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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile High Point Enterprise sunday March 31,1974 a Ken Martin providing housing for poor elderly Ken Martin by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer with any sort of Luck at All High Point can have an additional 346 rental units for lower income families within the next year. That is the optimistic Outlook of the new executive director of the housing authority of the City of High Point. Ken Martin who was named to the new position last month when the administrative staff of the housing authority and Urban renewal were reorganized into one staff made this forecast As he was interviewed last week and As he reviewed possibilities for new housing for the next year. Some of the units predicted for construction during the next year by Martin already Are virtually assured so that his prediction probably is not Overly optimistic. The housing authority will take bids Early next month on 60 Public housing units to be built in the East Central Urban renewal project and to be known As Beamon courts. Another 136 units already have been approved under the Cha 236 rent housing program and construction will undoubtedly be completed by next year. These units will be built in three different areas a in the Farmington housing project on the Eastside adjacent to Spring Valley apts in East Central renewal area and 24 units on the Southside. About 20 per cent of these units will be for families whose incomes Are Low enough to qualify for rent subsidies while the remainder will be for Low income families who Are Able to pay rent but who Are charged according to income and family size. Not As assured Are Iso units for the elderly Long planned for the Southside at Elm and Vail streets. Martin expects this project to move ahead however and says that the initial contract with Federal authorities could be signed within 60 Days. This project will be similar to Astor dowdy towers. The 24 units for the Southside Are particularly meaningful for Martin for he has worked for the past six years in frustrating attempts to get a meaningful renewal program for that blighted area under Way. These 24 units Are Only a dribble toward total renewal but Martin sees it As important in keeping alive plans for eventual Complete renewal of that area. Martin 43, came to work for the High Point redevelopment commission in 1969 As Deputy executive director a Post he held until March 1972 when he was named acting executive director. A few months later he was named executive director of the Urban renewal division of the High Point housing authority when the housing authority and redevelopment commission were formally merged. Martin is a native of Glasgow . He is a business administration graduate of Marshall University. He has taken graduate courses at Guilford College and at Evansville College ind. He also has attended a special management school taught by the University of Chicago. Prior to entering Urban renewal work Martin was in insurance claims management work in Indiana and in Greensboro. He is married to the former Dorothy Debause of Davidson dateline conservation is the key to self sufficiency by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville lengthy Waits for paltry gasoline rations have apparently faded from our memories. Time has obliged by helping us forget these recent privations. Just a month ago tension Hung heavy Over service station parking lots and Many motorists were nearly immobilized. Some since then have undoubtedly become complacent believing that the threat of another Gas draught is nil. Only faintly do we remember the affable fellow who used to Greet us regularly on television with the cheery news Quot the Gas panic is just about owing to the caprices of pre taping his appearances were always slotted in the newscasts right after Aerial footage zooming in on autos idling in formation. Growing More offensive each time it was shown the announcement was finally shelved. Ironically it disappeared from the Small screen about the same time the Gas lines did. Like streaking buying gasoline quickly became no news. The return to conditions approaching normalcy fostered the complacent attitudes. True we can no longer buy gasoline at our convenience. Signs advertising Quarter a gallon prices will never again mar the landscape. And if there a another Gas War it will probably be a military engagement in saudi Arabia. Unlike the situation last month at this time however gasoline is plentiful enough if one is willing to pay the going rate. As a hedge it is prudent not to let the Gas gauge plunge too far toward the quote position. In other words one plan any Spur of the moment trips assuming an empty tank will miraculously get replenished. Taken together these mild annoyances Don t give us incentive to begin hunkering Down for future crises. Without really having to worry where our next thankful will come from we blithely put Energy worries out of our mind. Our profligate consumption continues. Adding to this regrettable tendency Are pronouncements from the president. He tells we will be Quot self sufficient in Energy by 1980 and he has demoted the Energy Quot crisis to a Mere his aides apparently follow his example for Energy chief William Simon studiously substituted Quot problem a for Quot crisis Quot throughout his appearance on Quot issues and answers last sunday. Whatever the semantics conditions Are More critical than the immediate evidence might indicate. There Isnit an inexhaustible Supply of Petroleum not even in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia endowed with the world s richest Petroleum reserves cannot be counted on to provide our eight Cylinder anachronisms with fuel forever. Petroleum Powers much More than the private automobile though. For this reason efforts have been to find other sources of Energy. Coal is being touted As the most logical alternative since a Large Domestic Supply is available. In order to Burn much of this Coal clean air standards Are being relaxed Quot temporarily until pollution technology is improved. But assurances that the standards will one Day be restored somehow ring hollow. Other suggestions include stepping up the construction of nuclear generating facilities. This objective would be accomplished by reducing the Steps required to put a nuclear Plant into operation thereby increasing the risk of Accident. Neither of these solutions is enormously attractive. There Are other remedies being discussed but none can be implemented without environmental penalty. And none can be considered a permanent solution. Really there is Likely one answer we be got to begin putting on the brakes we must conserve our known Energy sources. To accomplish this end will require anything but complacency. Clarksville a. They have two children Vickie 18, who is enrolled in the git High Point memorial Hospital nursing program and Tamara 13, a student at Jamestown Junior High. The family lives at 212 Brookview Circle. When Martin came to High Point in 1968, Urban renewal enthusiasm had already peaked at the National level and since that time it has become steadily tougher to get Federal funds for massive renewal programs. Martin has had the Tough Job of carrying to completion the East Central project which will be closed out at the end of june this year years behind schedule. Even then some of the last Public improvements will still not have been completed but will be under contract. Martin also has been responsible for the Harrison Center project which he says will be completed on schedule at the end of 1975. Despite the recent curtailment in Urban renewal programs Martin says that he believes Urban renewal will make a comeback when the new Community development programs now being debated in the Congress finally Are passed. Quot in my opinion a Martin said Quot cities will get Block Grants to spend pretty much As they see fit but there will be requirements that certain percentages of such Grants be spent on blighted if Federal authorities Don t attach some strings on Block Grants Martin believes local governments will simply pour such funds into the general Revenue budgets to maintain the status quo on tax rates and without cleaning up blighted areas. The quiet spoken Martin says that he Hopes to Cut operating efficiency in Public housing units Here in order to make it possible to take in More of the City a poorest families. Quot i know we have to operate on a solvent basis but i Hope we can make it possible to take in More of the families on welfare so As to do what Public housing is for provide housing for the poor and needy a he said. An editor s Outlook the new left kisses the Flag spotlight on education roaming the Piedmont role for schools in open society Spring fever bites after the Snow by Benjamin Fine jump thu newspaper a Lilac new York a a group of prominent educators have charged that the education establishment in this country inhibits Freedom of Choice for everyone. In a report entitled Quot education for an open society a 15 educators experienced in Multi ethnic issues assert that the nations schools must provide greater opportunities for racial and ethnic minorities women poor people and youth itself. At present too Many of our school systems Are geared to the White Middle class majority they say. They envision a nation in which individual and group differences would a prize not merely accepted or grudgingly tolerated the concern in such a society would not be on the numbers of Blacks and Whites in each school but on the nature and Quality of their relationships whatever the percentages. The reports creditors prof. Dolmo Della Dora of California state University and or. James e. House of the Detroit mich., education task Force acknowledge that the kind of society described by this new volume does not yet exist anywhere but can come into being in this country. They see some expansion of Freedom in recent years for women and within the press and broadcast Media and the film Industry. However they Point but that fewer Black and White students attend school together now than in 1954, when the . Supreme court held segregation to be illegal. The editors Point out that a Large number of americans Are still hostile to that idea and the dream of an integrated society has faded. An open society is More Likely to come into being if teachers and administrators want it to and also work for it. Those who believe that the schools Are not to be involved in social change and that educators must keep out of the Arena of social action Are really arguing that education and educators should preserve All the oppressive forces which currently exist the report asserts. For example teachers who use biased textbooks Are helping to instill racist and sexist concepts. They share this responsibility with the administrators and supervisors who help select the texts and with the authors and publishers. A principal focus of Quot education for an open society is the status of school desegregation since 1954. Or. Boyd Besma civil liberties specialist at the National education association cites Urban desegregation and displacement of the Black educators As serious and still unresolved problems. The initial displacements usually occurred in Small Rural communities where inefficient often decrepit one and two room schools were closed pupils transferred and teachers dismissed. Later the displacement spread widely reaching into Urban communities. The search for Power by Many groups wanting a larger share in educational decision making is stressed by prof. Dan w Dodson of southwestern University. A Basic problem confronting the education establishment according to prof. Dodson is that american education to Day serves a society characterized by dissension and conflict. Both or. Dodson and Leon met coordinator of the Cincinnati student leadership Center agree that the notion of the school As Parent substitute is fading fast. A hard look at specific areas of the curriculum is taken by prof. Lamar p. Miller of new York University. He Points to the shortcomings of american textbooks in treating minority elements of society. By Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer i lamented Here last week about the fact that i did not plan to do any gardening pleading the Lack of a Green thumb As the main reason for such a decision. This Lack was demonstrated during the cold spell which accompanied mondays Snow. I had transplanted some coleus from one pot to another and figured that i would have the blamed things in gorgeous plenty. I did not count on the weather and left the Small plants out of doors in what i considered a Safe place. Two Days later All the coleus showed their gratitude by shr Veling up and dying i am not sure but am taking those sunday accent casualties As an Omen that Flower As Well As vegetable gardening is a no no for me. Of course laziness in not putting the coleus in a warmer place until they had withstood the Shock of transplanting might also be considered As a reason for their giving up on me. That Snow really hit me right for once. Since it came on my Day off i had thought i would stay Abed a bit longer than i usually do. Then one look out the window at the Surprise downfall was enough to make me know that i Wasny to about to do anything but go Back to bed and sleep. I guess it was a Case of hibernation rather like a Bear. I did get out late in the afternoon to Clear the Snow off the car. This was one of the easiest times i recall in performing this task since the temperature did not get too Low and the Snow therefore was of the Quot soft variety. I could not help but compare it with a Snow we had several years ago when the temperatures did not get up into the teens and the Low was something less than that. That was what might be called a singing Snow because when one walked on it it gave Forth with a squeaking sound the likes of which i had not heard previously nor since. In fact it was so cold that sunday that i kept my overcoat on when we went to a movie and then scrunched our Way Back Home. So much for cold weather which i sincerely Hope is behind us for the next few months. Spring fever really grabbed me along about thursday afternoon. Being out and about a bit during the lunch hour i found it extremely hard to come Back to work and get my mind off the beauties of Spring. Several weeping Willows Are in full Green now and other things Are Blooming out and such As this makes it hard for me to concentrate on desk work. But like the show paper work must go on and so it was Back to work thursday afternoon a although i really would have liked to stayed out in the Boondocks. By Jenkin Lloyd Jones general features Syndicate a major Effort to turn americans approaching Bicentennial into a handhold for a leftist revolution is now under Way and it represents a Subtle and intelligent reversal of traditional revolutionary strategy. Instead of damning the american tradition the claim will now be made that it has been betrayed and that Only the new left can res re the principles of the founding taters. The vehicle for this new tactic is an outfit called the Peoples Bicentennial commission. Located on 1346 Connecticut ave., Washington . 20036, and for $7 it will Send you a full packet of literature including one publication bearing the great Seal of the United states. What has apparently happened is a realization that shouting for Lenin peddling the thoughts of Mao and burning american flags did no to sell. But let s let a people s Bicentennial writer Tell it in his own words Quot we need a plan of attack a program for taking Power. It has to come out of our own life experience and not out of the experiences of Russia or China or Cuba. New realities arise and old theories become irrelevant. New methods become necessary of we expect to be listened to we have to take a fresh look and build our own plan abandoning All the old sacred texts on what is to be the a fresh look is appealing indeed. One pamphlet is called Quot the tree of Liberty a another Quot the. Right to reply the other Side of the Coin by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer state sen. Phil Godwin of Gates county is both consistent and persistent As a Graffiti ri11 a 4 a re Ai Tosme moire is legislator. Ten years ago he introduced the speaker ban Law which passed in the legislative Rush toward adjournment caused several years of state wide arguments and confusion before being declared unconstitutional. Now Godwin is the sponsor of a Quot right to reply Bill a piece of legislation which would require newspapers to print replies from All persons who have been Quot assailed Quot in news stories columns or editorials. Thirty of the 50 senators in the general Assembly were co signers of the Bill when it was introduced by Godwin. They were undoubtedly responding in part to the seeming fairness of the Bill. What could be fairer than the right of reply for a person who feels he has been incorrectly or falsely misrepresented to the Public but like Godwin Sill conceived speaker ban Law the right to reply proposal sets up a Straw Man and then responds in a Way that will create More problems in the Long run than it solves. Fairness in the news is a concern of the Public now. The concern is being directed in the wrong Way and toward the wrong reaction. One question is whether there is a need for such a Law. Many say that radio and television stations Are required to give the right of reply so Why not newspapers. The comparison is not entirely relevant. There is a limit to broadcast frequencies and thus there must be some control in the allocation and regulation of the use of these frequencies. Yet the a fairness doctrine a of the Federal communications commission has inhibited More than it has opened a Public discussion in the broadcast Media. Before the United states supreme court now is an Appeal by the Miami Herald from a Florida Quot right to reply Law. The Herald was sued under the Law by Pat l. Tornillo jr., a candidate for the democratic nomination in the Florida state legislation primary election in 1972. The Herald was critical of Tornillo a candidacy in an editorial. Five Days before the election he presented the Herald with a reply and citing the 1913 Law asked that it be printed the Herald refused and published another editorial which it had scheduled critical of Tornillo. He lost the election. When the Herald congratulated Miami voters for defeating him Tornillo wrote a letter to the editor which was published by the newspaper. In circuit court the judge a dismissed Tornillo Scase against the Herald but he was upheld on an Appeal to the state supreme court. The Herald then appealed to the . Supreme court. Not directly before the supreme court but what is obvious in the Tornillo dispute with the Herald is that he never lacked Access in the heralds news columns in presenting his views to the voters. His letters to the editors were published almost regularly his Campaign activities and his Public statements were reported fully in news stories. He took out paid advertisements in the newspapers and even his suit against the paper was reported by the Herald. Where then was Tornillo Quot assailed or Quot defamed by the newspaper does editorial disagreement constitute ass ailment or defamation that it does is the thrust of Quot right to reply proposals whose goal More than fairness is uniformity. A right to reply Law is but the other Side of a speaker ban Law. Light in the Steeple a and others go under the name of Tom Paine a Quot common they Are Replete with revolutionary War Era woodcuts and copious quotes from the leaders of that time. There s a Quot committee of correspondence Quot and a recognition pin Quot done to tread on and the listing of americans great heroes slides easily from Sam Adams Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin to Bobby Seale Huey Newton and the Black panthers. There Are. Of course some carryovers from the old new left program. The traditional value system remains under attack As witness Quot a great Many Middle class children and Young adults have begun to reject the Structure and authority of the family unit As Well As the role and values of their parents in the economic process. A significant portion of the youth Community has come to attack and ridicule the entire set of assumptions upon which the average american adult has rationalized and justified his own existence within the family and society including the concept of material accumulation and the notion of postponed gratification the work ethic Competition filial gratitude for parental sacrifice and premarital included in the packet is a Quot teachers guide showing How to explain that the Quot tories Quot that is free enterprises have seized and subverted the pure ideals of the american revolution. Teachers Are buttered up by describing them As victims of the but there is also a High school students guide instructing them How to ride Herd on teachers Quot if students feel that one teacher is particularly poor misinterpreting facts emphasizing the wrong Points or using a racist or sexist textbook by using the Bill of student rights that one particular Case can be linked up to the right calling for democracy in the Quot the second american revolution a proclaims the Peoples Bicentennial commission Quot is a big task but not As big As taking on George iils so there you have it a the programs for observing americas 200th birthday. The Quot internationale will not be Sung the old Hammer and sickle banners have been quietly put in the closet. Young America will be marched toward collectivism to the tune of Yankee Doodle and behind frantically waved old glory. Senator soaper there is a suggestion that automobile insurance might be lowered because of the gasoline shortage. But you done to have to drive very far to have an Accident

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