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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 2

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Group pushes for Bike Trail system for High Point by Phil Speaks Enterprise staff writer interest appears to be building in the construction of a system of Bike trails in High Point. A proposal was recently submitted to City Council requesting that a subcommittee be appointed to draw up plans for Bike routes in the City. According to the proposal members of the committee would represent City Council the City a traffic engineering dept., the Parks and recreation dept and the chamber of Commerce. City Council has sent this proposal to its Public works committee for further study. The proposal was submitted by Susan Wooler a member of the High Point bicycle club. Mrs. Wooley said that what the club wants is a system of Bike trails which will function As a serious part of the transportation system of High Point. In addition to trails leading to shopping and working areas they also want recreation trials. Mrs. Wooley indicated that she did not have Concrete proposals As to the location of the trials but that she would advocate that two types of plans be worked up. First of All she feels that a Short term plan should be carried out so that the area bikers would be assured of a system of trials for use by this summer. This plan should consist of temporary trails running on the pavement of existing roads and streets in the City. Secondly she advocates the construction of separate permanent Bike routes throughout the City. Mrs. Wooley prefers not to use existing right of Way pavement for biking because of the risks involved in having bikes and cars moving on the same streets. However she said she would be amenable to this Type arrangement on a temporary basis so that the City could provide bikers with a system of trials by this summer when bicycle traffic is expected to be considerably heavier than last year. This temporary system of trials should run along the less travelled roads in the City to minimize the risk of bikers being injured. Especially important according to mrs. Wooley is getting signs placed so that the motoring Public will be aware of the presence of bikers and to make Drivers aware that bikers do have a right to be on the roads. Along with the proposals for the construction and designation of trials mrs. Wooley also would like to see the establishment of a safety education program with the aim of informing adults and youngsters of the rules for Safe biking. As a part of the safety program she advocates an inspection system to Cut Down on accidents caused by broken bikes. She acknowledged that the police department would have to be consulted in this matter to determine How much manpower they could commit to such a program. Mrs. Wooley indicated that there is already a proposal for a Bike Trail which would run along the sewer easement beginning behind t. Wingate Andrews High school and out to City Lake along deep River. This proposal was put Forward about a year ago without any action being taken on it. John p. Poisson. Chairman of a citywide bicycle trails committee until March of this year and an organizer of the High Point bicycle club said that while he was associated with the Effort to bring bicycle trials to High Point the interest showed by local bikers was not sufficient to warrant vigorously pushing the Issue with the City Council. It seems there was some opposition from the residents of the Emery Wood neighbourhood through which the trial would pass. . Moss City traffic Engineer favored the removal of parking in that neighbourhood to make the proposed trial Safe for bikers. Some of the residents voiced opposition to the removal of parking and Poisson said that he Felt that since the number of bikers expressing an interest in the proposal through his club was Low. He did not have the backing necessary to contest the Issue with City Council. When he first organised the High Point bicycle club Poisson said the interest was relatively High with about 40 people attending the first meeting. But after the first meeting the attendance and interest began to Wane until there were about to to 15 people attending the meetings regularly. There is no data readily available on the need for Bike trails since the City does not enforce the local ordinance requiring registration of bikes and the Purchase of Metal License plates for bicycles. However a Quick Survey of the local bicycle shops gives some indication of the recently increased demand for bicycles. In 1973 approximately 3,000 bikes were sold Here of which slightly More than half were sold to adults. From Jan. I of this year to the present sales of bicycles were reportedly higher than Normal perhaps because of the Energy crisis. The total sales for bicycles so far this year amounted to approximately 800, about 75 per cent of which went to adults. Normally bicycles sell Well Only As the warmer months approach so the Bike shops expect the Sale of bicycles this Spring and summer to be much higher that last year. In determining the demand or potential demand for trails the number of bicycle accidents will probably be examined. Kathy Andrews of the City a traffic Bureau said records show that there were 22 accidents involving bikes and cars in 1973 and for 1974 there have been two accidents one of which was a fatality. J it a a jul in by Forrest Cates the humane society is so burned up about rodeos it has quit drinking cokes. In fact the society or at least the Guilford county version would like for everybody to quit drinking cokes. Not because they believe All that junk about How a Coke will eat up a piece of fat meat if you put it in a bottle. What they Are burned up about is that the coca cola people Are sponsoring rodeos. The society has voted to Boycott coca cola and All its products which covers a helluva lot including big oranges Ginger ale and other chasers. Of you know anything about humane societies you must know what they want. They want people to quit mistreating dumb animals. I suppose they would like for people to quit mistreating dumb people too but that really in t their Field. They figure animals get the worst of it in rodeos hence the Fie on poor of Coke. Now i always have pretty Well gone along with the humane society believing that humans pick on animals All things being equal. But in the Case of rodeos and in Light of the Little i know about them i Ain t so sure this time. Like the question arises in my mind As to who is hurting whom when a Guy crawls on a bucking horse Anil gets thrown on his neck in the dirt and maybe trumped on when about All that can happen to the horse is that he will get out of breath. On the other hand. I can see How a steer might get a Little peeved when a strapping Cowboy drops off a horse and grabs his Horn and tries to wring his blame head off. But. If the steer just happened to know that the object of the game is to get him to lie Down there would be no problem All the steer would have to do is relax and enjoy the rest. There is absolutely no Way the humane society or anyone else can make me believe that those great Damn big Brahma bulls Are afraid of those cowboys. In fact it has always seemed to me that the bulls Are being a bit one Way in refusing to give the cowboys a Little ride around the pen. Like i said i m not taking sides with the cowboys although i aspired for the first 12 years of my life to be one. But i am saying that considering the risks on both sides the animals and the cowboys i think there is a serious question of just who is dumb. I know from my own experience that the word a a dumb does no to apply to All animals who Bear the title. Like right now at our House there is this mouse who is a Harvard Man if i have Ever seen one. This mouse repeatedly swipes the bait off our traps. He has busted two traps by setting them off and not having the decency to be under the Spring when it snaps shut. Twice he has appeared from no where and sent me scampering to higher elevations once onto a counter and again to the top of the dishwasher. I am now reduced to arming myself with a shovel when i am at Home. I certainly would Welcome a suggestion from the humane society As to what i should do about that mouse Short of signing Over the mortgage to him. It is somewhat ironic that while failing to Cope with the mouse i have developed an enduring but troublesome relationship with the family cat. The problem Between the cat and me has been that the cat refused to acknowledge the fact that i detest her. Ever time she caught me outside the House she greeted me by mewing and trying to rub against my legs of course the cat wanted food not affection but got neither from me. Still she persisted in her revolting habit of winding among my feet and threatening to trip me. I started giving her a Little Boot in the Tuckus but it failed to dissuade her. The Little boots got harder and harder finally becoming fun fledged toe cracking Pratt busting kicks. The cat never learns. Now when i go outside she runs up and bends Over to get the stuffing kicked out of her. Now that a what i Call dumb. And if the Coke people want to Start a cat Boycott in a with them too per cent. Of you can t win Battle then smile when my husband and our youngest son went to get an a Eye checkup last week to see if their glasses needed changing i found out something i did no to know. I did t know that male genes were always dominant and in a still not sure my husband in t a putting me on a about it. Is there a biologist in the House he claims that the doctor said that he and Alan both have the same visual problem in one Eye is weaker than the right. Their a other respective eyes also have the same degree of vision. A if the eyeballs of both of you a said the doctor so my husband claims were Laid out on the table you Tell a bit of difference in As in the Case of Mark Twain a premature obituary i believe this report is greatly exaggerated the doctor went on to explain he says that the male genes always dominate and if the father has a visual problem All the children will have it. A Elf you have any More children a he said a they More than Likely have it Well a a they is one other son and sure enough he wears glasses too. And he has the same problem As his father which is nearsightedness. His problem showed up in fourth Grade when the teacher sent a note Home saying a Eddie needs to have his eyes i considered it a routine thing and thought i would make the appointment in a few weeks but in a couple of weeks the teacher called and said a i really think Eddie has a visual problem. He walked right up to the Board to read a sentence today a so i had his eyes checked Pronto and out he came with a prescription for glasses his doctor looked at him kindly and said a son i done to see How you be been seeing at i Hadnot noticed the problem at Home except i sitting right up almost in the television set a but then it was still that Way with glasses. This seems to be a Peculiar Joy of children but sometime both boys sit so close to the screen that i think they re characters in a program. Around by Faye Marks but Back to the run on eyeglasses in our family. Alan claims that i am the Only a a oddball in the family because i done to Wear glasses. I really believe he views it As a family Dishonour that i have 20/20 vision in both eyes. A the Only Good thing about it a he grins and says a is that if we had a family portrait made we d All come out just one big Glare but you a show far from caring that they have to Wear glasses All three of them like it. If they had to Wear them i guess they were born in the right age a when glasses Are More stylish than not and worn by some who done to need them just for the a mod look a. The boys enjoyed my disbelief Over what the doctor supposedly said. I said that he probably stated that any defective genes of the father would be dominant. A a not they claimed a fall the fathers characteristics Are passed on to the children Good or Alan sealed it with the comment a just think in the year 3000 there la be some Little Marks kid sitting around wearing to further strengthen the argument that All things both Good and bad although they conveniently left out the bad cometh from the earthly father they started reeling off things that came from their father s Side of the family. I began to get the feeling that i really Wasny to needed during the births except for certain physiological factors exempting their father from Pilling off the whole feat. I tried to bring in intangible things like personality sense of humor ect., but they were having none of that. I knew they were having a great time with the subject so i conceded that the oldest one does look like his father but the youngest one a according to comment after comment a looks like me. I compared eyes a not considering vision a with him smile hair act. A and As a finale i got out a picture of me when i was in elementary school. There was his smile undeniably plastered across my face. It looked As if i had made some Points for a few minutes but i had forgotten that in a family where males outnumber females 3-1, the female never wins an argument. As his soup de Grace Alan whipped off his sock and said a Mother this is what i got from your Side of the and so it was. His second toe extends beyond his a big toe a just like my Sisters. They Are the Only two people i know who have toes exactly like that. And thus the discussion ended a with a a father sitting Back with a pleased look on his face oldest son looking satisfied and the youngest son with a big smile on his face. But i swear to you it was my smile his Bond has been set at $10,000. The wreck occurred thursday around 9 . On Jacobs Street Extension North of Here. The victims both Riding the same motorcycle were Clarence Wendall Parker 24. Of route i Kanoy Road and mrs. Vickie Francis Bowers 19, of route i Gate Road. The High Point Enterprise established 1884 published every afternoon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise inc. 210 Church Avenue High Point . 27261 member of the associated press rates by mail payable in Advance i or. 6 me. 3 to. I to. Daily and sunday $36 40 $18 20 $9.10 $3.05 sunday Only $13 00 $6 50 $3 25 $1.15 by Carrier wkly $ 70 monthly $3 05 or. $36 40 mail subscription in . Subject to 4% sales tax. The associated press is entitled to the use for reproduction of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. Entered As second class matter at the Post office High Point . Under act of March 3, 1879. Second class postage paid at High Point n Call carriers dealers and distributors Are Independent contractors and Tho High Point Enterprise inc. Is not responsible for Advance subscription payments made to them or their representatives for Home delivery rate Contact your local Carrier. Ward Griffith company National advertising representatives the High Point Enterprise sunday morning March 31,1974page 2a the Board not Only refused to Issue the new Beer and wine licenses but moved to withdraw licenses from Hospital visit members of Vav. Post 9899 and their auxiliary of Archdale recently gave a party for patients at the . Hospital in Salisbury. Guests on the trip were members of the High Point elks club 1155. About 210 patients participated in the party. The next meeting of Post 9899 will be april 2. Nurses fees the . Cost of living Council has approved a rate hike in the fees charged by registered private duty nurses according to mrs. C. A. Brown of High Point chairman of the local chapter of the private duty nurses organization. Under the economic stabilization program the nurses now May charge up to $34 per eight hour shift she said. Taxidermy Roxboro a curriculum in taxidermy has been approved for offering at Piedmont technical Institute Here. A. The curriculum which is expected to be offered beginning in june is designed to develop skills in the Perma other establishments Selling Beer and wine within the mile and a half prohibition area around Allen Jay. Nent preservation of fish fowl and game animals. It is the Only one of its kind in the North Carolina technical Institute Community College system. Pre registration registration for children entering the first Grade in the fall will be held wednesday at Florence school from 8 a m. Until 3 30 . Parents May come to the school 8 a in. To 12 noon for special information concerning their children children must be six years old by oct. 16 to enter school in the fall. Manslaughter charge levelled Thomasville the Driver of a car involved in a fatal collision thursday with two motorcyclists has been charged with two counts of manslaughter. Cited at the scene of the Accident for Drunken driving driving left of Center and Public drunkenness Robert Lee Bowman 23, of Turner Street was placed under arrest Friday on the manslaughter warrant. On the scene near Allen Jay school court strikes Down Law on Beer and wine sales trial free parking begins although it May look like Cool hand Luke and his meter cutting tool have been in action in High Point it was really the decree of the City Council to remove pay parking meters in the downtown area. A two hour free parking limit will be in effect for the next six but still rolling months on a trial basis. Exceptions Are the 15-minute meters. Police officers will Mark the tires of cars to enforce the limitation. The City parking ordinance was amended by the Council March 7 at the request of the downtown merchants for Progress. Gas shortage hits Mobile meals operation the uncertainty of the availability of gasoline in the past few months has created special problems for Volunteer programs like Mobile meals. But. According to mrs. William Hawley Mobile meals has t yet missed a Day of feeding the needy. A we have had no problem getting the meals a she says a but volunteers have had some problems getting gasoline. There have been Days of some not being Able to deliver but others have filled in and they have also doubled up on several Days. A Mobile meals is keeping in mind that the shortage is not Over a mrs. Hawley said a so we ate tightening up in the screening area. A we Are screening people carefully now a she says a to make sure they definitely need the Aid of Mobile meals. If there is some other Way for them to get hot meals we Are trying to urge that that source be Mobile meals now in its third year is an All Volunteer operated program through which More than 50 elderly persons Are provided one hot meal a Day at their Homes monday through Friday. A we have a few less people now than we did last said mrs. Hawley a but that is because some of the people go off the program and we Haven t gained As Many mrs. James Morris chairman to it of the Volunteer scheduling operation a said during the time of the Gas crisis in High Point a i just Hope that the service stations Here Don t run completely out of Gas. I can say for certain that our volunteers won a longstanding Law prohibiting the Sale of Beer and wine within a mile and a half radius of Allen Jay school has been struck Down by a Wake county Superior court. The decision is expected to eventually have wide ranging application Over the state. The court ruled last week that the Law passed in 1949 and for the most part ignored for the past 20 years is discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional. The ruling came As tha result of a suit brought by five High Point merchants who contended that the Law unfairly restricted Trade. The suit was brought against the North Carolina alcoholic beverage control Board which had jurisdiction in enforcing the Law. Robert Shoch. Attorney for the merchants said that the state attorney general will Appeal the decision but that there is Little likelihood that the decision will be reversed. Schoch said that the decision if allowed to stand will make null and void More than too similar Laws effecting communities All Over the state. Schoch pointed out that of the approximately 160 establishments Selling Beer and wine in High Point Only a handful Are More than a mile and a half Distant from some school. If fairly enforced such a Law would preclude the Sale of Beer and wine All Over the City he said. For years the Law has been ignored but recently when one of the plaintiff merchants applied for a Beer and wine License the Abc Board rediscovered the old Law

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