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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 4, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and mild Mort data on Page 2a 88th year a no. 125 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon May 4, 1972 48 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Personnel shortage because of Lack of Progress peace talks suspended indefinitely Paris a the United states and South Vietnam indefinitely suspended the Vietnam peace conference today. . Delegation chief William j. Porter told newsmen that South vietnamese ambassador Pham Dang Lam speaking for the Allied Side a did not agree to set a Date for the next Porter said the decision was made because of a a Lack of Progress in every available channels of the peace talks. North Vietnam at the outset of the 149th session ignored a . Demand that it halt its offensive in South Vietnam. The United states had made this Issue the first order of business in resuming the talks last week after suspending the negotiations for five weeks. Porter said that the decision not to set a Date for a new meeting was not altogether a result of today a session at which he said the communist Side a refused to answer any of our his reference to Lack of Progress in every available Channel was taken to mean that secret talks have also been going on. North vietnamese ambassador Xuan Thuy called the Allied suspension of the talks a a new act of he said the United states had refused to answer questions he had put to Porter asking when the United states would put an end to the bombings its Vietnam nation program and a respond seriously to the Viet Cong peace plan. The stage was set for today s suspension last thursday when Porter called on the North vietnamese to discuss a was a first item of business measures to end the North vietnamese invasion of the South. Thuy today ignored porters demand saying talk of such an invasion was a sheer in his speech to the conference Porter noted that Thuy had not replied to his demands but then posed a series of new questions regarding settlement of the conference. He gave no indication in his speech what the Allied Side planned to suspend the conference. He called on the communist Side to a respond to these questions As precisely and As explicitly As you instead of meeting porters demand Thuy and the Viet Cong Delegate Nguyen Thi Binh reiterated the main Points of the communist seven Point peace plan. In rejecting . Charges of invasion Thuy told Porter a the irrefutable fact is that the Nixon administration has violated the . Engagement to completely and unconditionally Stop the bombing and All other acts of War against North he repeated questions put to Porter last week a is the United states prepared to put an end to its aggression its Vietnam nation and its escalation of the War a in contending that . Charges of an invasion were fabrication Thuy quoted the 1954 Geneva conference declaration on division of North and South Vietnam at the 17th parallel a the military demarcation line is provisional and should not in any Way be interpreted As constituting a political or territorial s. Viets open counterattack by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a South vietnamese troops launched their first counterattack today since the enemy began an offensive 36 Days ago. At the same time the government and the United states began a crash program aimed at reversing military defeats. Several Hundred South vietnamese paratroopers made a combat assault in the Central Highlands in an Effort to Clear North vietnamese from the Chupa Mountain pass on Highway 14 Between Korntum and Plesku. They sought to reopen the Highway a vital Supply route. Field reports said 40 North vietnamese troops had been killed in the initial fighting. Associated press correspondent David j. Paine reported from Plesku that the combat assault was made eight Miles South of Korntum and 19 Miles North of Plesku. The South vietnamese paratroopers ran into enemy resistance shortly after being landed by helicopters and at dusk fighting was still reported. The Saigon command said fighting countrywide had slackened off to its lowest level of the North vietnamese offensive. Sightings of truck convoys however indicated that the enemy was pausing again to regroup and resupply for an other wave of assaults. The old Imperial capital of Hue was believed the main target. Ever since the enemy launched its offensive March 30, the South vietnamese have been on the defensive either retreating or barely holding onto positions. The United states launched a top priority program to replace heavy South vietnamese equipment losses sustained Iii a series of setbacks on the Northern front and in the Central Highlands. The first shipment of .-made m48 tanks overhauled in Japan arrived at the Northern City of Danang. At the same time a team of Pentagon experts flew to Saigon to insure that the South vietnamese have adequate equipment to fight Back against an Arsenal of new soviet made weapons being used by the North vietnamese. President Nguyen Van Thieu ordered police and combat troops to a shoot on the spot anyone engaging in terrorism or Public disturbances. Captured enemy documents indicate that Viet Cong terrorist attacks and civil disruptions Are planned during the offensive. The . Command in another of its periodic reports on the air War said 500 strikes were flown by air Force Navy and Marine fighter bombers Over North Vietnam in the past five Days. The command said that preliminary bomb damage assessment indicates More than 92 North vietnamese Supply what s inside amusements 3d Bridge 11b classified ads 4-1 id carnies ii crossword Iid editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2d sports 1-5c television 4d women s nows Sec. B woe Thor a trucks and seven tanks were either destroyed or damaged in raids above the demilitarized zone. Informants said . Fighter bombers were averaging about too strikes a Day inside North Vietnam and about 600 Over the South but there were serious doubts whether the bombing was achieving its objective of stopping the communist drive. A this is the quietest Day since the offensive started a said one officer. Informants said it was possible the North vietnamese were resting regrouping and re supplying in preparation for new assaults. Field reports said that air strikes were called on a Convoy of vehicles believed to be Supply trucks headed toward the threatened Imperial capital of Hue. More warplanes sent to Vietnam by Fred s. Hoffman associated Pross writer Washington a the United states is sending some additional War planes to Southeast Asia a Pentagon spokesman said today. Without going into detail spokesman Jerry w. Friedheim told newsmen there would be a some additional augmentation of land based air Power a continuing a . Buildup to try and repel a North vietnamese invasion of South Vietnam. Sources indicated the new air reinforcements will come from the United states. This will raise the number of . Air Force Navy and Marine fighter bombers and bombers sent to South Vietnam Thailand and Guam since Early april to around 300 and will bring total . Land based and Carrier based strike planes in the theater to More than 800. Friedheim noted some additional naval vessels Are in route indicating new departures of warships for Southeast asian Waters Are planned immediately. Disclosure of the additional air reinforcements came shortly after the breakdown of resumed peace negotiations in Paris a diplomatic development which suggested the United states might accelerate the air War against North Vietnam once again. However Friedheim characterized the air reinforcements As part of a an Overall plan to make sure Gen. Creighton w. It Abrams has available to him All the air and naval assets he needs to protect remaining american troops to assist the South vietnamese a to repel the offensive. Interim Fri chief named Washington a dampening the potential fireworks of an election year debate Over the Fri president Nixon has chosen Only a temporary replacement for the late j. Edgar Hoover who ran the Agency for 48 years. Nixon appointed l. Patrick Gray Iii an assistant attorney general As acting Fri director wednesday and said no permanent appointment will be submitted to the Senate until after the nov. 7 election. In following this course Nixon avoids a replay of the still simmering juror Over his last major appointment that of Richard g. Kleindienst to be attorney general. Gray win not have to be confirmed by the Senate As acting director As would any candidate Nixon named for the Job on a permanent basis. Press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Nixon will not nominate a permanent Fri chief until after the election because a the does no to want it the Choice of a successor considered in the Middle of an election year and perhaps become the subjects of partisan debate. Last feb. 15, Nixon elevated Kleindienst from Deputy attorney general to the top Justice department position and moved Gray up to the no. 2 Job. Neither nomination has been acted upon by the Senate and l. Patrick Gray Iii Nixon has now withdrawn Gray a appointment so he May hold Down both the Fri Helm and his present Job As head of the departments civil rights division at the lower salary of the latter $38,000. The Kleindienst nomination became embroiled in debate at Senate judiciary committee hearings investigating allegations of Justice department improprieties in the settlement of antitrust suits against International Telephone amp Telegraph corp. Share and share alike q. Please Tell me who pays for a reunion the immediate family or the relatives who attend or just who would pay for a family reunion and if the relatives that attend do not help with the food would they be required to bring a gift of Money or food or whatever please answer in action line As i would like to know As soon As possible in order to make plans for a reunion As we have never Given one before and would like to know. Thank you. Anon. A. It would be Only fair for each family to share the Cost of food in proportion to their numbers. Not knowing if these Are close in distance relatives who could bring food or whether it will All be prepared after the clan gathers you la have to work it out so no one feels they bore the Brunt of the expense while Cousin Fred was a Freeloader. Better ask some person who has masterminded one before and figured out an equitable solution. Pampers amp furniture q. This is sunday the 23rd of april and there were thousands of dollars Worth of furniture bought at Southern furniture Market and i went to a drugstore and could not buy a Box of pampers for a baby. I would like to see some reaction to this from the people of High Point. Thank you. E. M. A. Hie exposition buildings and display rooms not open to the general Public Are exempt in the City codes from the list of businesses not allowed to sell on sundays. Reactions on any civic subject Are encouraged by the City councilmen and the editor of the newspaper when signed by the reactor re actress. Those City codes affecting or reflecting Peoples mores Are pretty much subject to the Laws of inertia. They stay put until changing outlooks and the pushing and pressure of Public opinion Are Strong enough to move them in another direction. Re action q this is in regard to a request for information concerning Riding hondas on the beaches of North and South Carolina which appeared on monday april 24th. There Are several among Cherry Grove in South Carolina some places at Carolina Beach North Carolina and almost too per cent at Hatteras Island except on military reservations. Many beaches in North and South Carolina Are posted International or the state recreation department could give them More information. D. S. Shirley Chisholm vote could give Wallace Victory in . Durham n. A Black new York rep. Shirley Chisholm is plugging for votes in saturdays North Carolina presidential primary where the feeling is spreading that she will draw just enough support from progressive sex gov. Terry Sanford to assure Alabama gov. George c. Wallace the Victory. There is no question Here that the states first presidential preference primary has narrowed to Battle Between Sanford who is blitzing the state with Media advertisements and personal appearances in the closing Days and Wallace who has a Large following Here. The Brooklyn congresswoman who is making one of her major efforts in this contest. Is generally expected to get four to eight per cent of the democratic vote saturday. Perhaps feeling a bit optimistic after campaigning across two thirds of the state wednesday she said a fifteen to 20 per cent of the vote will be great. Anything Over that will be one poll last week showed Wallace and Sanford running about even Wallace at 34 per cent and Sanford at 33 per cent of the projected vote. Mrs. Chisholm. In the same poll scored Only three per cent. Sanford who was considered the South s most Liberal governor when he took office in 1961, is probably As popular As any North Carolina White politician among the 22 per cent of the population that is Black. To beat Wallace in his bid for a share of the states 64 first ballot delegates at the democratic convention in july Sanford now president of Duke University must do very Well among the 349,000 registered Black voters. In addition to Wallace Sanford and mrs. Chisholm the ballot includes sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine and Henry m. Jackson of Washington. But both men have withdrawn from any further primary campaigns following disappointing showings in earlier primaries this year. The poll showing Sanford and Wallace about even also recorded some votes for Muskie and Jackson and found Many voters still undecided. Mrs. Chisholm makes it abundantly Clear she does no to want to hear any complaints so Shirley on 3a smoke subsides As rescuers work Kellogg Idaho a dwindling smoke in a mine ventilator Shaft indicated the fire that killed at least 24 men May be nearly out a Federal inspector said today As sweating Rescue teams struggled to reach 58 miners still missing three Days after the Blaze began. Mine officials held out Hope they would find survivors because air a facing forced into the shafts of the Sunshine mining co. Operation apparently was being consumed below through an air pipe system. Mine inspector Edward Adams reported the reduced smoke level but said the Carbon monoxide level still was High however. The smoke and heat were hampering the Rescue efforts. Twenty four persons were known to have died in the murky hot mineshaft of the nation s richest and deepest Silver producer where fire tuesday sent smoke swirling nearly a mile underground. About Dawn of the third Day since the missing miners last had been heard from Rescue teams were reported nearing the cavernous two Story room at the top of the Sunshine a no. To hoist Shaft. That vertical Shaft which starts downward from a Point 3,100 feet below the surface provides Access to the 4,600-foot level where the missing miners were believed to be Sunshine officials said. The Rescue units were working from the Silver Summit Shaft about la Miles Northeast of the hoist Shaft and had penetrated to within 200 feet of the hoist room when word of the diminishing smoke was received. Q. Why can t we speak directly to the office of the internal Revenue service Here in High Point Sinco it is a Public service Why can t we Call their offices As listed in the Telephone Book d. A. Its a question of manpower not enough staff at this office to handle the Calls. The personnel handling the direct toll free Calls to Greensboro can usually answer any question but if you need to be deferred Back to the h. P. Office give you the number to dial. We weight watchers q. Where do Tho weight watchers meet time and Church m. G. A. Weight watchers clubs meet at St. Christophers episcopal Church Northeast Comer of Eastchester and Johnson Street on tuesday evenings at 7 30 and also on wednesdays at 10 30 a. In. A third group meets at Lebanon methodist Church 237 idol drive on thursday nights at 7. The Archdale weight watchers meet on monday evenings at 7 30 p. In. At Archdale methodist Church. Wow demolition agreement q. There is a House at Road and it has been condemned sine november. The owner died and sine then his boy has been bringing crowds in the a drinking and Don t know Why the City puts up with that. Thank you. Anon. A. The present owner was contacted by the building inspections office and agreed to demolish the place he is now seeking demolition bids w paving petition o. Why in t the other end of elder Road boing paved this is where the new Allen Jay Park is and it looks As though there should be a paved Road to this City Park. There is so much dust from passing cars that it is hard to breathe much less play Ball. Does t this come under Public necessity anon. A there is a paving petition now being circulated for paving the remaining unpaved portion of elder Road according to City Engineer Jim Oliver if a majority of the property owners on this Street sign the petition it will be presented to the City Council for their approval As a project and for establishing a priority for construction. The name and address of the person who has this petition can be secured from the City Engineer s office. Wow civilians Load belongings into trick in i k wednesday thousands Are preparing to flee South to Danang a wire photo progressives divided

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