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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 29, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Parenthood rejected As family life pattern changes dear Ann Landers i was shocked when i read that 70 per cent of the people who responded to your Survey said they were sorry they had children. How in the world do you explain this a stunned in san Jose dear stunned the Best explanation appeared in a wire Story by Seth Mydans. Here is an abbreviated version a when advice columnist Ann Landers asked her readers a if you had it to do Over again would you have children a 70 per cent said miss Landers said in a phone interview a granted the negatives have a stronger compulsion to write than the affirmative even so i was amazed by the number of people who wrote to confess that having children was not Worth the a a number of psychiatrists equally surprised by the response telephoned miss Landers to ask what she made of it. She quoted or. Harcharan Sehdev director of the children a division of the Menninger foundation in Topeka Kansas. He said the Landers letters appear to reflect the general changing trends and opinions of family systems and the place of children in our Homes and he added a it is a myth that americans love their children. We would like to believe it is True but such is not the or. Sehdev cited a history of child labor child abuse and the under funding of children said programs. A a Boston Globe newspaper columnist Diane White reacted to the Landers response saying we Seldom hear any parents we know speak out against having children which is perfectly understandable. People done to like to talk about their a miss Landers said her negative mail fell roughly into three categories letters at wit s end she loses when she opens Mouth As a grandmother i intend to be an absolute bore about my grandchildren. I intend to travel with. A projector a screen and 200 lifelike slides showing them chewing on clothespins and standing on their Heads. I will produce from my handbag with or without request recent urine samples a tape of them gargling milk at the dinner table and Clever sayings that will put Art Linkletter out of business. As a Mother however i refuse to inflict my children on anyone. God knew what he was doing when he gave them to a dictator consequently i often find myself at the mercy of women with super children. Super children Are unmitigated Joy. They can always be counted on to do and say the right thing. They always make the team have fewer cavities skip acne cooking is fun by Cecily Brownstone associated press food editor company lunch Black bean soup salad Rolls pineapple Grapefruit pineapple grapefruits an ingenious Way to use Glace fruit that May be left from Holiday Fruitcake making i medium or Large Grapefruit 20-ounce can pineapple chunks in syrup untrained a cup diced candied pineapple pare grapefruits so no White membrane remains Cut sections away from dividing membranes Drain. Mix Grapefruit sections with pineapple chunks and candied pineapple. Chill. Makes 6 Servings. _ know what they want to be in the third Grade have their paper displayed at open House and always remember to bring Home the mothers Day card from Art class. I have made a study of super children and have come to the conclusion that the Only difference Between super children and Normal kids is in the interpretation. For example Normal kids a super children forgetful a preoccupied fat a healthy Sloppy beasts a academically geared Weirdo who won t get a haircut a nonconformist Lazy bum a deep thinker flunked out a victim of a poor teacher to addict to critic Cut from the team a saved from a prejudiced coach forgot me on Mother s Day a is saving his Money for my operation oversleep in the morning a a recessive Gene i recently decided to test my theory on two mothers of super children with kids Dunkin donuts super savings $139 a Doz. Donuts monday to wednesday 5 to 12 . Only 12c eclairs f hut All it it in Dunkin donuts 2305 n. Main St. 2 High Point away at College. I ambled Over to one and said a does Martha write Home much from school a a no a she answered a Martha is so Well adjusted and secure that she can Cope with Independence. What about your daughter Quot a she does no to write a too bad a she sighed a i guess that tells you where you i went on to the other woman and asked a does Phyllis write Home often a a ooh yes a she said. A three times a week. Phyllis is a very Loving girl. She has always been close to me. What about your daughter a a she writes three times a week too a i said. A what a pity a she said. A a in a worry to have a child so i get the feeling i lose the minute i open my Mouth. Best steaks anywhere your hosted and Host Quot Linda and Wylie Moore Quot Ollie peddle is deaf hoist tri. 169-3614 High Point All Abc tuesday night is mothers night now mom you can eat free at Burger King every tuesday night from 5 . -11 . Mom All you have to do is be accompanied by 2 or More of your family members and your meal is free dinner at Burger King can be a real treat without blowing your budget. This tuesday night go to your favorite Burger King and have it your Way mom. Have in 909 n. Main St a 1911 Westchester or. A 2717 s. Main St Ann Landers says from older parents whose children ignore them younger people concerned about overpopulation and parents with children who find parenthood interferes with their lifestyles. A among those letters miss Landers ran in her column a too late for tears a a Mother of two children under eight in Tampa wrote a i was an attractive fulfilled career woman before i had these kids. Now in Man exhausted shrieking nervous wreck. The children took All the Romance out of our marriage. In a too tired for sex conversation or anything a a sad Story in new York a a 70-year-old Mother of five wrote a not one of our children has Given us any pleasure. God knows we did our Best. But we were failures As parents and they Are failures As a miss Landers said one reason for the disillusionment May be that some people enter parenthood with unrealistic expectations. A everybody loves a cute Little baby but nobody wants a teenager who shoplift or gets hooked on a a a and then a miss Landers added a when parents find themselves financially strapped with unexpected Bills Are no longer Able to take romantic vacations and have to stay up All night with sick kids they ask themselves. Who needed this a a Seth Mydans recapped it very neatly in my opinion. Confidential to what s the secret it s no secret. The Best Way to feel fit and look Well is to work at something you enjoy eat a balanced diet get plenty of rest and exercise and stay away from booze and cigarettes. Done to be like the 90-year-Oid Man who moaned a i feel Rotten. If i had known i was going to live so Long id have taken better care of there is a big difference Between cold and Cool. Ann Landers shows you How to play it Cool without freezing people out in her Booklet a teenage sex a ten ways to addressed stamped envelope Cool Send 50 cents in to Ann Landers . Box Coin and a Long self 1400. 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