rose some 400.000 to 80.6 million and unemployment dropped More than half a million to 4.7 million. But these developments Are expected for april and the Bureau of labor statistics figured no change in both employment and unemployment. On a seasonally adjusted basis. The report also said average earnings of nearly 50 million rank and file workers More than half the nation s work Force Rose two cents per hour to $3.59 and increased la to per week to $132.83 the average weekly paycheck was $8 78 or 7 1 per cent above a year ago. After deduction for the 3 5 per cent Rise in living costs Over the same period the gain in purchasing Power was a Little Over $4 per week. The report on wholesale prices listed declines of four tenths of one per cent for Dairy products seven tenths for sugar and confectionary two per cent for animal fats and oils and one tenth of one per cent for vegetable oils and products. South vietnamese paratroopers swept Down the Highway thursday from Korntum behind an Armada of . Bombers using top secret weapons to Root North vietnamese troops from caves in the mountains overlooking the pass. South vietnamese infantry reinforcements seized the High ground with no resistance but were attacked by North vietnamese forces this afternoon the Highway is the Only Overland Supply route to Korntum. Which is threatened by two North vietnamese divisions. Should the Highway remain Cut and the North vietnamese ring Korntum with antiaircraft guns. It would be difficult to Supply the defenders of the City. The provincial capital of Quang Tri on the Northern front fell last monday after it was Cut off from both Overland and air Supply. Korntum is 25 Miles North of Plesku the capital of the Central Highlands and the military Headquarters of the Region. Nine . B52 bombers dropped More than 200 tons of explosives on both sides of Highway 547, a key North vietnamese Supply route from Laos toward Hue the raids were 13 to 15 Miles West and Southwest of the old Imperial capital and were part of a renewed Campaign to forestall any attack on the City. Fighting continued at a Low level for the second consecutive Day and it was believed the North vietnamese were resting regrouping and re supplying in preparation for renewed assaults. Danang officials have set up special checkpoints throughout the City to round up soldiers who have deserted their units in Hue. What s inside amusements. Io-11b Bridge. A classified ads Jud comics 9b crossword a editorials 4a financial. 2a obituaries in sports 1-3c Tel vision Job women s news i so weather. Senatorial nomination. It. Gov. Pat Taylor and former state sen. Hargrove skipper Bowles Are regarded As the front runners. Others Are labor Leader Wilbur Hobby of Durham or. Reginald Hawkins of Charlotte Gene Leggett of markers Island and Zeb Vance Kitchin Dickson of Eden. A this is an unprecedented primary a Brock said. A never before have we had As Many candidates. Not Only that but voter registration is at an All time High 2.2 million. The presidential primary is going to bring out people who normally Brock predicted one million democrats and 300,000 republicans will cast ballots. The polls open at 6 30 a m. And close at 7 30 . Because of the expected record turnout. Brock said the returns May be late coming in. However the 24 largest counties in the state where 55 per cent of the population is concentrated have automatic voting machines this will mean quicker returns from those areas. Several hotly contested state wide races including the five candidate democratic Battle for lieutenant governor will help lure the vote. The lieutenant governors Post boosted to a $30.000-a-year salary offers five democratic candidates Jim Hunt of Wilson. Roy Sowers of Sanford Margaret Harper of Southport Allen Barbee of Spring Hope and Reginald Lee Frazier of new Bern there is considerable attention on the four Man democratic race for . Senate where the major candidates Are incumbent sen. B. Everett Jordan and congressman Nick Galifianakis. Otters seeking the Post Are j. R. Joe Brown of Greensboro and Gene Grace of Durham. In addition there Are Many congressional and legislative contests As Well As races for state insurance commissioner and labor commissioner. Voters will also decide whether to Issue $150 million in a clean water Bonds and $2 million in Bonds for a state zoo. Most of the Republican attention is entered on the four Man race for the party s gubernatorial nomination. The candidates Are Jim Gardner of Rocky mount who lost to Democrat Bob Scott in the 1968 election for governor Jim Holshouser of Boone Leroy Gibson of Jacksonville and Thomas e. Chappell of Greensboro. For the first time tar Heel voters will have a Chance to make their Choice for president in a primary. The democratic Campaign boiled Down to a two Man race Between Alabama gov. George Wallace and for Mer North Carolina gov. Terry Sanford now president of Duke University. Other democratic hopefuls Are new York rep. Shirley Chisholm and Sens. Edmund Muskie and Henry Jackson. Republicans will decide Between Richard Nixon and rep. Paul Mccloskey of California. Three candidates Are seeking the Republican nomination for . Senate. They Are Jesse Helms of Raleigh James c. Jim Johnson or. Of Concord so undecided on 2a Sanford compares Wallace s record by Gregg Herrington associated press writer Fayetteville n. C apr one of the newspaper advertisements in presidential Hope full Terry Sanford a Arsenal begins with the Large Black headline Alabama is. North Carolina. The and says alabamians now pay up to twice As much in certain taxes As do North carolinians. At the same time it goes on. Big business in Alabama gets an easier tax ride than it does in North Carolina Sanford the former governor and current Duke University president was Here thursday night to conclude his Public appearance schedule in his two month old Campaign for this states first presidential primary saturday. He told about 1,200 supporters that the state has become a Leader in the South and the nation because of its positive approach. The negative approach to problems Sanford said a trades on fears and frustrations and compounds our neither the advertisement nor the speech named Alabama governor and three time presidential contender George c. Wallace. But Wallace fresh off a 68 per cent Victory in thursday s democratic primary in Tennessee and by most estimates at least a slim favorite to win in North Carolina was the opponent Sanford had in mind. A Send them a message has been Wallace a slogan this primary season As he has repeatedly attacked the Federal bureaucracy and the political establishment in Washington. But in Fayetteville Sanford who has never held office in Washington said a i Hope that every time we talk about what is wrong we seek what is that a Why we need to take a North Carolina message to the at stake saturday Are 64 votes at the democratic National convention that will be pledged proportionately on the first ballot to the candidates who tally 15 per cent or More of the North Carolina vote. Although five names Are on the ballot Only Sanford and Wallace Are expected to win any delegates. Most observers would consider a Sanford Victory by Ever. The Slimmest of margins die kind of message the 54-year-old sex Fri agent wants to take to the country and his party a convention in july. But whether a Sanford Victo see Sanford on Pogo 2a spending and number of . Candidates establish records by Reese Hart associated prow writer Raleigh apr even before voters have their say the North Carolina gubernatorial primary has broken All records never before have there been so Many candidates and the spending by some has been at a millionaire s Pace in All 12 candidates Are running a six democrats four republicans and two american party hopefuls. Although Dull at times the campaigning has been vigorous. The final outcome in saturday s balloting May hinge on the Large number of citizens who have not decided How they will vote. Alex Brock North Carolina elections director estimates the number of undecided voters May be As High As 45 per cent. A month ago it gov. Pat Taylor was easily regarded As the front running Democrat. Observers now agree Hargrove skipper Bowles has pulled even with him and May be out front. What is responsible for the dramatic Rise of Bowles for one thing he has concentrated on the theme that he is opposed to any tax increase or new taxes. This has affected the average voter secondly Bowles has exposed himself on television with a mass saturation Campaign his image has come off smoothly. In contrast to the hard hitting Campaign of Bowles Taylor has employed a soft sell approach to a Large degree pointing out his 17 years of governmental experience surprisingly the Campaign both Democrat and Republican has teen exceptionally free of personality clashes state of Lucio president Wil committee rejects itt accusations by John Chadwick associated press writer Washington a a majority report of the Senate judiciary committee says a lengthy investigation failed to support charges of political influence in settlement of antitrust cases against International Telephone to Telegraph corp the report to be filed in the Senate today recommends that Richard g. Kleindienst be confirmed As attorney general at the time the itt cases were settled out of court he was Deputy attorney general also to be filed is a minority report being drafted by committee members who dissented from the majority a recommendation. An extended debate is expected after t h e Senate takes up the nomination probably late next week or Early the following week. Kleindienst s nomination first approved unanimously by the committee last february became caught up in a controversy Over whether settlement of Justice department suits against itt involved a political Deal. The majority report of the judiciary committee obtained in Advance of its submission to the Senate rejected the allegation a based on the evidence a the report said a it is the conclusion of the committee that the settlement was reached on the merits after arms length negotiations Between representatives of itt and the antitrust division a a those negotiations and the settlement of the itt cases were not the product of political influence or promises of political favor from itt a the report added. The committee launched its investigation at Kleindienst s request after columnist Jack Anderson published a memo purportedly written by itt lobbyist Dita d. Beard the memo linked settlement of the antitrust cases to a pledge by itts Sheraton hotel subsidiary to help san Diego underwrite expenses for this years Republican National convention. Bur Hobby regarded As third Man in pre election predictions can be credited with injecting a Little life into the Campaign Hobby a portly Man with a High pitched voice and squinting eyes hammered on the slogan. A keep the big boys honest a his commercials have drawn almost As much conversation As some of the Alka Seltzer ads. One of his favourites goes like this a what kind of week did you have last week the big boys had a big week. The Power rates went up 14 per cent and Auto insurance rates increased eight per in another commercial. Hobby pledged that As governor a i will see to it that the Only Power the Power companies have is electric in a pre election expense report Bowles said he had spent $573,000. A record for a primary. His final total will probably surpass $750,000. In addition to Taylor Bowles and Hobby democratic hopefuls include or. Reginald Hawkins of Charlotte who ran unsuccessfully in 1969 Gene Leggett of markers Island and Zeb Vance Kitchin Dickson of Eden Jim Gardner and Jim Holshouser have conducted strenuous campaigns for the Republican nomination. Otters in the race Are Leroy Gibson of Jacksonville and Thomas e. Chappell of Greensboro. Gardner seeking to repeat his Victory in the 1968 primary has predicted he will get 70 per cent of the vote saturday

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