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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and Windy today partly Cloudy and mild monday 90th year no. 90 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., sunday morning March 31,1974 122 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Secretary of state Kissinger with Bride she is socialite Nancy Maginnes for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Pot s a no no q. Is marijuana Legal in Oregon anon. A. It s illegal in every state says an attorney but some states a including Oregon a have substantially reduced the penalties. To or. Solzhenitsyn q. I am wishing to write a letter to Alexander Solzhenitsyn and i would like to find out his address. Is it possible thank you. R., Thomasville. A. Authors can be addressed in care of their publishing companies. One of his publishers is Farrar. Straus a Giroux. Inc., 19 Union Square West new York . 10003. Shorter circus. Who would i get in touch to make a suggestion for the circus in Greensboro i wondered if it would not be a Good idea to have a morning show which would last about 45 minutes to an hour for preschoolers As the afternoon and night performances Are too Long for 2, 3 and 4-year-Olds. So Many mothers have suggested and wondered who we should suggest this to would it be the coliseum or in the circus administrative office since the circus does not perform in the morning this might be a Good Way for them to make a Little extra Money by having a Short program such As the animals performing. Mrs. A. H. A. The circus contends that their schedule is such that it would not dictate a Shorter performance due to their massive payroll and the constant overhead regarding performers salaries. Coliseum director Jim Oshust says they do use an earlier morning show now on saturdays at about to 30 or la a in. Which is 15 minutes or so Shorter than the Normal 2-hour-55-minute running time. Re Elvis Kissinger socialite Are wed Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger who cultivated a Quot swinger a reputation by dating Beautiful actresses was married saturday in a civil ceremony to Nancy Maginnes a tall blonde foreign policy researcher and his most constant female companion. The marriage evidently had been tentatively set and called off several times since last december. The judge. Francis e. Thomas jr., told a reporter that he finally got a Telephone Call at 4 . Friday and was told a it looks like a Green but it was not until an hour before the wedding that he was told the couple he was to marry in his Law office were Kissinger and miss Maginnes. A but i had surmised he said. Kissinger spent the morning at the state department conferring with Moshe Dayan the israeli defense minister. He had said he was going to Acapulco on vacation saturday afternoon but made no mention of the marriage. When a reporter asked him saturday if he were seeing anyone else before taking off Kissinger simply smiled As the elevator door closed in front of him. Secrecy has been Kissinger a diplomatic trademark. When a reporter asked him on the flight Home from Moscow if he was getting married this weekend Kissinger grinned and said he gave the a a Kissinger on 9a Oil firm is seized by Libya Beirut Lebanon a Libya nationalized the entire operations of Royal dutch Shell saturday according to a broadcast Over Tripoli radio. Oil experts Here saw the nationalization As a retaliatory move by libyan president Moa mar khad Afy because Royal dutch Shell has refused to abide by an order for partial takeover seve months ago. Khad Afy last september ordered a 51 per cent nationalization of the predominantly american owned Oasis Oil co., but Royal dutch Shell a minority shareholder has refused to comply. The libyan broadcast indicated Shell a British owned company would be compensated and that its operations would be taken Over by the american shareholders in Oasis. Foreign employees of Shell were Given the Choice of staying on or leaving the country the radio said. A spokesman for Royal dutch Shell in the Hague declined comment on the report saying a we have to wait for official confirmation by our people in Libya before we can evaluate the Oasis is the largest Oil group in Libya producing about 700,000 barrels of libyans two billion barrels a Day. Oil sources said that Royal dutch shells share in the group us probably not More than to per cent. Oasis other shareholders a Continental Marathon and Amerada Hess a have All protested the september ruling. But have bowed to the decree according to Oil sources. Shells ouster from Libya Marks the termination of British Oil interests in he North african country. British Petroleum one of the major Oil companies that operated in Libya for some years was totally nationalized two years ago. Libya has threatened a Complete nationalization of All foreign Oil holdings in the country within one to three years Oil sources have said. Watergate lesson Ford attacks creep As an elite guard Gerald r. Ford Chicago a vice president Gerald r. Ford said saturday the committee that president Nixon set up to run his 1972 Campaign was a an arrogant elite guard of political in speeches Here saturday morning and in Clearwater fla., saturday night Ford said the political lesson of watergate was that americans must Quot never again allow the creation of Independent groups such As the committee for the re election of the president. A it violated the historic concept of the two party system in America and ran roughshod Over the seasoned political judgment and experience of the regular Republican party organization in the 50 states a Ford said. Quot the fatal defect of creep was that it made its own rules and thus made its own creep is the double edged acronym Ford used in referring to the Campaign committee in his speech to More than 1.000 Midwest republicans. The audience including presidential hopeful sen. Charles Percy and gop National chairman George Bush stood up and cheered testify when Ford said a the political lesson of watergate is this never again must americans allow an arrogant elite guard of political adolescents like creep to bypass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a National Ford received another ovation when he said a your Republican party organization must be the vehicle for future elections. If there Are any More cliques of ambitious amateurs who want to run political campaigns in the future i say let the democrats have them next opened his speech noting a i was specifically admonished before coming that i should t talk about watergate but with some see Ford on 9a Kent state shootings refusal to 9. Pow burial to jury regretted my signed by Nixon Cleveland. Ohio apr one of eight Ohio National guardsmen indicted by a Federal grand jury in the Kent state shootings said he May have made a mistake by refusing to testify before the jury. Mathew j. Mcmanus said in a copyright interview saturday with the Elyria chronicle Telegram that he was Only following his lawyer s advice but a taking the fifth amendment maybe really Wasny to such a Brilliant idea after the fifth amendment guarantees a citizen s right against self incrimination. Mcmanus 28. Of West Salem said in an interview that seven other guardsmen had been advised by the same lawyer to take the fifth. A they were probably the ones indicted because we were possibly advised wrong a he said. Mcmanus said the National guard assigned the attorney to him but he would not inside Reading Cates and his cat. Page 2a food prices. Page id Bike trails. Page 2a classified. Pages 3-20d editorial Page 4a women s news Section b sports Section c television Page my entertainment pages 13, a 15c obituaries Page 3d. Why can to people Purchase show tickets such As Elvis Presley at the Box office at Greensboro coliseum like they can for other shows and designate the seats wanted instead of having to take pot Luck just what they want to Send you and can to something be done to Correct this. For $10 you should be Able to select your seat. F. B. Q. I think it is a dirty shame that the ones that go regularly to the coliseum in Greensboro get to see Elvis. I live in High Point and am Home ail Day and the television is usually going 16 hours out of 24 and i did not hear a thing about him coming until i heard they had sold out. Everybody in Greensboro heard about it and Here in High Point All i talked to about it did not know it unless it was somebody that stayed in the office at the coliseum. I think they ought to advertise it and give everybody a Chance to get a ticket and not just the regular ones that go and i imagine a lot More people feel that Way. I would like to see this in action line and maybe they will advertise the next time like they did the first time. Anon. A. Managing director James Oshust says that the seating diagram prices and method of acquisition of tickets is a contractual requirement of the Elvis Presley organization and was identical to the april 1972 concert. This is his requirement throughout the United states and without fulfilment of this requirement his organization will refuse to play the Date involved. The coliseum manager says the release of information on the Elvis Presley show came via premature release of the Columbia record company which was the Case the last time Presley was Here in 1972. Oddly he says the Presley organization Only placed one and a local and thanking the Patron for a sellout. This has happened throughout the country and undoubtedly is due to the phenomenal sales record of Elvis and his almost sure sellout capacity on each occasion of his visit to a City. Trailways line strike ended by bus Drivers Raleigh. N A Carolina trailways bus Drivers have voted to accept a new three year contract and end a nearly four month old strike the local Union president said saturday Berkley Newbill president of local 1437 of the amalgamated transit Union said the vote to accept the the new contract was 244 in favor and 60 opposed. Voting was by mail he said. Newbill said he would meet monday morning with h. Lester Creech president of Carolinas tramways. The bus line which serves Points in North Carolina Virginia Maryland Delaware and Pennsylvania suspended operations when Drivers walked off their jobs last dec 9 after negotiations for a new contract fell through. The old contract expired nov. 16, 1973. Newbill said the Drivers a Are ready to go Back Creech in a statement saturday afternoon said the necessary supporting personnel had been recalled and that bus service would begin from All major Points on the franchise with schedules departing after 12 01 a m. Edt tuesday. Creech said full service should be restored to All Points no later than thursday. Newbill said the new contract Calls for improvements in pay vacations and sick leave. Under the old contract Drivers were paid $18.00 per Hundred Miles driven Newbill said the new contract Calls retroactive pay of $18.40 per too Miles to nov. 16, 1973. Effective immediately pay increases to $18.65 per too Miles. On nov. 16, 1974, the rate goes to $19.10 per too Miles and increases again effective nov. 16, 1975, to $19.55. Two additional holidays Are included in the new contract Newbill said and regular Drivers will be paid time Andone half when they work on their Days off. The Union represents about 350 Drivers for the company Newbill said with about 150 based in North Carolina. The full Union negotiating committee accepted the contract proposal March 21 in Washington d c., with representatives of the Federal mediation division of the . Department of labor sitting in on negotiations. The full Union negotiating committee recommended acceptance of the contract by the Union members. Creech said then that the bus company would attempt to first restore service a to those areas where the strike has had the greatest Impact on the Public a probably Small towns not served by other bus lines. Name him. Mcmanus said he was super ised by the indictment a i was t looking for it. Particularly in my the indictment lists Mcmanus who held the rank of sergeant As still in the guard. However he told the newspaper he resigned prior to appearing before the grand jury. The Federal grand jury. Which spent 39 Days investigating the May 4, 1970, confrontation Between the guard and Antiwar protesters issued indictments which were released Here on Friday. Four students were killed and nine wounded in the Melee. Others named in the indictment. Ail of them former enlisted men were Lawrence a. Shafer 28. And James d. Mcgee. 27, both of Ravenna Ohio William e. Perkins 28. Canton Ohio Leon h. Smith 27. Beach City Ohio James e. Pierce 29, Amelia Island. Fla. Ralph w. Zoller 27. Mantua Ohio Barry w. Morns 29, Kent Ohio. They Are charged with wilfully assaulting and in Little girls await cry play Ball Quot Lodi n j. A representatives of 17 Little leagues in la communities have voted to suspend play indefinitely in protest of a court ruling that they must admit girls a Little league official said saturday. Joseph Deperi of Lodi District administrator of the fifth new Jersey Little league District said the leagues do not want to let girls take the Field with boys but if they must they want a delay so they can take proper preparations. The appellate division of Superior court on Friday upheld a ruling by the state division of civil rights ordering Little league baseball inc., to accept girls. Deperi said he is asking supporters of the Little league and parents of Little leagues to a besiege and be labor their elected representatives a seeking a reversal or at least a delay of the ruling Quot the leagues have chosen not to be intimidated by the now the National organization for women who because they Are organized and financed from who knows where attack at any Opportunity every Amateur organization of dedicated men and women to further their own ends for possible political advantage a Deperi said. The National organization for women has supported demands that girls be allowed to play Little league baseball. Tim dating demonstrators on the Campus by firing in their direction and violating their civil rights. The guard was called to the Kent state Campus May 2. 1970. After an army Reserve officer training corps building was burned Down. Students were protesting . Military involvement in Cambodia at the time. The Justice department set april Ioas the arraignment Date for the defendants but said they would not be arrested. Pierce also admitted he refused to testify citing fifth amendment protections against self incrimination. Immediately after hearing of his indictment on Friday Mcgee said he would have a plenty to say and i will say it a but Only alter talking with an attorney. Key Biscayne. Fla. Apr president Nixon signed a Bill saturday paying for transportation and living expenses of families attending the burial services of prisoners of War or missing in action. The legislation was introduced by sen. Robert j. Dole. R-kan., after he read a newspaper article about the California widow of a Navy Pilot. Capt. John Abott who had died while a prisoner in North Vietnam. The widow. Cecile Abbott of Sacramento had said she would have to pay for herself and her 12-year-old son to travel to her husbands burial at Arlington National cemetery. His body had been released by the North vietnamese two weeks earlier. Lenten series�?6 the builders of Faith in the City of Man there is still a Bank with a Cross above its to o o r where in e a borrow Money from a window they swear is by David Poling the Christian Church faced the demands and necessities of organization right at the Start. Operations meetings travel correspondence offerings a All these were part of the growing religious Community. St. Paul rightfully lists administrators As essential members of the Christian leadership team. Indeed in one of his letters he Speaks of the Burden of oversight and administration of the Young churches in Asia minor. Casual critics of Church bureaucracy ignore the sensitive ministry that has served Christ in some Many difficult tasks. Most leading churchmen a in any Century a have devoted countless hours to administration and the a a lord a the salvation army is Able to accomplish so much among the worlds Down and out because it has always maintained a powerful Businesslike operation. Schweitzer would never have built and sustained an african Hospital without the Midnight hours of correspondence fund raising and application for Grants. The men and women who guide the vast institutions of education health and human concern for the Christian Church Are in the Center of ministry a a the word within administration. The great religious publishing houses could never have formed without those people who developed printing skills to follow their Devotion to the master. The Myca and the Owca owe their existence to committed christians that matched conviction with the hard tasks of bookkeeping personnel and property management. We Are reminded that at the beginning of this Century Robert e. Speer directed the of world missionary Enterprise for the presbyterian Church yet managed to publish a Book a year for 24 years a his academic and spiritual interests were not lost in budgets and annual meetings. Some leading administrators at the College and University level have directed the growth of major institutions while continuing to offer theological insight to the entire Christian Community. In some like the late Howard Lowry of Wooster Ohio pulpit classroom and corporate affairs achieved a Happy blend. Or. Lowry was one of the first to Salute the secular Advance in social concerns for the poor the Black and the deprived. He believed that the Church constantly required renewal and recovery a often delivered from the critics standing outside. On the other hand Lowry was aware that Many secularists were forgetful of the religious heritage that shaped and sustained their present foundation. His classic sentence stands a in the City of Man there is still a Bank with a Cross above its door where men borrow Money from a window they swear is next week speaker in tongues

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